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You could probably call my life hectic. I call it normal. I'm not human, first of all. No, I'm nowhere that weak. Anyway, I was born on planet Vegeta, like most other saiyans. My father kept me a secret when I was born. His name was King Vegeta. He was the king of our planet. Keyword was. He's dead now, along with the rest of my "family" and "homeland." It may be my real family and homeland, but things have changed.

Either way, I was still a secret. No one knew about me. Anyone who did "disappeared." Or you could say they had a bad run in with some messed up monkeys. Only my mother and father knew of my existence. So, no one noticed when a small space pod was launched into space, headed for Earth. The only problem was I wasn't sent to destroy the planet like Goku or Vegeta. No, I was sent there to be dropped off at a planet that didn't exist, a void of nothingness. My parents didn't want me. They didn't want a daughter, no they wanted a son. A proud heir to the throne, not some girl who would disgrace the family someday. Fortunately, I was given a second chance, when Kakarot fell on Earth and forgot his mission.

Even as an infant, I sort of knew that I had to grow up strong and reclaim my greatness.

After I made a smooth landing (take that Kakarot!), I crawled around the forest. There was a frozen river, a small house puffing bits of smoke from the chimney, and an enormous amount of snow topped trees. There were spruce trees and evergreen trees and maple trees and ash trees and trees that seemed to come from different planets. (Which they had, for me)

In that small house, there lived a young woman named Josei Subarashii. She was a world class fighter, but was ignored mostly because she was a woman and whatnot. (fun word) When she looked out her window, she must have been surprised to see an infant crawling in front of her house. Either way, she still came out of her warm home to rescue an adorable little girl (me!) and take her for her own.

I had a nice childhood. Josei named me Megami, because she believed I fell from the heavens. She also taught me to read, write, have good manners, and how to fight.

Even as I was a baby, she could tell that I was a fighter. I would not follow her, I would not eat her food. I would only do things my way. It was still a loving relationship though. I grew used to being with her. By the time I was three, she had begun my training and I had started to become a normal "person." I forgot about my heritage for years. Sometimes though, something would trigger a sort of dream, but I thought they were just daydreams. One day though, everything in my life changed forever.

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