Title: Untold love Untold Hate
In his unexpected demon form, Sasuke unwillingly did the unthinkable. To keep this secret from emerging to anyones' ears especially to Naruto, Sakura makes a deal with Sasuke. With Naruto's amnesia, Sakura keeps him to herself while Sasuke care for Hinata's traumatize body. Keeping Naruto and Hinata apart, how long will Sasuke keep up the lie, especially when he finds out that Hinata is pregnant.
Rated: M (Warning: First chapter contain rape. Future chapter contain adult content and bad language)
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Pure than impure

"Come on," Naruto breathed heavily. Face dripping with sweat, obvious signs of his deep focus. His fierce eyes were on an opponent equal to him, who happened to be his best-friend. He smirks, positioning himself steady, ready for his opponent's next unexpected move. 'Damn, he's still good,' he thought as he detached his mind.

Sasuke slowly breathed, he was in complete control. Not dripping a sweat, he was highly aware of his surrounding but was defiantly focused on his rival. He lost count on how many times they have countered each other in these last three hours. He thought he could end this training lesson in less than an hour. However, his best friend did not want to stay down defeat. Instead, he stood equal with Sasuke and smirked as if this sparring match was nothing.

Naruto, arrogant in his abilities foolishly spent every ounce of chakra he had but idiotically borrowed more from the Kyuubi just for this match. 'Whatever. It's not like Sasuke got something else up his sleeve. Right?'

Suddenly Sasuke shouted, "Hey dobe!"

"Y-Yeah," his legs were shaking but he kept them stable.

He sneered, "How about we use-up our last chakra in one move? It can be; Genjutsu, Tiajutsu, Ninjutsu, anything. It's your last breath,"

Suddenly, this fight just got interesting and more intense. Naruto liked the idea and considered the fact that he's down to the last of his strength. He was unable to move more than 50 feet or summon anything powerful to defeat his rival so he thanked Kami that this sparring match was about to end and close to buying himself a big bowl of ramen. 'Damn, just when this fight got exciting, oh well. For Ramen!' He chuckled, "One last move. You got it! Now let's hurry, I'm hungry for some ramen." Naruto's face lit up in a large grin and stepped into a powerful fighting stance just a few yards apart from Sasuke.

Sasuke nodded in agreement but inwardly thought, 'As expected. Dobe will never get it through his brainless head. I've been waiting all this time to use my new technique on someone. Unfortunately there have been a couple failure attempts. Hopefully this time I won't be disappointed,' he glared at Naruto's overconfident smile, 'Dobe, you're going to taste defeat once again,'

::Scene Change::

"Hinata! Watch out!" Yelled a friend from a distance.

Hinata quickly span around while using her mighty Byakugan to dispatch of the deadly kunai that came at her from every direction, "Arigatou Kiba," she gave him a weak smile then commenced her race to stop the criminal.

Kiba ran behind her and noticed the straight line cut wound on her side redundant that needed some medical attention.

"Hinata," he tried to grab her attention but her ninja's instinct was in high alert as they leap calmly from one tree to another trying to catch up to the enemy. She was so deep in thought; she did not hear him until he gave her a sharp look. It surprised Kiba how oblivious Hinata was to her current condition.


Hinata stayed silent because her jaws were tightly clenched in concentration, but she motioned to her comrade that she was paying attention.

"I think you should rest," he said. Hinata's ears twitched but kept her fast pace.

"Stop Hinata," Kiba looked serious as she turned to face him. She frowned at him for a few seconds before coming to a complete halt, then landed down on the moist grass. Irritating!

"Kiba," she panted knowing very well she was running out of breath and was close to her max. She wanted to move in and get stronger, which is her ninja way, except Hinata knew that there will always be others trying to get her from fulfill her goals.

"Don't argue. Naruto wouldn't want you to fall in a middle of a fight, so I want you to stay behind and heal," he demanded. Kiba was clearly worried and tried to aid her. But to her, the dark haired ninja was not considering Hinata's goals one bit. She frowned in dissatisfaction to her dear friend.

"I'm sorry but I want you to be safe. Please stay here and let the rest of us catch that bastard," he smiled genuinely before turning around, leaving a very upset Hyuga behind him. As he left he thought, 'Gomen Hinata, Naruto is depending on me to protect you.'

::Scene Change::

"Naruto! Sasuke!" Sakura called her teammate's name to no response. After completing their mission, team seven decided to stay an extra day, at the small village that hired their services, for some rest and recovery but unfortunately the guys excluded their pink-haired friend from their guy time. Now Sakura is half a mile outside the village searching for her teammate after inquiring from one of the villagers of their whereabout.

Sighing she muttered, "Those two always wander off somewhere, never telling me where they are. Damn it Naruto!" She puffed out her cheeks with a slight frown. "Always dragging Sasuke away just for a lousy rematch," she made a sound of irritation before continuing, " and never inviting me…."

Frowning in distress of her own deep thoughts, she mumbled, "Oh Naruto…." Feeling sullen she almost missed a soft, almost fading voice crying out. Jerked from her thoughts, Sakura listened hard to see if the sound would come again.

After a long while of not hearing anything, she was about to dismiss it as her imagination where she heard the cry again from afar, "H-H-Help.."

"Naruto!" Sakura immediately shouted. She rushed towards Naruto's weak call. He was faced down in the dirt with rough bleeding wounds showing through the torn orange fabric of his muddied clothing. Sakura shakily walked to his side.

"Naruto. What happened?" Knees trembling, she kneeled down and hovered her hands over a wound on his back, beginning her healing jutsu. She softly uttered to him, "This will take a while. Hold still."

His blue eyes turned to her as he breathed out in a pained gasp, "Ahh… H-H-He-"

"Try not to move," Sakura warned him, "the jutsu works better if you hold still." She focused her hands toward the large wounds torn in his back and shoulders first. Naruto blinked a couple of time toward Sakura in pain, but the throbbing ache in his shoulder didn't stop him from grabbing a good grip on her wrist.

"Narut-" Sakura got shock at Naruto's warm grasp.

"S-Sakura…..," He smiled up at her weakly, muttering past his cracked lips, " I-I love you….-."

Her emerald green eyes widened as her hands hesitated to halt the healing process but forced herself not to. She had a bad feeling about this.

::Scene Change::

Hinata couldn't take it any longer standing in the clearing by herself. She felt impatient. She felt as though she had waited enough. Bided her time long enough to rest, and stubbornly got on her feet and jumped high to a tree trunk to launch herself onto a branch above the clearing. She barely felt the pain from her wounds.

"I'm not weak!" She exclaimed then began leaping towards her teammate to help finish off their mission.

::Scene Change::

Sakura gently laid Naruto's head down on the dark green grass as a single tear slid down on her pink cheeks, "…. Naruto, why," sadness and aching pain choked her beating heart as the dying sun slowly turned the world dark, erasing one day and preparing another anew.

::Scene Change::

Time was wasting as Hinata fiercely raced with the wind to get to her friends. 'Shino, Kiba, I'm almost there!' Chakra flew smoothly through her legs and lungs, increasing her speed.

Little did the innocence Hyuga know her hasty decision was her downfall. She should have listened to her doggy friend and stayed where she was and healed just like he suggested. Though it sounded like a good option for like twenty minute, she just had enough of sitting down and being left behind. She felt it was time to show everyone she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

Still however, reckless Kiba and over confident of himself; like Naruto, he still is an experience ninja. Unfortunately, his concern didn't stick in Hinata's head or fit her goal. She was more concentrated on getting stronger rather than keeping herself in good condition. Apparently something was triggering her emotion uncontrollably because she was losing it without a second thought of her life's outcome. Something is wrong with her, but what?

:: Scene Change::

Sakura followed her senses and tracked down Sasuke. She was a force to be reckoned with at this point. 'Sasuke…. I must find you!' She thought as she raged through the dark forest with her hands balled in tight fists. 'Damn you Sasuke! This is all your fault.'

::Scene Change::

"Kiba halt," Shino commanded. He landed calmly alongside his comrade as he glanced around the area cautiously. "Something is wrong," he stated. Kiba and his white canine companion concentrated on the sounds, sight, and smells of the thick woods. High alert to the slightest of changes, they were quick to notice the alteration of the woody scented air around them.

"Yeah, me and Akamaru picked it up a second ago," he sniffed, "it seems as if the culprit's stench vanish and got replace by something strong and….. dark." Akamaru began to growl at the evil presence that was coming closer to them. All three of them got back to back. Keeping away from the trees to keep away from the unknown presences and closer to each other for protection.

It was utterly silent around them but the aura got stronger, heavier and darker, 'What is this stench, it starting to hurt my nose, damn it.' Both Kiba and Akamaru covered their noses softly as Shino became irritated of the unknown presences. It got quieter and steady, though the unpleasant atmospheres still remained, there was no doubt something was approaching them, but the question is, where?

It was not long before the silence was interrupted by Hinata's sudden voice, "Kiba, Shino-"

However upon seeing them, she sensed that something was wrong. Kiba's eyes were bulging from his head in what looked like anger? No, not anger, fear! Shino and Kiba both shouted, "No Hinata st-"

Before anyone could take another breath, an instant shocking blue lightning struck down at the ground, creating a huge explosion underneath them. Forcing all four of them upward and flung them away from each other in different directions. They were all badly burned with torn clothes, ashy hairs, and jagged open wounds. It all happened in one quick second. In one quick flash of light.

::Scene Change::

Sakura halted and instantly picked up a huge change somewhere in the area she heading to. "What was that?' she thought back a few seconds ago and remembered a light blue line coming from the dark blue sky and said, "Blue lightning? Impossible. No, something is going on. I must check it out." She then dashed towards the area with great speed. 'There are only two people that I know that can create such power with lightning. One of them is back in Konoha and the other….'

::Scene Change::

Dust billowed across the ruined clearing. Big stone boulders and elephant sized rubble lay scattered across what used to be verdant forest moments earlier. The tall great trees were torn from their roots and tossed about like nothing, their sharp branches jutted from the ground like spears. Crumpled beneath all of this rubbles laid the bodies of deer, foxes and other creatures of the forest. Whatever creatures survived the lightning blast and the falling debris had fled. Hinata's body sat in front of the tree which still had its roots still attached to its trunk. Unlike her teammates', her wounds weren't as severe but the cut from before began to bleed. She placed her palm on the cut and applied pressure to cease the bleeding. When she came to her surroundings she couldn't see them anywhere near her.

"K-Kiba, Akamaru, Shino," she called out weakly.

A dark figure appeared at the edge of her vision, thinking it was Kiba she turned her head towards them. When her eyes finally fouled on the person she trembled at the sight, she could barely utter, "W-W-Who… a-are you?" Tears began slipping down her face as the dark presence suddenly appeared close to her.

She felt powerless, defenseless, and weakened as the demon before her came closer. 'A-A-A demon,' she thought as her eyes widened in fear and desperation to know what was standing before her. His skin as the rancid color of brownish-gray, had long spiky black hair that touched his lower back, and his hands were tipped in sharp and deadly nails. His body was huge and muscular, and seemed to be shirtless. There was a pure black mark on the center part of his face that made her afraid of his dark-red eyes. His hole appearance made her shake in horror. 'Oh Kami!'

Fear made her body back away from the demon as he smirked evilly. Hinata crawled backward but her back hit another tree trunk, 'O-Oh no!' she trembled from his glared, barely able to say, "S-Stay away…."

She felt pathetic even more pathetic than usual. Her hands were shaking; she could barely keep herself from being paralyzed underneath the unknown demon's gaze. Where was her usual strength? Wy is it failing her now when she needed it most? She was so strong earlier fighting alongside Kiba… How would she ever be strong enough to fight at Naruto's side? How would she be strong enough to prove to him that she is worthy of staying by his side as something more than just a friend? How would she if she is quaking in fear before this monster? It tore her apart inside. But this demon is killing her just by looking at him.

The demon within him whispered, 'Such beauty. Such fear in her eyes… Yes. She is perfect,'

Sasuke tried to rebel in his own mind. 'No leave her be! Not her! Anyone but her!'

Unable to stop his own body, all Sasuke could do was watch helplessly as the demon shoved Hinata down against the rough bark. Pinning her down, he tore at her clothes.

Hinata fought back against him, trying to stop him. She shoved against his chest with her hands trying to push him off so she could escape. The demon had enough of dodging her arms, so he flared open the wings upon his back and used them to pin her arms spread eagle above her head. 'No! What is it doing?!'

Gritting her teeth Hinata raised her legs trying to kick at him but he pushed his knees between her legs preventing her from moving. Jaw quaking all she could do was spit in his face. The demon's response was just to grin maliciously, white fangs gleaming before her tear streaked face. Slowly, his motions deliberate he used his claws to shred the rest of her clothes to shreds.

Sasuke shouted desperately in his thoughts, 'Stop this. Leave her! She doesn't deserve this! She doesn't! Stop!'

Nude before his hungry eyes and hardened body, she noticed the fabric of his pants were gone. Her eyes widened when she felt his fingers against her inner thigh. She gasped hard. Knowing what he was going to do she recoiled and tried anew to fight him with all of her remaining strength.

All she could do was struggled and writhe under his powerful grasp but she was not going to just stand still as he pushed himself against her, within her. She tried to move her body up away from him but he held her down with a hand on her bare waist.

Unable to move and with no other option, Hinata tried to plead with the demon, "N-No… p-pppleasesss don't do thissss," as her tears streaked down her cheeks to drip down her heaving chest. A low growl rattled through his fangs as he rasped, "Scream for me."

Sasuke inwardly screamed, 'Noooo!'

Hinata's pained screamed echoed across the clearing as he entered her with a swift thrust. He feasted on her pain, her anguish, her fear and relished in it. The demon began pushing himself harder and faster careless to her pleading and sobbing. Hinata felt as if she was being torn apart from within. 'Wasn't it enough that he took away my virtue? Why couldn't he just stop? Why me?'

She wanted this to be a horrible nightmare that she could wake up from but every sharp thrust reaffirmed that this was happening. All she could do was to turn her head away, trying not to see him, trying to make herself feel numb to him. She felt as if her insides were being stabbed into by a blindingly hot knife repeatedly. Weakening, she felt as though her life force was slowly being consumed by this monster.

Closing her eyes she wanted to pass out from this; she wanted the world to stop so she could awaken from this nightmare.

Only after the demons release did it relinquish control of Sasuke's body. By then however, it was too late. Sasuke found himself pinning Hinata's arm to the tress, her blood dripping down his inner leg, and her tears dripping down his chest. Eyes wide in shock, in disbelief, he wanted to be anywhere else but here. A frail murmur reached his ears, interrupting his thoughts.

"W-What have you done? Sasuke," a thin weak voice whispered.

Sakura's voice awakened him; bring him to the complete gravity of his situation. Sasuke subconsciously backed away from Hinata's tainted body, letting her collapse to the ground at his feet, he did not want this to happen, and most of all he wanted to get away from her, from all of this. But he couldn't stop staring at the horror scene before him, his own dreadful sin, and his most regretful mistaken. Hinata's mind drifted off; her eyes slowly shut. The last thing she saw was a pair of human legs on her right side staring away from her rapist, '….. Naruto….. I failed you. Forgive me.' Then fell into unconsciousness.

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