So after seeing the way Kurt looked at Rory in Pot O' Gold, an idea popped into my head, and here's the result, enjoy:

Rory couldn't believe it. He was actually going to Finn Hudsons house. His actual house! Finn Hudson... He was Rory's Idle. And now he was going to his house. He couldn't beleive it when he was told that Mckinley High was Finn's school! He told his ma he was going to a friends house over the phone. His dad wasn't exactly that excited. But what can you do? When he left Brittany's house, he couldn't have been more exicted. He got into his car and he left. He got to the Hudons household. And he got out of the car... His house was way better than most of them in Ireland. He noticed that there were four car's in the... What to they call them here? Driveways? Yeah, so he figured that one was Finn's... One was his da's, and then he most have had two brothers or sisters. He knocked on the door, and who opened it surprised him. It was that Kurt Hummel chap. The one from New directions, and honestly, you know no offence intended... He was as gay as... Something really gay. There wasn't anything wrong with that though. That's one thing his ma always thought him. So he figured that Kurt and Finn must have been... But Finn has a girlfriend. "Hello" Said Rory.

"Your that new Irish guy. Rory right?" Kurt asked and Rory nodded. "What can I do for you?" Asked Kurt.

"I'm looking for Finn Hudson" Rory said proudly. He was surprised that Finn wasn't as cool as he thought he would be. Kurt let a laugh escape his lips when Rory finished his statement.

"Yeah, he's upstairs, but round here... We just call him Finn... Come in" He said and Rory nodded his thanks as he stepped in. And Rory looked around in amazment. It just said homey. It was cosy, and along the walls were pictures of little Finn. And Little Kurt. And then more grown up pictures of the two. "So you and Finn are friends?" Kurt asked. And Rory turned to face him.

"I hope so... I loved him since I saw that video on Youtube. Well not loved him, loved him... But you get the idea!" Rory said and Kurt stared on in amazment. Since when are People so smiley? Kurt asked himself.

"Yeah I know how you feel" Kurt said. And Rory noticed the other boys cheeks go a bit red. Yep, there was something definatly going on between the two.

"So you and Finn are... " Rory said and Kurt finished his sentance by saying:

"Step-Brothers" And Rory nodded his head. (oops...) "Well nice meeting you... My boyfriends waiting for me" Kurt finished up their small conversation. And Rory noticed that Blaine guy in the sitting room drinking coffee and watching T.V. but still waiting on Kurt.

"And nice officially meeting you, Kurt" He said and waved as he went upstairs. He seen Finn in his room. Playing a X-box game. Rory knocked on his door, and Finn kept playing for a tiny while later, but then quickly turned his head to see Rory. He paused the game and invitied Rory inside. He sat on his bed, and Finn smiled at him. "I can't believe I'm sitting on Finn Hudson's bed.!" He declared not at all ashamed of how geeky he must have sounded.

"Urgh... Thanks dude, but honestly... People round here just call me Finn" Finn said a little uncomfortably.

"Yeah, your step-brother just told me that as well" He said. A little smile creeping across his face, for some reason... That he really didn't understand. They boy besides Finn and Brittany were the only one's who were actually nice to him since he arrived at Lima, Ohio.

"So, you met Kurt?" Finn asked.

"Yeah, and if you don't mind me asking... What's the story with him?" Rory asked. A little curious... He already knew everything about Brittany, he knew a little about Finn... and he knew this and that from others but he didn't really know anything about Kurt.

"What's his story?" Finn asked a little confused. Rory nodded. "Well he's gay, I'm sure you already noticed that" He said and Rory nodded. "You haven't got a problem with gay dudes do you?" And Rory shook his head. That never really entered his head about gay... Dudes. He never really got what the book whoop about them. All the arguements and all... But he just never really got it.

"Me? No. I knew a few gay people back in Ireland... I'll tell they were gas!" He said.

"Gas?" Finn asked confused.

"It's Irish for Funny, well not actually Irish, I'm not really sure what the Irish for funny is to be honest" He said and Finn nodded. They soon got off the subject. And they started playing the X-box. And then they were talking about glee. And then football... Rory thinking it was the soccer version, and Finn thinking it was the American football version, so they kind of got their wires crossed. And after that they just did... Stuff. Nothing really special. Rory stayed for Dinner, and he got to knew Finn Hud- Finn's ma and step da. They were nice people. And he got talking to Blaine and Kurt, all things they seemed to talk about Kind of confused Rory, they were talking sometimes about musicals, and Rory liked musicals, but some of them were a bit crappy for his liking. Then they were talking about their dad running or office. And Rory didn't really know to much about that stuff. So when dinner ended, he saw Blaine leave, and he decided that it might as well go home, trying not to impose.

He said his good byes. And he went out, he looked for the keys of his car, but nothing. He didn't find them, when he looked inside. He saw the keys were still inside the car. Stuck in the hole. Rory slightly cursed under his breathe. He looked back and saw that Finn had followed him out. "Man that sucks" Finn said. And he went back inside and came out with Finn's step da and Kurt. They looked inside and Finn's step da finally suggested, after a long wait that:

"Listen, you should leave it here, I'll get some stuff from the shop tomorrow, and you can come back in the morning" He said and Kurt raised his hand.

"I could take you" Kurt said and Rory smiled.

"I'd love that" He said and Kurt led Rory to his car. They both got in. And Kurt put in the street name for Rory's address.

"You can put in some CD's if you want to" Kurt said, and Rory shook his head. "Why not?" Kurt asked.

"I don't know, for some reason, I just like talking to you" And Rory couldn't explain it, he really did like talking to Kurt, even though he really did have one or two - short - conversation's with him. Kurt smiled at Rory's coment. Rory noticed it, and he also noticed that he went a little red.

"You're not half bad yourself" Kurt smiled drving at a steady pace. Thank God Kurt had that GPS it was a wonder that he got to Finn's house in the first place. So him and Kurt found something in common. They both said that they like U2, Rory didn't get it, all the people in America, or most, or the people he'd met anyway, lover U2, but for some reason, almost everybody hated... Seriously! It was funny how things like that somehow happened. So when Kurt finally reached Rory's house, they were both almost saddedend that the car ride was over. Rory got out and said his thanks to Kurt, and he walked into Brittany's house, which Kurt had almost forgotten about, he didn't even need the GPS.

Kurt looked on as Rory closed the door behind him, but not without one last look at Kurt. "Oh no" Kurt said without thinking about it. Thic could not be happening not after what he'd learned in the past. Not after having a boyfriend. This really couldn't be happening! Kurt had a crush on Rory. And if there's one thing Kurt knew, it was that there's a reason why they call it a 'crush'.

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