Disclaimer: Champions is not mine.

Note from the Shadows: I know, I know, I need to work on my other fic, but... This is just to get my juices flowing. These are little snippets of poetry, written by my characters in Champions. Keep in mind that some of these characters have been deleted.

Never Forget

There are many sayings, some of them true.

There are many, and the right one is up to you.

Do we forgive and forget, as time goes by?

Do we forget what we lost, as we look up at the sky?

I think not. I think the saying is wrong.

I think we should hold onto our memories, a bitter-sweet song.

I won't forget what I have lost.

I won't forget what I have gained, I won't forget the cost.

I am older now, my eyes wide open.

I am wiser now, my heart still broken.

What I have gained, I may yet loose,

It all depends on what I choose.

If I choose to forget, my knowledge will go.

And the light that guided my path? Will no longer glow.

My world is black, my pain is real.

But can I not control what it is that I feel?

The one that I spoke to, right were his words.

And to this day, a better saying I have not hear,

I know not his name, nor did I see his face,

When I was alone, in that dark, dark place.

Yet his words still ring true, truer then you would bet-

"Forgive? Maybe, but never forget."

[Found on a desk inside Taylor Brooks home, with a blood tipped feather lying on top of it.]