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Chapter 24: Does It Ever End

Sarafina P.O.V.(6 months)


I noticed that Minus was literally moving through the crowd to get to Beeli and I and when she finally reached us, she smiled wickedly.

"Well, there is only going to be one outcome of this battle and let's just say, I always get what I want." I narrowed my eyes at her and my mate came closer to my side."

"Evidently not if he is still not with you." She brought her head up in mock.

"Oh, you think so? So what will you do Beeli when I end Sarafina here, hmm? You'll have no one to cry to." My eyes met his face and he smiled sneakily.

"Minus, do you not see how many lionesses are here in this pride? Too many to pick from." A smile etched across my face and I looked back at her, "Besides, if you want to fight Sarafina, you'll have to get through me first and we both know you've tried that once before." We heard Minus growl in anger,

"But I didn't have backup last time." And within that moment, I don't know how, Tatu and Catalina, Minus's sister both collided into Beeli and were out of the way for Minus and I to take each other on. "See?" I watched her smile increase and that was when I knew that this battle had to be the end once and for all.

"Fine. Let's do this." I say irritated and she inched closer and closer to me.

"So here we are again, fighting. Do you remembered what happened the last time we did and why we did?" I had a feeling that she was going to try to bring up my past and try to distract me. "The last time this happened, Sarafina, you," she took a dramatic breath, "you made Beeli lose his brother…oh for God's sake what was his name?" She put her head down and I wanted to make it a permanent part of where she stood. How dare she mock him!


"Oh! Right, of course," she scoffed now, "how could I forget. Catalina and Tatu were so fond of him."

"How can you stand there and act like it was nothing?!"

"Why should I?! He's no kin to me thanks to you!"

"I had nothing to do with Beeli falling in love with me." I say lowly and by this time, Minus and I are face to face, so close that I can see her right eye twitch by so much rage she held. I never got her real story and as to why she turned out the way she did even before I had met her and everyone else at the time. She always had so much anger and I could only conclude that it came from childhood.

"Oh that I know, Sarafina, that I know. But once you're gone, he'll see that I'm all that 's left that he can relate to." Did she not just here what he said?

"Quit playing games, Minus! If you're going to fight me, fight me!" I must have gotten to her, for she head butted me and I stumbled backwards, so wanting to hold my head, but I had to focus. I crouched low and she mimicked my move. I lurched forward, knocking her off her feet, but I swung my body so as to not have any of it on her and I caught her head in the bend in my arm, chocking her.

"If you think I'll go down this easy," she strained as she growled, "you have another thing coming!" I felt her open clawed paw hit my head and her claws made long cuts from my temple to bottom of my jaw bone. Boy, what pain I was in and I roared loudly.

"SARAFINA!" I heard my name, but I couldn't see Beeli anywhere. He knew everything about me and he knew I was hurt.

"Give up, Sarafina!"

"Not in a million years. If holding onto you means I have to endure several hits, then I'll do it just so you can't get up." I should have been looking around my area instead of just Minus under my pressure.

"Oh look, Sis. Now you know we can't let this happen." Out the corner of each of my eyes, I saw Spotty and Dotty looking at me and smiling menacingly. Great.

"Let her go and we'll let you live." Dotty came to my side so close that I could smell her Outsider breath in my ear.

"You know you have so much to live for." Spotty added. I can't stand these two, they're just like Zira. After I hadn't responded to either of them, they gave one another a look, each one of them swept a paw into my two front ones and my chin connected with Minus's head, which she immediately wriggled out of my grasp and took the opportunity to smash my head into the rocky ground. Then all of a sudden, my head was released and the pressure was gone and I looked ahead of me to see Minus laying there and the spotted sisters one each side of her. I did however noticed a presence over me.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY GRANDMOTHER!" My grandson…but what was he doing here!? And how did her get all three of them away from me? I finally looked up and saw Tojo and Chumvi on each side of my daughter's offspring and I smiled. They would now have to fight the three of us. They got up slowly.

"Damn you Pridelanders and your timing." Spotty said as she rubbed her arm.

"And damn you Outsiders with your bad timing." Chumvi said tiredly while Tojo and Kopa helped me to my feet.

"You ok, Grandma?" I nuzzled him and he returned the gesture.

"Just fine, thanks to you." I answered as I winked at him.

"Oh, would someone kill me now?" We all looked at Minus as she made her dry statement. She hated public displays of affection when it didn't involve her.

"That can be arranged, old lady!" My grandson is so much like his father.

"Sure can." And at that, Tojo and Chumvi each took a sister and to my, what shouldn't have been a surprise, Kopa took on Minus.

"Kopa, no!" I watched in horror at slow motion, how the older lioness stepped back and timed her attack perfectly and the 'little' prince hadn't seen it coming. Her paw came down on his head, but as he went down, he swiped one of his front legs under hers and she went down with him. How did he learn this? She managed though, to swing her body to where his back was to her and she jammed her paw claws into his back. This pissed me off extremely and I rushed over and took the advantage I had and pummeled right into Minus and she and I were in a roll. Once she noticed it was me now, she took no time in planting blow after blow to any part of my body that she could and I in return gave it right back to her. I would not be defeated by her again, not this time.

"Grandma!" I heard Kopa's voice a little ways away from me, but I had to ignore it. He had to realize that he can't protect everyone. I flipped the older lioness over to where I was on top. I felt numerous pains all over my body and both of us were breathing heavily. I let my paw press in on her throat and she wrapped her paws around my arm trying to release my grip. It won't happen.

"I think you're the one who should give up. I won't let you beat me like you thought you did last time." She chuckled and coughed at the same time.

"Yea *cough cough* right. Which is why you were still out of the picture." My eyebrows increased.

"Evidently not if he still thought about me this whole time." Next thing I knew, she had brought one of her back paws up, with open claws, and jabbed them right into my stomach. I roared out in pain and took a few steps back away from her.

"You're still weak!" I looked dead into her eyes, but then quickly widened them, for I saw Beeli come from behind her and she took notice.

"Hello, Love." She said abruptly, but my mate didn't answer her with words, instead, he raised his left paw and she crouched getting ready for his attack, but I had a clue that that was my cue to attack her while she wasn't looking and I went for it. Beeli had her back and I was at her front. She didn't have a chance.

(End Flashback)

That was six months ago and the Pridelands are finally in peace again. I just hope it stays that way for a long time. My children deserve some happiness. It seems that they've had to fight all their lives and it's not fair. I don't want my grandchildren and their children to have to suffer the way we and their parents did. All of the children and their parents got out safely and only a couple of casualties from our allies, which all left a month later. We did pretty good. Sudi got to know the rest of her family and totally fell in love with her niece Acacia as did her grandfather. They're a wonderful family and will so be a part of mi-

"Come on, Mchumba." My mate and I saw Kopa and Acacia coming out of den smiling and giggling with their friends behind them. Kopa looks so much like Simba now, oh kings above they could be twins. The only differences now are the color of their manes and the color of their eyes. Acacia, even more beautiful than ever, I mean, not saying she wasn't before, but I'm sure you get me. Her coat is of this creamy-milk chocolate and her eyes are a dark verdant.

"You're going to ride that word into the ground aren't you?" All the young lioness did was laugh lightly and nuzzled her head under his as they walked. She had been this, crazy-happy since a few months ago.

"She may as well, I mean, you did propose to her. Hey! I just thought of the cutest nickname for you two! Acopa!" The rest of the friends, including Kovu who Simba welcomed in the pride, giggled at Cire`'s statement and yes, Kopa did ask Acacia to marry him a month after the fight. If you hadn't guessed it, 'mchumba' means fiancé. Kopa turned around and gave the Tama and Malka's daughter an indignant happy face.

"Seriously, Cire`?" She nodded eagerly, "And how long did it take you to come up with that one?" My grandson wasn't mad, in fact, he was laughing.

"Oh, it just popped into my head…" She answered waving her paw as if it were nothing, but Kopa knew better and he raised a brow at her.

"You've been thinking on it haven't you?"

"Damn straight!" Kings above help these kids.

"And where are you guys headed?" I ask as I smile sweetly at them.

"Nowhere, just around. It's a nice day." I'm glad to see Kopa up and on his feet again. He was put into a mild concussion when Hassan ran him into Pride Rock. That bastard. I'm so glad he's gone.

"Well, still be careful. Never know what's lurking." They all nod their heads in reassurance as they walk away, but before they could, they ran into the King and Queen.

"Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad." Both parents raised their eyebrows because neither Kopa nor Acacia had pulled away from each other.

"Hello everybody." My daughter said coyly.

"Where are you guys headed?" My son-in-law asked suspiciously.

"We're all just going for a walk. Jeez, I didn't realize we needed to ask the warden." I watched Nala elbow Simba in his arm and he rolled his scarlet eyes. My Kopa, such a smart alec like his father and Simba can't really say anything.

"You're free to go." Acacia, her soon-to-be-king, and the rest of their friends walked past his parents while Kiara went to nuzzled them good morning after she gave Kovu a quick kiss.

"Where were you two this morning? Usually you guys wake us up." Nala and Simba engulfed her on each side and kissed her face. Every time I look at Kiara, I see Sarabi. She has her spirit and drive and gift of wisdom. Her eyes give away so much of my old friend, sometimes my heart clenches when I look at her, especially when we're face to face. From the color and eye-shadow of her eyes to her caring prospect to help others, is a constant reminder of our old queen and in a way, it's like Sarabi never left.

"We thought we'd let you guys sleep since you're brother coronation was yesterday."

"Ah ok." Kiara smiled genuinely, but her parents seemed to have taken it another way.

"Kiara, are you sure you're ok will Kopa being king?" Her father asked and her eyes widened in surprise.

"Of course, Daddy. Why wouldn't I be?" I could tell she was serious, but it will always raise suspicious in our hearts because it is a major roll for our family and we don't want another Mufasa and Scar scenario.

"It's just that, well…" Nala didn't want to come out and say it and my granddaughter knew this, for she smiled brightly.

"I know I won't be queen and I'm fine with that. Plus I really don't think I'd fit the role." She kind of laughed at her last statement, but she felt it true, "Besides, Kopa and Acacia both said that they'd include me in any major decisions. So, I kinda am, kind of not." Her parents looked at one another curiously and their daughter caught on, "Don't worry," she laughed, "Everything will be fine. I never wanted to be queen, but I've always wanted to be there for my brother and now I can." I sensed that they were somewhat satisfied with her statement and Nala hugged her tight.

"Our, Little Sarabi." A giant smile hit Simba's muzzle and I looked back at my mate who in turn licked my head. "Go ahead. I'm sure Kovu's waiting for you." Kiara pulled away from her mother and looked at her father.

"Thank you for giving him a chance, Daddy."

"Don't get me wrong, Uki, I'll still be wary about him, but I had to pay him back for keeping my girls safe." Kiara rolled her eyes and sprinted away, but not before yelling,

"You'll grow to like him!" Simba hung his head as Nala laughed and then they joined us.

"Can you believe how big they are now?" We were sitting on the edge of Pride Rock and from where we are, we can see everything, which included the retreating 'young adults'.

"No, Nala I can't. You grew fast as well." She laid her head down on her mate and I watched on in love. These two had been through so much and they have done just, a wonderful job at everything. I couldn't be a more proud mom.

Misuli P.O.V.

(Flashback-a day after the fight)

"Hey, Cire`," she caught my eyes and immediately pinned her ears I hadn't made my tone nice for a reason, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Ab-about what?" She seemed timid and this really made me want to laugh. We hadn't really spoken after the fight and I made it that way for a reason. Her brother came up beside me and gave me a 'knowing' look, for he and I had spoken briefly earlier this morning. I made it a point to avoid the girl all day.

"Just go with him Cire`. I'm sure he won't bite." I laughed in my head as Ali winked at his sister and she gave him a skeptical look. "Just goooooo." My girl sighed deeply, but hesitantly walked over to me and I led her away just a short distance, invoking a little déjà vu from the last time we were alone in my pride and she flipped out on me.

"Kept us in view I see." She said lowly and I smiled small. She was smart and it only made me want her more. "So what do you want? You kiss me yesterday, ignore me from that point on, and now you want to talk?"

"Do guys usually shy away or get angry when you're mad at them?"

"No, they usually just leave me alone." Her smart answer made me show my pearly whites in a smile and she raised an eyebrow at me.

"Are you alright?"

"It's a shame when you don't know when someone likes you." Her façade became surprised and I got face to face with her, "That was all a part of my plan. I wanted to see what you'd do." She gave me an incredulous look and I laughed and then she turned her head. "Aww, come on, Cire`. Don't be mad."

"You're unbelievable." I got closer to her to where I was able to nip at her ear, I heard her gasp and then she turned around to look at me with big eyes.

"Are you crazy?!" She whispered and I raised my brows, "You can't just go around biting anyone on their ears."

"Mmm, I don't see you as just anyone, Cire`." My voice was smooth as velvet and she let her eyes pour into mine.

"Wh-what do you-you mean? What do you see me as?" I grabbed her paw and held it in mine.

"I see you as someone worthy to reside with me in my pride." I watched in awe as her eyes grew and she stammered.

"You w-want me to g-go back w-with y-you?"

"Yes." My answer was short, simple, to the point, and truthful. Weird that I fell in love with girl from the first time I saw her, even when she got mad at me for no reason."

"Misuli, I…I can't. I have my, my family here, my ho-home, and my fr-friends. I couldn't leave." I didn't let her statement hurt me any, for I knew she'd freak out.

"Upendi," I looked deep into her eyes, "you are like unlike any girl I've ever met and everything about you, from you stubbornness to your drive to help others, it draws me to you. Even when you yelled at me a few days ago, I strangely liked it." A small smile crept to her face.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I am." She looked to the ground.

"Misuli, I'm, I'm flattered, but my family is here. I-I." I put my paw to her mouth to stop her from making any more excuses as to why she should stay. I'd make excuses as to why she should go.

"Cire`, you wouldn't be that far from them. And even you said so yourself that The Green Mountain Pride was like here, ya know, just without… the uh… skyscraper." We shared a laugh and she still didn't look at me, so I pulled her face up to meet mine, "And everyone else here has someone they'd like to be with. Where does that leave you?" I watched her eyes shift from side to side as if trying to figure out what I just said.

"It leaves me without." If I hadn't been a lion, I would have heard her, but I did and I smiled genuinely at her.

"Exactly. So, what do you say?"

"When would I leave?" My heart jumped for joy and I tried my best not to let it show too much on my face.

"Whenever you'd like, just don't keep me waiting too long." I finally got a full fledged smile from her and pulled me in for a hug and I embraced her tightly. I felt an eruption coming from her throat and eventually mine joined in like intertwining tunes.

"You know I'm nervous, right?"

"Yes, I know." I laughed because even the toughest animals have weak points.

"I'm scared, but I'm always up for an adventure and willing to try something new." I pulled her away from me, but held her eyes.

"I promise I won't disappoint you."

"I know you won't. You talked to my brother earlier didn't you?" I couldn't help but grin.

"I had to get the ok from somebody first, and mommy and daddy was not my first choice. I talked to Kopa as well." All she did was shake her head at me. We stayed together for the rest of the time until dinner was called and we walked back up to her home where everyone was gathering. I looked at Cire`, and everyone noticed that she was just a little too happy.

"What's with you, Cire`?" When Libya voiced her question, a few faces looked our way, but the two that caught the most of our attention was her parents and with that she leaned into me to whisper in my ear,

"You know you have to ask my parent's permission, right?" I sucked in air through my teeth and now it was my turn to be nervous.

"Yes of course." We approached them slowly and the two older lions: one had a look of surprise, her father, and the other had a look of, oh jeez, like she wanted to kill me already and I hadn't even done anything. I wonder how this conversation is going to go.

(End Flashback)

"You about ready, Son?" I turned around to face my parents, and even though I had a smile on my face, there was a giant knot in my stomach. We were going back to Pride Rock to get Cire` and bring her back here, where we'd marry here in a little. I'm excited yet nervous.

"Um, yes…yes I'm ready. Let's go."

Nala P.O.V.

"Hey you," I saw Simba laying down by himself under an old baobab tree near one of our favorite watering hole and his eyes met mine, "any reason as to why you're out here by yourself and you didn't invite me?"

"I'm sorry, I saw that you were dealing with something and I didn't want to bother you." I laid beside him and rested my head on his powerful shoulder.

"You know you can bother me any time. I will always have time for you." I felt his arm move and it pulled me into him fully to where I was on my back and able to look up at him.

"Even now?" I grinned at him and started playing the ends of his mane.

"Of course." He then leaned down to kiss me on my muzzled and a purr escaped my mouth.

"Did I mention how badass you were when you fought Hassan?" A laugh came from my throat and I wrapped my arms around my king.

"Hey, what can I say? It comes with the territory. Besides, you had done some damage to him as well, I'm just sad that I couldn't see it." He nuzzled my neck and an immense sensation went through my body and I could only wait out until it was completely satisfied.

"He got good hits on me too and I was knocked down. You weren't kidding when you said not to underestimate him." Even though his voice was muffled from talking through my fur, I was still able to understand him. He was right though. He and Kopa had been taken out by that lion and I was afraid that neither of them was going to be ok. I won't say dead because Simba was at least able to stand, but Kopa, my little prince, was out cold and it took everything within me not to think about a negative outcome.

"I'm just glad that you and Kopa are both still here. I don't know what Kiara and I would have done without you." He brought his head back up to mine and I got lost in his eyes.

"You two would just have to do what you females naturally do, by doing what you have to do in order to go on." Even now I can't believe that this is the same cub I went on so many adventures with who didn't care about anything but to boss everyone around and now, now he's this wise king with so many attributes to him, it's just amazing to me how life makes you change and look at things differently.

"Yo-you're right. We would have to." My aqua eyes started to shift, but they never left his.

"What?" He asked as he smiled fondly at me and I shook my head.


"Sure about that?" Before I could answer however, he bit down on my neck gently and I gasped lightly and for a minute I couldn't talk.

"S-Simba? I wanted t-to ask you something." Once again his scarlet head came to mine and I had to steady my vision.

"About what?"

"About um, about Kopa and Acacia."

"What about them?"

"Do you think they're ready for this?"

"Maybe just a few minor things need to be taught, but other than that, I think they have it. Besides, we haven't fully stepped down yet." I nodded my head in agreement. Acacia is perfect for queen, I knew she had it in her especially when I saw how she handled her cousin, Vitani.

"They grew up so fast." My mate laughed a little.

"Nala, you're making it sound like we're old or something." I joined in with his quip.

"Well, I know that, but I'm saying, it was like yesterday that they were just tiny cubs, and now," I took a deep breath, "They're ready to rule and getting ready to start lives of their own." I heard a sigh come from Simba's mouth and I regarded him a little, "What's wrong?"

"I'm fine with Kopa and Acacia…"


"But Kovu. He is his father's son and not to mention Zira." I pulled him in tighter and I nipped at him ear and felt him body grow stiff.

"You worry too much." I said in the best sultry and seductive voice I could. Now it was my turn to not talk about other things and just enjoy the presence of my mate.

"Oh now you want to talk?" My smile matched his and I answered,

"Well, not with words." And of course he got my meaning clearly and started to lick me all over and I grew aroused with every kiss he planted and I held him closer. Like I've said before, he is the only one I want this closer to me. Only he can touch me. Only he can take all my cares away. Only he can make me feel good. Night was nearing, so no need to worry about being seen, and besides, these are our lands, if they don't like it, they can leave.

Asia P.O.V.

I drug the kill into the area where we resided as our home, and I was greeted by my mother.

"Wonderful job, my dear. He's huge." I dropped my prey and nuzzled my mother.

"Thank you, Mom." I pulled back to look her in her eyes, ones that were mine which were a medium blue and asked, "How is he doing today?" Her face dropped a little.

"He's still not happy about his mother and sister being here, even though it's been a while that they have been, and he really only wants to talk to you." I sighed deeply. When was this guy going to learn that we are here to help him. I then saw a little distance away from her, he was standing under our favorite tree.

"I'll talk to him again. I guess he's still dealing with his past. They treated him so bad, Mom."

"I understand, Honey. Go, go and talk to him." I love how supportive my mother is towards our new pride member. We found him washed up on the shore to our pride six months ago. Poor thing was drenched, had a few broken ribs, and scary thin. Living here for the past half year, he's gained a lot of weight and muscle and he really looks a lot better. As I approached the medium brown lion, he smiled at me and I could feel myself blushing. I don't know why I fell for him. Maybe it was because he was sweet and shy kinda.

"Hey, Asia, how are you today?" I went up to him and placed my head under his neck, purrs escaping both us.

"I was doing just fine," I pulled away, "until my mother told me you still aren't talking to anyone." I watched in irritation as he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, A, but I've learned that the less I say, the more I'll be left alone."

"But we want to get to know you better." I tried to plead with him, but he just stood there shaking his head. "Then how come you'll only talk to me?"

"You're the one who found me, fixed me up, and your kindness never left when I was able to be myself again." I thought about his words and let them seep into my head.

"Your mother and sister are still treating bad?" He opened his mouth to answer, but before he could, another voice rang in and it made my blood boil.

"I don't treat him bad." I turned around and came face to face with his mother.

"Well, maybe not now, but you did!"

"Who are you to tell me what I did and didn't do with my son!? You insolent litt-"

"If you hit her, you will deal with me!" The brown lion stepped in front of me and I tried my best to be stay exactly by his side. The older lioness with the birth-marked stripe on her head glared deeply at her son. "I'm not the puny little weakling anymore. I'm taking anymore crap from anyone! And that includes you and or my sister!"

"You don't have to justify yourself, Hatari. Come on." He let me hesitantly pull him away from his mother, his eyes never leaving her. We came to another clearing, but then he started to walk away from me. "Wait! Where are you going?!"

"Just on a walk. I'll be back." I ran up to him and he stopped abruptly.

"Can't we talk?" My voice sounded desperate. I hated when he wanted to be alone just because he was so use to it. I wanted to show him that I was here for him.

"We can talk later, Asia, I promise. Right now, I need to go see your father." I grew angry for he had been seeing my dad a lot and they thought mother and I didn't know what they were up to.

"Just what exactly are you training for?" His brown eyes grew a little bigger because he knew he had been caught, but he quickly covered.

"Just know that there's going to be a war." Now my eyes grew.'

"A war!? Haven't you guys had enough of that?!" He shook his head again frustrated and walked away from me once more. I knew his story and of course throughout the lands, we all had heard about what happened at Pride Rock and the Pridelanders had won. "Why won't you talk to me?!"

"We'll talk later!"

"Nuka!" I watched him get further and further out of my sight. When does this madness ever end? Does It Ever End?

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