Very short Heartshipping, from Yami's point of view. Please review!

Yugi has always had a hard time opening up to people. I remember the first day I was allowed to take him to the park; he preferred to stay with me, his trusted older brother, rather than make friends. All of the other kids seemed to be playing in groups of threes and fours, giggling at stupid little things and having the time of their lives, but Yugi…? Never one for socialization.

Oftentimes I wished I was closer to his age, instead of eight years his senior, so that I could guide him through life hand in hand. He fumbled his way through elementary and middle school with no friends— actually, that's wrong. He's had one friend from the beginning.

Ryou. A slight, white haired boy with a hint of an accent that I couldn't quite place. It was a nice sound, his voice; hearing him talk always made Yugi smile. His eyes were nice too, a very deep brown. Yugi says they look like diamonds when he laughs, but I wouldn't know.

High school only brought them closer. Hateful students, jealous of Yugi's beauty and smarts (he disagrees, but I'm sure), began to torment him whenever I wasn't around to protect him. College and University kept me away from him for months on end, and our Grandfather, our only caretaker, wasn't exactly the most proactive in protecting us. I worked harder only for Yugi, and as soon as I recieved my Masters in Physics, I came back from Tokyo to Domino only for him.

Thank God he wasn't as alone as I had feared. Ryou was his shoulder to cry on, the person to whom he told all his fears and hopes, the only one who I trusted to fill my space when I was away, and to fill the hole in Yugi's heart he didn't know he had. "I love him," Ryou confessed to me in their freshman year, after knowing Yugi for a decade or so. "I love him so much that I couldn't hurt him if I tried."

"I know," I agreed softly, smiling in a way I thought was reassuring. "You should tell him instead of me."

"No, no," Ryou said with a shaky laugh. "I couldn't risk our friendship, or risk his heart. I won't."

Four months later, Yugi asked Ryou out on a date, and I couldn't have been more proud. He was very curious, about his own feelings and sexuality and what he was going to do with his life, so any questions I found I couldn't answer, Ryou was there. Yugi, my little Yugi, the little brother anyone would die to have, had his first kiss with Ryou on our very doorstep, and rushed to me all aflutter with feelings he didn't understand not a minute after.

I let him laugh, cry histerically onto my shoulder, rant about what was morally wrong and right, contemplate calling Ryou, and repeat the process the whole night. After breakfast the next morning, I told him to talk to Ryou about it.

Two years have passed since then. Yugi and Ryou are still dating (although I think they both may have dropped the L-word more than once by now…) and Yugi has gained tens of friends, thanks to the confidence a certain white-haired boy has bestowed on him. Sometimes, sitting in the living room working on theory while they watch TV together on the couch over, I content myself with watching them float on their little cloud of happiness together.

Yugi will look toward Ryou, blush, and attempt to look away. Ryou will touch his cheek, turn him back, and kiss him. Yugi's blush will only grow darker (I have a hard time containing my smile when this happens), Ryou will laugh lightly, lovingly, and just stare at him for a few moments.

I'm proud that all they see is each other.