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"It's negative, isn't it?" I asked, leaning against the doorframe to the bathroom as Bella looked at the pregnancy test.

She nodded, ducking her head and wiping her cheeks with her free head. "I'm sorry."

She was only two days late, and I shouldn't have let her take the fucking test. We'd been trying for another baby for about six months now, but nothing out of the ordinary. We figured it'd happen easily, but it hadn't. Six months. Six times that Bella had been disappointed. Each time got harder and harder, but this time? She really believed it had happened.

"I'm so sorry, Bella," I said, walking over and kneeling down in front of her as she sat on the closed toilet. I took the test from her hands and tossed it in the trash can beside her. "Hey, it's just not the right time, okay? Eventually it will be."

"I know," she said softly. "Maybe if I don't start in a few days, I'll take another. What do you think?"

Honestly? I didn't think she was pregnant. If she were, this test should have shown it. They were pretty accurate now days — especially this kind. I didn't want to crush her hope, though, so I nodded and said, "Maybe wait until you get back home, but . . . if it's the same result, we'll just keep trying. I'm not opposed to the trying often part." I smirked.

Her lips curled into a slight smile as she nodded. "Of course you're not. I guess I'm just sad. I mean, I'm not that old. Why isn't it happening? Women get pregnant without even trying at my age!"

"Some do, but sometimes it takes time. I promise that we won't give up. We'll have a baby someday when the time is right. Maybe it's just not right yet. Sofia's starting school in a few months, so that'll be a handful."

She sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry I'm so . . . emotional about this."

"Don't be," I said, smiling as I caressed her cheek. "We better get going, though. I'm surprised Sofia hasn't been banging down our door."

"I turned on cartoons for her," she laughed. "She's very occupied."

"Of course she is."

Since it was spring break and school was out for the week, Bella wanted to take a workshop in Seattle that the school was paying for. It lasted three full days and honestly, I wasn't sure what the fuck it involved. It was something about kids with special needs and how to incorporate them into class. Apparently, there was going to be an autistic boy in her class next year, so she wanted to brush up on how to help him. After all, Forks didn't exactly have classes for special needs kids.

I'd had to go out of town for medical conferences before, but this was the first time Bella was the one leaving. Little One was kind of upset by it, but now she was better. Bella promised she'd call every night and they could Skype, too. Sofia still wasn't pleased, but she'd live with it. It was only a few days, after all.

"Wait, Mommy!" Little One said, running into the bedroom as Bella zipped up her suitcase. "You fogot Fluffinton." She held out the old, well-worn pink rabbit that Charlie had given her on her first birthday.

"Sweetheart, he's yours," Bella said, sitting down on the bed and taking the rabbit from her. "I didn't forget him."

"I want you to take him. He'll keep you safe, 'member?"

Bella smiled as she leaned down, helping Sofia climb up on the tall bed. She held the rabbit close as she kissed our daughter's forehead. "Are you sure you won't miss him too much?"

Sofia nodded. "Daddy will keep me safe while he's gone. Maybe I can talk to him on the 'puter, too? How many days until you come back?"

"She'll be back Wednesday night, Little One," I said, putting my hands under her arms and settling her on my hip. "We'll count down every day on the calendar, all right? It'll fly by. After all, we're going to have a blast. No bed time, all the junk food in the world, and we don't even have to clean up your toys!"

I laughed as Bella looked at me, horrified by my words. I couldn't promise that we weren't ordering pizza every fucking night, but the house would most likely still be standing when she got home.


"Yay!" Little One giggled. "You leaving now, Mommy?"

Bella sighed, nodding. "Yeah, I have to go pick up Auntie Alice first, so it's time."

She stood up, zipping up the suitcase before I passed her our kid. I grabbed her bags off of the bed, and then followed them downstairs to her car. Little One was obviously extremely helpful by putting Mr. Fluffington — also known as just Fluffinton — in her booster seat and buckling him up.

"Is he safe?" Bella asked and she nodded. "Okay, give Mommy kisses."

Other than a few tears from both of them, the goodbye wasn't too bad. When it was my turn, I held her tightly in my arms. The last time she'd gone away was when Charlie'd had his heart attack, so this fucking sucked for me, too. I wasn't even sure if I knew how to take care of myself anymore.

"I love you," I said, pressing my lips to hers. I made it last, kissing her deeply and savoring the moment. We'd had some pretty fucking incredible goodbye sex last night, but that wasn't all I'd miss this week. "Are you sure you still want to go after this morning?"

She smiled sadly, nodding. "I'm okay, Edward. Just . . . sad about it. We'll keep trying until it happens."

"Sounds good to me." I smirked, kissing her softly once more. "Call me when you get a chance, okay?"

"Of course. Take care of our girl for me. No surprise cats or dogs while I'm gone, got it?"

"Even her sad, begging eyes couldn't convince me of that," I laughed. "I love you, Nibbles."

"I love you, too. Both of you."

After another kiss for both Little One and I, she finally got into the car and pulled out of the driveway. We waved until she turned onto the main road, and then just stood there for a moment.

"Well, what do we do, baby girl?" I asked, wiping the stray tears from her cheeks.

She shrugged. "Call her?"

I chuckled. "Great idea."

I mean, it had been at least a minute since she'd left.

Since Bella was out of town, I rescheduled all of my procedures and decided to stay home with Sofia. Little One and I spent Monday morning in my office so I could take care of some paperwork before I was really off, and then headed to Port Angeles for a movie before going home. It actually wasn't so bad not having Bella around.

I mean, I missed her so fucking much, but . . . Sofia and I didn't spend a lot of time alone — not like this, at least. It was kind of reminiscent of her first few months when it was just the two of us, though she could talk now. And holy shit, did she love to talk. I didn't have my silent therapist anymore, let's just say.

"And they all lived happily ever after," I read, closing the book and looking down at Little One — who was still wide awake with me in her bed. "Not even a yawn, huh?"

"Can I watch TV?" she asked, smiling slyly. "Please?"

Bella would probably kill me if I told her that I let Sofia watch TV at ten o'clock at night, but what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Plus, Little One usually zonked out if you turned all the lights out and kept the television down low.

"My bed?"

She nodded. "I can sleep wif you, too?"

"Sure," I chuckled, knowing this was not a good idea. I stood up from the bed and picked her up before carrying her into my room. I tossed her onto the large bed as she giggled. "Mommy doesn't find out, all right?"

"I won't tell her! Pwomise!" she said, crawling up to the top and grabbing a pillow.

I took my eyes off of her a moment to turn the overhead light off and wound up with a pillow thrown at my back. Oh, fuck no. I turned my head around, smirking as she giggled and crawled under the covers.

"Pillow fight, huh?" I asked, picking it up off of the floor. "Hiding under the covers won't help if I can see your lump."

"I didn't do it!" she yelled. "It just happened! Magic pillow!"

"What? It's magic? Really?"

She poked her head out, nodding. "Yep. It flew all by itself. Like in Aladdin."

"That was a carpet," I laughed, stalking toward her. "I'm not so sure this pillow is magic. I think you threw it at me, which leads me to believe you want to start a war. And just so you know, Daddy doesn't lose wars. Ever."

She grabbed another pillow, tossing it toward me but missing completely. Her giggle was so fucking adorable, and though she probably should have been going to bed, I decided to have some fun with her. She fucking loved her version of wrestling with me. I always let her win, after all.

I climbed up on the bed, going straight for her lump under the covers where she'd tried to hide again and tickled her sides as she screamed, "Daddy!" over and over again. I let her up and she grabbed another pillow, hitting me softly in the side of the head.

I pretended to fall face first on the bed, letting her think she beat me for a moment before jumping up. She shrieked and giggled, bouncing away from me. I didn't realize how close she was to the side of the tall bed until she fell off of it.


Her scream of pain was instantaneous, it seemed, and barely a moment passed before I yelled her name, jumping off of the bed to find her on the floor. She cradled her wrist to her chest, writhing in pain on her back.

"Daddy!" she screamed, the shrill going straight through my bones. "Daddy!"

"Oh, baby girl, I'm so sorry," I said, prying her good hand from the one cradled to her chest. She screamed louder, and the moment I saw the sickening deformity in her wrist, I knew exactly why. "Fuck."

I gathered her up in my arms, lifting her from the floor and laying her back on the ridiculously tall bed. The fucker was insane, but it was what Bella liked when she redid our room last year. I was ready to burn the son of a bitch.

"You're okay," I soothed, caressing her cheek. "It's all going to be okay."

My comfort didn't mean shit to her, of course. Her screams were just as loud as she went back to cradling her injured wrist to her chest. For the moment she was distracted by the pain, so I took the opportunity to run to the dresser and grab from phone from it, dialing the number to Forks' ER as I grabbed my emergency bag from the closet.

"Fork's Community Hospital emergency department, this is Chelsea," the voice answered on the first ring.

"Chelsea, it's Edward Cullen," I said, holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I dug through the bag, finding the elastic bandage I was looking for. "I need you to do me a favor."

"Of course. What's going on there? Is someone screaming?"

"My daughter fractured her wrist just now. We'll there soon, but I need you to call Dr. Embry Call for me, all right? He's an orthopedic surgeon in Port Angeles, but he has privileges."

"Um . . . yeah, I can do it. Do you need an ambulance?"

Once again, I pried Sofia's good hand from her wrist — making her scream even louder — and wrapped the bandage around it, stabilizing the fracture as best I could. "No, just call him. He'll probably give you shit about the time, but tell him it's for me. He'll come."

"Got it. Anything else?"

"Make sure radiology is free when we get there."

"Will do. I'll see you soon, Dr. Cullen."

Hanging up the phone, I slid it into my sweatpants' pocket and focused on Little One's wrist once more. Fuck, it was bad. It didn't break the skin, but it was obviously displaced. God damn it, I shouldn't have been playing with her on the bed.

Bella was going to kill me.

Little One's screams had died down on the drive to the hospital, but her tears were still in full force, and I couldn't blame her one bit. I'd called Emmett during the drive, asking him to get Call here if he tried to deny the nurses request. Emmett was the guy's boss, after all, and he swore he'd get Embry to Forks as soon as possible.

I put off calling Bella, knowing hearing Sofia's cries would just upset her even worse. She was four hours away, so it wasn't like there was anything she could do at the moment. I'd call her once Little One was doped up on drugs. Fucking shame I couldn't get any of that shit too, because my nerves were shot. I'd basically broken my kid's wrist.

The moment we got inside the ER, Chelsea was there to meet me, guiding us to an exam room. The small ER was basically empty — spare the town drunk sleeping it off in one of the beds.

"I have to put you down, baby girl," I said, laying her on the gurney as she gripped the hair at the nape of my neck tightly with her good hand. "The pain will be over soon. I promise."

"It huwts, Daddy," she cried, relinquishing her death grip on my hair. "It's huwts sooooo bad!"

"Radiology is open," Dr. Garrett Nichols said, coming into the room right behind us.

He was a recent hire — our fourth dedicated ER doc. He was young, but seemed competent. I'd have preferred one of the more experienced doctors be here tonight, though, beggars couldn't be choosers or some shit.

"She needs meds," I said. "It's displaced. Just give her intramuscular morphine, please?"

He nodded to Chelsea before stepping forward, telling her the dosage to get. Once she'd recorded Little One's vitals, she rushed out of the room as Garrett gently removed the bandage I'd put in my baby's wrist. She screamed — loudly. It was all I could do not to rip his head off for causing her more pain, but I knew it was necessary.

"How'd she do this?" he asked, examining the deformed bone producing upwards.

"She fell off of the bed. She was twisting when she went down, so she must've gotten her hand out as she hit the floor. She didn't lose consciousness and I felt for sore spots along her scalp before I put her in the car — I don't think she hit it."

He nodded, pulling his pen light from his pocket. "Let's just make sure. What's your name, sweetheart?"

"S-Sofia," she sniffled, gripping my hand tightly.

"That's pretty. Just look here, all right?"

He checked her eyes closely, confirming want I already knew — no head trauma. As he was finishing up, Chelsea rushed back into the room with the medication. The moment Little One saw the damn syringe in her hand, she started crying harder. Carefully, I slid my arm under her back, pulling her close to my chest to get a good grip on her. Thankfully, Chelsea was quick with the injection into her muscle, but not quick enough that my little one didn't notice it.

She screamed in my ear, almost bursting my ear drum as the needle pierced her skin.

"Shhh, it's all right," I whispered, kissing her temple. "It's all over now, baby girl. All the pain will be gone soon."

"Daddy," she cried, nuzzling her face against my neck. "Make it stop."

"It will soon. I promise. I'm so sorry. I love you, baby girl."

While we waited the few moments it took for the meds to take effect, Chelsea laid an ice pack on Sofia's wrist and elevated it on a pillow for her. Garrett had left the room, putting in the order for the x-rays and filling in her chart. It didn't take long for someone from admitting to come back, giving Little One her first hospital ID bracelet. That was a first we could've done without, to say the least. The time she'd needed stitches as a baby had been plenty.

"There we go," I said, smiling sadly as Little One blinked slowly, feeling the morphine take effect. "It's getting better, right?"

She nodded slowly. "Yeah, but . . . I tiwed."

"That's a good thing. We're going to take some pictures of your wrist, okay? You'll get to see your bones. That's cool, isn't it?"

It was fucking awful, actually.

"I guess so," she said, yawning widely. "I wanna Mommy."

"I'll call her soon."

"And a puppy," she mumbled.

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Uh-huh, we'll talk about that later."

She wasn't getting a fucking puppy.

I stayed with Sofia, moving her wrist into position as the x-rays were being taken. The few times I'd had to step behind the shield were horrible. She called out for me and kept moving, messing up the image. Once we finally got the x-rays, I carried her myself back into the exam room.

She didn't fall asleep, but was pretty close to it a few times — the miracle of opiates. Once I got a look at the films, it was clear that she had a displaced distal radius fracture, which I already figured. She wouldn't need surgery, but she would for sure need a closed reduction to put the bone back in place. It was a common injury, but . . . that didn't make it any less terrifying.

Now, we just had to wait for Embry Call to get here to do it.

Sliding my phone out of my pocket, I hovered my finger over Bella's name until I just pressed it, knowing I had to get it over with. It rang and rang until her voicemail picked up, and I couldn't quite decide if it was a good thing that she slept like the dead and didn't hear it.

"Hey, Bella, it's me," I said to the machine. "I need you to give me a call when you get this. Don't freak out, but Sofia had an accident. She'll be fine. I swear to you. Just call me. We love you."

She'd freak out, and probably even more so since I told her not to. I figured I'd leave her a text too, so she'd see that first.

Call me when you wake up, please? It's urgent. Love you.

"Mommy?" Little One asked in the sweetest groggy voice. She blinked her eyes open again, focusing on me. "When Mommy hewe?"

"She'll come as soon as she can," I said, running my hand through her hair. "Why don't you get some rest, huh?"

"I feel . . . funny. Like, I don't know."

"I know." I smiled sadly. "That's just the medicines, though. Does it hurt?"

She shook her head, opening her eyes as wide as she could and blowing out a long breath. "Whoa."

"Just close your eyes, baby. You'll feel better soon and the doctor will be here to make your wrist better."

In fact, Call's ass needed to fucking hurry, but I figured telling her that wasn't a good idea. She nodded slowly, moving a little onto her side toward me and closing her eyes once more. We waited another half hour until Embry Call finally fucking walked into the room. He was pretty decent orthopedic surgeon, and I knew he could handle a closed reduction easily.

"She asleep?" he asked softly, flipping open her chart."

I nodded. "Yeah, I got her to close her eyes. Thanks for coming down."

"No problem," he said, scanning over her chart. "Sorry it took me so long. So, closed reduction? I'm guessing you want her out?"

"Hell yes. I've already set things up with the anesthesiologist to put her under light sedation." I hit the button on Little One's remote, signaling for Chelsea to come back in. "Have you looked at her films?"

"I glanced at them, but I'll go take a closer look in a minute. I'll be gentle, but I need to examine her wrist."

Sighing, I nodded and squeezed Sofia's hand lightly as he moved the ice pack, inspecting the fracture closely. Once he was satisfied, he left to go look at her x-rays as Chelsea came back in. I asked her to alert the OR, and within ten minutes we were taking Little One upstairs.

She had an IV started and the monitors attached as she slept peacefully. I sat down beside her, holding her good hand as the anesthesiologist started the sedative to make sure she'd stay unconscious through the procedure — though the morphine seemed to be doing a pretty fucking good job of that.

Embry took his time, manipulating the bone back in place. He wasn't overly brutal, which I'd been worried about. Still, it fucking sucked watching my baby's bone put back in place. Once he'd gotten an x-ray to confirm placement, he wrapped her wrist in a splint. She'd get an actual cast once the swelling went down some, and then more sets of x-rays as the bone healed to make sure it formed correctly.

"Do we have any pink tape?" I asked, glancing over at Paul, the anesthesiologist as Embry finished wrapping her wrist.

"Yeah, I've got some," Paul said, pulling it from his cart. "For the IV?"

"Yeah. She . . . she fucking loves pink. Hell, she'll probably be disappointed she won't have a pink cast yet."

"Give it to me," Embry said, laughing as he held his hand out. "I'll give her a few bands of pink on the splint. Not that it'll last long."

"Thanks, man." I smiled, nodding.

Once he'd finished with the splint, we moved Little One to recovery to wake up. It was like, fucking perfect timing that once she was settled, my phone started ringing in my pocket. Bella's face came up on my screen, and I sighed, answering it and putting it to my ear.

"Hey," I said.

"I didn't hear the phone!" she shrieked. "What happened? Is Sofia okay?"

"She's going to be fine. It's my fault, really. We were messing around on our bed. You know, a stupid fucking pillow fight. I scared her and she fell off of the bed. I'm so sorry, Bella. She fractured her wrist pretty badly, but they just finished setting it. We'll be going home once she wakes up."

"Oh my God! I-I'm on my way home now. I'll check out and there as soon as I can. God, I can't believe I didn't hear my phone!"

"It's okay."

"No, it's not! She's hurt. I shouldn't have come to this thing."

"It's my fault," I sighed, running my hand through my hair. "Fuck, Bella, I'm so sorry."

"You didn't mean for it to happen, Edward. Are you sure she's okay? What did they do for it? Does she need surgery?"

"No, they set it without surgery. She'll be in a cast for about six to eight weeks and be good as new by the time summer starts."

She let out a long breath. "Okay. I'll be there soon. Is she awake yet? Can I talk to her?"

"Uh . . ." I watched as Sofia hummed softly, moving a little. "She's out of it, but she might hear you. Hold on."

I put the phone to Little One's ear, keeping it there as her eyes blinked open slowly. "Momma?" she mumbled. "I . . . Mommy . . . seepy."

"It's okay, Little One," I whispered, caressing her cheek. "Tell Mommy that you love her."

"Luff, Mommy."

I smiled to myself, missing that 'luff'. After a few more moments, I put the phone back to my ear. "She's not quite awake, I guess."

"That's okay," Bella said, her voice cracking slightly. "Let me tell Alice and I'll be on my way, all right?"

"Why don't you wait until morning? That's a long drive when you're half asleep, and I don't need you hurt, too."

"But she needs me."

"I've got her taken care of. Just get a few hours and then come home. I'll get her settled and I'm sure you'll be here early anyway."

She sighed. "I won't be able to sleep. I'll be fine. I'm coming home now."

Obviously, I wasn't winning this one. There was no way in hell I'd wait either, but I just worried about her driving in the middle of the night. "All right, but I want you to call me often. I'm so sorry."

"It wasn't your fault. She thinks she's invincible, so a broken bone was probably inevitable eventually. No rough housing on that bed anymore, got it?"

"Fuck that, we're getting a shorter one," I chuckled lowly. "I love you."

"I love you too, Edward. Give her kisses for me."

Once Sofia was a little more coherent and obviously didn't show any side effects from the sedative, we left the hospital just before three in the morning. She was still pretty loopy from the pain meds, but in otherwise good spirits. She did ask about a pink cast pretty quickly. Shocking, I know.

"All right, I've got pillows on every side of you, so no falling off of this death trap, got it?" I asked, tucking the blankets around her small form in my bed.

"Uh-huh," she yawned. "Mommy gonna be home soon?"

I nodded, kicking my shoes off and climbing into bed next to her. "Yep, so let's get some sleep to make the time go by quickly. Are you comfortable?"

"Yup. I'm thiwsty, doh."

I smiled, grabbing the water bottle I'd thought ahead of and opened the lid for her. I tilted it to her lips, letting her have a few sips before she smacked her lips together, satisfied that her thirst had been quenched.

Stretching out beside her, I was careful of her left arm and watched as she fell asleep. Bella called a few times on her way home, so I never got to get any sleep. Not that I'd have been able to, though. I was too preoccupied with watching my baby girl, making sure she was okay. I could go the rest of my life without seeing my baby in so much pain again. In fact, I'd prefer it.

I added a fractured wrist to my mental list of most terrifying things I'd ever gone through, and I knew for a fact it wouldn't be last. I could try to protect her all I wanted, but Sofia would have bumps and falls again. At least I had the skills to take care of her through them.

And if Bella and I did ever have another baby, I'd just have to deal with it all over again. The fear was worth it, though. Just having this little girl in my life was worth all the grey hairs she'd wind up giving me.

All of them and so much more.

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