Here is the first chapter of my latest fan fiction called Wife of the Wolf. I have never really fan fictoned for this particular book/movie, so you'll have to join me and see where it goes. Hope you enjoy!

Valerie watched as Roxanne, played with the edge of her plain white dress. She was glad for the girl, she would always be glad for one of her most dear friends to be happy, to have fallen in love boy who would love her back forever. And maybe even more then just that, considering how when ever she watched Roxanne and her fiancé, Thomas together, the two were inseparable, whispering about how their love would conquer for all eternity. With a smile, she handed the shy girl the veil and helped clock it to the circlet that bounded across her forehead and her rust colored hair.

"Ready?" Valerie whispered, taking a step back and viewing her friend fully, before everyone else would. She was beautiful, the fiery colors of her air against the flawless ivory of her fair skin stood out, along with the white of her dress. And the red dotted freckles along her nose only helped enhance the effect. She was the picture perfect bride, going to live a picture perfect life and have a perfect family. If only Valerie could be so lucky.

With a determined nod, Valerie passed the bouquet of wild flowers that shed picked this morning along with Rose and Prudence and bounded with light white silk to hold them together. Then, picking up her own smaller bouquet, she turned, and started her way down the aisle- as was costmary for the maid of honor-, then waited for the bride to follow.

While she walked down the aisle, Valerie couldn't help herself but be reminded that she might never have this. Not jus the perfect wedding, where everyone in the town showed up, including what was left of her family, her mother, horribly scared with claw marks raking across her face, from the monster that had been her father. For the rest of her life, she would have to go one in remembrance of what she'd done in her life. Having an affair with Adrian Lazar, and having Lucy and never telling her husband one word of it. But he, had had a secret of his own, and would ruin every one of their lives to keep it.

Finally, Valerie reached the end of the line and turned, taking a side step and ending up next to Rose, who was wearing the same blue dress that she was, only hers was held lower around the chest for everyone to get a view, and watched as their friend walked down the aisle.

Finally, she stood next to Thomas, her hand sin his and they exchanged the vows that would bound them together forever, while Valerie's mind drifted away, in sadness of who couldn't be there to share this moment with her. Her father for one, who had indeed been the wolf that plagued the town, but still had been a good father and raised her well. And her Grandmother, whose curious ways and wisdom, always had helped Valerie when shed needed it. And Lucie, who'd always been so perfect and was the light of their family's lives. When she'd gone, everything had started to fall apart.

But, she wasn't the only one who'd be missing someone today. The bride was missing her only brother Claude, who'd been at the wrong place t the wrong time and been wrongly, killed after his sister's best attempts to save him, even if it meant giving Valerie's ability to speak to the wolf, to Solomon. But she held no resentment to the girl, she'd done it to save her only sibling, and if the situation were reversed, she'd do the same thing.

But the one person she missed the most, he person that she'd give up her life for if she could just to be with him, wasn't dead. But something, far worse then death. He was plagued by the same disease that her father had held. And she, was desperately in love with him.

"By the power vested in me," The priest continued, and Valerie blinked, shaking her head to focus back into the wedding that she was a part of, and watched as Roxanne leaned in and kissed Thomas, a quick butterfly kiss that she knew would lead to many, many more, and reminded her of something else she may never have.

The next few hours seemed like a dream to Valerie, she said all the right things, talked to all the right people, congratulated Roxanne and Thomas, and wishing her well and finally ending where Roxanne threw the bouquet behind her, and as if fate was just playing at her, the lovely bouquet shed helped picked that morning, fell into her shocked arms and everyone cheered and clapped, except for her.

With a sigh, Valerie placed the flowers down on the table, sitting next to her mother and running a hand through her smooth blonde hair.

"Valerie?" Her mother asked, and she looked up to see that her mother was staring at her with a look that was as close to sympathy as she could get considering half her face s deformed by the claw marks.

"Yes, mother?" Valerie asked, her face darting absently away from her face, and down at the bouquet that was in front of her.

"I know you miss him. She said, and placed a hand on her daughter's in a way that told Valerie that this was going to be a repeat of the same conversation that they'd had a thousand times before. "I know, you must think that he's coming back, but you should know that-"

"Mother," Valerie interrupted, and watched as her mother frowned looked behind them as if to see that anyone had been watching. Even liked this, she always wanted to keep a good appearance. "Peter, is coming back, eventually."

"Of course," Suzette replied patting her only daughter's hand. "But, when he-"

"Enough." Valerie interrupted again, standing up and turning around making sure that none of her friends –especially Roxanne- was looking and stared down at her mother. "You can convince yourself all you ant that he isn't going to return, but he is."

Then she turned, and walked away, walked away form her mother, her friends, and the life that she owned here, completely alone in the hellish world that was Daggorhorn, and wished with all her being that she didn't have to return alone.

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