I phased into Vlad's mansion and gasped, "No, Dani!" I yelled when I saw Dani in human form unconscious hanging with Sam and Jazz. Sam and Jazz had their mouths gaged and their feet were just barely above the goo. Dani was shorter than them so her feet were still a little ways from the goo, but that didn't mean I liked it that way. Mom was hanging chained to the wall struggling with her mouth also gaged. Jazz and Sam spotted me and dad and started trying to say something, but the gags stopped them. I set dad down, "Free mom," I said to him and took the tube with the Ectodistruct in it.

Dad nodded and ran over to mom. I looked around, "Vlad!" I yelled, "Get out here you Fruitloop!"

"Ah, Daniel…" Vlad said appearing, "I was wondering when you were going to show up…"

I growled my eyes glowing a brighter green, "What's with this!" I yelled, "You've crossed the line Vlad when you took Sam, but now you're in a ditch! What makes you think you can take my family and get away with it? And Dani!"

Vlad looked at me, "This…is what you get for spilling my secret to Maddie," Vlad said.

I growled, "And Dani…" I managed to say through clinched teeth.

"Well, now," Vlad said and went to the unconscious Dani and held her chin in his hand, "She is my daughter after all."

That…made something snap in me, "Get your hands OFF HER!" I yelled and flew full speed at Vlad.

I apparently caught him off guard because I threw Vlad into his computer and his mom hologram came on saying malfunction over and over again. I was beyond mad. I saw dad finally able to release mom and they were both in shock at what I just did, "Little Badger!" Vlad yelled and the next thing I knew my back collided with a brick wall, "Do you want me to send the girls into the goo?"

I growled, "What…do you what?" I growled.

"Do you have the stuff?" Vlad asked.

I nodded slowly and pulled out the four things, "Release Sam, Jazz, and Dani first Plasmius," I said pulling the items back as Vlad started for them.

Vlad growled, "Very well Daniel," Vlad said and pushed a button on his wrist closing the goo and Sam, Jazz, and Dani fell onto the cover.

I gasped and flew over to them. Dani was still unconscious, but breathing, but it was very shallow and Sam and Jazz moaned in pain. I quickly removed their gags, "Are you alright?" I asked them.

Suddenly, Sam started to swoon, "Sam?" I asked.

"Don't…feel so…" Sam passed out.

"Sam!" I yelled and caught her.

She was still breathing, but it was like Dani, "She hasn't been fed Danny," Jazz said, "Or given water."

I went wide eyed then glared at Vlad eyes now a brighter green, "You're not going to have a human half much longer Plasmius," I growled.

"Now, Daniel," Vlad said, "Our deal was that you complete the list and I wouldn't drop her in the goo…I said nothing about feeding her…"

I gently set Sam down and stood up growling at Vlad, "First Sam, then my family," my hands began to glow green, "Then Dani. Vlad…you had a death wish."

I shot ecto blasts at him, but he easily dodged them and sent a pink one of his at me, which I dodged, "Come now Daniel," Vlad said, "Your skills have obviously improved. Now you can either give me what I want…or…" his finger hovered over the button, "I could open the goo again."

I looked and saw that Jazz had her hands full with an unconscious Dani and Sam. I turned back to Vlad, "First," I said, "What do you want with Ectodistruct? It could kill you."

Vlad chuckled, "Right to the point I see," Vlad said, "So let's just put it this way…you stay here or I use the Ectodistruct on both the Ghost Zone and every human/halfa here."

I went wide eyed and Jazz, mom, and dad gasped. I looked at the tube with the Ectodistruct in it then at my family, Dani, and Sam. It pained me to think what would happen if I lost them, but if I stay with Vlad…I'm not going to win this. Either way is a way I can turn into…I shivered. I couldn't let him happen, but, I sighed, this wasn't going to end well. Suddenly, a green ray went by me and hit Vlad square in the chest and sent him flying. I looked behind me and saw mom with her Laser Lipstick smoking, "To think we thought of you as a 'family friend'!" mom yelled.

I saw dad helping Jazz with the unconscious Sam and Dani. I smiled widely, but was then hit by a pink blast, "Danny!" mom, dad, and Jazz yelled.

I rubbed my head then shook myself from my gaze and glared at Vlad, "Fruitloop," I yelled and charged at him my hands glowing blue.

"I am not-" I froze Vlad's mouth before he finished.

"Yes, yes you are Plasmius," I said, "And now…you have more than just me and Valerie after your head," I said close to his face, "And if you ever come near Sam, Dani, or my family again, I swear I will not hesitate in making you full ghost."

I then froze Vlad by his feet hanging upside down on his wall, "And that won't melt for at least 12 hours," I stated and flew out of Vlad's mansion where my family was waiting. Dad was holding Sam and Jazz held Dani. I flew down and turned human with my feet touched the ground and ran up to them, "Are you guys alright?" I asked.

Mom suddenly hugged me, "Oh, Danny," she said, "I feel like such an idiot."

I smiled and slowly hugged mom back, "Its okay mom," I said, "I was…scared to tell you."

"And we don't blame you," mom said breaking away from the hug, "I'm so sorry. Next time we'll put the ON button where we can see it."

I chuckled lightly then went up to Sam and Dani. I sighed, "I swear Vlad had a death wish," I said.

"I'll say," Jazz said, "I mean Sam was bad enough, but I don't think he realized what Dani meant to you."

I glared at Jazz lightly, "What does she mean son?" dad asked, "I thought Dani was a clone of Phantom, err, you."

I sighed, "Yes, she is my clone," I said, "But the way I see it she has my DNA, therefore, is my daughter."

Mom and dad went wide eyed, "Well, that does make sense," mom said, "But I was expecting Jazz to have kids first."

Jazz blushed a bright red, "Mom!" she yelled.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Suddenly, a moan came from Dani. I turned instantly. Dani's eyes slowly opened and moaned again, "Dani?" I asked.

Dani slowly turned to me and I smiled at her, "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Dizzy," Dani said, "And hungry."

I looked Dani straight in the eyes, "You're coming home with us Dani," I said, "No arguing."

Dani blinked, but seemed too tired to argue. I transformed, "I'm going to get the Fenton Jet," I said, "And yes, I know how to fly that too," I said when I saw mom and dad start to argue.

I took to the sky and flew off back to Amity Park, which only took me ten minutes. I phased into the lab then down to the jet a floor lower. I phased into the driver's seat and started it. I turned human and opened the door and took off. With the jet on turbo I arrived back a Vlad's in about half the time. I landed the jet and opened the door for everyone to get on. When everyone was on I saw that Dani had fallen back asleep and Sam was still out cold. Once mom, dad, and Jazz were seated I closed the door and took off again, but without the turbo this time so it was a smoother ride. I put the Auto Jack on for home and went with everyone else. I looked at Sam in dad's arms worriedly, "How did I miss the part where he was supposed to feed her?" I asked hitting my forehead with my palm.

"It wasn't your fault Danny," Jazz said, "It was supposed to be assumed."

"Yes, but I should know Vlad by now," I said to her.

Jazz ran her hand calmly through Dani's black hair, "Danny, it is not your fault," Jazz said sternly.

I sighed, "Okay, okay," I said, "But that doesn't make me want to rip Vlad apart for this."

"Trust me Danny," Jazz said, "We all want to."

"Got that right," dad said.

"Oh, big time," mom said, "Made me hunt my own son…and wanted me to…" she shivered, "I can see why you kids call him Fruitloop."

Jazz and I laughed. The jet soon landed back in its holder and dad and Jazz took Sam and Dani to mine and Jazz's rooms and set them on the bed. Mom made a salad for Sam and chicken nuggets for Dani for when they woke up. Jazz wouldn't let me anywhere upstairs for fear of me having a panic attack. So I was forced to stay on the living room couch until they woke up and let's just say I'm still having a panic attack.

Mom gave me some mac&cheese to try and calm me down, but I wasn't hungry. Finally, after two hours of worry, Dani came downstairs slowly. Mom came up to her and led her to the table before I could leave the couch. Dani ate the chicken nuggets hungrily. I smiled slightly. The next minute Sam came down the stairs slowly holding her head dizzily. I was up faster than mom could get out her head out of the kitchen. I helped Sam stand up. She looked at me in confusion, "Danny?" she asked weakly.

I smiled at her softly and helped her to the table where her salad was and where Dani was still eating. I set Sam down in the seat and pushed the salad towards her so she wouldn't have to reach far. Sam then ate the salad slowly, but just as hungrily as Dani. I mentally growled at Plasmius for making them both like this. Once Dani finished her nuggets mom gave her some mac&cheese, which she ate just as hungrily as before. I guess Jazz told mom about how Dani ran off both time. Once Sam finished her salad mom brought her some cream of celery soup; wow, when did mom go to the store? Sam also ate that, but much stronger than when she first started the salad. I smiled and sighed internally; they were both going to be just fine.

Suddenly, dad came in messing with the generator for the Ghost Shield. I looked at him in confusion, "Uh, dad what are you-ow!" I yelled when he plucked on of my hairs off my head, "What was that for!" I yelled at him while rubbing my head.

"Making the Ghost Shield so you can enter even when you are in ghost form," dad said while still tinkering with it.

I blinked, "Okay…" I said slightly shocked.

Dad then plucked one of Dani's hairs, "Ow!" Dani yelled rubbing her head, "Hello! I have the same DNA as Danny!"

I tried to hold back chuckles, "Yeah, I know," dad said, "I just want to try and figure out why you turned out to be a girl."

"Finish you dinner Dani," mom said, "I'll keep grandpa under control."

Dani dropped her fork, "Grandpa?" she asked.

I smiled and went down to Dani level, "Yes, Dani," I said, "You aren't leaving this time."

I saw Dani start to tear up then attack me in a hug. I went back slightly, but didn't fall. I hugged Dani back then pulled her away, "Finish eating," I said and put her back in the seat.

Dani continued to eat and I looked at Sam who looked much stronger and was smiling at me. I smiled back. Suddenly, Jazz came in with her hand over the bottom of the phone, "Uh, Sam's parents are on the phone…" Jazz said, "They just figured out Sam's missing and want to know where she is. What do I tell them?"

I forced back a growl; how could her parents just now figure out that their daughter's missing? Sam was the one to speak up, "Tell them I took the first plane back to Amity and I'm not going back to Paris," she said, "I'll be at home if they need me."

I smiled at Sam and so did Jazz, "Got it…" Jazz said and went back in the living room smirking. Sam stood up when her soup was done, "Want me to take you home?" I asked her.

Sam shrugged, "Sure," she said.

I smiled and picked her up bridal style and transformed, "I'll be back in a few minutes," I said to mom.

"Okay sweetie," mom said.

I phased out of the house and flew towards the Manson Mansion. As we flew Sam held onto my neck which pulled me slightly closer to her. I smiled at her. Her eyes were closed and her hair was blowing ever so slightly; she looked gorgeous. Suddenly, she whispered my name softly. I looked down at her, "What is it Sam?" I asked.

Sam opened her eyes and looked into my green ones, "If I tell you something…will you stop being my friend?"

I stopped flying and looked at her in shock, "Sam, what would make you think I would ever stop being your friend?" I asked her.

Sam looked away from me, "Well," she said nervously, "What if I said…that I like you more than just my best friend?"

I went wide eyed. Then what dad said came flooding back, "Sam has been in love with you for quite some time now."

I looked at Sam, "How much more?" I asked wanting to know.

I felt Sam's nails scrap my neck lightly, "I, um," Sam gulped and looked at me in the eyes again, "I, I think I might be in love with you Danny," she said.

I went wide eyed and Sam turned away from me again. I was in shock. Dad and Tucker were right, "Sam," I said.

Sam didn't even glance at me, "Sam, please look at me," I pleaded.

Sam slowly looked at me, "Sam, do you know why Vlad took you?" I asked.

"Because were friends?" she asked confused.

"But so is Tucker," I said, "So why did he grab you, Dani, and my family?"

Sam didn't answer so I answered it for her, "It's because I love you all with all my heart Sam," I said, "I love you more than anything."

Sam went wide eyed, "Really?" she asked shakily.

I kissed her softly and tenderly as an answer. I felt her stiffen at first, but then slowly relaxed and kissed me back just as tenderly. When we broke away we saw that we had floated up into the clouds, "Well, that's stereotypical," Sam said.

"I think if fits perfectly," I said laughing.

Sam rolled her eyes and I flew back down and phased into her room and set her down on her bed. I kissed her softly again and put something on her finger. When we broke apart again Sam looked down and gasped softly and I smiled, "Been meaning to give you that," I said.

It was a black ring with a white curl around it and an amethyst gem with Sam craved into it in light blue. Sam looked at me in shock and I smiled at her, "It also has a Ghost Shield programed into it," I said, "But it can only be turned on and off by you."

Sam slowly began to smile then attacked me in hug just like Dani did, "I love it Danny," she whispered, "Thank you."

I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her back, "You're welcome Sam," I said softly.

We broke away reluctantly and I kissed Sam's cheek, "I'll see you in the morning okay?" I said softly.

Sam nodded. I went to her window, "Keep the Ghost Shield on tonight," I said, "I don't trust Vlad and eat something else Sam."

Sam nodded, "Okay Danny," she said smiling slightly.

I smiled back and phased out of her house and flew back to mine. I phased back into my house and turned human smiling slightly. Jazz looked at me then smirked, "Finally give her that ring you save a year for?" she asked.

I glared at Jazz, but I still blushed. Suddenly, mom poked her head of the kitchen, "What's this about a ring?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said, "Where's Dani?" I asked.

"In the lab with dad," Jazz said, "Now, did you give the ring to Sam?"

"What's this with rings and Sam?" dad asked coming up from the lab with Dani.

"Nothing!" I yelled slightly blushing.

"Danny saved for a year to buy a ring for Sam for whenever he got the backbone to ask her out," Jazz explained making me blush harder, "So…did you give it to her?"

Now even mom, dad, and Dani were leaning in wanting to know, "Okay fine!" I yelled, "I did; happy?"

Jazz was jumping up and down clapping like she just won a full scholarship to Yale, "I'm calling Tucker!" she yelled and grabbed the phone and ran upstairs before I could object.

I held my head in annoyance, "Well it's about time you got a backbone son!" dad yelled happily.

I groaned, "I'll be in my room," I said and turned to go to the stairs, "Don't even think about it Dani!" I yelled with my back turned to the kitchen.

Mom and dad turned and saw Dani halfway to the cookie jar smiling guiltily. Mom and dad blinked in shock. I went upstairs and heard Jazz laughing in her room. I groaned inwardly. Sam and I were not to hear the end of this when Tucker got home. I entered my room and sat on my bed and smiled slightly. Except for Jazz going crazy everything turned out fine; if not better than I thought. Dani was finally where she belonged and Sam was now my girlfriend and as an extra my parents don't want to kill me anymore; now they want to kill Vlad. I smirked, "Now who has the upper hand Fruitloop," I muttered.

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