The four members of green team were preparing for their third island. After docking their ship at Island 1, they got off the ship, stretched, and headed into the little room.

"Hello, green team," said a female voice. "Welcome to Island 1. On this island, you will be 'channel surfing' through some ancient television programs. Be careful, and good luck."

"Was that the same voice that talked during the Sibling Challenge?" Fallen asked Viktor.

"Yup. At least, I think so."

The three entered into the main part of the island. In front of them was a TV set with a remote on top of it. Leia turned on the TV.

Suddenly, they were literally sucked into the TV set. They found themselves sitting at a table. Each had a red cup in front of them that read, "Coca-Cola".

A girl came into the room. She said, "My name is Annabella Jackson. I'm 15 years old, I'm from Podunk, Iowa, and I am the next American Idol. I'm going to sing 'Rumor Has It' by Adele.

"Do you know that song?" Leia asked her brother.


She began to sing. Fallen couldn't believe his ears.

Annabella was AWFUL. She was out of tune, pitch, key, everything related to singing you could think of.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Not great," said Viktor.

"I agree," added Fallen. "I don't think that you'll be able to go on."

Annabella moped out of the room.

"Hey! I still have the remote!" exclaimed Leia. She pressed the "Channel Up" button. They got sucked through another vortex.

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper!

"I wonder what this is," said Fallen.

Each kid was standing at a podium that looked like a desk. The host said, "OK, you have selected Fourth Grade Math. Your question is: If a car is traveling at 40 miles an hour, how long will it take that car to go 19 miles?"

"I know this!" exclaimed Fallen. He pressed the button on his desk. "Four hours and 45 minutes."


Leia pressed the button again. "Brace yourself."

The tributes of green team zoomed through the vortex and found themselves in skin-tight jumpsuits with helmets. They were standing on a platform.

"Show us the hole in the wall!"

Three horns went off consecutively. Once the third one went off, a curtain opened.

Fallen got it right away. "We need to contort our bodies to fit through that hole."

The three looked at the hole like it was from another universe. Suddenly, they, like clockwork, got into position. Unfortunately, they completely failed and were swept into the pool behind them.

Leia managed to keep the remote above water, and clicked the "Channel Up" button.

The tributes of green team found themselves on a battlefield of sorts.

"Are you ready to battle?" said the boy across the field.

"Yeah!" replied Viktor. The rest of his team looked at him like he had two heads.

"What are you doing?"

"Why not try it?"

"Do you have a Pokemon you can use?"


"Here. Borrow mine!"

The boy threw Viktor a ball that had red on the top and white on the bottom.

"Throw the ball up, and say, Oshawott, come on out!"

"OK... Oshawott, come on out!" exclaimed Viktor, as he threw the ball up in the air. A little thing that looked like a snowman with arms, legs, ears, and a seashell on his stomach came out of the ball.

"Hey, little guy!" said Victor.


"Can you help me with this? Because I have no clue what we're doing."


The thing sounded very determined.


"Pignite, come on out!"

An unusual creature that looked like a fiery pig came out of another ball onto the field.

Viktor stood in a white box outlined on the floor. He nodded to Oshawott.

"Oshawott, use something that's really good!" exclaimed Viktor.


"OK, use Aqua Jet!"

Oshawott did so, and hit Pignite right in the stomach. Pignite flew back.

"Good job, Oshawatt!"

"Stay strong, Pignite! Use Fire Punch!"

Pignite hit Oshawott right in the stomach.

"Now, use Aqua Jet again!:

One more shot at Pignite, and the fire Pokemon fainted.

"Good job, Oshawott!"

Leia hit the Channel Up button.

The four tributes found themselves in a huddle.

"Here's the play," said the man with the number 9 on his uniform. "We need to run a solid pass to you, Fallen. Just catch the ball and run into the end zone. Got it?"

"All right."

The team broke and got to their positions.

"Hut, hut. Hike!"

Number 9 got the ball and stepped back to pass. He threw to Fallen, who ran straight down the field.


Leia pushed the button one last time. The tributes were transported back to the room where they'd started.

"I think we're done!"

Leia put the remote back on top of the TV, and the three headed out of the room. On the floor of the room where they'd started, they found a little green remote on the floor.

"How long do we have until the anthem plays?" asked Leia.

"Not sure," said Viktor, "But it's at least 2 hours. We'll be fine."

"OK," she replied warily, "but let's hurry up so we can get back in time."

Cyei was getting bloodthirsty.

He hadn't gotten a kill in a few days. The problem was, with the Arena's format, it wouldn't be easy to get a kill that day.

But he would try.

The white team docked their ship at Island 13. They disembarked and entered the small room.

"I haven't been off of the ship since I got on it," said a wobbly Amber. She then fell right into Acacia's arms.

"Careful!" exclaimed Acacia, who helped Amber to stand. The younger girl latched onto the older girl's hand.

"Hello, white team," said a calming female voice. "Welcome to Island 13. On this island, you will be entering a room of booby traps. Each square you step on might set off a trap. Your goal is to make it across the room without setting off a trap, because those traps could spell death for you. Good luck."

An idea popped into Cyei's mind.

"Come on!" he exclaimed, and flew into the room. His teammates carefully entered after him.

Amber scanned the room. The floor was tiled; Amber found that the tiles alternated between a lighter tan and a darker tan that hovered toward brown. Each square had either a circle, square, or triangle on it in one of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.

"There must be a key in these signs. Let me try a square."

Danny stepped forward onto a light square with a yellow triangle on it. The problem was, without his glasses, Danny couldn't see what was on it. Everyone waited tensely.

"This one's good."

"So does that mean that all triangles are good, or all squares with yellow, or..."

"My turn to try!" said Cyei. He jumped onto a light square with a blue circle on it.

"Cyei, wait!" screamed Acacia. "You might set off a trap!"

But nothing happened.

Cyei looked at the squares around his. He noticed that in between the tile he was standing on and the ones around it was an ivory-colored mortar. But, the square to the left of him had small, barely noticable gaps between the tile and the mortar around it.

Cyei made a connection. He figured that those gaps meant that the square to his left would trigger a booby trap.

Cyei pranced around the room. By finding the gaps, he managed to get all the way across the room. But, he had been very sneaky when he pranced. He went back and forth around the squares to confuse his teammates. Finally, he hit the finish point.

"How'd you do that?" asked Amber.

"Didn't you see the path I took?" asked Cyei.


Hmm, thought Cyei. On the one hand, I can kill them all by leading them the wrong way. But I do need them. I can't steer the ship.

"Let me tell you the secret. Look for small cracks in between the tiles and the mortar. It sets off a trap."

"But I can't see the gaps," said Danny. "I have no glasses."

"Let me lead you over, then. You're blocking the girls anyway. It's your only shot."

Danny thought about it. "All right," he said tentatively. Cyei began to lead him around the room. Danny was a bit concerned that Cyei was trying to trick him, but he also didn't know how Cyei knew how to get across.

"Danny, step diagonally to the right onto that light square with the red circle," said Cyei. Danny obliged.

"Where to next?"

"Hang on..."

Cyei looked at the squares around Danny.

"The only two squares that aren't trapped are the one where you came from, which would be counter-productive, and the one to your left."

Cyei was telling the truth. Those were really the only two non-trapped squares around Danny.

"I don't believe you."


"Because you have killed many tributes, including one of your own teammates. I think that the only square that is trapped is to my left!"

Danny stepped onto the square to his right, and fell into a pit.

"I told him," said Cyei.

"I guess we can trust him," said Acacia.

The girls then headed across. What Cyei had said was true.

"Thanks for your help, Cyei," said Amber."

"No problem."

The three exited the trap room and found a little tile on the floor. Amber picked it up, and they headed out of the little room. Their ship was waiting for them

"Come on; we have to hurry! We still have one more island!" exclaimed Cyei. They boarded their ship and headed back to the main island.

Blue team docked their ship at Island 18.

"I hope that this is a fun island," said Darren as they disembarked. After Dek's death, he had begun to feel sadder and lonlier, because he had lost his playmate.

"Me too," said Trinity.

The blue team entered the room that jutted out from the circle.

"Hello, blue team," said a female voice that sounded very familiar to Trinity and Marianne. "Welcome to Island 18. This island is based on an ancient arcade. Each of you will receive 15 tokens. You will be able to use them to play games and get tickets, which can be exchanged for prizes once you're done. Have fun!"

"Yay! This'll be fun!" exclaimed Darren. He raced through the door; the rest of his team followed. Four cups were on a small table to the right of the door. Each member of blue team took a cup and began to play.

"Pac-Man," read Darren. "One token. Why not?"

Darren put a token in the little slot. He took the stick and saw that, when he moved it, the little yellow thing on the screen moved around.

It turned out that Darren was pretty good at Pac-Man. He managed to escape the ghosts nearly every time. That is, once he figured out what the ghosts were. Darren got all the way up to Level Four before he lost.

"Yay!" said Darren as a whole bunch of tickets came spurting out of the machine. He picked them up and brought them to a bin that said "BLUE TEAM" on it.

Trinity was having a lot of fun with Skee-Ball. It was very easy for her to figure out the proper trajectory with which to throw the balls. Although she didn't get 100 points every time, she still managed to do a great job.

Sen was a bit confused. He didn't really know what to play. He decided to try his luck at Deal or No Deal. It seemed easy enough. All that he had to do was pick random cases.

"Case 9, for my home, District 9," he muttered, as he selected Case 9.

A while later, he was down to two cases, Case 9 and Case 5. One had a thousand tickets, and one had ten.

"I'll keep Case 9," he decided.

The woman on the case opened it.

"Congratulations! You have won one thousand tickets!"

Sen collected the tickets, and put them in the bin.

Marianne was playing Popcorn Catch. Her goal was to catch as much popcorn as she could in a little net. She was really having fun with the game. Even though it was possibly the easiest game, she was having a lot of fun.

"Got one! Got two! Got eight!"

Once they were all out of tokens, the group went over to their bin.

"Let's go exchange them," said Sen. As the oldest on the team, he'd sort of taken the lead, but he wasn't really much of a leader in the first place, so he sort of depended on Trinity to act as a leader as well.

The group took the bin to the counter, where the tickets were counted. They mainly exchanged them for medical supplies. Once they were done, they headed out the door of the arcade. On the floor, they found a blue token. They took it and headed back to their ship.

"One more island!" exclaimed Cyei!

"Let's hope it's as fun as this one was."

Once they got to the main island, they slid the token in a slot in the kiosk much like in the arcade.

"Which island do you want to go to next?"

"Can we go back to the other one?"

"Probably not."

"Last one?"

"Last one."

The members of gold team had docked their shop next to Island 5. Now, standing in the room, they were all a bit nervous.

"Hello, gold team. Welcome to Island 5. This island is based on an ancient book called Divergent. In the book, the characters face their fears in something called a fear landscape. You will be facing one of your fears today. Each of you will be injected with a serum and then enter through one of three doors. Your entry times will be staggered. The serum will kick in sixty seconds after you are injected. If you don't succeed in facing your fear...

"Good luck."

Three men came in. Each was holding a needle full of serum.

"Goldstar will be going first," said one of the men.

"Good luck," said Goldstar to her teammates.

"You too," replied Ona. The three kids embraced. Goldstar was injected with the serum, and she entered the room on the left.

When she entered, Goldstar found herself in an all black room. She took a deep breath.

Suddenly, the room changed. Goldstar was laying on a long, long wood plank. A faceless man lit the very end of the plank on fire.


Goldstar had been trained for practically her whole life to show no fear, to be fearless. But the one fear that she had never been able to conquer was fire.

The fire crept along the board. Goldstar tried to break free, but she found her wrists, ankles, and torso tied to the board.

She began rhythmically breathing.

The fire crept closer. Goldstar could feel the hot, smoking tendrils lick the bottoms of her feet.

"Oh, no! The fire will burn you alive!" said one side of Goldstar's brain. The other said, "This is all in your head. It's fake. Don't worry. It can't hurt you."

Goldstar continued to breathe.

Suddenly, her shoe caught on fire.

Goldstar shrieked. She tried to shake the fire off of her foot, but since her ankle was tied down, she couldn't.

She felt the heat from the fire on her face. Goldstar began to sweat, though from nerves or from the heat, even she would never know.

Next, her pants caught on fire. She stayed calm and managed to not freak out. Just as her shirt was about to catch on fire, she found herself back in the black room. She still felt the heat from the flames on her face. Goldstar breathed a huge sigh of relief.

She would live to see another day.

As Goldstar was facing her fear, Ona turned to her brother.

"I love you, Ona. I hope you do well."

"You too, Ace."

The two hugged. Bellona was injected, and she entered her room. She paced around, waiting for the serum to kick in, taking deep breaths.

The room changed.

Ona found herself on a metal plate. In front of her was the Cornucopia. She could somehow tell that Ace was there, but she couldn't see him.


All of the tributes began to run.

Ona immediately noticed that this was not the same bloodbath that she'd faced at the beginning of the Games. For one thing, the island that she was on wasn't connected to any other, nor were there trees on it. For another, the only tributes on this island were Careers.

Ona ran right into the bloodbath. She needed to get a weapon.

Suddenly, she heard a scream.

Ace's scream.

Without even thinking, Ona ran around to the back of the Cornucopia. There she found Ace, pinned to the ground by a javelin.

"Ace. No!" she yelled, and knelt beside him.


"What happened?"

"Dad... here. Came up and stabbed me."

"Impossible. He's back home in Four."

"Wrong. I'm here. And now I can rid myself of both of you meddling brats."

Ona's stepfather stabbed her right through the heart. She could feel her heartbeat slow, and she blacked out. Her cannon boomed.

She would never wake up.

Ace watched as Ona entered her room. He took a deep breath, and allowed himself to be injected with the serum. He entered his own room.

Though he did not know it, Ace's room changed into exactly the same island that Ona had faced.


Ace, much more sensible than Ona, chose to not immediately run in. He was trying to figure out what felt so weird to him. It was like he could feel Ona's presence.

Suddenly, he heard her scream.


He started to run to her, but froze. There was no way Ona could really be there. The scream was fake!

"Ace, help!" yelled Ona. A bloodcurdling scream followed.

The lines between what was real and what was not began to blur in Ace's mind. On the one hand, Ona could NOT be there. But her screams.

They were so real.

Another scream pierced the air. All thoughts fell from Ace's mind; his instincts kicked in.

He had to save his sister.

Ace followed the sound of the screams. He found Ona pinned to the ground behind the cornucopia.

Something wasn't right.

"Ace, help me!"

Ace's heart was telling him to move forward, but his brain was telling him to run.

Ace decided he would slowly back up. This way, he'd be able to run back to his sister if necessary.

One step back.

Two steps back.

Three steps back.

Four steps back.

"Ace," Ona pleaded.

Something snapped in Ona's mind.


Ace ran to his sister and knelt beside her. His conscience was trying to tell him that something wasn't right, but Ace just couldn't listen. He needed to be there for Ona.

Suddenly, he felt a spear go through his heart. His heart rate slowed, and the last thing he saw before he permanently blacked out was his stepfather's evil face.

His cannon boomed.

Back in her black room, Goldstar was nervous. She'd heard two cannons, and had no clue who they belonged to.

Suddenly, a door opened. Goldstar reentered the room where she'd been injected. She found a note on the floor, along with a box and a little gold stone with a flame on it. She read the note.


Unfortunately, your teammates have failed to face their fears. Therefore, you are now alone on your team. We, as a result, are switching you to yellow team.

In the box is a yellow shirt. Please change your shirt and leave your gold one in the box. Then, sail your ship back to the main island and put the stone into the kiosk. Once yellow team finishes their final island, they will meet you at the main island. You will be able to figure out what from your ship you'll need to use on their ship. Then, you will have to say goodbye to your gold ship and move on.

We wish you luck in the rest of the Games.

Goldstar felt sad. The Adrina twins were the closest thing she'd really had to friends. Even Velvet and Sugar Lee were really just minions. But, she had to push on. Otherwise, she could never win. She changed her shirt and left the other one in the box. Then, she exited the room and headed to her ship.

"Now, how do I steer this thing?"

Suddenly, the ship began to sail directly to the main island on its own. Goldstar sat on the ship and waited.

Once the ship hit the main island, Goldstar disembarked with the little stone in hand. She put it into the gold kiosk. Then, she walked around the island and waited by yellow teams kiosk.

"Ready for our next island?"

"I guess," said Candella. "This is our last one, right?"

"Yup," said Quiinn.

The members of yellow team disembarked and entered the little room.

"Hello, yellow team. Welcome to Island 14. This island is based on an ancient series of books and movies called Harry Potter. In the books, a major focus is a game called wizard chess. On this island, you will be playing a live game of wizard chess. The game will mirror the game in the first book of the series. Jamie, you will play a black knight. Candella, you'll play a black rook, and Quiinn will play a black bishop. In order to win, you must beat the white team. Should your piece get taken, you will not survive. Good luck."

"Oh, boy," said Quiinn. "This is dangerous. And I have a feeling that one of us won't survive, especially if they're assigning us pieces."

"All we can do is hope," replied Candella. "Jamie, are you OK?"

Jamie, usually an energetic young boy, was subdued. His face was slightly contorted.

"I'm just a bit shaken after seeing Marynna die yesterday."

"I know, Jamie. This is hard. But I'm sure that we can find a way to remember them in a good way, right?"

Jamie nodded. "Come on. Let's go!" he exclaimed, with new-found enthusiasm. The three entered into the main part of the island, which happened to be a giant chess board. The three took their places, and as soon as they were on their individual squares, a white pawn moved forward.

"I guess we're starting."

The game continued. When the first piece was taken, the tributes were stunned as the piece that took it smashed it over the head.

"OK, those pieces have to be mutts," thought Candella.

The game continued. Candella, Jamie, and Quiinn moved occasionally, but mainly, the movement was done by the other pieces. Suddenly, they heard, "Jamie. Knight to H-3."

"What are they doing? Why'd they ask you to move?" asked Candella.

"I see," said Quiinn. "If he moves like this, then the white queen can take me. Then I can move three spaces left and checkmate the king!"

"I don't know. It means losing you, Jamie."

"If this is the way that you can get out, then I'll be fine. Just ask Trinity May Belle to tell Fiona, my sister, that I love her. OK?"

Candella nodded. Jamie bravely walked over to square H-3. The white queen jumped up and captured Jamie. He was bashed over the head and dragged off the board.

"Don't move!" exclaimed Quiinn to Candella, who wanted to run to Jamie. Quiinn stepped to his spot, and said, "Checkmate." The king took off his crown.

"We're good, Candella."

The two ran over to Jamie, who was bleeding profusely from his head wound.

"He won't make it," said Quiinn. Just as he said it, Jamie's cannon boomed.

"Come on," said Candella. "We need to go. We still have another island to do today."

"True." Quiinn mussed Jamie's hair for the last time. Candella kissed him on the cheek.

"Goodbye, Jamie."

The two headed out of the room. On the floor of the room where they ended up, they found a small yellow knight, along with a note.

Yellow team,

Unfortunately, all the members of gold team have died except for one, Goldstar. As a result, we are switching her to your team. Please bring the chess piece to the main island and put it in your kiosk. You will then be able to conference with Goldstar as to which of the weapons and other supplies from her ship you will be able to use. Then, she will switch over to your team.

Good luck.

"I'm nervous about this," said Candella.

"Why? It's a good thing. She's a Career."

"Yes. She could kill us,"

"Come on," said Quiinn, sounding exasperated. They sailed back to the main island, and Candella quickly put the chess piece in the kiosk. Then, she turned to the young girl behind it.

"Hello, Goldstar," she said, a little timidly.


"Are you going to kill us?"

"No, silly! You're on my team now!" she said peppily.

Candella heaved a huge sign of relief.

"What weapon are you good at?" asked Goldstar to Candella as the two headed downstairs to the weapons closet. "I'm good with knives."

"Me too," said Candella, "and Quiinn isn't really good with any weapon."

"OK. So, let's take all of the knives and daggers. I have this blowgun and that slingshot, so Quiinn can probably learn how to use those, or we can use them as a backup."

"Anything that you can use for traps?"

"Yeah, here. We should probably also take all of our medical supplies."

Once the two girls had collected everything they needed, they moved it, with Quiinn's help, over to the yellow ship.

"Let me just say goodbye to my ship, and I'll be right there," Goldstar said once they were done.

"OK," said Candella.

Goldstar turned back to her old ship as yellow went to their's. She went to the top of the stairs and looked around at her old home. "Goodbye," she whispered, and then turned around and went to a new beginning.

"Final island, right?" asked Shine.

"Yeah," said Tyranny. "Let's do this one right here. Island 20."

"Sounds good."

The group docked their ship The four disembarked, the older kids leading and the younger ones behind. They then entered the little room jutting out, and awaited further instruction.

"Hello, silver team. Welcome to Island 20. This island is based on a ride at an amusement park called "Disney World. All you will be doing is sitting in a boat and riding in a canal. This is a nice, relaxing ride. Have fun!"

"There HAS to be a catch," said Tyranny. "This is just too good to be true!"

"Let's find out!" exclaimed Shine, who adventurously got into the front row of the boat.

"I'll go in if you will," said Apollo. Cassie nodded, and the two got into the back row of the boat. Tyranny sat in the front, next to Shine, and the boat took off.

The boat began to move. On all sides of the boat were little dolls that moved. A song began to play.

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears

It's a world of hope and a world of fear

There's so much that we share

That it's time we're aware,

It's a small world after all!

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small, small world.

There is just one moon and one golden sun,

And a smile means friendship to everyone.

Though the mountains divide,

And the oceans are wide,

It's a small world after all!

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small, small world.

"I can already tell that this song will get stuck in my head," said Tyranny.

As the boat continued, the song kept playing and the dolls kept moving. All four tributess were getting completely aggravated with the song.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small, small world.

"Tyranny, how much longer?" asked Cassie. "Those dolls are creeping me out."

"I don't know, but I can't stand the song. It better be soon."

The ride continued.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.

It's a small, small world.

"One more time, and I'll rip the head off of one of those dolls," exclaimed Tyranny.

"I wouldn't," said Cassie. "First, we're over water, which is probably deep. The dolls are also most likely mutts that will eat you alive."


"Hold her down, Shine."

It turned out that, by the exit from the ride, they had only been in there for 5 or so minutes. Once they got off of the boat, they found themselves back in the room.

"We must have gone in a circle," Cassie said.

Suddenly, the same female voice from earlier began to speak.

"Silver team. The silver doll on the floor is your token from this island. You will also find a box next to it. That box has four purple shirts. You now have the option to keep your team's color as silver, or you can switch it to purple. It is your choice. Please leave the color shirt you decide against in the box."

The four looked at each other.

"I think we should go with the purple," said Apollo. The other four looked at him quizzically.

"Why do you say that?" asked Shine.

"Well, think about it. Silver is iridescent. It's shiny. You can see it from afar because of the way the light catches it. I think we should use purple."

"Tyranny," naively asked Cassie, "will it bring back bad memories?"

"I think that it would be an honor to Ivy's memory to have such awesome people on my team."

"All right. Apollo, go over in the corner to change."

The four tributes awkwardly attempted to change clothes without any of their teammates seeing them. Once they were done, they took the doll, which mirrored the dolls on the ride, put their old silver shirts in the box, and headed out.

"Where's our ship?" asked Cassie.

"Come on. Let's walk around a bit and see if we can find it."

Silver team walked in a circle around the island. Once they got back to where they were, they found their ship again.

"Let's get to that center island quick; it's getting dark," said Shine.

The group sailed over to the main island. They found their kiosk and inserted their token.

"Good timing. Here's the anthem!"

The silver team looked up to the sky. The following faces appeared:

Whisper Willow, District 2

Danny Robin, District 3

Bellona Adrina, District 4

Acestes Adrina, District 4

Syeira Laviah, District 5

Jamie Wretherly, District 8

Alain Fennor, District 10

"I guess that's that. Goodnight, Shine. Goodnight, Tyranny. Goodnight, Cassie," said Apollo.

And, with that, they retired for the night.

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