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The omnidroid was perfect. The design was nearly the same as the one Syndrome had released so many years ago, but it was no longer a learning robot. It was completely controlled by Syndrome.
The red haired super villain stood on the highest building, his new silver armor-like super suit with the luminous blue 'S' crossing his chest creating a bright spot in the sky. He watched with glee as the robot destroyed every building he thought it should. Every thought he had was instantly transmitted to the new and improved mechanical right arm, and from there it was transmitted to the robot. Syndrome felt more alive than he had since that day Violet had crushed his soul two months ago. No longer was he Buddy. As far as Syndrome was concerned, Buddy no longer existed. There was only Syndrome, a being who took pleasure in the orchestra of screams coming from civilians and relished the thought of fighting the Incredibles. He was, after all, in their town. He had made sure of it. Now he was just waiting for the familiar red suits to come out of hiding. He couldn't decide if he wanted to destroy Mr. Incredible first, or his beautiful daughter.
There was a loud yell, and Syndrome's attention was dragged to the single superhero standing in the middle of the deserted street behind the omnidroid. Well, it looked like Mr. Incredible would be the first to die. The omnidroid froze, and its master dropped onto the ground a hundred yards in front of Mr. Incredible.
"Well, well, well, Mr. Incredible. I was hoping to kill the daughter first," Syndrome smiled, showing too many teeth for it to really be labeled a smile. "Guess I can never get what I want."
In an instant, a blue light was around Mr. Incredible and he was flung into a nearby skyscraper. He slid to the ground with a grunt and fought to get to his feet. Mr. Incredible raced under the omnidroid to get into an alley, but was suddenly being crushed by the weight of the robot sitting on him. His mind raced, trying to find the remote on Syndrome's person, but saw only his new metallic super suit. Syndrome crouched next to Mr. Incredible, smiling as the beads of sweat broke out on the super's forehead.
"Looking for something?" he hissed, causing the omnidroid to shove down harder on Mr. Incredible and knock him into the concrete.
"You will never understand the pain you've caused me." Syndrome picked the super up using zero point energy and slammed him into the ground again.
"You were my hero. You were a god in my eyes. And then you crushed me."
"Syndrome. But I got past that. Isn't that wonderful?"
At this point Syndrome leaned in and got right in the super's face, ignoring the way Incredible struggled under the massive weight of the robot.
"And then you send in your daughter. Did she tell you exactly what she did to get me to open up to her?"
Mr. Incredible snarled, reared back, and head butted Syndrome high into the sky. As punishment, the omnidroid grabbed Bob and held him up for its master to do what he wanted.
"Well, Bob, I see you've still got some spunk in you."
As Syndrome was leaning in for yet another monologue, ice wrapped around him, freezing the connections in his arm and rendering it unusable. The super villain snarled and awaited death, but the ice stopped at the neck of his super suit.
"That good enough, Incredible?" Frozone asked from behind Syndrome.
"Yeah, I've gotta talk to him." Mr. Incredible sighed, bending the omnidroid's arm backwards and escaping its grip.
"Don't wanna talk to you, old man." Syndrome snarled as the two approached him.
"C'mon, man, let me ice him! Vi's a nice girl, she'll find someone else."
Mr. Incredible waited until Syndrome would look him square in the eye before saying, "I'm sorry, Buddy."
Syndrome's whole universe stopped. All the rage that had been fueling him for the past few months left, and he was desperate to hold onto it.
"What made you see reason, old man?" Syndrome smiled drily.
"My daughter. She loves you. Who knows why?" Mr. Incredible tried to smile.
"Go to hell. She 'loves' me because that way she can spy on me."
"Has she tried to contact you in the last two months?"
Syndrome froze, and then laughed, "I'm too busy to check all my messages and emails."
"You're a bad liar, Buddy. You think too hard about it."
Syndrome stared into Bob's eyes and saw all the regret, and not a hint of a lie.
"Frozone, let him out."
"Nuh-uh, he's way too dangerous."
"Just do it."
The ice slowly pulled away from Syndrome, demonstrating the icy super's reluctance in releasing the super villain. When the ice was gone, Syndrome dropped to his feet and stared at the weary looking Incredible before him.
"She loves me?"
"She loves you. And you're being an idiot by using your energy to attack the town and not go after her."
"Why would I want to go after her?"
Bob opened his mouth to say something, but closed it immediately after. "I'm not going to say only because Vi asked me not to. And I'm not kicking your butt back to Nomanisan also because Vi asked me not to. You know, on the off chance you would seek her out." The super stepped closer and used his strength to intimidate the smaller man. "Go see her, or I will personally see to it that you are never seen again."
"Not that I'm scared of you or anything, but what's the address?"

Violet smiled at Dick as he handed her a cup of tea before sitting on the arm of the couch. Her mother was out shopping, the boys were at school, and her dad was off doing super hero work, so Dick was at the house to keep her company. She was safer with him than anyone else, anyway.
"Why are we watching this fashion thing again?" he groaned.
"Because Tim is a genius and I love him."
"You seem to love a lot of people these days, Vi." He grinned, leaning in to kiss her cheek.
"Yeah, yeah, get away from me you flirt." She shoved him away and settled herself more comfortably on the couch.
There was a loud banging on the door and, when it wasn't answered soon enough, the door crashed inwards.
"Oh, honey!" Buddy's voice sang as he walked into the house.
Violet gasped as Dick leapt up and positioned himself between the hallway leading to the front door and her. Buddy strolled around the corner, looking professional in a cashmere sweater and black jacket. He froze at the sight of Dick protecting Violet.
"It looks like we aren't alone, sweetheart."
"Get out, Buddy." Dick growled, the strength coming from years of martial arts giving the young man false confidence.
"Dick, I want him here!" Violet cried, distracting the young man.
Buddy adjusted the sleeve covering his right arm and smiled at the thought of throwing Dick through the window. But that would upset Violet, and he didn't want that.
"Violet, baby, your daddy talked to me."
"What did he tell you?" She asked warily.
"Just that you love me."
"But you already know that, don't you?"
"Do I?"
"Whether you chose to believe it or not is irrelevant."
"I believe it now." He said quietly, staring so intently into her eyes that it was hard to look at him.
"And I want you. I want you in my life."
"What made you change your mind?"
"Sarah, who by the way says 'hi', and, I am ashamed to say, your father."
Dick snarled, "Well good for you. You want her now. Wasn't it you that wanted to kill her?"
"Dick, get out of here." Violet mumbled.
He whirled on her, "No, I'm not gonna risk him hurting you and-"
At Violet's furious look, the boy instantly shut up.
"Her and who?" Buddy asked, completely confused.
"Talk to her." Dick threw his hands up in the air and walked out through the broken front door.
As soon as he left, Violet crossed the room to Buddy and slowly raised her hand to his cheek, expecting him to rebuff her. But he didn't say anything as she caressed his face.
"I was stupid." She whispered. "From the moment I met you I wanted you, but I was playing with fire. I had to check you out, for my family, but then it was just an excuse to go with you. Our relationship may have started with me deceiving you to gain information, but that's not how it wound up."
He sighed and leaned into her touch. "I am one of the most evil people to ever walk this earth. How could you love me?"
Violet smiled slightly, "Easily."
"Now what did Dick mean? Who else is here?"
Violet grimaced, "Buddy, I don't know how to tell you this…"
Worry and fear crossed his face.
"How do you feel about… children?"
"They're slimy and snotty and sticky, why?"
"Do you want children?"
"Babe, we just got past each other's idiocy, let's just enjoy the moment. Wanna go to Paris? Drink some champagne?"
Violet groaned, "Buddy, as wonderful as that sounds, I can't drink right now."
Even Buddy couldn't miss that hint. The conversation about kids, the inability to drink… He stumbled backwards and looked at Violet, really looked at her… And he noticed the baggy clothes, the glowing eyes, that certain look about her, and he knew.
"Buddy-"She reached for him, but he was reaching for her. His hand pressed into her stomach, and he could feel that tiny little bulge. That tiny little bulge that was his child. Buddy was so dizzy. The room was spinning and he couldn't seem to stand up straight.
"Dick! Help me!" Violet cried, trying to support her somewhat boyfriend as he toppled. Dick raced in, and rolled his eyes at the situation.
"Real winner you got there," Dick grunted as he helped her pull Buddy onto the couch.
"Oh, shut up. Get a glass of water, would you?" Violet sat on the couch next to Buddy and waited for him to wake up. At least he reacted to the situation better than her parents had. Her mom had gotten sick, and her dad had went on a breaking rage. They were still getting the kitchen repaired. Dash was thrilled. He would be the first kid in his class to be an uncle/aunt, and this caused him to feel far superior to everyone else. And the fact that Violet's pregnancy had made Dash seem like the perfect child made it way better. Jack had no idea what was going on, but he thought the whole ultrasound episode was a hoot and a half. Especially when Helen burst into tears and he got to see the fuzzy baby on the screen.
When Buddy finally sat up, she pressed the icy glass into his grasp.
"Are you ok now?" she asked, worried that Buddy wouldn't be able to handle the situation.
"You're pregnant."
"And the baby's mine."
"Do you have anything a little stronger?" Buddy looked at the glass and grimaced.
"So where do we go from here?"
Violet shifted nervously, "I was hoping you'd have a brilliant answer. I mean, I could've gotten an abo-"
"Don't even say the word." He sat up and glared at her.
She glared back at him. "I said I could have. But I didn't."
"Anyway, the only option is to get married."
Violet's jaw dropped. "Excuse me?"
"What? Isn't that what people do?" Buddy shrugged and tried to wrap an arm around Violet's waist, but she stood up too quickly.
"Just because I'm pregnant you want to get married? Are you insane? I'd rather be a single parent!"
"Is getting married to me that horrible of an idea?"
"No, but being in a loveless marriage is!"
Buddy stood and got in her face, "Is that what this is about?"
"Yes, genius, that is what this is about!" Violet mimicked, feeling childish but not caring. "I told you that I love you, but there's been no similar sentiments coming from you."
Buddy started to pace, running his hands through his hair and feeling very frustrated. He had never told anyone that he loved them, not even his mother. He had learned that saying you loved someone wouldn't stop the blows, wouldn't stop the pain. But he had also learned that the pain of losing Violet was more than he could take, and now that he knew she was carrying his baby he would fight for her, come hell or high water. In that instant, he knew exactly how he felt about her, and knew that there would be no cause for a lie in his next sentence. He whirled and grabbed her by the shoulders.
"Violet, I love you."
She shook off his grip. "Don't say it just because that's what I want to hear."
He grabbed her again. "But it's what I want to say. I. Love. You. Violet."
Violet's eyes softened and her arms snaked around his neck. "I love you, too, you big idiot."
"Thought I was a genius."
"Not right now."
"Hey Dick, get in here!" Buddy yelled.
Dick walked in, his hands on his hips and his eyebrow raised.
"Whaddya want?"
Buddy gave Violet one of the best kisses of her life, making Dick gag.
"Are you choking on hearts and cupids?" Buddy asked him when the kiss ended.
"Uh, yes."
Violet punched Buddy as hard as she could.

It took Buddy less than a week to throw a wedding together. He had insisted that he take charge of all the planning, because he wanted "His girls in bed and relaxed". No matter how often Violet pointed out that there was a chance of the baby being a boy, Buddy would always smirk and kiss her. He kept saying that he knew it would be a dark haired, violet eyed baby girl. Violet herself was secretly hoping for a red haired baby boy.
The wedding was beautiful. It was held in the small white church on the edge of town, the church that Violet had always admired. Hundreds of white and purple flowers draped from every surface, giving the church a fairy tale quality. Supers from every walk of life were sitting in the audience, filling both the bride and groom's sides. Buddy stood at the altar, looking handsome in his white suit, and looked out over the crowd. There were excited hushed whispers, and nobody, for once in his life, was looking at him with contempt. Mirage was even there, beautiful in her black silk sheath dress. But his onetime assistant/girlfriend only had eyes for the big hulking super next to her. The super nodded at Buddy, and, for once, Buddy wasn't filled with rage at the sight of Incredible. The two men would never have the typical in-law relationship, but they wouldn't be going for each other's throats every time they saw each other. Helen, however, was different. Buddy knew he was going to be best friends with her. As soon as she had heard that Buddy wanted to marry her daughter, she had declared Buddy her favorite son and had earned hurt looks from both Dash and Jack. But neither could really hold a grudge towards Buddy as he had promised them each fighting robots. Miniaturized from the omnidroid, of course. Edna was in the front row, blowing her nose loudly and telling anyone who would listen to her that she had predicted this union. Then the music started to play, and Buddy's mouth was very dry. He and everyone else in the church turned to watch as Sarah, beautiful in her green bridesmaid dress, came in. She was "escorted" by Dash, who looked incredibly pained as the psychiatrist held his arm. Jack-Jack followed, holding the rings and feeling incredibly proud of himself. And then Buddy's whole world walked through the door.
Violet couldn't believe that this day wasn't a dream. But there was Buddy, standing at the front of the church, waiting for her with all the love in his heart written on his face. She could hear everyone murmuring about how lovely she looked in her lacy gown and knew that everyone she had ever known was crammed into the small church, but she only had eyes for Buddy. When Violet reached the front of the church, Buddy took her hand in a bone crushing grip. The ceremony was a blur for Violet. She could only remember Buddy saying "I do." at the correct time, and she barely remembered to say it herself. As soon as she did, Buddy drew her in for a long kiss, and the supers all started to cheer. It was exactly as Violet had always dreamed.

Buddy stood off to the side, watching Violet, his wife, dancing with her father. He couldn't believe he'd actually gotten married, much less to an Incredible. But he didn't feel the nausea and light headedness he usually associated with marriage, so he assumed that must be a good thing. He was so distracted by the sight of his lovely wife that he didn't notice Mirage sidling up to him.
"I was under the impression that you would never get married," Her soft voice came from his right.
He turned and watched her watch Mr. Incredible, the lust apparent on her face.
Scoffing, he said, "He's never going to go for you."
"You don't know that." She hissed, whirling on him.
Buddy sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Why can't you accept that he will only love Helen?"
"Things can change, Buddy. You know that better than most."
Sarah strolled up behind him and threw her arm around his shoulders, nearly dropping the flute of champagne she carried.
"Hey there, Mirage. Edna was looking for you."
With a scowl, the willowy beauty disappeared into the crowd.
"Well look at you, Buddy Pine. Married and soon to be a father."
"How the hell did you find out?" He turned to her, amazed.
"Oh is she right now? I just figured you'd take care of that within the next few months. I'm excited!" Sarah planted a huge kiss on his cheek. "Now dance with me."
She downed the rest of her champagne and dragged him out onto the floor.
Violet laughed as she saw Buddy dancing with Sarah. At her bachelorette sleepover, Sarah had vowed that she would get Buddy to dance with her, and she had succeeded. Her father watched Violet's eyes light up as she looked at Buddy, sadness in his own.
"You really do love him, don't you Vi?"
"So much."
"I'm not going to say that I'm happy that you chose him. Your life isn't going to be easy." Bob said as he carefully spun his daughter, not wanting her to puke on her wedding day.
"Was your life with mom easy?"
Bob looked over at his wife who was arguing with Jack and keeping Dash out of trouble. She was still as beautiful as the day he first met her. He remembered all the fights and difficulties they'd had over the years, and wondered if Violet's marriage to Buddy was really going to be that different.
He smiled, and said, "No. But I wouldn't change it."
As Buddy and Sarah whirled past, they changed partners with Bob and Violet.
"Hello there, Mrs. Pine." Buddy purred, feeling possessive and happy.
"Hello, Mr. Pine."
"How do you feel?" Buddy gripped her waist a little tighter as they gracefully arced around the other couples.
"Like all is right in the universe."
"So do I, babe. So do I."

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