Hey, everybody! Here's a 10-Speed/78 one-shot idea I got from Yougotburned. Also, first one-shot in a while that ISN'T OCs! :P Here we go!

Failed Attempt at Fancying Ladies! Lance Can't Cook.

It was another ordinary day at the Bike Hub… sort of. Everyone else was inside while Lance and Angelie were having another bike race. After going along the track, it seemed they both came in victorious. They got off their bikes as Lance exclaimed, "HA! I BEAT YOU!"

"No ya didn't, Fool! Ah totally kicked yo' butt!"

"I'm pretty sure it was me! Man, where's a photo finish camera when you need one?"

"Woulda been nice to have someone here to see who won. Well, I'm pretty much bored now. Whaddya wanna do?"

"Hmm… you can come over to my place later. I can cook you something to eat."

"You can cook?"

"Uh, er, yeah! Hehe." He grinned nervously. "I-I can cook!"

"Er… okay." She was confused by his tone. "Cool! So, I'll see ya later?"

"Yeah! See ya!" With that, he watched as Angelie rode off on her bike. Once she was out of sight, Lance began to panic.

Lance's House

At his house, Lance still panicked as he stood in the kitchen, totally confused at the many items on his shelves. He looked at a recipe book, flipping pages frantically. "Come on, Lance, there must be something you can cook her! Er, how 'bout a strawberry cake? Yeah, yeah, that's a good start. Okay, first I'll need two eggs." He said, grabbing an egg and cracking it open, dropping the yolk in the bowl. When he couldn't crack the second one, he tried banging it harder, then just smashed it on his face. "Aw, crud!" He wiped the yolk off and dropped it in the bowl. There was some snot on it, from his nose.

"Okay, now for some flour." He read, grabbing a bag of flour, trying to rip it open over the bowl. When he failed to do so, he ripped harder, and the flour exploded all around the room, blinding him. "Cough, cough, cough! Crud! I can't see a thing!" he walked aimlessly, accidentally shoving the recipe book in the sink. When he felt for the sink, found it, and turned it on, the ink from the recipe book was washed away.

"Hoo." Lance breathed after finally washing the flour from his eyes. "Huh? No, NO!" To his despair, the book's writing was washed away, ink flowing down the drain. "Th-That's okay!" He began to panic more. "I can make it myself! First I'll… put in some apples." He began, dropping some apple pieces in. "Some bananas… maybe some beans…"


Soon, the Sector X Leader made it to Lance's house, knocking on the door. Lance answered and said, "Hey, you're here! Come on in!" She stepped in, not noticing his panicky grin.

"So, what'd ya make? Some kind o' cake?"

"Oh, even better than that!" he exclaimed, leading her to the kitchen, where there was a plate covered by a napkin. "It's my secret recipe! I call it… Lance's Sooper Yummerly Fruitcake!" With that, he uncovered the "edible", revealing a rather distorted cake that was squished and burnt.

Ta-daaa! A random fanfare sounded from nowhere.

Angelie only looked with disgust. There's no way this was edible.

Lance grinned nervously. "Uh, hehe! So…"

"You can't cook, can you?"

He sighed. "No."

"I thought so." She smirked. "Come on. Let's just go to Chuck E. Cheese's and sneak into some kid's party."

"Good point. Let's go!" With that, the two friends left the house on their bikes, leaving the burned, abandoned "cake" to its lonesome.

Well, there you have it! Lance can't cook! :P Thank you, Emma! Well, later!