Title: Untold love Untold Hate
In his unexpected demon form, Sasuke unwillingly did the unthinkable. To keep this secret from emerging to anyones' ears especially to Naruto, Sakura makes a deal with Sasuke. With Naruto's amnesia, Sakura keeps him to herself while Sasuke care for Hinata's traumatize body. Keeping Naruto and Hinata apart, how long will Sasuke keep up the lie, especially when he finds out that Hinata is pregnant.
Rated: M
A/N: Now we step out of SasSaku moment and bring the two pairing that I see fit. Like it or not, your not telling the story, I am.
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Patient but Obsesses

All Hinata could remember was shame. The endless cruelty that the demon bestowed upon her was merciless and corrupting. The vicious violation where he destroyed her purity had her speechless and broken. What more could she do? Can she move on knowing full well that the one person she loves will never notice her once he finds out the truth? What about the clan? Would she have the courage to face them about the truth? Oh the humiliation that malicious creature did to her! She felt impure and unclean. She felt unbalance and sullied.

Hinata wept keeping her head between her knees with her arms wrapped around her legs. She has cried continuously over these past three days in sorrow and in pain. She couldn't stop the tears from falling; she would try but the aching reminder about what happened between her- No! What that demon did to her caused her soul to shiver and her sense to shriek. She had no control anymore she could trust anyone, nor talk to anyone. She especially did not want anyone near her at all. All she really wanted was to be left alone in her room in harmony and peace. That's all she wanted. To shed her tears in solitude so no one would see at her weakest. Please! Let me be….

Kncok! Knock! Knock!

The shivering patient flinched at the soft knock that disturbed her hollow thoughts. She did not respond to the door because she already knew who was on the other side. Hinata kept her gaze down on the white sheet.

Seconds later, the presence approached her and finally spoke, "Good morning Hinata." Even though Hinata wasn't looking, she could feel the smile in her friend's kind words.

Her once sweet lavender eyes didn't bother looking up at her good friend instead her eyes rolled listlessly and did not speak a single word to the medic-nin. Even though her attention wasn't fully at the medic she already knew who it was.

"How are you feelin' today? I have someone bring you your food, it's someone you know," she said kindly, trying to sheer her up. Hinata tightened her grip on her sheets waiting for her to reveal a female name but what Hinata got wasn't who she expected.

"It's Sasuke," she grinned.

In an instant Hinata's body tensed and her eyes widened from Sakura's words. When she said his name it was like her whole body was douched in ice water and stung with an electric current. For some strange reason she felt a sudden chaotic shiver that only happens whenever she was in danger. An uncomfortable feeling.

Sakura picked-up on Hinata's feeling and realized that her shy friend was feeling unpleasant about Sasuke in the room. 'Humm, gotta comfort her for her sake and mine,' she mused, smiling calmly.

"Don't worry Hinata, Sasuke won't bite you, I promise. If he does lay a single hand on you I swear I'll knock his teeth out. And don't worry I won't be far. Remember," she gently rubbed Hinata's back, "We may not be in Konoha at the moment but we're far from any danger. We are in the safest village with no major committed crimes. I mean there has been some crime but not as big as a 'C' level. Also with Sasuke by your side he'll protect you, I promise." She eased her caressing and enveloped her empty souled friend in a protective hug.

The warm feeling Sakura gave was more than enough to cause a single tear to cascade from Hinata's blank eyes as she did not have the strength to hug back. After she freed her indigo haired friend from her embrace, Sakura caught the tear then wiped it off before leaving with a weak smile. Hinata wanted to stop her with her words but nothing came out, her voice drained along with her strength and purpose to live. It was hopeless.

On the other side of the door, Sasuke stood patiently with a hospice tray holding a balanced meal suited to Hinata's dietary needs. When Sakura came out of the room, neither of them reacted to each other's presence. Their friendship felt empty now, they felt they were more like accomplices than friends who grew up together. Neither one seemed to want to act friendly but if they wanted to keep up their appearances they would have to.

After all, this plan has to work smoothly and flawlessly for them to be able to be with the ones that they love. However, that does not mean all their exchange had to be kind and jovial.

As Sakura brushed past Sasuke she grinned broadly saying, "She's all yours now," before leaving all too quickly to her blue eyes patient.

Sasuke frowned at his friend but paid no attention to her hastily departing presence and stared at the door before him. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he quickly knocked three times. He heard no reply but still allowed himself in.

Hinata quickly covered herself (as if there is anything left to cover) with her legs bent against her chest underneath her white sheets. Everything but from her nose up were forbidden to be seen by anyone's eyes until she was ready to trust again and right now she didn't trust her crush's best friend. Her sense were deliberately following each and every moment Sasuke made. She analyzed him sharply when he came near her bed with no greeting or simple 'no harm will come to you' comment like most people said. She became suspicious and afraid with each passing second that came uninterrupted to the eerie silence.

Sasuke was a bit bothered by her intensive staring but could he really blame her for being cautious around him? He should be lucky enough that she hasn't yelled at him to leave. But the thought of her yelling and screaming at him sounded better than deceiving her to earn her trust and love. 'Damn it witch, Sakura!'

He cursed in his thoughts as he stared down emotionlessly at this delicate creature, the one he broke reluctantly by replicating his Cursed Seal of Heaven but lost control. Maybe that's why it has the word cursed, then again doesn't everything else? But what he couldn't comprehend was why now? Why did he lose control of his second level seal? Though, this was the first time since his battle with Itachi he turned into the creature form with Naruto. It didn't make any sense, none of it did. But it gave rise to even more questions when raped the one person he cherished the most, this shattered creature that he sworn to protect against even himself.

Sasuke noticed Hinata was keeping a good distance away from him with her body formed into a snowball underneath her sheet. He sighed but knew he should be patient with her.

"Are you thirsty?" He asked grabbing a glass of water from the tray and presented the bland room temperature liquid to her. Hinata eyed the water trapped in the cup and had a sudden dry throat, slowly she nodded. He guessed he must help her drink since her arms were nowhere to be found, so he gently did. Lucky for him Hinata showed no resistance when he poured the liquid in her mouth.

XXXScene ChangeXXX

Sakura locked the door behind her and analyzed the room sharply making sure everything was secure from any intruder or interruption in Naruto's room, since she preferred to be completely alone with him. The room was dark aside the four candles placed on the four edges of Naruto's bed but it was enough light for Sakura to see her patient by. She walked around to his left side and looked down on him, a serious expression across her features with her hand on top of his bandaged head.

"Are you there, Naruto?" She slowly lowered herself level to his side. "You look much more sweet and innocence like this," she said by his ear as her hand began caressing his blonde hair. "Handsome like a sleeping prince charming that has been out into a deep slumber," she chuckled softly.

"I'm sorry about this." She slid closer to his lips, feeling his soft breathing flow against her skin which gave her a jolt of pleasurable.

"I always wanted our first kiss to be more romantic but we can make a more memorable moment when I'm done 'adjusting' a few things in your memories." She smiled and then placed a simple kiss on his dry lips.

She rose, carrying a gleeful smile on her lips feeling enlightened as nothing on the world mattered but her and Naruto. She pulled out her medical bag and pulled out a mysterious needle that only she know what to do with, including everything else in her private bag.

"Now, lets find out what's in that little head of yours shall we?" She wondered out loud before sliding the sharp needle under the skin of her experiment.

Umm... Is it just me, or has Sakura gotten a little, you know... (smiles) fun. You know what I prefer her to be like this. I mean come one, she has the strength, the medical skill and power to control (in some ways). She could be a good villainess... Or not. Oh no, now I sound crazy!

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