Title: Untold love Untold Hate
In his unexpected demon form, Sasuke unwillingly did the unthinkable. To keep this secret from emerging to anyones' ears especially to Naruto, Sakura makes a deal with Sasuke. With Naruto's amnesia, Sakura keeps him to herself while Sasuke care for Hinata's traumatize body. Keeping Naruto and Hinata apart, how long will Sasuke keep up the lie, especially when he finds out that Hinata is pregnant.
Rated: M
A/N: Here's a new one for me. NarutoxOC. I mean maybe I should twist a little in this story to make it more interest, so that's exactly what I did. Muhahaha! Please enjoy this chapter, plus a moment with SasuHina.
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Added Sweetness and Bitterness

Naruto's eyes slowly opened after being asleep for four blurry days. There were times when he woke with pain from his head forcing himself to go back to sleep, and others, he saw a familiar face sitting next to him that he wishes his voice wasn't mute so he can desperately speak to that stranger.

His light blue eyes blinked having no clues to his whereabout. His body was stiff and unwilling to move because of his lack of mind power. His head had a eerier feeling that made him confuse and little dizzy. Perhaps it was a blinding headache from the lack of food or dehydration, whatever it was Naruto didn't put that much thought to it, just figures he needed some assistance for his full bladder.

He barely had any strength to move his weak body and had barely any strength to speak. All he could do was dryly rasp, "Wha-Wha… Where is-is….." He was unsure if he should start moving his legs to head to the bathroom or try to yell for assistance.

Whether he was going get help or not he was not going to just lay here and piss himself. Kami help him! How did he manage to do it those last four days his god only know. But right now, he wasn't going to let a wet bed to be his first memory after sleeping for days. Definitely not going to be the story he's going to tell his kids after this, if he has any.

Just when he was about to remove the sheet, a nurse walked in with a jar of water.

"Oh my!" she was obviously startled from Naruto's sudden recovery.

Naruto eased back in bed and by the female's abrupt presence he quickly straightened the sheets over himself, "Wh-Who ar-are you?" he stuttered still feeling the urge to piss badly, and the jug of water in her hands wasn't helping.

"Oh, um…. My name is Suki and I'm here for your daily cleaning um.. I wasn't expecting you to be awake," a light blush appeared on Suki's skin while looked puzzled.

"Okay….? But c-can you help me wi-with something first, S-Suki," Naruto looked away while asking this strange but pretty nurse.

"Sure," she smiled cheerily, "That's what I'm here for."

"Ummm…." He sucked in a hiss with one of his hand scratching the back of his head, "I-need-to-go-pee."

"Huh?" She blinked in confuse for a second, "Oh right! Well then," she smiled nervously, "I guess you are going to need some privacy." Suki slowly began to back out of the room saying, "The bathroom is over there and I guess I'll-"

"No wait!" he halted her.

"Y-Yes?" she was at the door when he stopped her, leaving her thinking, 'Damn! I was so close.'

"Umm," he began twirling his two index fingers together and nervously stared down at his sheets, "Can you help me? I c-can't….. seem to h-have control over my legs right now. It w-would help if I h-have some su-support. Would you mind?" He asked softly at the last part with a blush of his own that he had no control of.

"Uhh?" she thought for a second and replied, "Sure, I mean I don't mind. Let me set this down first," she laughed weakly and gently places the jar on top of the small table with a sigh before following out her duty.

"Well, here I go," she said as she helped Narutp off his bed and supported him all the way to the bathroom. There were a few awkward moments where Naruto asked Suki to help him lift one side of his plain patient's gown while he lifted the other side. 'Oh dear Kami this is not what I signed up to do,' she glanced away what felt like forever when in reality it took less than a minute.

When a guy has gotta-go a guy has gotta-go. And Naruto was definitely reliever that he went.

After relieving himself, Naruto felt as light as a feather. As light as he was he still felt light-headed and weakened. Drained as he was Naruto still felt odd having Suki help bathe him. He did most of what he could himself but it was still a strange feeling of having someone else there helping you. However that was not their most awkward hurdle.

When Suki was walking Naruto back to his bed, he fatered a step and stumbled. Noticing that they were both falling his instincts rapidly kicked in and he pulled himself into a tumbled roll, angling his right shoulder to the ground and pulling Suki against his chest to break her fall. In the spilt second after his stumble Naruto need up on the ground with Suki on top of him. Looking over her he was relieved in that moment that he hadn't fallen on top of her and she looked relatively unharmed.

Then the details of their newfound position came to him. He felt her small warm fingertips against his chest and the weight of her hips settled on his toned stomach. Her smooth thighs were all but pressed up against his sides. He felt an odd except not all unpleasant warm feeling swirling in his lower body and realized that he was not the only one unwilling to get up from their position.

Suki gazed down into his eyes through her heavy lashes, her fingers tracing odd circles across his chest.

"Suki," Naruto was barely able to breathe out her name.

"Yes?" she asked staring into his beautiful blues eyes that she couldn't escape from even if she tried.

"I-I.." He came close toward her pink lips, "I-"

Abruptly two loud coughs were heard from the doorway.

Unfortunately for them their intimate moment was shortened by an aggressive pink-haired ninja with her noisy cough.

"Excuse me," she glared at Suki.

"Huh?" Naruto turned to stare the unfamiliar face while Suki turned red from embarrassment.

"I'm sorry Sakura-"

"Didn't I tell you to immediately report to me once he has awakened," she crossed her arms tightly across her chest but kept her cool.

Suki bowed, "Eh… Gomen, but he needed my help to use the restroom, so I assisted him," she answered.

Even though Suki's word sounded truthful, Sakura didn't like the way she spoke or the way she was touching her man a minute ago. Her exterior self may be calm but her interior self had raging balls of fire bouncing against her skin ready to let out on Suki.

"Very well then, than," she nodded, "Now please excuse us," she said stepping aside from the door to indicate to Suki that her service was no longer needed.

"Oh, right. Excuse me," she smiled at Naruto and slightly bowed before walking calmly out the door. Naruto whimpered once Suki left, he wanted her to stay but it wasn't his place to force to stay. It was this pink-haired stranger that he doesn't know yet that seems to be in control of everything around here.

"Bye and good day," Sakura kindly waved and shut the door quietly, "Well then, shall we begin," she asked happily towards her unaware experiment.

Naruto timidly smiled at Sakura, "O-Okay?"


Back at Hinata's room she laid ever shifting in her bed, dreaming that awful reoccurring nightmare of hers. Sasuke watched helplessly as she sweated and moaned from that nightmare she was enduringly. He felt useless and remorseful for what he did to her. It's not easy witnessing your precious beauty suffer from a traumatic experience that was caused by your own hand.

Sasuke sat down at her side as he gently dabbed her sweaty forehead with a wet towel.

"Hmm.." She tosses herself away from Sasuke for a second before rolling back crying out, "No more. P-Please.." She started to breath fast and heavily causing the black-haired ninja to worry for her health.

"Hinata calm down. Shhh it's okay. It's over. Just stay calm," he made a stay gesture on wiping her sweaty skin to prevent any future cold sickness but the uncontrolled twisting and turning was too much for the solemn man.

"No. No. No!" She yelled with tears.

Finally Sasuke roared, "Hinata wake up!" He didn't understand himself why he shouted at her but he lost patience of her annoying nightmare that brought shame in his heart.

Hinata's heavy eyelids flew open and saw Sasuke's eyes that were tinged with worry with that dark circles lined his eyes, something that she had never seen before. It was in his eyes she caught him being affected by her suffering. It was her pain that made him sad and desperate to help stop the nightmares but the traumatic past kept her at bay from anyone.

She lightly pushed Sasuke aside to sit up. keeping her head down and placed the back of her hand against her forehead feeling sweat on her clammy skin, "How long w-was I a-asleep," She asked, not bothering to glance at his concerned expression.

"It's almost noon. You were tossing and turning for about an hour. I noticed you were sweating a lot so I grabbed the closet clean rags that I came across and tried to help," he said softly, turning away from her dejected gaze. He felt numb for some reason as she slide her half wet hair back and began to breathe more normally.

"T-Thank you," she kindly said with her fingers shaking, body shivering with her eyes still faced down at her legs.

"No problem," he semi-smiled, "How do you feel today?" he asked starting a new conversation with the weary woman.

Hinata hesitated but answered Sasuke's concerned question, "Tired, dizzy, but f-fine. Thank you f-for asking," she did not smile instead, she gaze up into the caring Uchiha's eyes. Suddenly, after realizing a minute ago when she first opened her eyes and saw Sasuke's sorrowful eyes, she took a chance and asked, "H-How are you?

Sasuke abruptly turned towards her from her sudden response and change of interest; nevertheless he wasn't going to deny her question. "I'm well. Got a lot in my mind but the main one is about your health-" he nervously glanced away.

Hinata tilted her head to the side, 'Huh? Why would his priority be about my health?' she looked confused. She opened her mouth to speak but Sasuke continued, "-and the others," he finished.

"Other?" Hinata thought critically about what he meant until it hit her, "Oh! That's right. Where are Kiba, Shino, and Akumaru? Are they alright?" She asked desperately for her fellow teammates.

Sasuke sighed, "They're fine. They were in bad condition when we found them but luckily Sakura made it in time and healed them. They're in another room with their own caretakers," he explained, arms crossed against his cheat.

Hinata smiled sadly knowing full well how her teammates got to this place and why they're in horrible condition. Images of her friend, Kiba, commanding her to stay behind, replayed in her head reminding her of her regretful decision. If only she had listened then maybe that creature would've followed her instead of attacking her friends. And maybe they would've completed the mission. 'No!'

She clenched her sheets in balled fists and scowled, "Why? I'm so hopeless. It-It's was my fault! I should've never disobeyed an order. Than perhaps my team woul-would…" Her lips trembled from the pain in her chest as she was close to hears, but a sudden warm feeling interrupted her sadness.

A gentle hand was placed on top of hers. She flinched from the sudden touch and stared up at him.

"Don't blame yourself. This is not your fault, none of it! You care for others before yourself, and that doesn't make you hopeless-"


He stopped her with his other hand gently touching her right cheek. They gazed into each other eyes as she said, "No. You are strong, don't let your past crumble you. Otherwise you'll forever be trampled by it until you die. Be strong, Hinata, be you…."

She felt speechless and impressed by Sasuke's sudden and oddly encouraging words about her. Something about him made her realize that he looked different to her now, in a good and attractive way. They both gazed at each other until they got lost in a trance that they slowly came close to each other's lips.

"S-Sasuke," a light blush appeared on her cheeks as he came a few inches closer.

"Hinata," he felt her breath close to his lips and wasn't holding back. It was those pure lips he wanted and more.

They felt their lips touch, barely, until a sudden knock interrupted them.

Hinata eyes widen with her face quickly turning scarlet over what she and Sasuke were about to do. She glanced away swiftly while Sasuke growled at the intruder.

"Hello, did I interrupt something?" The kind woman smiled at the two people, "I brought water," she held a jar of water for the patient.

"S-Suki! Um…" Hinata was having trouble holding her tongue as Suko walked in to drop the water off for her daily routine.

"Are you okay Hinata? You look like you caught a fever," Suki walked around the other side of the bed and placed her hand on top of Hinata's forehead. "Oh, you seem a little hot, do you want a drink? She asked.

"U-Uh. T-Thank you Suki, b-but I'm okay," she said staring away from Suki and Sasuke.

Suki gave a look of concern as she asked "You sure?"

"Y-Yes. Thank you! You are very kind," Hinata replied with a sweet smile.

"Okay than. If you need anything-"

"That won't be necessary," Sasuke frowned at the intruder.

"Huh? What do you mean?" she stared at Sasuke who looked a but agitated by her sudden appearance in the room.

"Ah, i-it's o-okay Suki. I won't be needing anything right now," she distracted Suki from Sasuke's future rude comment that he was ready to unleash on her friend.

Suki nod, "Okay than. I guess I'll leave, I still have other patients to attend, but I still think you should have a cup of water, it looks like your getting pretty hot in here," she giggled before waving good-bye to the pair.

Once outside the door Suki sighed, "I should really learn to wait for a response before entering their room. I feel like I just interrupted something, damn me," she sulked while walking to get more water outside.

When she got the right amout for the next patient a quick breeze passed her upper body that felt calm and cool. She inhaled nature's gift, smooth air, and took a moment to relax her eyes. 'That felt nice.'

Less then a minute later she bent down to lift the bucket until a shocking sting paralyzed her. 'W-What?! I-I c-ca-can't move,'

A small grass snake slithered in front of her, sliding around her body all the way up to her neck. Her eyes widened from the nasty creature's unpleasant scaly sensation on her skin, 'Get off!'

The reptile glared at her giving off a loud hiss with it's mouth open showing two large fangs that looked too big for it size. Suki eye's bulged, 'Oh no! I'm dead,' she shivered at the petrifying sight.

What she witness next was the snake striking at her neck causing her to see flashing yellow stars then sickly fainted from the blind fever that came soon after.

XXXXMinutes LaterXXXX

"Hey Suki!" A woman ran towards her but halted at the sight of her friend staring down at the ground with her expression shadowed and bleak. She calmly asked, "Hey what's wrong? Are you okay?" As she walked to her side she felt an instant chill.

"Huh? Oh, hey. Sorry, I just zone out from a second. Sorry," Suki smiled before lifting the bucket and started walking to her next client calmly.

"Come on, we better get inside, we don't want the patient to go thirsty, right?" she grinned casually at her friend.

"Um," the woman shook her head and erased the eerie feeling that scared her when she got close to Suki.

"Right," she walked behind her and smiled, "Let's go," she opened the door and let her "normal" friend in.

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