Gives you Hell -The all American Rejects

Matt Ferrall always knew that he wasn't their favorite. He never followed the rules and didn't get a nine to five job like they wanted. Matt was a disappointment to his family and that was okay. In fact he loved giving them hell for it. But what Matt couldn't stand at all was when his family said the only reason that he was dating John was to give them grief. Matt would always say otherwise but in the end he realized that giving them hell and being with the love of his life isn't bad at all.

Tik Tok - Ke$ha

Matt wasn't a party guy but when his friends insisted that they go to a club, he had no power to say no. But the party wasn't the best thing that happened that night. The club was horrible with all the handy people. So Matt decided to leave and bring the party somewhere else. Little did he know that dancing down the street was going to have him meet the love of his life. 5 years before they would every know each other. Bumping into each other on the street for 5 seconds caused matt the have his heart beating in his throat.

Fortunate Son- Creedance (I freaked out so much)

This was one song that John and Matt always argued about. Wether it was classic or like having a pinecone shoved up the ass. But it was their song, which followed them everywhere, on the way to tell Lucy about them. Which is way when Matt and John got married it was the song played at the reception.

30 minutes - t.A.T.u

A Terrorist had Matt and Lucy, and John was stuck. He had one choice either Matt or Lucy, the Terrorist had given him a choice and the one he choose would live and the other would die. Lucy, his daughter, or Matt, His lover, and the hardest choice of John's life. 30 minutes till both of them died. What was he going to do. "I'm Sorry Matt."

In a world of my own -Alice in Wonderland

John always watch Matt do his coding. Though when Matt was coding he was in his world. There was only two things that could break Matt out. One was he was out of Red bull and the other one was John kissing him.