So a few months later taemin and key where up to their 9th month and it was getting close to their time for their due date. Shine had been put on hiatus until after they have the babies because Minho and Jonghyun wanted to make sure they were their when key and taemin went into labor so they were sure they did not miss the babies being born they were honestly excited.

Taemin and Key where sitting on the couch eating some ice cream. Today was their due date. They had not gone into labor yet a few minutes later taemin grabbed his stomach and said "guys I think I'm in labor." Key hearing this called for Minho and Jonghyun and as soon as he called for them. Key himself goes into labor when Minho and Jonghyun see this they hurry and rush them to the hospital.

Well Key and Taemin were rushed into the delivery room Minho and Jonghyun called their manager and onew to tell them Key and Taemin have both gone into labor and that they were at the hospital.

Out in the waiting room minho and jonghyung were going crazy and onew were trying to keep him calm and was also worrying for them.. Minho and jonghyun were just about to have a freak out because they knew nothing of what was going on when finally the doctor came out and said congratulations both boys delivered perfectly healthy baby girls key had twins and taemin had one" Minho and jonghyun could not be more happy about the news. They both went back to see them.

Jonghyun went into the room key was in and saw such a cute sight key holding their twin daughter he could not be more happier than he was now. He walked over and gave key a hug "hey key how are you feeling?". Key hugged jonghyun back and said "im a little sore but im so happy they are so beautiful". Jonghyun looked at key and said yes they are "what are their names?" key looked at jonghyun and said" the one on the left Aerin and the one on the right is Mi-kyong. Jonghyun smiled and said "perfect".

Taemin was in his room waiting for Minho to come in he was holding their daughter Mi-young

when the door finally opened and in stepped minho "hey taemin how are you feeling" Minho asked. Taemin looked at Minho and said I feel fine somewhat sore but other than that good". Minho walked over to the bed and gave taemin a hug and kiss. Taemin kissed minho back and pulled away and smile "meet Mi-young" . Minho looked down and was shocked at how beautiful their daughter was. " she is so beautiful" minho said taemin looked at Mi-young and agreed with minho "yes she is beautiful".

It was a rather quite night at the hospital and all the shinee members agreed on one thing this was the start or new and exciting adventure they could not wait to start.

so this is the end of shinee babies but their is sequal i hope you guys enjoyed and i hope you will like the sequel