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"Rory, I'm moving!" Kurt said fast but slow enough for Rory to hear. The words barely left Kurt's mouth and still Rory's heart broke just as fast. Rory felt warmer than he was just a second ago, with the big fire and all.. He didn't know what to say. He didn't think he could even move at this point. He felt cold all of a sudden, again despite the warm fire behind him. Kurt could barely even look at him. And the same for Rory. He looked around the room finally looking at the ground beneath his shoes.

"What?"Apparently he could. He was surprised he could even get that out. He didn't want to hear what he was saying. And he didn't really have to freak out, I mean he could just mean that he was moving down the road. Or like next door to Brittany or Santana or someone in glee. But then Kurt wouldn't have a big freak out over it. He closed his eyes, cringing slightly. He heard Kurt sigh, and Rory sat down beside him. He held his hand. Kurt felt weak in his hand."Forget what. Where?.. And When?"

"I moving to the other end of Lima, like all the way across Lima, since my dad won the office thing I'm surprised he didn't move me to somewhere like Washington... " Rory let a soft cry escape his lips... Just barely. "... And around next week" Rory let go of Kurt's hand... He didn't want to but his hand also went weak. "I begged my dad to rethink it but no use. He said that since things 'round here are getting so bad that it's coming to hate crimes I need to go somewhere where it wouldn't be that bad"

"Next week?" He could barely talk, he never thought that this would hurt him so much. What was he supposed to do? He had to think of a way to get Burt to change his mind. But Kurt's best interests. But all his friends were here. Rory was here.

"I know it's bad for you but I'm the one moving away here" He said and Rory rolled his eyes. How could Kurt say that to him of all people, like hello foreign exchange student. He's the one that's three thousand miles from his home. His freaking country.

"Oh yeah, I wouldn't know anything about that now, would I?" He said as sarcastically as possible. Kurt stood up and said angrily at him:

"Don't make this all about you, I get it, okay you moved away because you wanted to, I don't have a choice!" He said and he stormed out of the room, of course Rory followed and he seen Kurt stop walking up the stairs halfway through. He slumped down on the step, Rory walked up to him and sat beside him once again. It was really crap considering that they'd been through so much. Starting the relationship by Kurt cheating on Blaine. The unscheduled coming out. The hate crime. Rory thinking about killing himself. And now this.

"I'm sorry"

"I just don't want to leave" Kurt said at the edge of tears. Rory put an arm around him. Kurt looked up at him dead in the eye. "And the worst part is, me and you... There isn't really... I mean, there's nothing to real to prove that were together. No reason as to why. It's just sad, because lets face it... You won't just wait around till I come back... We have to break up"

"Kurt don't... " He really didn't want to hear this. He didn't want to break up... And if he had to he wouldn't even look at another boy. Never mind think about going out with some other random bloke. He was holding back the tears pretty well so far. But it was getting harder and harder by the minute.

"Let me finish" Kurt said. And he didn't know what to think about it. He could barely even listen to him talking. But he had to. He didn't want to end the last few days with Kurt fighting, and he'd eventually get to say his words.

"Okay then"

"But before we do. I want to give you a reason as to why we're going out. I want to give you something that's real" He leaned in and he kissed Rory. And he kissed back. Rory new what he meant by what he said. Kurt began to unzip Rory's jacket. Which Rory took of quickly, and Kurt kissed down Rory's neck.

"You sure?" He said, slightly holding Kurt's head. Kurt looked at him and nodded. No one was here so he didn't have to worry about anyone catching them. Kurt took of his jumper and threw it down the stairs. Leaving him only in a small t-shirt. Rory kissed Kurt just below his ear. And then a little bit lower. A little bit lower. Just a bit above his shoulder. And then his shoulder. Kurt moaned slowly. He lifted up Rory's shirt and put it on the step above them, leaving Rory shirtless.

Kurt stopped kissing for a second and looked at Rory. "I love you" Rory smiled and kisses him again, he pulled apart after a minute.

"I love you too" Kurt lifted up his own shirt and threw it on the step above them also. Both boys were shirtless. Kurt lied Rory down and kisses all along his chest down to his stomach. And when he got to his waistband of his jeans. And he unbuckled his pants. And Rory unzipped Kurt's jeans also. Both pair of jeans were off. Leaving both boys almost naked, in nothing but both boys in boxers still kissing. "I love you" Rory said again. Feeling around Kurt's waistband. And Kurt feeling around Rory's ass. And then Kurt took down Rory's underwear, and Rory did the same for Kurt, and then they were both naked. Already as hard as they were going to be. Kurt looked to Rory again.

"It's not too late to stop... If you don't want to... " He let the rest hang.

"I want to"

That was the night that Rory lost his virginity, and the two boys consummated their relationship.

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