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Danny's Point of View

"I can't believe this," I said as I sat on my bed.

Jazz and mom had left for a mother-daughter bonding trip, after Jazz made sure it wasn't run by DALV. So they'd be gone for a week and Sam was forced to Paris with her parents and Tucker went to Ohio with his parents to visit family. So, in other words I was stuck at home with dad. I mean I love my dad, but…he was the must ghost crazy. This means I need to be super careful when going ghost or I could be in big trouble.

Day 1

"Danny!" dad yelled from downstairs.

I groaned and looked at my clock. It was 11 am, but I was up half the night battling Ember and Skulker, who were on a double date with Johnny and Kitty, but luckily Kitty convinced Johnny to just go back to the Ghost Zone. I slowly got out of bed and gradually came down the stairs, "Yeah dad…" I said tiredly.

"When were you going to get up Danny-boy?" dad asked.

I rubbed my eyes, "I didn't sleep well last night," I said yawning.

"You never seem to sleep well nowadays," dad said, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, dad," I said, "I've got everything under control in my life."

"Well, okay Danny-boy," dad said, "How about tomorrow we go fishing!"

"Um…" I was nervous now; I couldn't leave town this time because Sam, Jazz, and Tucker were gone and I knew dad spending time with me meant the world, "W-we'll see dad. I'll try and get some sleep then."

"Great!" dad said enthusiastically.

I went back to my room guiltily. I closed my door and sighed. I hated breaking my parents' plans with me, but the ghosts just don't know how to stay…well Cujo does, but that's different. I know that because the Ghost Portal is built that they want to spend more time with me and Jazz, but…I just can't. Suddenly, my ghost sense went off, "Ghost!" dad yelled.

I gulped and looked out my window and saw dad trying to battle…Vlad… I gasped and ran downstairs and out the front door, "Dad!" I yelled.

"Danny, get back in the house!" dad yelled.

"Ah, Daniel," Vlad said, "I was wondering when you'd show up…"

Dad turned to me and I gulped softly, "I-uh-don't know what he's talking about dad…how do you know who I am?"

I didn't want dad in danger, but with Vlad…that could be a problem, "You've spied on my family!" dad yelled.

Well, he's close to the truth. Vlad laughed, "I'd give your acting a D- Daniel, which is better than your grades in school."

I growled softly, "What's he talking about son?" dad asked.

"N-nothing," I said, as far as my parents know…I have Cs.

"Well than," Vlad said and pulled out the Plasmius Maximus, "This should make things a lot easier."

I slowly backed away from Vlad. I glanced at dad and bit my lip. I know he can take on Vlad if he thinks his family, me, is in danger, "Leave my son alone!" dad yelled and fired an ecto gun at Vlad.

Vlad barely dodged, "Smart Daniel," Vlad said, "You seem to remember that your idiot father's aim is better when you kids and Maddie are in danger. Ah, well, I'll see you two again," with that Vlad disappeared.

Dad turned to me, "You okay Danny-boy?" he asked.

"Yeah dad," I said, "I'm fine. Thanks dad."

Dad smiled, "Sure son, now let's get inside before that ghost gets back," he said.

I nodded and we went back inside.

Day 2

I slowly opened my eyes and waited for my vision to clear up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked at my clock and saw that it was noon. I sighed; well there went dad's fishing plans. I suddenly heard a knock at the door, "Are you still asleep Danny-boy?" I heard dad ask through the door.

"No, I just got up," I said, "Come in dad."

Dad entered my room, "I take it you didn't sleep very well last night," he said.

I shook my head, "No, but don't worry dad," I said, "I'm fine."

"Alright, well do you mind if I ask you a few questions…about yesterday?" he asked.

I gulped softly, "Um, sure dad," I said.

Dad sat on the bed making me jump in in the air about a foot, "Well, first of all did you know that ghost was spying on you?" he asked.

My fingers gripped my covers, "Um, no," I said.

"Are you sure son? Because you seemed to know what that device was," dad said.

I bit my lip, "I-it just looked dangerous," I said.

"Danny, you know you can tell me anything right?" dad asked.

I shook my head, "No, dad," I said, "I can't."

Dad went wide eyed, "What? Of course you can," he said.

I sighed, "No, you wouldn't understand dad," I said, "But…never mind…can I just be alone now?"

"Um, sure son," dad said and left and closed my door back.

I sighed. I hated keeping this from mom and dad, but what can I do? I'm half ghost; they're ghost hunters.

Day 3

Dad and I were eating lunch awkwardly because of yesterday. Suddenly, my ghost sense went off, "Hello Daniel," I heard Vlad say.

Dad and I stood up when Vlad appeared in his ghost form, "Ghost!" dad yelled, "Stay away from my son!"

Dad was now in front of me with an ecto gun and the Jack of Nine Tails, "Oh please you bumbling idiot," Vlad said, "For once I'm not here for you…Daniel…I have something you want."

I clinched my fists and stood beside dad glaring, "What do you want Plasmius?" I growled.

"Danny?" dad asked.

I knew I would have questions to answer, but I'll worry about that later. Something told me that what Vlad had to say was very important. Vlad laughed, "I believe Miss. Samantha is of importance to you…"

I went wide eyed and gasped, "How'd you get to Paris!" I yelled, "It's a two day fly, both air and plane!"

Vlad chuckled, "That's my little secret Daniel," he said, "But you don't want her harmed correct."

I growled, "Plasmius," I said, "You're going to be full ghost if she's hurt…do you understand me…"

Dad looked shocked, but my focus was on Vlad, "Oh, she's not…for now," Vlad said, "And it'll stay that way if you follow my instructions to the letter Daniel."

I clinched my fists so hard that my knuckles turned white and I growled, but I wasn't about to let Sam die so I nodded, "What do you want Fruitloop?"

Vlad glared, "You're getting off on the wrong foot Daniel," he said.

"Force of habit," I growled, "Just tell me what you want."

Dad was looking at me and Vlad back and forth confused, "Very well," Vlad said and a list appeared in his hands, "You and your idiot father other there are to get the items on the list…before the end of the week. Each day that goes by," Vlad pulled out a small portable T.V that showed Sam hanging over a container of pink and green goo, "Samantha with get closer and closer to the goo; which is a creation of my own… If fallen into a person's skin will slowly dissolve."

I went wide eyed, "You wouldn't," I growled.

Vlad handed me the T.V. and the list, "Have fun you two," Vlad laughed and disappeared.

I skimmed the list and went wide eyed, "These items are all over the world!" I yelled anger consuming me, "And we have four days to do it! Fruitloop!"

"Uh…son…mind explaining please?" dad asked.

My face softened, "Start the Specter Speeder dad," I said, "Then…" I have to lie again, "I'll explain."

"Alright," dad said and went down to the lab.

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