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Chapter 21 A Little Closer

Simba P.O.V.



I looked up into the grey and rainy clouds as my father's words tore through the Pridelands and I took in what its meaning for a brief second. Remember who I am. Remember who my father was. Remember who my family was and is. Remember where I came from. Remember what I've been taught. Remember who I am! When I finally grasped what he meant, with all my might, I reminded everyone WHO I WAS. I was the son of a beloved king: The rightful heir to the throne. This was my destiny! My pride echoed my authority and I roared once again. After making my presence known to my land, I made my way back down to my pride. Everyone was socializing about the new life that they can start and my heart jumped for joy. I could tell that I had total support. Glancing around, I saw a few familiar faces and I was happy that some of them had made it through Scar's terrible rein. As I walked past Zazu, I regretted the days that I had picked on him and finally knew that he was of great importance.

"Welcome back, Your Majesty."

"Thank you, Zazu. It's good to see you and I'm glad to be back."

"My son." I looked to my left and saw my mother again, whose eyes were filled with joy, pain, sorrow, and just a mixture of emotions, but one that was clear was happiness. I rubbed heads with her again once more and felt tears coming to my eyes as well. I missed her so much! I missed the way use to cradle me when I was younger and how she use to whisper words of wisdom in my ear that I paid no heed to, but now I remember them. And who could forget bath time.

"I've missed you so much, mom." My voiced cracked a little.

"And I you." She locked eyes with me as she spoke her last sentence and I could see she was overjoyed and fond of me that I was finally home. The son she thought to be dead at the paws of her brother-in-law.

"So the rambunctious cub has returned." A smile approached my face because I knew that voice from anywhere. Nala's mother, Sarafina. I tore my vision to her as she came to where my mother and I were followed by her beautiful daughter and my soon-to-be.

"Mom, he is not a cub anymore." Sarafina turned towards her daughter with a raised eyebrow.

"And you know this how?" All four of us knew what her indication was, but Nala and I would never tell…at least not right now. Nala's eyes gave her away though as they grew to the size of melons and she opened her mouth to seem appalled.


"Don't say anything. You're both adults now and I, eh, we have no say." I don't even want to look at my mother right now. If I can see the older creamy colored lioness's eyes, I can only imagine that my mother's is a mirror. Nala swung her head in the opposite direction of her mother and I looked down, but my head was up.

"The prodigal son has returned." TEZI! Whipping to my right, I saw her. She use to cub-sit Nala and I when we were younger and always had the best stories. We collided softly and I wrapped an arm around her. She was like a grandmother/aunt to us. We pulled away and her face was just beaming.

"How are you?" I asked and I got to see her white teeth.

"Much better now that you have returned." A few more members of my pride gathered around us and I took in all of their faces: some new and some old. "Now we know why Nala was so happy when she came to rally us." Heat rose to my face and I had never been so grateful to be a fur covered animal.

"And not to mention the extra scent she had on her." I said nothing after that. I couldn't because I'm pretty sure anything that I say can and will use used against me. A pride full of females and one male? Yeah, you do the math.

"Oh, Gods…" I heard Nala whisper, but I couldn't look at her, that would just raise suspi-wait. She's going to be queen anyway. I'll play along. But boy is going to get me later!

"Well," all eyes went to me, "She didn't complain." Lots of 'oooo's' and laughter filled the air we occupied and Nala's aqua green orbs went to straight to me and they said a number of things that I will not repeat. Eyes from the pride darted back and forth between us, but then all of a sudden, Nala fixed her face to be nonchalant. Here is where I pay for my comment.

"Yes, well," she cleared her throat,"Of course not. It's not every day you come across a male lion living with two other males and he somehow turns out to be straight." I'm shot! My mouth dropped further than I expected and I again I was speechless, total opposite of the crowd.


"Dang, Nala. He hasn't been back a day and you already verbally pinned him." I saw two lionesses to be about the same age as Nala and I recognized them all too well. Tama and Kula and the one with the hair tuft was the one who spoke.

"Kula and Tama." They both walked up to me and gave me a quick nuzzle. My childhood is slowly coming back into play.

"Yeah that's funny, um, how did you know it was him, Nala?" Now we have to tell our story and we all looked at Nala and she had a sweet smile was set on her face.

"Actually Tezi, he recognized me first. I didn't know it was him. He interrupted my hunt and we fought."

"Yeah! She almost ate my buddy here." Crap! I forgot about those two.

"What th-" I walked towards Timon and Pumbaa who were standing beside Nala.

"Let me explain. These two are not to be eaten at all." Various looks went around the group. "They saved and raised me when I was cast out. I owe them my life." Lots of heads went up in understanding and they gladly welcomed my adopted parents.

"What's rest of the story?" Kula's enthusiasm made us all laugh and therefore we had to continue.

"I knew it was her first because she flipped me trying to get to, Pumbaa." They all nodded because they knew how famous Nala was for her trick and didn't hesitate anytime she got to use it.

"But he didn't complain this time." I looked at her indignantly, but I smiled,

"We still guna keep at this?"

"You started it."

"No, your mother started it."

"Don't bring her into this."


"Shh." She held up a paw and I really shut up. Why? I have no clue. Maybe love? Who knows.

"Look, let's all head inside for some much needed rest." It didn't take long for my new fellow pride members to agree and follow my mother's orders. Walking inside, I felt a heavy sense of déjà vu and wanting. Déjà vu because I remember yet I forgot the inside of my den and the wanting, the last time I was in here, so was my father. I watched as everyone made it into their spots and started to settle down for the evening. They too were finally back home in a literal sense.

"Nala?" I heard from my left my mother speaking to my best friend.

"Yes, Sarabi?"

"Is there a reason you are about to sleep beside by your mother?" Both creamy colored lionesses looked at my mother, but the older one knew where my mom was getting at and she made eye contact with me. I nodded slightly and went to the little appraised rock and laid down, but I watched and I could hear the rest of the conversation.

"I-I always sleep besi-"

"But don't you have a new duty now? Not that it's really any different from what you've done before." Nala's eyes went from my mother to me in a slow motion and all I did was look back at her, offering her no kind of help. "Your spot is up there." Her unsure eyes then went down to her mother and her mother's to hers, still no help for my friend. Why is she all of a sudden shy now? She had absolutely no problem in the jungle. Jungle fever perhaps?

"Ok…" Nala's uncertain answer gave a little squeeze to my stomach. Would she really be nervous now? Or maybe it's just because our parents are in our presence. She slowly made her way over to me and I could tell that various eyes were watching, but I don't think they all heard the conversation between the families. After she laid herself beside me, her eyes were straight forward, probably trying to block out everyone, but I nudged her and she finally looked me.


"You ok?" I smiled.

"Yea, yea, I'm fine." I stared at her. I knew she was lying and she knew that I knew. "Ok! Ok. No. So I'm a little nervous. Sue me." We shared a laugh and we heard our guardians giggle from the side.

"Everything will be fine." I placed a paw on hers and she looked down and I copied. We had changed and grown so much. Last time, we were the exact same size and now we are a lot bigger, me being almost twice her size.

"When did you become so wise? I thought that was my job." I chuckled and knocked my head against hers.

"Thought I'd give you a break."

"A break huh?" She pulled away to where she was upright, " Now you want to give me a break, but you couldn't give me one earlier when I really needed it?" She was referring to the insult I had stabbed at her.

"Hey, why not? Besides you got me back with your 'Of course not. It's not every day you come across a male lion living with two other males and he somehow turns out to be straight'." I imitated her a little and she rolled her eyes.

"Serves you right. You started it and I finished it."

"Oh did you? Well how about this," A challenging façade entered her face and I accepted it, "The sounds you made showed that you didn't mind it at all."

"Performance wasn't an issue. It was just strange how you knew so much after being raised by two male bachelors." I wonder how many bullet wounds she'd put into me before the night was over with and we finally went to sleep.
"Ouch. Hurt much?"

"Hey, you started back. You want to say something else?"

"Yeah, yeah, I do."

"Let's hear it then." Her smile was bright as if she already knew that she'd get me.

"Seeing the looks you kept giving me, seemed like you were desperate." A scoff rolled off her tongue and I beamed with joy. She can't get me.

"Well I think we both surprised one another because I assumed you were gay, but you were so eager to with me, I let it."

Nala: 1 Simba: 0

(End of Flashback)

This is killing me not to be able to see her, and not to mention Kiara. It's been two months and enough is enough. The Outlanders are not going to run me and my lands. I've fought too hard to let go now.

"You alright Simba?" I recognized that as Tojo's voice and I heard other footsteps behind him letting me know that the gang was behind him and they planted themselves around me.

"No. Having withdrawals."

"What, like, sexual withdrawals?" I glared up at him.


"Shut up, Malka." Tojo exclaimed tiredly. I heard the brothers, Nafini and Ni snickering, and I saw Chumvi hang his head but was shaking it.

"Well, that is one of the problems." I mumbled, but I don't think any of them heard me. "But, no, Malka. I need to know that my family is safe and is ok. I got ripped away from Nala once and I lose her again? I hate this. It's her not being here. I can't go through this again.

"Your father-in-law is working on it too. Now that we have two pride allies coming, if the Outlanders are smart, they'll surrender."

"But that's just it, Ni, they're savage and won't back down and will hit us with the lowest blows."

"Chumvi's right. We just have to show them how this game is played."

"Easier said than done, Nafini." I said to him, "Both of Kopa and Kiara are getting older everyday and Nala and I are missing it. This has to end now." They nodded in silent agreement while I looked off into the distance. What if Hassan found my queen and princess and there is a war going on there? No, we would have gotten a message. I hate this 'not knowing' thing. I've lost my father and mother, I will be damned if I lose anyone else.

Vitani P.O.V.

Two months and all we've done is talked. Just talked. No kind of relationship speaking, unless it's them. No kind of hanging out with one another, unless it's them. Just nothing! And it makes me sick! Yes we're on talking terms, but things are still uneasy between us. Will it ever go back to the way it used to be? I miss Kopa and now that he is older, he is much more interesting.

"Hey, Vit." Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

"Hey, Kopa."

"You alright?" His skeptical question made me ask myself 'does he really care and where is Acacia'? It's whatever though.

"No. I guess I wish things were back to the way they use to be."

"Mmm, they kinda are." I turned to him.

"Not really and Acacia is always around. I'm shocked not to see her right now. She follows you like a puppy."

"She is not the bad, Vit."

"You're right."

"Thank you."

"She's worse." An appalled look came to his face and I laughed a little. He thought I actually agreed with him about her. He really did forget who I was. I'll never like Acacia.

"You are so mean, Vit."

"No, I'm not." We were both laughing and it made me think of our short childhood together." Why can't things go back to the way it use to? Just me and you." The golden prince faced fully.

"Acacia is my girlfriend, Vit, and I am in love with her." I rolled my eyes. Please. What does he or anyone else know about love?

"So I've heard and seen."

"Jealousy doesn't become you."

"I'm not jealous, Kopa. I just think that I deserve happiness as well as the next female."

"I'm sure your guy will come. Sometimes it just takes time. "

"I had you picked out." He seemed at a loss for words when I gave him hint that I still liked him, but I have so much more to tell.


"I wish she wasn't here." As he looked in my eyes, I could tell that he knew a plan was forming in my head.

"Vit…" His warning didn't move me at all.


"Come on, it's really not that serious."

"It is serious. Don't you think that you and I could be together if she wasn't a part of the problem?"

"Acacia and I have too much history."

"We do too! What about our history?" I was getting pissed that he kept making up excuses as to why he belongs with her and not me.

"Yes, you and I do have a few cub-day memories, but that doesn't compare to her and I. We actually grew up together. We know each other too well."

"I think you can hardly call over a year a 'few', Kopa, and I know you as well."

"I can't let her go, Vit. I love her too much."

"Can you stop saying that?!"

"No. Not until you get it." He didn't say this last sentence mean or anything, it was just a statement that I would never see through.

"Gods, you're both pains. But if she wasn't here, would I've had a chance?"

"I can't answer that. I'd have to get to know you a lot better."

"So if something were to happen to her…"

"Vitani…" Another warning that I did not care about came from his mouth.

"Answer me, Kopa."

"You're not thinking of hurting her are you?" Ha. Hurting her, no, but killing, now that's another thought. I can't hurt her if I kill her. Duh. "Vitani?"

"I won't hurt your precious, Acacia." I sighed irritably.

"Thank you."

"But I can't say so much for my pride members. They want you guys wiped out."

"That won't happen."

Yeah right. These Pridelanders don't know how powerful we are . Did they not see how easily we overtook them when we got Nala and Kiara? Too easy.

"You never know, Kopa." He eyed me cautiously as if I would do something drastic to him.

"Ya know, Vitani, how is th-"

"So how much do you know, Kopa?" WHO INVITED HER?

"What do you want, Acacia?" I said tiredly, really not wanting to put up with her snooty attitude.

"I had just seen Kopa come this way and was going to sneak up on him, but then I heard your voice, so I let you two talk." I whipped around to her with a fury.

"So you're trying to tell me that you were doing me a favor?"

"Oh, it wasn't for you. It was for Kopa. I want you two to be friends again, but now you are trying to get him back? You keep on trying and all you'll do is push him away. You'd know that if you really knew him." I darted my eyes from her to him and he said nothing. Maybe she was right, but I'd put him in a position that way he would have to choose me.

"Whatever, Acacia."

"Wow. What a small comment to come from such a big mouth." I opened my mouth to say something, but Kopa cut me off.

"We'll see you later, Vitani." And with that, they walked away and I watched them go. Sides touching and in step with each other. This boils me to my breaking point. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you'd do almost anything to get it? Well, I just may be there.

Kovu P.O.V.

"Are you ready?" I turned around to face my father who was dead set on letting this plan go through. I don't know if I can do this. I can't kill my own brother, regardless of what our relation is to one another through our fathers. My dad's plan for me is to take out Nuka while he hold back my mother. This is, this just can't happen.

"Dad, are you sure about thi-"

"It's done." I dropped my head. He won't back down. I'm a lot stronger than Nuka and we all know it. Nuka is scared of me, even if he does cover it up by calling me termite all the time. He is the termite compared to me. I followed dad outside and we quickly tracked where Nuka was and our mother, on total opposite sides of the area. I looked at my father once again and he gave me the 'you're on' look. "Show me your war face." I quickly got into dark and deep thoughts as I made my way to Nuka. He didn't see me until I was right up on him.

"What's up, Termite?" He asked as my dark shadow covered him. I didn't speak though. My father taught me that silence is golden and usually one can figure they've done something wrong if you don't change your face, and also if you take one bad thing that they've done to you and let it really bother you…well…"Termite?"


I smacked Nuka across the face as hard as I could and walked menacingly to where I had knocked him.

"Termite. Termite. TERMITE! My name is not termite! It's Kovu! I'm sick and tired of you calling me that! Why don't you put your paw where your mouth is and fight me!" My half brother looked up at me terrified, but filled with shock.

"I was only pl-playin', Kovu."

"Well I wasn't! I was tired you calling me names!"

"I'm sor-"

"No! This ends today! Get up and fight me!"


"Get up or I'll end you right now!" His brown eyes grew wide and then they started to search for our mother who weirdly enough was just…watching?


"Get up, Nuka. Show him what you can do. You've wanted to prove yourself, here's your chance." Both of us couldn't believe that she tossing him to the hounds. Did she really hate Nuka that much? My brother stood up and in the next second he took off. He was running away.

"Go after him, Kovu!" My father's words pounded into me again and I took off after my brother. I could tell what directions we took due to the shifted dirt on the ground. I called out to him. I wanted him to know that we could somehow make this up and act like I beat him.

"Nuka! Nuka wait!" He was going towards the clogged up dam the Pridelands is known for. Why would he run there?

"Nuka! Stop! Let me talk to you!"

"You're going to kill me! Why would I stop? I'm not that dumb!"

"Nuka!" Just then, while running along the edge of the rocky mountain cliffside, he slipped. "NUKA!" I ran as fast as I could to where he fell and looked over. He as hanging by his front claws and was slipping fast. "Hold on!" I scaled down the wall quickly but carefully.

"Hurry, Kovu!" I turned back as panic was written all over his face and in his eyes. I looked down to see where my next step would be. I really would be a killer if he were to slip-

"KOVU!" I looked up to see that of all days, the dam was unclogged and the water was ripping through all the once piled up logs. Could things get any worse? I finally reached a small flat part of this wall and was able to bend just enough to where I could reach out to him and grab him.

"Here, Nuka! Grab my paw!" I had to yell because of the raging waters sounds that deafened us. He tried to reach, but just couldn't quite get it.

"A little further, Kovu!"

"I can't or I'll fall in with you! You've got to try!" We were both panicking and were unsure of how we were going to get out of this.

"Finish him, Kovu!" Did he really follow us here? I glanced up to see my father standing tall overhead at the cliff's edge and I immediately wished I hadn't been born. I won't listen. Nuka is my brother no matter what. I turned back around and this time, Nuka's and mines paws made contacted and I started to pull him up.

"Almost there!"

"NO!" I ignored my father's pleas. He can kill me if he wants to. I don't care anymore.

"Don't let me fall, Kovu!"

"I won't! Just have to pull yourself up!" I could feel my grip being lighter as Nuka's end was coming up, but I felt a jerk suddenly my paw was free of weight.


"NO!" Nuka had had lost his footing which caused his paw to jerk out of mine and he fell into the watery abyss. I failed and now I really would look like a killer.

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