Lion King: Does It Ever End

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Chapter One: Memories Will Last Forever

Nala P.O.V

Ugh. It's still dark out. So why am I up so early? That's Simba's job. These past few months were both happy and sad. The happy part, well, the vegetation has grown back, not fully fully, but it's about there, and the herds are slowly returning. The sad part, we lost one of our most elderly, yet highly respected lionesses…Msala. She had helped me the most during Simba's absence. I mean, yes I had my mom and of course Sarabi, but Aunt Msala was my own little personal counselor. She wasn't my real aunt, she just felt close to me as if she was one. I can remember our conversation from the first week Simba was gone.

" Nala dear. Try not to cry." She, just like everyone else, knew how close Simba and I were.

"I can't help it Auntie Msala." I sniffed. "I miss him so much! I'll never get to see him again! I'll never get to tell him how I feel!"

"How do you feel and feel about what?"

"How I feel about him! That I love him. I never got to tell him that I love him! And now I won't ever get the chance to bec-because he's, he's gone!" I sobbed even harder as the realization hit me even more as I said it. I felt like my heart was cut in two and I wanted to die.

A paw came under my chin and lifted my face upward. At first I thought it was Simba due to the fact that he would do that when I wouldn't look at him sometimes, but to my disappointment, when I opened my eyes, it wasn't. It was Aunt Msala. More tears poured down my face.

"Nala, let me ask you something." I sniffed,


"Do you remember what Simba looked like while running?"

"Yes of course."

"And do you remember what his laugh sounded like?"

"He had the cutest laugh. Cocky, yet cute." I smiled through my tears thinking about my friend. Ahem, excuse me, my BEST friend.

"And what about how tight his embrace was when he hugged you?" Where was this woman going with all of this? Was she trying to make me more miserable that what I already was? But, being the nice little lioness I am, I decided to answer her.

"Yes, Auntie Msala. I remember everything about him. His laugh, his smile, his smell-"

"Now I hadn't asked you about his smell or in other words, his scent." She interrupted me while chuckling lightly. I blushed a little realizing I had given more of myself away on how I felt about my missing golden companion.

"No disrespect, Aunt Msala, but could you please just tell me where you are going with all of this? I'm really not in the moo-"

"Look at me, Nala." She asked kindly so did what I was told, my watered ones pouring into her honey brown ones.

"He isn't really gone." My eyes widened. What did she just say!

"He's not!"


"You saw him? Where is he? Is he at the waterhole? You saw him with his mom? Oh, if this is some kind of sick and twisted game of hide-and-seek, I'll ring his neck. Ooo, is he-why are you shaking your head 'no'?"

"I did not see him, but I do SEE him."

"Where?" I was confused as I don't know what. How in the world did she see him, but not SEE him? Adults were so confusing.

"I see him when I look at you."


"He's in your heart, Nala. As long as you remember everything about him, he is still with you." She was smiling fondly at me as I finally got what she was saying.

"He wouldn't want me to be sad." She nodded her head. I was growing happier.

"You got it girl." I grabbed ahold of my aunt's leg and hugged it tightly.

"Thank you, Auntie Msala! Thank you! You're right! I have to go on!" I felt grown right then for a second.

"That's my girl."

Her girl. That's what she has always called me, since I was born. I'm trying not to cry, but it's hard. I got Simba back, but now she's missing from the picture. She was the one that I was able to go to when things were bad. Like I said, of course Sarabi was there, who had to have been the toughest of us all. Even to this day, I don't know how she did it. Our queen had lost both her mate and son, yet still managed to keep it all, and us, together. Sarabi did what a queen had to do I guess. Stay strong for her pride. Scar had dethroned her the next morning after Simba and Mufasa were supposedly killed. We still considered her our queen. God that bastard! He. Made. Me. Sick. All the things he put us through. What he put me through! I still haven't told Simba about our incidences. Scar, that nasty ass pervert. Can you believe that he asked me to marry him! Be his mate? I feel like vomiting again like I had when he first asked me. Yuck! Who in their right MIND would want to be Scar's mate? Ah wait, Zira of course. Ha, how could I forget the tramp. Those two, definitely a perfect match. Both evil, ugly, and deluded. Scar thought he was the king all the while Zira thought of herself as the queen while the rest of us thought of them as dirt. Zira had the nerve to think that I was competition! I didn't want Scar, nobody did but her. He called ME to the den and I didn't want to go. He was the one making passes at me and it's like she was blind to it all. I hated it. And those two times…

Here come the water works. All thoughts and memories are now flooding back to mind, not that any of them left. Trying to forget them was like learning a new language that you just can't grasp, it's not going anywhere.

I felt someone move beside me. Crap. I was trying to be quiet.

"Nal-Nala what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I-I'm fine." I tried to lie, but ended up choking a little.

"But you're crying. No one cries and says they're fine."

"Simba please-"

"No. What's wrong?" He was pleading with me and I couldn't blame him. He is always trying to make up for lost time. When did he become such a light sleeper though? Usually, at least when he was little, it would take someone to literally pick him up and drop him for this boy to wake up. Seriously, there could be an earthquake and Simba would still be in the Land of Oz. Those were on rare occasions though. Most mornings he was the first to wake.

"I'm just happy."

"You're lying." Dammit. "Nala come on. Just because I've been gone doesn't mean I don't know you. I know the difference between your happy cry and sad cry. You're sad. Now would you please just tell me?" He does indeed, still know me. But he can't help me. The one person that knew how to help me is gone and is never coming back. She's dead and it's all because of that black maned lion! I As I sniffed,a strong force, an arm I think, wrapped itself around me and pulled me in closer to my mate. Ah, this is so familiar. But last time it wasn't Simba, it was his uncle. Down memory lane again…

"Nala. Nala. Why the tears, love?" Every time I hear Scar's voice, it made chills run up and down my spine and I wanted to run and hide. He's been getting kind of touchy these past few months and I didn't like it. Like now, his arm is around me, pulling me into his body.

"I miss Simba." I answered in a whisper. I felt Scar tense up and his arm dropped. I silently thanked the kings.

"Why must you keep dwelling in the past?" I turned and glared up at him. So what if it had been two years. "Your dear sweet Simba is dead. Gone. Deceased. He got trampled. Crushed. Broken up into pieces. Now let go of him!" What the hell!

"Let go? You want me to let my best friend, who is also you nephew, go? How can you say all that? It's cruel and hurtful." I snapped.

"You can't do anything about it!"

"Do you even have a heart? Jeez.." I got up and walked a couple of spaces away from Scar and looked up into the sky. "We were suppose to married here in a couple of years. I still love him and I miss him." I heard Scar get up and the next second, I felt his presence even closer to me. Does he not know what personal space is?

"Well, Nala. That's what I came to talk to you about." I turned around slowly, but only to meet these, icy lime green eyes that were filled with lust.

"How?" Dare I even ask this question?

"You can still have your royal comeuppance." Oh no. I know he's not thinking what I think he is thinking. But because of curiosity,

"What are you talking about?"

"You can still be queen, Nala." He said simply. I pressed the issue more,


"By marrying me." HELL NO! I jumped away from him. If there was an elephant nearby, I'd have asked it to crush me because that's exactly what I would have chosen, death, than to marry Scar.

"Are you crazy!"

"No, Nala I'm not. I'm a realist."

"Yeah you are real. A real lunatic. I would never marry you!"

"And why not?"


"Because why!"

"You're old!"

"I'm the king!"

"You're old enough to be my father!"

"In your case, good thing I'm not." He smiled sinisterly.

"No! I will not marry you nor will I be your mate."

"Oh come now dear. I need a nice, healthy, strong young heir, and a queen."

"Ew!" I wanted to stand my ground, but those verdant eyes kept pouring into my aqua ones. He was inching towards me while I am inching away. Should I be scared? I am almost as big as this lion and so what if he is suppose to be bigger. Size is just a statistic. He's looking at me intently, licking his lips. I'm highly repulsed right now. He smiled at me. Not just any smile though. A smile that one lover would give to another. I hated this smile radiating off him.

"Nala. Do you know what TIME you're in?" Huh? What is talking about now? He must have noticed the confused look on my face.

"Your tiiiime. Don't tell me you don't know." He said slyly. Uh, I don't. Stop playing with me dude.

"I don't"

"You're at your time where," he put his paw to his chin as if thinking of a way to put his next sentence, "Have you ever noticed that whenever you walk past any of your male friends, that they seem to, oh I don't know, eh, lose their concentration?" Mmm. I did a couple of times with Malka and Tojo, but neither of them said anything and I didn't really bother to ask. I just thought they were sick or something.

"Yes. Maybe a couple of times. Why?"

"Did they do it a year ago?" Not that I can remember…


"What about when you were cubs?" He is still in his sly voice and it's creeping the shit out of and now he's circling me. What is wrong with him!

"No, Scar they did not. Where are you getting at and- would you stop circling me? What were you, a vulture in another life?"

"Because you're IN HEAT, Nala." I was taken aback and I gasped. In heat? Not now! While I'm up here, alone? Oh no! Run, Nala! Run! Scar must have seen my thoughts and he lunged at me. I had to fight. I had no choice. My innocence depended on it. So here we were, fighting. Him trying to get at me and me trying to get away from him and taking the one thing that was most desirable. We had been at the mouth of the den and were now tumbling down the sided pathway.

"Nala! Scar! Get Away From My Daughter!" My mom. Always perfect timing. She ran up and knocked the 'king' away from me and jumped on him, trying to protect me. She bit and clawed at him mercilessly. Sarabi came to my side immediately to check me out while the rest of our pride, well the ones that cared, went to pry my mother off Scar. Mom must have had a pretty good hold on him because it took a minute for them to pull her away from him, well half way anyway. The half that wasn't around his neck.

"Sarafina! Let go!" One shouted.

"Don't kill him!" Another added.

"No! He tried to hurt my daughter!"

"Sarafina she's fine. Not a scratch." Sarabi yelled to her. We saw the group get pushed back seeing as Scar had to use his pure force to kick my mom off of him. All was now quiet, until Msala spoke up,

"Scar? What were you doing?"

"She is to be mine." The brown lion panted.

"Your what?" My mother spat. He eyed her angrily,

"What you could have been had you not refused."

"You bas-" My mother almost got to go at him again if not had been for the pride.

"You have got to be kidding!" My good friend Kula shouted.

"No I'm not!" He got his fury back."I need a healthy and strong heir and I've chosen Nala to give to me." I swear I almost passed out. I could never allow myself to be under him. Now if it were Simba, yes of course, but his uncle? Ha, what planet was he from? Just think, me and him. EWW!

"Over my dead body!" Sarabi exclaimed beside me.

"That can be arranged, Sarabi, over all your dead bodies." We all looked as if he had mutated another head.

"Nala," I gulped, mmm, "It's you or them. The decision is yours." No. He. Didn't. Myself or my friends and family? He knew exactly where to get me. I loved them with all my heart and would do anything for them.

"How about neither." I smiled. A new voice approached our ear, but it was one I knew all too well. We looked past Scar and saw four adolescent males walking towards us and Scar turned around only to come face to face with Tojo. My almost Simba look-alike. Tojo is more bronze gold than golden brown like Simba. Malka, Chumvi, and Nafini were at his sides, making a half circle around Scar. Now they, were the same size as Scar, if not a tad bigger. Definitely more muscle.

"You touch her again and you'll deal with me."

"I am the king! I can do whatever I want!"

"I don't give a rats ass who you THINK you are. You are not to put your paws on her again." Tojo's voice lately had been getting deeper and it started to become an attraction for me, "matter of fact," he continued, "don't touch any of them or like I said, there will be consequences." Didn't Tojo care that making threats against the king was high treason? I'm kind of scared for Scar now, but he deserves it. But really, all Scar has to do is point in what direction and the hyenas will go.

Admitting defeat, for now, Scar started to walk away, but not without giving me a sideways glance. I shuddered as I watched him sulk away.

"Hey everyone," Tojo spoke to the pride. Sarabi and my mother nodded and smiled at him and his friends and mouthed a 'hello'. My family started to disperse and go in separate directions, leaving us teens alone. "You alright?"

"Yes I'm fine." I turned back to face Tojo and the boys as they made their way over to me and my two friends who were now at my sides. My blue-eyed friend was checking out parts of me that he could see and it unsettled me for a second. I don't know if it was because of the run-in I just had with Scar or if it was because I wasn't sure if he was checking me out to see if I was fine or the other 'checking me out'. I can say though, that after Simba passed, Tojo took a real interest in me and showed great concern, for which I was grateful for. He was always there when I needed him.

"Where were you Boys headed?" Tama asked.

"We came to see if you girls wanted to go on a walk with us." Malka stated looking at Tama.

"In this wasteland?" She retorted. Not at Malka, but at the habitat around us. Our home was dying and it would only get worse before it got better.

"I wanna go!" Kula said bubbly. Chumvi smiled at her.

"Sure, guys." I said.

"Tama? You gonna join us?" Malka asked her.

"Don't have anything else better to do. Scar attacking Nala was the best excitement we had all week."


"Sorry Nal."

"Well let's be off." Nafini said. Nafini was a new friend of ours. He came with his mom about six months after Simba and Mufasa passed. He was a golden yet tan-ish color with a medium brown hair tuft. He reminded me a little of Ni, the lion who rescued me from hyenas one day when Chumvi, Kula and I went exploring. Only thing, Nafini never mentioned that he had a brother and neither did Ni.

We walked around for a while and became extremely depressed. The land was far worse than what we see from the opening of Pride Rock.

"And I thought we only had one Outland." Tama commented.

"You did, it's just expanded." Nafini finished.

"It's getting late. We should head back before we get into trouble."

"How can you get into trouble, Kula?" The brown eyed lion asked his purple colored eye girlfriend.

"Ever wonder why Scar didn't kill you boys as cubs." Tama asked the question we girls swore to never tell the guys. They shook their heads.

"Tama.." I said warningly.

"What? They have to know!"

"Know what?"Tojo asked curiously.

"The reason you guys aren't in the ground." God she is so blunt.

"In the ground?"

"Yes, Chumvi. Scar only kept you four alive for future breeding. He needs his pride to 'go on'. Jackass." Tama spat. All our male companions eyes grew wide with surprise. It was silent as this all sunk in. That is until,

"So he wants us to get started now?" I rolled my eyes. Kings above help Malka.

"No idiot!" Tama popped him on the arm. He laughed,

"I kid, I kid."

"Now is not even the time." Tama lectured him. She sounded like an adult adult for a second. He gave her an apologetic look.

"We should call it a night, guys. Please be careful. Scar just might not care anymore about not killing you after today." Kula stated. This was something to think about.

"Oh we will. Not to worry. Goodnight girls." Tojo spoke up.

"Goodnight boys." My girlfriends and I said in unison.

"Nala, come step outside with me." Simba asked gently. I guess some air would do me some good.

"Alright." I whispered and followed him to the mouth of the den where we sat down beside each other. The night air feels so nice and the sky was cloudless yet filled with twinkling stars and the moon in the middle, shining up above illuminating the Pridelands. I felt myself getting lost in the scenery until someone nudged me.


"What's on your mind?"


"Why were you crying?" Maybe it won't hurt to tell him a little, but of course not the part where his uncle tried to get at me. What would he think?

"I'm just…I was thinking about the past."

"Yeah," he sighed, "it hurts. But it's over now."

"I know, but it's hard to forget sometimes." I stood up. "You don't know what we went through. I mean, not that you didn't go through too."

"Heh, I saw enough." I turned around to look at him, but his head was to the sky.

"I'm glad you're back." He brought his head back down and looked at me intently,

"I'm glad to be back," he paused for a moment, "and I owe you an apology." I scrunched my eyebrows together. He owed me and apology?

"For what, Simba?"

"For not believing you." I smiled. Oh that.

"Oh, Simba. It was hard for you. I understand now."

"But it was hard to picture. Our luscious land turned into an-an Elephant Graveyard." Ah great. More memories. I'll keep myself happy this time.

"Do you remember that same day, Zazu told us something that disgusted us then, but we enjoy now?" I smiled as I noticed my mate's face change into thought and confusion. I decided to continue,

"Remember we were walking to the 'waterhole' when I told you about my genius plan on how to get rid of Zazu?" Realization was hitting the kings face and he started to smirk…that Simba smirk.

"Remember?" I batted his paw.

"Keep going."

"He said "look at you two turtle doves, blossoming in the savannah. Your parents will be thrilled…"

"And he told us that we were betrothed." He laughed and I joined him. I had been laughing a lot more these days. I did have a lot to be happy about and even more to live for aside from Msala dying. I'm the new queen, even if I still call Sarabi queen. I have a mate to take care of now, the love of my life…not that he doesn't try to make that his roll more. My mother of course, who has always been there. And last, my pride and the kingdom to take care of and rule. I wonder though, is this really any different than what I was doing before? No, not really. Only thing new is, well, Simba. And he really isn't new.

"Funny how we grow and change." After Simba said 'change', he nipped at my ear closest to him and in exchange, a purr escaped my mouth. I locked eyes with him and grin slyly,



"What's on your mind?" Yes I know what's in his head, but I wanted to hear it.

"Mmm, I don't know. What am I thinking, Nala? You tell me." He rose to his feet and went to my other ear and did the same as he did to the other one, another purr leaving my body. I'll admit that I am enjoying this. But oh what a tease I am.

"It's the middle of the night, Simba."

"And we're both wide awake." He rubbed himself up against my back. I stood up.

"Maybe one of us is more awake than the other." I said sweetly glancing at him. He had gotten in a crouched position.

"Not for long…" My king jumped at me, but because I know him so well, I sidestepped him, not knowing he had other plans. He reached out and grabbed my forearm and I went down with him and we tumbled down the pathway. I've tumbled with Simba and Scar before. I'll keep happy thoughts.

I wrapped myself tighter around Simba as we rolled until we couldn't anymore. Being nice, again, I let my love land on top, kind of preferred it this time like I had in the jungle when I found our lost prince. He looked down at me and I smiled remembering what I did that surprised him also the last time. I had kissed him and he didn't expect it. Hmm, how about another surprise? I put my best seductive face on, leaned up, and then… FLIP! Next thing he knew, he was on his back looking up at me. Wide eyed as always when I used my famous trick on him.

"I had a feeling you were going to actually be nice, but I should have known better." He smiled.

"Simba… I can't let you have all the fun."

"Yes I know. You wouldn't be Nala if you did."

"Exactly. So why are you complaining?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."





"Simba, yes you are and you know it." I giggled at him. He rolled his eyes playfully landing them back on me.

"Well, you could give me something." He winked at me. Ugh don't do that. I can't resist 'the wink'. I know all too well what that means.

"I hate it when you do that." I said through my teeth good naturedly.

"Why?" He grinned at me.

"Makes me feel like agreeing to anything." I so wanted to too, but not without foreplay. I moved my paws down to his sides and his eyes widened. Oh, this will be fun. I leaned into his face and gave him a kiss on his left cheek and then his right. I then looked into his wide amber orbs with my turquoise seductive ones. He decided to mock my expression.

"Oh I've definitely got something for you." I winked. He raised an eyebrow, "You want it?"

"I did ask for it." Perfect.

"That you did." And my paws searched out all his tickle spots.

"Ha ha ha! Nala stop! Ha ha ha quit it!" I knew it! He was still ticklish. My mate used pure force to roll himself from under me and stand up, panting all the while. Mmm, he'll be doing that more here in a few. What! Don't give me that look. We're adults. Married adults.

"Nala...that was…wrong." I laughed at him trying to catch his breath.

"What? I just gave you a little tickle."

"You tricked me." He smiled.

"Is that what I did?" I said innocently with my eyes at the top of my head. I soon felt his presence over me. Ah crap, I'm on my stomach. I laughed in my head at how my plan had back fired, but it was a good backfire. I had wanted him and I already made him wait for it long enough. I'll submit.

'You do realize you haven't moved." Simba asked me quietly, but without looking at him, I could tell he was grinning.

"Mmm hmm."

"You know and you're not going to move?"

"Mmm, nope." I stated simply. Air had taken its place over me from where Simba was. Moving my head to the side to get a picture of my mate, wondering why he hadn't started yet.


"I don't trust you."

"Would you like me to move, because I can."


"It's not a prob-"

"I said no." He took his position back over me smirking. Soon there was less talking and more purring. We'd be out here for the rest of the night. I enjoy these moments: Just me, My Simba, and our Pridelands.

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