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I could smell it before I saw it.

The smoke.

The fire.

The dirty little trick that Kurīpā had played on me.

I had no time to think, I grabbed what little I had and ran. I didn't get too far though, Kurīpā's fire was pushing me towards the cliff face. I had to jump.

I hit the ground running, then realized I wasn't the only one.

All the animals I had been hunting, they were fleeing, too. Only some of them were faster.

I could feel the flames only a couple yards away, and I knew they would only get worse in the dry desert air. I had to find a way to get around them, or stop them. It was possible that the flames could reach the town after a while, but I was going to save myself first.

Besides, they are just a bunch of hillbillies. And there aren't even a lot of them. I don't need to be the hero for them, I need to get myself farther.

I did a quick flip-around, and risked it by running backwards, which drastically slowed me down. I could see that the fire was slightly controlled at first, but had got out of hand. I was running perpendicular to the flames, but if I ran on an angle, I could make it to what looked like the edge.

It was my only choice.

I flipped again, hitched up my pack, and kicked it into high gear.

I am going to make it. I can do it. I got this. And I'm….closer to the flames. Almost touching them, feeling the heat, I ran as fast as I could, and made it.

But I kept running. I didn't know if the fire would follow me, or if it would even keep moving, but I just kept running.

After about two miles, I realized that I had stopped running in fear and had started to run in desperation.

I had nowhere to go, no one to go to (except Josei), and pretty much no food or money to go on. I was desperate. Until I found him.

He was running, too. But in the opposite direction. I stopped out of surprise. This guy gave me a weird feeling. But I…liked it.

When he ran passed me he shouted, "You better run!" Then I saw why.

There had to be at least ten of them. All wearing masks and carrying weapons. They were bandits, and they were coming in fast.

I turned and took off after the boy.

As I was running, thoughts whizzed through my mind. I can so outrun these guys. But can that boy? He's cute. But I can't have liabilities. But he could help me. Or I'd have to help him the whole way. Wait the whole way to where?

I'm catching up to this guy. I don't think he can make it. I need to help him. Need a plan. Need a plan. Need a plan!

TREE! There's a tree!

Why is that good again? Right right, we can hide.

"Hey, guy!" He looks back. For a second I melt in his dark shaggy hair and warm caramel eyes.

"What?" he shouts.

"We need to get in that tree up there!" I exclaim, closing the distance between us.

"Okay Little Miss Survival."

By the time that I'm up the tree with this guy, I only then realize what he called me.

"What do you mean 'Little Miss Survival?'" I whisper-shout. The bandits have just crossed under us. I don't know how they couldn't have seen us get up the tree.

"Let's look at the facts. Shall we?" he starts in his smooth voice. "You look about my age. No, younger." I sit up straighter. "So you know how to outlast the others. And you can run." I blush and wonder The others?

"You're not even panting, and you know how to climb a tree. I would call that survival skills." My blush deepens.

"By the way, my name's Kawai. Kawai Shonen." He does this weird flippy thing with his hair, but it just makes it worse. I still like him though.

"Well my name's Megami," I spit out. "Megami…. Subarashii," I finish, deciding to use Josei's last name.

"Okay then Megi," I flinch at Josei's nickname. "I guess I should get going." He takes an extra long time to rearrange the things in his bundle. He all but asks to stay.

"Yes," I sigh.

"Yes what?" he asks coyly.

"Yes you can stay with me," I mutter.

"Can't hear you Megi-pie," he playfully sing-songs. This boy is seriously pushing my limits.

"YES YOU CAN STAY WITH ME," I exclaim. "But you better be worth the weight," I say, looking him over.

"Trust me, I'm great company. So let's get out of this tree and find some grub!" He jumps out of the, at least, ten foot tall tree and starts shouting at me to come down.

"Let's get on this case. This is high priorty," he marches around the tree trunk, imitating an army officer.

"I'm coming I'm coming," I mutter, while shimmying down the trunk of the tree.

My golden life had ended, but maybe an even better one had begun.

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