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Chapter 11:


Huh, what's that? Oh right my alarm. My sister usually gets me up before this I think she thinks its funny. Today I have to pull myself out of bed since she's staying at a friends. Something is off, it feels like I forgot something important. I guess if it was important I'd remember. I make myself a breakfast and make my way to school. Something seems off about my bike it looks new. Did I clean it or something? I make my way up that same grueling hill.

"Kyon!" Taniguchi yells out catching up to me. "Man, that argument you and Suzumiya had yesterday was something."

"What about it?"

"Just asking if there is trouble between you two love birds."

I roll my eyes, why do I have the weirdest feeling like I missed this, its just Taniguchi being an idiot. "We're not a couple."

"Oh come on the sexual tension between you two is obvious. You two just hook up already."

"Taniguchi look at me. Look at my eyes."



"What? Why? What-" He then walks into the school gate. I laugh like anyone would. "Oh real funny, Kyon. Where did you learn to do that?"

"I picked it up from... someone."

I make my way to homeroom and I find Haruhi sitting at her desk looking out of the window.

I don't bother to say hello she's clearly trying to ignore me. If that's going to be her attitude it suits me just fine. It turns out there are tests todays and I forgot to study, I bet Haruhi is going to make something out of this.

Okay, that was odd. The English test was easy, did I take a trip to England recently. Then the science test was easy too, like ridicules easy. I guess I'm smarter than I thought, even the great and powerful Haruhi seemed to have some trouble on the test I can't wait to rub it in her face. I will admit I'm pretty pleased with myself.

As the last bell rings I wonder if I should just skip the club again it would serves Haruhi right. I notice Haruhi hasn't already run off to clubroom.

She actually stops and looks at me. Oh is she going to yell at me, like I need that. "Kyon," She starts. "I wanted to say I'm sorry that I yelled at you." I notice for the first time she has a her hair in that small pony tail.

"What? You're actually apologizing to me."

"Don't make a big deal out of it." She flicks her pony tail, she knows how much I like them, I guess she is making an effort.

"It's just you've never done it before."

"I was angry and I took it out of you. I didn't know you'd take it so hard and skip the club."

"Okay, thanks. It's not like even remember what we fought about anyway."

"So don't make me apologize for it. Let's head to clubroom."

Yeah, the clubroom where an esper, time traveler and alien are waiting. Wait, esper time traveling alien. I remember. I remember the Doctor. What happened? The rift and then I was. I have to find him.

"What's wrong?" Haruhi asks my stunned expression.

"I can't go to the clubroom today."

Before she can even ask why I run out of the room with the speed that everyone has come to expect from Haruhi when she runs to the club room. I only stop to change into my shoes and then I bolt out of the school. I run down that hill and get to my bike as quickly as I can. If something happened he would show up and if he showed up there is one place he'd expect me to find him and him being him he won't wait long, he can't. He's got the patients of a terrier when he sees a ball. After several minutes of pedaling as fast as I can I finally park my bike giving me a chance to catch my breath. I still have a way to go and as soon as I have enough air in my lungs I run again. Running past the train station, now repaired or should I say never damaged, I run into that same cafe.

As I go in I see him there with his back turn to the entrance. His brown coat placed on the chair next to him while he sit there drinking his beverage. Even though he's wearing a bright blue pin strip suit he seems to blend into his surroundings a strange phenomena that surrounds him like no matter where he goes that's where he is supposed to be.

"Are you just going to stand there and do your whole philosophical narration or are you going to sit down?" He barks at me impatient. "I've been waiting for hours so yes am a bit impatient."

I hate it when you do the whole telepathy thing.

I sit down cross from him exhausted from my marathon to get here. I see a drink waiting for me.

"Might be a bit flat. Took a guess on how long it would take you to get here. Not sure when you'd figure out something was a bit off."

I drink just so that my throat stop feeling like the sahara dessert in summer.

"There you go over exaggerating again."

"Can you stop with the mind readying?"

"Fine, oh sometimes we do sound domestic." He says the last word dripping with distain and annoyance. "No wonder she thought we were a couple."

"Rather not think about it."

"Oh remember that nice old lady on that astroid that thought we were a couple."

He goes like this talking about old times. He talks about the Varda, Our involvement in the War for Heaven, The Eye of Orion, the time he blinded me for a month, running through a forest in England while the Torchwood Institute chasing us, Morgan La Fey, Bessie, the Trickster Brigade, Ancient Egypt, the Sky Dominion, time we took down the Time Agency, escaping the Library of Alexandria, being knighted by Liz two after the royal werewolf incident, chasing after a Sontaran Grenade for Winston Churchill and he talks about those things for what feels to be several hours.

I eventually just asks. "What happened?"

"That's complicated."

"I have time and I'm smarter than I seem."

He flashes me that broad energetic smile of his. "Yes, you are. Well, you jumped into the crack and it started to close. The artron energy on you enough to essentially magnetizing the time particles on the rift pulling close behind you. Just as it was closing I got an idea on how to save you. I dragged Haruhi into the Tardis and placed her hands on the telepathic circuits and told her to think of you safe and sound. And here we are."

"There's got to be more to it than that."

"Oh take the magic out of it." he laments. "To think you used to be such child that would have jumped at a chance to ride on a space ship. Yes, there is more to it. The Tardis is a sentimental old thing and can do amazing things when she's working right. You should have fell out of time pulling the times back in place but with the Tardis connected to you and a bit of a kick from Haruhi's power we nudged you into place."

"I woke up in bed looking young again. I look the same as I did when I left with you."

"We sort of shorted out the time differential snapped you back into this age. Mind you it could have been worse. On our end the world went white I found myself in the Tardis alone. Then I went back here found you on the street out cold and your suit too big for you and ripped. Couldn't save it I'm afraid. I got you a new uniform since anything left the Tardis was unaffected and I changed you into your jim jams. Then I also fixed your bike."

"Wait! You changed me into into my pajamas while I was knocked out."

"Oh don't start I had to help you wash yourself when you were blind for that month."

"You blinded me!"

"So you remember that."

"Yes, but I'm not sure what."

"It's all blurry. All my memories of you are like a dream the harder I try to remember the more I forget."

"Don't try. Your body was reset to how it was ten years ago and so has your mind. It's only ten years they should slowly come back to you. Don't force it or it could be too much a shock to you. That's why I couldn't just wake you I had to wait until your mind sorted enough of this to understand."

"Okay, I get it. So what happened to the world?"

"Yes! With Haruhi and all the wibbliness something funny happened. You dragged time with you and created a loop. Your own timeline for the ten years and this world for those eight month got looped back to this date. It's like a roller coaster all that happened looped back and then went back to the path it originally took. That's why Asahina in the future didn't know that you left the loop is outside the regular flow of time, it's time locked now , everything is back to how it was when you left and no one is the wiser. Haruhi might have given the Tardis a bit too strong of a kick."

"So only you and me remember? So did it really happen?"

"Check your wallet."

I go for it but I don't have it.

"Here you go." He pulls it out of his pocket. "You left it in your coat which was in the Tardis. Look inside."

I find the picture of me and the Doctor next to Santa Geoff.

"It happened." The Doctor states with his smug smile.

"What's to keep it from happening all over again?"

"You." He says like it's obvious. "Things are a little different. You were outside the Tardis and I was alone when this un-lopped time started up. There are no closed spaced either, If I were to bet Haruhi has enough awareness of what happened to let you make the next choice."

"What choice?"

"What do you want to happen? Can't you smell it."

I thought back to my time outside. "It's calm and relaxed it kind of smells like a storm has passed."

"A high bombardment of positive ions. A world ready for change. That's what you get to do. You are an anomaly that no one knows about except you and me. No time travelers, no espers not even the Data Entity knows about what happened. You choose then."

"Choose what?"

"What to change? This world is craving a change and you get to make it. This is a temporal tipping point! You can do what you want. You can convince people to do anything. Well, not anything it's not like you can walk up to a police officer and get them to rob a bank but convince people to do something they'd willing to do but don't. If you want to quit the Brigade Haruhi will accept it, if you want to tell your parents to move they will, tell them you're going to a boarding school and while we go on trips and visit every once in a while. The time has come to make your choice Kyon. What is it that you really want?"

"And how am I-"

"Don't be an idiot. You already knew. You've always known. I ran away from this planet and time because I was afraid of running into Donna. I took you because you seemed fun and I took it as a challenge to make you smile to get you feel things and you wanted to run. You we're running away too and you didn't realize it. Now Freud once said-"

"Not Freud."

"Yes, I know how you hate him. Juts listen. He said, 'human beings are funny. They long to be with the person they love but refuse to admit openly. Some are afraid to show even slightest sign of affection because of fear. Fear that their feeling may not be recognized, or even worse, returned. But one thing about human beings that puzzles me the most is their conscious effort to be connected with the object of their affection even if it kills them slowly within'."

"So what?"

"Isn't it obvious? I know you can be dense at times but there is a limit. You were afraid, the same as me. The reason you don't like Freud is because he's so wrong about you. You've always known how you felt and instead of being afraid and letting it get at you, you ignored it. Eventually it came out as anger something you couldn't repress. Then you chose to run away with me because you couldn't stand it anymore. But you saw the fear and pain in those eyes. You know the answer you would get."

Then like a cosmic cue the show up the SOS Brigade shows up with Haruhi stopping in.

"KYON! You run off without a word! You'll get penalties! You can't just skip two brigade meeting like that!"

"So sorry." The Doctor steps in. "I'm an old friend of Kyon and I was only in for a day and this is the only time I could see him."

"Who are you?" She shoots back.

"Just call me the Doctor, everyone else does."

"Doctor? Doctor who?" Asahina chirps confused. Someone had to say it.

I notice a glimmer on the Doctor's tie. Good he's wearing the perception filter augmented key so no one will know who he really is. "I wanted to drop this off too. He pulls out the sword in the sheath from inside his coat. "I think this should stay with you."

"The sword?"

"Yes, either way it makes a nice souvenir."

I pause to think about it for a moment. What is it that I really want?

"You must be the SOS Brigade that Kyon has told me about. The Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya."

"Yes, that's me." Haruhi answers back full of her self like she's a celebrity.

"And you three must be Koizumi, Nagato and Asahina." He shakes everyone's hands. "I want to ask you something, what's Kyon problem with Freud? Once we met Freu-"

"Doctor!" I shout before he blows his cover.

"A Freudian therapist and Kyon just punched him the face."


"Does he do that internal narrative with you too?"

"Doctor! I think you're going to miss your flight if you don't get going."

He smiles at me. "Right you are." He leans in and whispers. "I would choose the same thing if I could."

"Good Bye, Doctor."

"Oh it's not good bye it's more like see you later."

"Say it. Please. I know you better than most. I know what happens next. Just say it."

He pulls me into a hug. "Good Bye." And then he says something I've never heard him say, he calls me by my real name.

"You called me by my real name." I tell him pulling away.

"Yeah, a bit regal, majestic and honorable and I decided it does suit you even if just a bit."

"Yeah right." Haruhi chimes in.

"No, one asked you." He barks at her.


"Finger on lips!"

Instinctively Haruhi and the other placed their fingers on their lips.

"Be careful with this one she does seem like a bit of nutter might be a bit much for you to handle."

"HEY!" Haruhi yelled at him.

"Was I being rude again?"

"No, this time you were being insightful." I tell him.

Haruhi about ready to punch me but is held back by Koizumi. "Miss Suzumiya let's find a table and order our drinks and leave Kyon to say good bye to his friend in private."

"Fine!" She wags her finger at me. "But hurry up. We have to talk about you penalties you can't just skip the club twice without penalties."

She walks off and the other follow.

I turn to the Timelord. "Good bye Doctor."

"Goodbye." He smiles at me. "But this isn't good bye. I promise I'll see you again."

Then I remember something else. "Doctor, when I was in the Matrix the Tardis said I'd been protecting you. Then when I was in the vortex I could feel and hear so many things. I heard your song and it's ending soon. Someone is returning. Someone will knock four times and your song will end. I don't think I can protect you anymore."

The Doctor looked horrified. "I heard those words before. Right, before I met you. And the Ood said-"

"Hurry up!" Haruhi came back yelling at me. "We need your drink order."

"That sound like my cue to go." The Doctor smiles grabbing his coat. "Take Care Kyon." Then grabs me for one big hug.

"Good Bye Doctor."

"You guys as close?" Haruhi says.

"Oh very close." The Doctor winks at her.

Haruhi's eyes widen. Does she think? Haruhi, you really are a yaoi fan girl.

"Kyon, I will see you again."

"I'll never forget you." I tell him.

He smiled. "I'll never forget you either. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll go for a walk under a red sky." With that he walk out of the cafe.

"Uh" Haruhi says her voice soft. "Is something wrong? You kinda look like you're about to cry."

I wipe away any tears. "Yeah, I just don't think I'll ever get to see him again."

"So you two are close?"

"Yeah, he's been trying to help me with something for a while. He helped me realize something."

"What was that?"

"He helped me come to terms with something. Something that's been staring at my face for a long time and I was too stupid to notice it."

"What's that then?" Haruhi asked sounding curious.

I look at her, her eyes filled with that same energy that I remembered, that same energy that makes her so lively.

"What are you staring at you idiot?"

I could be wrong, the Doctor said I knew the answer and told me about those eyes. I might be wrong and I could mess everything up but if I learned one thing from the Doctor is that somethings are worth the risk and you shouldn't be afraid of your emotions and never let fear stop you from doing what you have to.

Before Haruhi can say another word I pull her towards me and kiss her. I press my lips against hers, it's a familiar sensation, she hesitates at first but then she starts to kiss me back. I really didn't get a chance to really savior the experience last time and it looks like she's trying to make the most of it too. My hands find their way to her waist pulling her towards me.

The sound of glass breaking cuts through the air. Asahina dropped her glass and lets out a surprised squeal. The other are just as shocked even Nagato eyes hint at her surprise. I can't take my eyes of Haruhi's gorgeous brown eyes. Her cheeks are crimson as she looks at me.

I whisper to her. "You have no idea how long I waited to do that."

Haruhi pulls herself away from me and tries to regain her composure. "The meeting is cancelled for today. I have to talk to Kyon about the penalties for kissing his brigade leader without permission."

"Right, of course." Koizumi says clearly having lost his composure as he begins to lead the other out.

"So about those penalties," I start. " I think I should probably do something like take you to dinner. On me of course."

"Like a date?"

"Maybe if we walk around the city looking for the paranormal too."

She gives me one of those energy filled smiles, I love it when she smiles.

Time passes and I'm officially known as Haruhi's longest relationship at eight months. Taniguchi freaked out when he found out we we're dating and Kunikida just kept reminding him that I like the weird girls. Tsuruya actually had a pool going on when we were going to start dating. My Little sister screamed with joy finding out we were dating and asked Haruhi to marry me so she would become her sister. I think Haruhi is happy with the relationship, she still treat me about the same maybe a little better, Koizumi tells me there haven't been any closed spaces since we started dating.

We keep going on our weekly searches and for some reason me and Haruhi seem to get paired up every time. Something did happen a few days ago on Christmas and I'm not sure what happened, actually no one is. I remember some bad dream but I'm not sure about what. There are hours that I don't remember anything. I asked Nagato and all she said is something happened that scared her boss. Not sure about it but I heard some rumors of a red world appearing over London. Eight months, that when me and the Doctor showed up, I still keep and eye out for him. I wonder if the Doctor had anything to do with the red planet. By the way I didn't tell the others about the Doctor I figure it's better this way.

I'm being pulled to the meeting place, by the hand, by Haruhi.

"Can't believe we didn't find anything." She starts up as we arrive at the train station. "Everyone on the planet has the different faces because of wifi and there is a red planet you think that would attract some aliens or something."

"Maybe it did."

She stops and looks at me. "Do you really think so?"

"Maybe," I smile at her. "you never know."

She smiles at me before kissing me. "I Love you."

"I love you too Haruhi."

"Are we interrupting something?" Koizumi breaks up our rather romantic moment as he and the others arrive.

Haruhi is clearly a little annoyed by the interruption. I do love seeing her angry at Koizumi. "Report! How did the search go?"

I notice Nagato looking past us. I follow her gaze to see him. He's standing there in this old brown suit and coat, I think that tie is new, but it's him it's the Doctor. His eyes hard and he smiles at me. There something different about him. He gives me a nod before we walks away. What's wrong? Something is different. He seems to be in pain but he's trying to hide it. His eyes they seem so sad like something happened, something final. Oh no... his is end is coming soon.

I run across the street after him.

"Kyon!" Haruhi scream running after me.

Nagato stops her before she runs into the busy street.

I follow him and I can already hear him running ahead of me. I finally stop when I see the familiar blue box and he's in front of it. He waves at me with a smile as he steps in. Soon the familiar grinding of the ancient ancient engines fills the air as it swirls around me. Soon it's gone as I walk towards were it was and I find something black on the ground. I pick it up to finds it's my old coat.

"Good Bye, Doctor." I say to the empty space.

"Kyon!" Haruhi yells as the others come. "Why did you run!"

"Sorry, I thought I saw someone."

"What's with the coat?"

"I think someone left it for me. To remember."

"To remember?"

"To remember them."


"I can't say."

She pouts. "Kyon, you shouldn't be keeping secrets from your girlfriend or your brigade leader and definitely not both."

I give her a kiss on her forehead. "I promise you Haruhi one day I'll tell you all my secrets."

"Okay, then." She gives me smile before leading everyone away back to the cafe.

Koizumi gives me a stern full look not pleased by the implications of my promise.

But I do promise you that Haruhi, I promise you some day I will tell you everything. If the Doctor kept his promise to me I think I can certainly keep my promise to you.

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Years have passed since Kyon last saw the Doctor and he's starting his life with Haruhi. But when Nagato's superiors decide she has become a hinderance a battle breaks out. Kyon has to call The Doctor back to Earth. The time for secrets is coming to an end and Kyon must keep a promise he made