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So this is a prequel to Incubus 4, separate to the rest of the Incubus series really. Thanks again to SkesisGirl for helping to write this. This is similar in some ways to Skesis' Glitch in that it introduces Caleb to everyone but it is also different as it is setting up the Inc 4 and 5 universe.

Chapter 1

Time displacement was painful. That was the first thing that Caleb thought when his mind finally pulled itself together. His second thought was to assess the situation and go from there. He pushed himself off the ground and looked around to see where he was.

Gabriel frowned as he found the reason for the temporal fluctuation he'd felt. It looked like Dean Winchester but...it wasn't. Huh. Well this could be a lot of fun.

He had landed in the middle of nowhere, wonderful. Sighing Caleb started in a random direction, his computer syncing up with a satellite to show him the best route to civilization.

Hmmmm, to follow and see what he did or intervene now? No, he wanted to get an idea of how badly screwed up the kid was first. If he could interact with normal people that would be less for him to mess with. Cause as much fun as it was to play with the brothers he could not allow Dean to die. Besides, someone messed up their little time machine. Dean was a lot older than this kid.

Caleb found a house an hour into his trek, glancing around he noticed that no one was home. Bonus! He snuck in through the open window and started to go through the drawers for something to wear.

Well he already knew the art of breaking and entering, he'd fit right in with the boys in that at least. And he had checked to make sure no one was home, that was a point in his favour.

He found clothes that fit him and quickly dressed, they were a little tight, but would do for the moment. He then got to the computer and started hacking their bank accounts to get himself some money. While doing all this he kept an ear and eye out for anyone returning.

Gabriel frowned, stealing he wasn't really happy about but he couldn't really blame the kid, money was necessary and he'd seen the fake credit cards the brothers used.

Caleb perked up a few hours later when the owner came home. He wasn't ready; he still needed to finish his growing bank account. He moved quickly, pouncing on the owner, quickly knocking him out, tying him up, and blindfolding him. He paced the room while the computer worked, trying to decide what to do with his prisoner.

Gabriel watched warily, if the kid tried to kill the man he'd intervene, this guy wasn't the sort he usually targeted. He was actually a pretty good guy for a human.

Another hour and he had all the money he needed and then some. He dumped it into several of his own new bank accounts and actually gave back the money he stole, and a nice thousand dollar bonus. He then went to check on the guy. His captive was still out cold. "Lightweight." Caleb snorted. He untied the man and left. The human wasn't worth Termination.

Gabriel chuckled at the comment and made sure the man was alright before continuing to follow. He had a plan to mess up his dear families plans for the future and this kid would do nicely.

After getting the necessities, he was a bit lost. He had to start his mission, but where the hell were the Winchesters. They were supposed to be here. Frowning he looked at a paper, the current date made him pale and sit down. "I am too late..."

"Yep, about time you figured that out. Was starting to think you were a bit slow." Gabriel commented as he appeared and sat beside the kid.

Caleb reacted on instance, moving and knocking the chair out from under the man, slamming his foot down on his chest to keep him there. "Identify yourself!"

Gabriel smirked and snapped his fingers before getting up and brushing himself off. He walked a slowly circle around the now immobile boy, enjoying the fear he could feel coming off him at finding himself unable to move.

Caleb followed him with his eyes, his scrubbers running overtime to keep him from going into full blown panic.

"My name's not important kid. Thing is you showing up has the potential to derail some rather stupid plans. I plan to use you to do just that. Nothing personal you understand but the Winchesters are very important. Don't worry though, you'll get the chance to live a very happy life out of the deal, with a few life threatening situations thrown in for fun."

Caleb just glared at him, he had a mission, he couldn't fail his creator.

As if he knew what the kid was thinking Gabriel smiled. "Don't worry, when I'm done you won't think like that. You're so called creator will learn eventually that going after a Winchester is bad for ones continued health or whatever it is a machine has. I promise, you will like your new life a lot better kiddo. You'll get to learn what a real family and loyalty are." He swore as he gently reached into the kids mind.

Holy hell it hurt. Caleb screamed as best he could while immobile before he lost consciousness.

Gabriel winced in sympathy at the scream but continued his work. He paused, to just erase the old programming or not. Some of it could be useful in the future for information to the boys and their friends but the kid would probably have an easier time without it there. He decided in the end to leave it there but make sure it couldn't influence the kid at all, like the memory of a dream almost. Besides if he erased it the kid could end up with no memory at all! He had to remember who and what he was for things to work but to be a different person... and now Gabriel was confusing himself! Not an easy thing for an archangel to do. So he'd leave the old but make it so it didn't feel like it wasn't a part of the kid. He'd have access to it but not want it.

Caleb groaned softly, he was nauseas. He wanted to go home; he just didn't know where home was anymore.

Hearing the moan Gabriel quickly finished his work and hen placed a finger to the kids' forehead. "Better think fast kiddo, you're no good dead from getting shot or killed by a certain terminator." He whispered even as he sent the kid to the people who could help him adjust. The brothers wouldn't know how to.

Cameron blinked at the man who stood in her doorway, he was tied up in a huge red bow and looking less than please. Tilting her head to the side Cameron scanned the intruder; there was no reason for someone to be standing there with a bow. The man was an Infiltrator; she pulled her gun and aimed it at him. "What is your mission?"

Caleb glared at the Terminator; he was tied up and couldn't speak normally at the moment thanks to his bondage. 'I do not have one anymore. Some… thing changed it.' He sent to the Terminator's CPU through their radio connection. 'It was to terminate and impersonate Dean Winchester. But somehow I was sent to the wrong time.'

Cameron lowered her gun and cocked her head to the other side. "Why are you here?"

'I do not know!' Caleb looked around. 'Terminate me or let me go.'

Cameron turned when she heard John Connor make his way down the stairs. "John?"

John paused at the bottom of the steps and leaned to look out the doorway. "What's going on Cameron?"

"We have an infiltrator wrapped up on our doorstep." Cameron replied.

"A who what where?" John asked as he walked over. He froze when he saw Caleb. "Whoa… who are you?" Caleb shot the 16 year old an extremely familiar annoyed look before calming almost immediately. "Dean…?"

"Infiltrators are a new type of Terminators that Skynet was experimenting with before it was shut down." Cameron replied. "This is a clone of Dean Winchester. What is your designation?"

"Mmmfffmmmph!" Caleb yelled through his gag.

"Is he dangerous?"

"I do not know." Cameron replied. "Do you intend to harm John Connor?" Caleb shook his head no. He then looked at John and gave his best helpless cute look.

John couldn't help smiling. "Let's get him inside and untied, then we'll let mom look at him." Cameron nodded at that suggestion and potato-sacked the Infiltrator taking him inside.

Caleb sat at the table with a mug of hot cocoa, looking up at Sarah doing his best to seem innocent. "So, you're a new model of Terminator, you're part human, part animal, and part computer." She ran a hand through her hair when he nodded. "And you're on our side?" she frowned when he nodded again. "Okay, but let's get one thing straight." She leaned down at got in the Infiltrator's face. "You harm John and I will make you wish you were never created, am I clear?"

Caleb swallowed, his eyes widening to the size of saucers. "Crystal ma'am."

"Good," Sarah replied. "I don't have an extra room, unless you want to bunk with Tin Miss, she doesn't sleep so you can use the bed."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you ma'am." Caleb replied, sipping his cocoa. Sarah stared at Caleb silently. She remembered Dean; he was never that polite or terrified of her. This thing was definitely not the boy she helped take care of. Caleb finished his cocoa and headed to look at the room he was going to share with the Terminator. Cameron was changing when Caleb made his way in. He stopped when he saw her half dressed and looked away. "Sarah said I could use your bed, if that is acceptable."

"I do not use it." Cameron stated, pulling her shirt over her head.

"Thank you." Caleb moved over and sat down on the bed.

Cameron cocked her head at him, studying the Infiltrator silently. After a while she moved to grab her book bag. "John and I are going to school." Caleb nodded as she moved to leave. She stopped at the door and looked back at him. "If you harm John Connor or Sarah Connor, I will Terminate you."

Caleb looked at Cameron and nodded as she left. Caleb sighed and looked around the room, moving to check the closet out curiously. He stopped when he heard John approach and turned to look at the savior of the future.

John frowned when he found Caleb poking around Cameron's closet. "What are you doing?"

"Familiarizing myself with my surroundings." Caleb replied.

"Well don't." John replied. "This is Cameron's rooms and those are her things." Caleb moved away from the closet and looked at John. John glared at him and moved into the room getting in Caleb's face. "If I find out that you hurt Cameron or my mom-"

"You will terminate me." Caleb replied emotionlessly. John nodded and relaxed, leaving the room. Caleb sighed and looked around silently, moving to hold himself.