"Welcome back to our final interview segment! Now, let's welcome the many siblings of Maybell Flince!"

A troop of younger kids came on stage with Alex Robinson, the District 9 escort. He helps situate them on the couch, takes the baby from the arms of the oldest of the kids, and leave the stage.

"Hi, friends! Welcome! How are all of you?"

"We're fine!" exclaimed Minnie. "We miss Maybell, though."

"She took care of you all, right?"

"Maybell was like our mommy after Mommy died," said Marc, Minnie's twin.

"Do you miss your mommy and daddy?"

"Yes," answered Silvie. "Taking care of Sunny is really hard without a mommy. And Maybell was a great mommy."

"So have you guys watched her the whole way?"

"She looked really pretty on the chariot! And we were very proud of her 6," said Minnie.

"What was the 6 for?" Marc asked his twin.

"I dunno," replied Minnie.

"But we want her back," said Marc.

"Well thank you, Marc and Minnie. Can you guys go back offstage? Thanks so much! Marc and Minnie Flince!"

"Glad we got rid of them," said Graham. "They haven't watched any of the Games yet on TV, so now we can talk like adults."

"Silvie, how much have you watched?"

"All of it, this year. I was just too nervous for Maybell not to watch."

"What is life like at home without Maybell?"

"Graham was kind of like the daddy already," said Sylvie, "so I just became like the mommy. I took Maybell's place."

"During the Games, Maybell was on the pink team, and she had a fairly uneventful Games compared to some of the other tributes."

"In my opinion," said Graham, "she was put on the perfect team for her. With all of the innocent younger siblings, she must have felt right at home."

"And Lambell and Xander were so cute together," added Sylvie. "I just love little kids who think they are in love who don't actually know what love is."

"And you know what love is?" laughed Caesar.

"Yes, I do." replied Sylvie indignantly. "Mommy and Daddy were very much in love. So I know what love is supposed to be like."

The audience was stunned by the maturity of Sylvie's response.

"I'm going to ask you two a very mature question, because I think you two can handle it. Obviously you want Maybell to come back. But do you think she can?"

"We sure as heck hope so," answered Graham.

"Thanks very much, you two. We are so glad you came out here to talk with us. Ladies and gentlemen, Graham and Sylvie Flince!"

The two left the stage, hand-in-hand, to thunderous applause.

"Next, please welcome the family and friends of Conall Carteiar!"

Conall's mother, father, brother and sister came on stage, in addition to his friend group and his girlfriend.

"Welcome, all of you," said Caesar. "There are a lot of you, and we'll try to talk to you all, but we expect that some of you will speak more than others."

Most of the collective groupe nodded, with the exception of little Sammy. "But I want to talk!" she complained.

"So let's talk to you first, my little friend! Do you miss Conall?"

"Yes," she said. "He made me promise not to forget him. And I am not going to go back on my promise."

"Did he take care of you a lot?"

"That was Mommy's job. Conall worked in the fields with Daddy, Jason, and all of the other guys in the district."

"OK, thank you so much, Sammy! You can run along now."

Sammy ran offstage, allowing the older people to discuss real matters.

"So Conall volunteered in place of you, correct, Jason?"

"Yes. I am, honestly, glad that he did. Not because I don't love him, but because I think I would have fared much worse in the Games. He has a chance of coming back. I wouldn't have had that chance."

"I'm very worried about Conall," said his mother. "I have been since Jason's name was drawn. He can be a little bit bold, and what he thinks is himself being a leader can come across as bossy."

"Thomas, Jack, and Randolf, did you think Conall volunteering was a good idea?"

"No," said Jack.

"I can understand why he did it, but I don't like it," added Thomas. Randolf nodded in agreement.

"Ginger? You had what I assume was a very positive relationship with Conall."

"Yes. We were deeply in love - at least, I was deeply in love with Conall. He led me to believe that he was the same. I really appreciated being with him for as long as I was. I don't know if it was smart or stupid that he volunteered - I'm glad that he tried to save Jason, but sometimes you have to look after yourself first," Ginger wisely responded.

"From the televised portions of training, we saw that Conall was very good with spears."

"It was a talent, and one of his main strengths in the Games," answered Conall's father.

"So Conall was on the brown team, which was on the comparatively young and innocent side. Was this good placement?"

"I think it makes a lot of sense," said Randolf. "Conall was great with Jason and Sammy, so putting him with younger kids works."

"I was very impressed that the team managed to keep all of the younger kids alive until Day 5. Aileen died in the Bloodbath, but nobody else was killed until the island."

"It's because Conall and the other older kids had a similar idea - get the little kids out of the Arena alive. And they succeeded with one and failed with two - we have yet to see about Kendyll."

"That sounds highly negative, Thomas," retorted Ginger. "Conall and the rest of his team did very well considering the circumstances. Honestly, I'm more impressed that nobody on brown got killed by Cyei All…"

"If there's anything you could tell Conall, what would it be?"

"Watch your back, and I love you." said Ginger. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Thank you all so much for coming! Ladies and gentlemen, the family and friends of Conall Carteiar!"

"Next up, let's welcome the mother, brother, and sister of Rowena and Viktor Wayland!"

The three walked out to thunderous applause. The crowd was most likely just happy that the interviews were nearly over.

"Welcome, Wolf, Fleur, Mrs. Wayland. It's a pleasure to have you here. Let's jump right into the reaping. So Viktor volunteered for you, Wolf, not knowing that his sister would be reaped next. Do you think he still would have volunteered if Rowena had been reaped first?"

"No," said Wolf. "I honestly think he only volunteered to protect me, but if Rowena had been there before I was reaped, I think he would have trusted her to protect me."

"I disagree," said Fleur. "Rowena can be emotionally unstable at times - her temper causes problems. I don't think Viktor would have trusted Rowena to fully take care of Wolf, so he still would have volunteered."

"Mrs. Wayland," mused Caesar, "I wonder what it must have been like to have all four of your kids in reaping age."

"Hopefully, if one or both of my kids come back, I won't have to be so scared again."

"So let's run through the Games themselves. Your kids were put on a team with two other sets of siblings. Good idea, or bad idea?"

"It would have been much worse if my kids were put with the Hatch twins. The Dean siblings and the Pine twins both got along with their respective sibling, so everyone got along with everyone. And the siblings looked after the other kids, too. I think the team was very well put together."

"The team kept taking losses as well. It was cut in half by day 3!"

"But the rest of the steam has survived," Wolf pointed out.

"Now, the sibling challenge was a little bit unconventional," Caesar admitted. "Fair challenge?"

All 3 Waylands nodded. None of them seemed to have anything more to say, so Caesar moved on.

"Honestly, not much has happened to Viktor and Rowena in the Games," said their mother. "Other than Viktor's kill, it's been pretty uneventful."

"Yes Rowena inadvertently killed Brandi Hahn, who was on his team."

"I was so upset about that!" exclaimed Fleur. "I hate seeing people get hurt in general, but it was especially painful for it to be at the hands of my sister."

"I can't say I was surprised, however," contradicted Wolf. "We have metioned Rowena's temper many, many times today. When Tinny was killed, it set her off again. But why did she aim for a small person? If she were clear-headed, she probably would have gone for an older kid if she had to kill. She really likes younger kids."

"It would be stupid for me to ask you if you want your kids to come back, which, from listening to you talk, I can assume you do. However, I will ask you what you think Viktor and Rowena need to do to win."

'First," said their mother, "they need to stick together. These games are heavily based on alliances, and if they're paired together, they need to stay together. By the same token, they need to be careful about the rest of their alliance. If I were them, I wouldn't trust Goldstar or Shine. Secondly, they need to keep a positive attitude. And third, they can't be too careful. You can never be too careful in these Games."

"That's some excellent advice. Thank you all so much for being here! Ladies and gentlemen, the Waylands!"

The four left the stage to thunderous applause.

"Now for our final interview, the family and closest friend of Quiinn Jones!"

A large group of people came on stage. They all sat on and around the pitiful-looking couch.

"Let me do names really quick. So Wenda and Dash are the parents, then we have Olleson, Ricka, Ari and Hannass, right?"

"Yes, except we elected to leave Hannass at home with some family members," explained Wenda. "We didn't want to have to deal with having her in the Capitol with us. She just causes too much trouble."

"And Jeremie, Quiinn's best friend."

"Yes, that's me," answered Jeremie. "All of the rest of Quiinn's friends send their love, but there was a lot to do in the orchards back home and the Peacekeepers only let one of us go, and I was selected."

"As I'm sure you know, Quiinn was reaped. This must have come as a big shock."

"Not entirely," said Olleson. "At least, not to me. The older kids in our family have always taken out a lot of tessarae because we have such a big family. It was honestly only a matter of time before one of us was reaped. And after I was out of reaping age, Quiinn took out double tessarae so that Ricka or Ari wouldn't have to."

"But it still came as a shock," retorted Ari. "I mean, he was going to FIGHT to the DEATH! He might not even come back ALIVE!"

"Ari, stop being overdramatic," her father scolded as the audience giggled. "Regardless of how expected or not a given reaping is, it's always a shock because you don't know if the reaped tribute will come back alive. And that's our worry for Quiinn."

"Quiinn was on the yellow team with a very eclectic bunch of tributes."

"It might not have been a great idea to put Marynna and Len on the same team," suggested Jeremie. "They had a solid strategy, though. It paid off fairly well."

"They did fairly well coming out of the Bloodbath and through the rest of the Games. The big turning point, I think, is when Goldstar joined their team."

"That was a bit unusual, but I think it was honestly the best for them. I mean, think about it. Having a true Career can really help a team turn around. Sure, Marynna trained, but when it comes down to Marynna vs. Goldstar, Goldstar wins hands down," Jeremie pointed out.

"But, they really weren't given the opportunity to work together. It's been like one day, and all of a sudden, all 24 remaining tributes get knocked out. I bet there's a major switch coming up. And I don't have any idea what it is," mused Olleson.

"Can one of you explain to me how Quiinn managed to be put in charge of the alliance of tiny Careers?"

"He was in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Ari. "Honestly, he didn't have any better place to be, and those four together could be incredibly dangerous if left unsupervised."

"Is there any special message you'd like to send to Quiinn?"

Ricka raised his hand, preparing to speak for the first time. "I love you, Quiinn. Come back to me."

The rest of the family nodded. Nothing could sum up their feelings better.

"Thank you all so much for coming. It was a pleasure!"

The Joneses and Jeremy left the stage.

"We are now done with our interviews! We'll rejoin you tomorrow for the continuation of the 100th Annual Hunger Games! From the Capitol, this is Caesar Flickerman, signing off."

Well, we did it! We made it through the interviews! Now we can move on to the final segments of the Games themselves. I'm going to warn you - the remainder of the Games is going to look very staged. But I think that the entire Games have been staged to a certain extent, so take that for what it's worth.

I'm still planning out about half of the remainder of the Games, so once that's done I'll continue writing. Hopefully that'll be soon. Thank you all for sticking with this story through thick and thin, and I'll do my best to finish the story as strongly as I started it!