Summary: Kyon has been missing for months. A new disaster begins to develop. Will Haruhi learn what she really is? Where Kyon has been? And what does the strange man with the blue box has to do with all of this?

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Chapter 1:

There was once a boy named Kyon, that's not his real name his real name is much more regal sounding and no one seemed to think it suited him so he became known as Kyon. When he was younger Kyon believed in things like Aliens, Time Travelers and Espers but finding no evidence of them gave up on his belief. Then one day he met Haruhi Suzumiya, a beautiful and eccentric girl with a wild passion for those things he no longer believed in. Their meeting lead to the formation of the SOS Brigade, a group whose purpose was to find Aliens,Time Travelers, Espers and hang out with them. Little did Kyon know that those things were real and were the other members of the brigade. Thought they did reveal themselves to him they had to keep Haruhi from knowing, so this became his duty to keep Haruhi from knowing because she had the power the to change the world, If she knew about the things she wanted were real or her own abilities the world would be in danger.

Then one day Kyon vanished, he didn't tell anyone anything, he simply disappeared. He didn't show up to school and most people would have disregard it as him being absent but not Haruhi. When he didn't show up to their brigade meeting she began yelling about the penalties he would get. She went to his house only to find that his parents and sister had no knowledge of where he went. The police were called in and began to search for him, Haruhi not to be out done whipped the entire school into a fury searching for him. Days quickly turned into weeks and no one found any sign of him. Even the other brigade members with their resources couldn't find any trace of him. Itsuki Koizumi convinced his Organization of espers to search for Kyon, worrying his disappearance might have undesired effects on Haruhi, but no one was able to find him. Mikuru Asahina the time traveling girl from the future did what she could to find Kyon, she communicated with her superiors in the futures only to be told they had no record of his disappearance that those events should never have happened. She was told that the past was changed yet somehow the future hadn't, maybe time compensated but what was happening was happening at a larger scale then they could see. Finally the alien or artificial human created by the Data Integration Thought Entity Yuki Nagato used her abilities granted by the Entity to search the whole world for Kyon. She searched for his life signs none were found, she searched for his brain waves none were found, finally she searched for his DNA signature or a body and none were found.

So as time passed they all gave up their search, they had no choice there was nothing to find. Haruhi gave up the search last, Kyon rose from an average human to the same things as time travelers, aliens and espers for her another mystery never to be solved. Haruhi no longer spoke his name or even referred to him but she never forgot him. At night while in bed she would look up at the ceiling and wish that he would come back.

The room filled with a familiar vworp sound as the ground jolted with a thump, as the Tardis shook below my feet I fell to the ground as I have grown used to this embarrassment I shook it off and got back on my feet. Soon as I saw the man, no the timelord, known as the Doctor as he looked at the moveable computer screen on the console. He had trademark wild hair, his brown suit with trainers and a mad man's gleam in his eyes. As he studied the screen I took the chance to clean myself up. I noticed that I had started to dress like him, I was wearing a similar suit except mine wasn't nearly as tight and mine was black, white white collared shirt underneath and the only bit of color I was wearing was the red tie I kept from my previous life. I had been traveling with the Doctor for a while and I supposed that spending that much time with someone you're bound to pick up some of their traits. I'd been traveling with him for at least ten years, it's hard to tell when you live in the Tardis I'm not sure the Doctor even knows his age he seemed to jump around for the last few years he had been claiming to be about 905 for a while now.

"So where are we this time?" I asked him.

He spoke up with his usual vigor. "Japan near Tokyo early 21st century."

I was stunned for a moment. "So I guess I'm going to stay here for this one."

"What do you mean? I could use you to bridge any language barriers."

"Doctor," I glared at him. "the Tardis can translate any language, spoken or visual, on any world or any planet in the universe."

"But I could still use a guide?"

"Seriously? That's the best you've got? You've never needed a guide, to quote you 'You can't just read the guidebook, you've got to throw yourself in! Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up kissing complete strangers!' that's literally how you live your life. Why are you changing it now?"

"What don't you want to catch up with your old friends, Kyon?"

"I don't. Besides they wouldn't recognize me now."

It had been ten years, I didn't look too different from what I looked at my late teens but no one would believe it was me expect maybe the brigade and then there came the risk of Haruhi finding out about what she wasn't supposed to know.

"Oh come on you don't look that bad."

I stood at him for a moment, I hadn't aged badly, I looked pretty good. So I just ignored the comment. "You're being rude again."

"Sorry, Kyon."

Dear god I still hate that name but can't get anyone to call me by my real name not even the Doctor. But I suppose when it come to the Doctor real names aren't always the best to use.

"You know why I don't like coming back to this time, much less when it's my home town. How far have I been gone anyway?"

"I would say about six, seven maybe eight months." That's all he said before heading out towards the door only grabbing his coat off the arch column.

With little choice I followed him grabbing my similar but black coat off the coat rack, why does he even have a coat rack if he is just going to throw his coat on the column. Why is my coat so much like his, god sometimes I wonder if he's trying to turn me into him.

As soon as I stepped outside, I am soon flooded by the memories of my past. The Doctor parked the Tardis in a park, I can see it from here the bench where Asahina and i sat and she told me about being a time traveler. I let myself reminisce but just for a second.

I grab the Doctor before he gets too far. "Doctor, why are we here? You know what trouble would come if someone I know sees me. Why are we here? I need you to be honest."

The Doctor grew serious and quiet before he started to speak again. "Something is happening, something in time."

"Does it have to do with Haruhi and the others?"

He looked away from before he said, "Probably. That's why I need you for this one. You know those involved and because you're brilliant and because you see things that I don't."

"Fine." I relented.

The thing about the Doctor he actually puts you in more danger than Haruhi but at least it's only every other day unlike with Haruhi who you're lucky to get one day of the week free. Also the Doctor treats me with respect and calls me brilliant unlike the girl who makes a habit of calling me idiot, the Doctor might put me in more danger but he will also do whatever he can to keep his friends safe Haruhi doesn't even know what she is doing at least the Doctor knows he can be dangerous. There is one more reason I love traveling with the Doctor, the reason I've stayed with him for so long, we might bicker but he really has become my best friend.

"Oh that's so nice of you." He said brimming with joy and that stupid smile of his.

What? Doctor I told you to stop reading my thoughts.

"I'm sorry."

Like I was thinking...oh dam I can't even remember. That's one of the issues with traveling with a timelord in his Tardis for so long, a link develops so he can just over hear your thoughts.

"It's because we've become so close. You know being your best friend and all."

Seriously, shut up and stay out of my head.

I sigh and place my palm on face. I guess you can't runaway from your past even if you all all of time and space to run in.

"Unless you're me-"

"Seriously Doctor stay out of my head!"

I closed the Tardis door and we head out into the day and whatever new mess the Doctor has found.

Authors Notes: Okay few notes simply really. This will be based on the anime of Haruhi Suzumiya cause I haven't read the books yet. This is a world were both the Doctor and Haruhi exist in the same universe. Anyway for those continuity nuts for Kyon this takes place after the movie and for the Doctor this takes place after the Planet of the Dead but before the Waters of Mars. I know a bit of discontinuity will be handled later on. So until next chapter goes up review tell me what you think.