It was just another normal day in the Shinee dorm Shinee was taking a break because they were snowed in Minho, Jonghyun, and Onew were all sitting down watching TV and key and taemin were we off doing something in the bathroom.

Taemin looked at key and asked "are we really going to do this I mean were boy it impossible right?" key looked at taemin "it's the only other thing it can be I mean I don't know let's just see what the test says " key picked up both tests and looked at them then looked at taemin and back at the test "according to these it says were pregnant" Taemin looked at his hyung in shock "how is it possible what will the others say?" key looked at taemin "I don't know how taebaby I really don't and as for the others well they will just have to deal with it" key said so taemin and key left the bathroom and went to the living room. Key being the more outgoing one look at them and said "Jonghyun I need to talk to you " Jonghyun looked at key and said "ok " he got up and fallowed key to their room .

Taemin looked at Minho and said "Minho I need to talk to you". Minho looked at taemin and smiled and said "ok come on lets go talk in out room ok" so taemin and Minho went to their room.

Key and Jonghyun went to their room and they both sat down on the bed key turned to Jonghyun and looked at him and said "I have something to tell you now please don't say anything till I finish ok" Jonghyun looked at key and said "ok" key took a deep breath and showed Jonghyun the test and said "I'm pregnant" Jonghyun looked at key for a few minutes and then said "really?" That great "key looked at him like he expected him to yell or be mad or something key looked at Jonghyun and said "really you're not mad or anything?" Jonghyun looked at key and said "no why would I be mad I love you key "Jonghyun gave key a hug and a kiss. Key was feeling very happy with the results.

Taemin and Minho both went to their room to talk Minho stood their looking at taemin waiting for him to speak. Taemin looked at Minho and said "Minho please don't be mad I love and I'm pregnant" he shows him the test. Minho stops for a minute to look it over and says "taemin this is not a joke right?" taemin looked at him and said "no" Minho stopped to think for a few more minutes then out of no place he gave taemin a hug and said "Minnie thank you have made me so happy I love you" taemin was happy that Minho was not mad at him he hugged Minho back and took a deep breath and realized everything was going to be just fine.