Wedding Night

"Ouch!" Both Yongqi and Xiao Yan Zi screamed out as they fell onto the floor. The sounds of their pain filled the dimly lit room.

"Are you alright, XYZ?" YQ hurriedly scrambled up and drew XYZ close to him.

"Of course," XYZ said, "I'm not weak like ZiWei." Despite her words, XYZ snuggled close to YQ and both were indeed very comfortable. Just then, they heard the giggling noise at the door again. The couple broke apart and XYZ immediately began to untie the knot that held them together. But YQ stopped her, saying, "You can't untie this knot, it's a symbol of us joining together and would bring good fortune."

"But then what do we do?" XYZ asked, exasperated.

Suddenly, at that moment, the door flew open and in walked, shame-faced, Liu Qing, Liu Hong, Jin Suo, and Xiao Jian.

"So, you guys are the thieves!" exclaimed XYZ.

The culprits laughed at the expression on her face, then each offered their personal congratulations. When they left, YQ and XYZ were finally left alone. XYZ complained about their friends as YQ helped her stand up. XYZ turned towards YQ to see his reaction. But YQ was staring at her with his heart in his eyes.

"You can't give me a break even on our wedding night." He whispered and then he kissed her. And this time, there was no one to interrupt them…


At the Fu residence, Zi Wei was in Er Kang's arms and she felt content at last. However, she suddenly broke away.

"What's wrong?" EK asked worriedly.

ZW blushed and would not meet his eyes. However, like always, EK knew exactly what she was worried about. He smiled a little, then blew out the candles by the bed, leaving a single one lit.

"That better?" he asked gently, drawing her back into his arms.

Their lips found each other in the dimly lit room and this time ZQ let herself sink into the comfort.


Liu Qin and Jin Suo walked off hand in hand to the feast with Liu Hong following. All three of them chuckled at XYZ's reaction. Xiao Jian, however, walked into the Imperial Garden by himself, staring at the moon and stars but not really seeing them. His whole mind was focused on the face of the girl who had bumped into him earlier that night. Qing-Er, he whispered the name to himself, and thought of all that ZW and XYZ had told him about her, and sighed. He was so occupied that he did not see the person walking in front of him and bumped into her.

"I'm so sor-" the words died on his lips when saw his victim's face, "Qing-Er!" he exclaimed.

Qing-er laughed and it was like windchimes to XiaoJian's ears, and said "It seems everytime we meet it's by accident."

XiaoJian smiled, "Why aren't you at the feast?" he asked.

Qing-er replied, "Lao Fou Ye told me to enjoy myself and returned to Ci Nin Gong. I decided to take a walk and do some star gazing." However, she did not tell Xiao Jian that she had been thinking of him the whole time.

XiaoJian smiled, "Well, if neither of us is going to the feast, why don't we watch the sky together?"

They sat down on a rock protruding from the Jia Shan (fake mountain) and talked as though they've always known each other. The night wore on, but to the two in the garden, nothing mattered except the other's company.

So, while two couples were celebrating their well-earned reward, a new pair of lovers was born underneath the starry night.