Label the last three chapters of "Oh My Gods" as followed:

*Chapter 19- The End Part I: Ascension

*Chapter 20- The End Part II: Downfall - Fight Scene - Toothless' instinctual side explaining to Toothless about Hiccup's darker side.

"Every generation, there is a incarnate of madness. In every family, there is a dark child. This doesn't essentially mean that they're evil or showcase disrespectfulness to their family members. It's more along the lines of having an open-mind. Hiccup, the 'hiccup' of the bunch, no pun intended, is this generation's next incarnate. He has told you about his experiences and moments of feeling as if his whole village was against his existence, right? Well, what if I told you that that was only the beginning?

"Beginning to what?" I asked the inner demon.

"The beginning of Hiccup's inner demon's birth. According to your heartbeat, you're confused, aren't you?" Instincts' smugly chuckled.

I ignored his laughter due to my body tensing at the sight of Hiccup utterly defeating Snotlout in the ring below. So far, Hiccup was the clear victor but he didn't stop with his unrelenting attacks. Hiccup applied salt onto the wound by down-sizing Snotlout with jeers about fulfilling all of Snotlout's fantasies.

"Where was I? Right, the awakening of one's inner demon. Hiccup didn't even discover his dark side until his deceased mother was disrespected a while ago. He actually maintained control, but ultimately succumbed to it. Then you swooped in and saved the day. Blah blah blah."

"Wait! Your explanation didn't entirely clear my question! Why was Hiccup chosen to be the next incarnate-"

"You really think the Gods above threw down a lightning bolt with wool over their eyes?" Instincts snorted at the simplicity. "This, what is happening as we speak, has been going on since the beginning of time. Order needs to balance by Chaos and vice-versa. The Gods couldn't lift a finger even if they wanted to. Well, Loki could have his way due to his unpredictable powers, but that's besides the point. Hiccup has been enduring all the ridicule through the years and it only took one final jeer to access his demon."

"Access? Succumb? Which is it? Does his inner demon help or damn him?"

"What do I look like, the idiot's keeper? Everyone is different, especially the chosen bad seed of the generation. The only one who knows Hiccup's true inner demon's nature is…" Instinct let the question hang before he faded from Toothless' conscious.

"Hiccup." I answered, and then I locked my eyes on the bad seed of the century.

*Chapter 21- The End Final: Premonition

Dark Haddock= This Hiccup doesn't care about anything. How he's dressed, how he fights or how anybody around him. Dark Haddock is Hiccup's opposite because Hiccup had always wanted to fit in. Hiccup was always self conscious about everything around him. He cared what everyone thought of him. Dark Haddock will disregard all feeling and emotions, even his own.

Dark Astrid= This chick is go hard or go home. As blunt as they come, Dark Astrid is purely a 'drive' incarnate. A trainer from hell. She enjoys tormenting those around her and won't get any remorse for beating anybody, who crosses her, six feet under the ground.

Stoick's Rage= This inner demon was born the day Stoick was old enough to fight in Sigurd's book. Sigurd disciplined Stoick to be the best of the best, above all rest. He had to uphold the name of the Haddock lineage. Any weakness was beaten out of Stoick and Sigurd made sure he was ready to kill dragons with no hesitation, Sigurd would then have Stoick as his successor. Stoick's Rage is the inner demon that blinds Stoick's judgment, cripples his common sense, and turns any promises into objectives of destruction. Blinded by fury, Stoick's Rage is very difficult to control and tame.

Instinct= Toothless/Silas's true form that birthed when his younger sister, that reminds Toothless of Hiccup for his clumsiness, was attacked and manipulated by the Queen. Instinct is there to push Toothless to doing everything reckless. Kill anything that moves.

Future Idea's for HTTYD fan fic and future revisions for said story. Pay brilliant attention Equinox, this will help you from forgetting about these great flashes of brilliance. You'll show those other HTTYD Authors that you don't need to be an Dork "Butt Muncher" Mcgee in English class to make a great story!

Write about Astrid's POV. Also about her listening in on Ben's conversation. Then later have them eat lunch at Astrid's house, that her mom prepared, and then have them do chores, and lastly supper with Stoick coming over. Have Stoick reach for some of the stew, but Ingrid will swat his hand away telling him that it's for the kids. Stoick will protest "But, but as the Chief, I demand you hand over the stew!" Ingrid is unfazed and asks why Stoick is so hungry. Stoick will say that he didn't have breakfast. Ingrid will throw up her hands, exclaiming "Why in Odin's name is everyone skipping breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day." Stoick will smile too big and slowly turn his head to look at Hiccup. "Yes, Hiccup. Why?" Hiccup will stutter, but Ingrid will save him by pouring Stoick a bowl of stew. As Stoick eats, he will direct Hiccup and Astrid to leave the room, he has business to talk about with Ingrid. Astrid protests what could they do. Ingrid will tell her to get dressed and finish up her chores for the day. Stoick added that Hiccup will help her finish them in half the time she Astrid would usually take. Hiccup will ask Astrid if he should wait downstairs or help her get dressed with a smirk. Astrid will glare at Hiccup and then calm down. Then pull Hiccup along to help her get dressed. ***OR*** Ingrid will tell Hiccup to You finish and I MEAN IT! You finish with Hiccup dodging Astrid's punches and having her fall into Hiccup's lap. Then some romance. End the chapter and wait for reviews… Got that? Good. EquinoxKnight01 out.

While making lunch with Ingrid, Hiccup will turn around to get an ingredient. In that instant, Astrid will be walking in there only in her bindings. Hiccup will think that either the Hofferson women don't get many visitors, because there's no males in the house, or because they have that kind of relationship as to walk around their house in their undergarments. Either way, Hiccup will think quickly "Is this Valhalla?" before quickly turning around before Astrid meets his eyes or noticed him in the kitchen cooking with Astrid's mother, Ingrid. Awesome, and if you want, you can have Ingrid inquire that Astrid doesn't have to go back upstairs to put on her armor because Ingrid thinks that Hiccup and Astrid are dating, and Hiccup has probably already seen her naked. Astrid will wail in embarrassment and duck her flustered head down into her stew. Hiccup will also be red as a beet.

After the Chapter 15 is published, have both Hiccup and Astrid fixing the roof of the Haddock house Toothless blew apart. After they've been working on it for an hour making small talk, have Snotlout and Tuffnut whistling at Astrid's skirt not covering her leggings, effectively "dat ass". Have Astrid not notice them, but Hiccup does. Hiccup will ask Astrid to climb down to his room and get more nails. Then Hiccup will come down to the front of his house and confront Snotlout and Tuffnut. After demanding Snotlout to leave, Snotlout will ask Hiccup about walking Ingrid to her house, carrying her groceries. Hiccup will say because it was a nice gesture and turn to leave. But Snotlout will stop him in his tracks to say "Trying to find another mother after yours died?".

Hiccup will stop and go in berserk mode, taking out Tuffnut first with a furious punch in between the eyes. Then Hiccup will start dancing with Snotlout, trading blows for blows. They both roll down the hill into the village streets. A crowd forms around them. Hiccup will win, but Snotlout will throw a loser's sucker punch. Hiccup doesn't react in time. Astrid will stop Snotlout and beat the stuffing out of him. Then tell Snotlout to "Stop bothering Hiccup or else." Snotlout will question incredulously if they're dating. Astrid will say yes. Snotlout is confused and voices it.

Toothless will scratch at Hiccup's shadow after he slaps Hiccup senseless with his tailfin.

Astrid will then list why she would rather date Hiccup more than Snotlout. Ending with saying "What have you done Snotlout? All you've done was bully Hiccup and nothing for Berk. Hiccup is a better Viking then you will ever be. I'd love to be his girlfriend. You're pathetic." The crowd will agree and start to heckle Snotlout. Snotlout will yell at them to shut up and then push his way out of the crowd, red-faced and embarrassed. And then they will both head back to the house. Then Hiccup will get confidence, stopping to ask Astrid if she really meant that back there. Astrid will state the obvious again the same she did with Snotlout, but Hiccup interrupts her and ask only for a straight answer. Directly asking Astrid if she loves him like he loves her.

Change to her POV. Astrid will open her fist and close it repeating. Then try to walk off saying that they should probably get back work if they have any chance of finishing before Stoick gets back. But Hiccup will grab both of Astrid's hands and turn her back around, asking her again, but this time with a stone-cold serious face. "Please Astrid, just answer me. Do you love me?" Her thoughts mode: "He's serious…". Astrid will recall the last time she's seen Hiccup like this. The time after her first flight with them and question loyalty not to tell the other Vikings of the discovery of the Dragon's Nest.

"Snotlout being a jealous ass and desecrating Val's tombstone" Chapter.*** This will be after the chapter he is embarrassed by Astrid's words and Hiccup beating him up for once. Also after he has seen the both of them coming out of the Hot Springs, smiling to each other, as if they were dating. THIS WHOLE THING WILL TAKE PLACE ON STOICK'S BIRTHDAY. And like every other birthday of Stoick's, both Stoick and Hiccup will walk to the cemetery and replace the flowers of last year. Hiccup is walking at a faster pace than Stoick, so Hiccup is the first one to see Hiccup's mother and Astrid's father's tombstones vandalized. "The worst shield maiden in the history of Berk for giving birth to the worst Viking in Berk!" Written on Val's stone and "Dishonorable man for having a wench as a daughter. The scrawl scribbles etched into the stone stated. Hiccup dropped to his knees. Stoick finally caught up to him and joked that Hiccup is out of shape, it only being a few steps to the hill where Val's grave was placed. But Hiccup responds by limply pointing to his mother's gave. Stoick follows Hiccup's direction and looks on. It grew silent, the only sound were the sunflowers, Val's favorite, dropping to the ground. Stoick ran towards the tombstone and tried rubbing the false accusations off, but it was to no avail. Then he discovered that Archibald's stone was vandalized too. Stoick's rage got the better of him and he ripped both of the tombstones from the ground and hurled them into the Village with all his might. Then he calmed down and bows his head, weeping silently. But stops and wipes his face when Hiccup walks up to him. Hiccup, with his dried teary face, looked up to Stoick.

"They will die a most horrible death." Hiccup said. Stoick agrees. "But for now, we go to the forgery and make a new honorable tombstones…" Stoick said, standing taller. "And sharpen our weapons… There will be blood."

After a few days of the villagers getting worried of the Haddock's disappearances, the Village Elder makes a visit to their house to calm their nerves. She lets herself in, but no one is home. But the Elder knew this. "They are at the forgery…" The Elder thought before turning on her heel and in the direction of the forgery. When she finally got to the forgery, she saw that only Stoick was occupying the workspace.

She hobbled over to Stoick, who was hunched over the worktable with a large slab of stone. She tried peering over to see what project he was working on, but the table was too high, so the Elder nudged Stoick with her staff. Stoick grunted. The Elder shook her head. "You mind helping your dear old mother onto a chair?" It wasn't a question.

Stoick put down his tools and helped his mother into the stool next to him. Then went back to work on the stone. Now higher up, the Elder say that Stoick was carving a tombstone. This confirmed the Elder's suspicions. Stoick was making a new tombstone to replace the one he hurled into her roof that day. The Elder looked at her son's face.

The stone was the only carved. Stoick's face was strained, angered, and tired all at once. Something so traumatic to happen on one's own birthday will do that to a person.

"Stoick." She said gently, the Elder knew how much he loved Val. "I know you're mad, but you are still the Chief of Berk. You cannot go threatening the grave keeper's life and then disappear into the forgery. The villagers are confused and scared. Rumors are spreading-"

Stoick will interrupt the Elder. "I don't care." Stoick whispered and went back to work. But he made a mistake and hurled the ruined tombstone angrily. It was added to the others that Stoick messed up on the previous days he was holed up into the forgery.

The Elder whacked Stoick's hand before he could get another blank stone slab. Stoick cursed out loud and picked up his sword that he brought along to sharpen. Stoick was about to bring it down, but the Elder parried it away with her wooden staff and raised an eyebrow. "I know you're not raising your sword at your own mother…?" Stoick blinked and calmed down, laying his sword down on the table. "No, ma'am."

***2013 Idea: After Stoick and his mother talk, have Hiccup six steps ahead of Stoick. Hiccup's plan have already gotten into motion as he kidnaps Snotlout and has Toothless drop him into the Dragon Ring. Snotlout will come to, after being knocked out by Hiccup prior to the kidnapping, and look around until he sees Hiccup standing their with the Sigurd and Archibald's axe.

"Get up!" Hiccup shouts from the other end of the arena. "Get up and fight for your truly disgusting waste of life." Hiccup lowered his voice.

Snotlout snaps out of it and looks around for a weapon to settle the score one and for all. Snotlout smirked as he saw the full weapon rack near him. "Nice one, dumb-ass. You gave me an assortment of weapons!" Snotlout got up and ran over to the weapon rack. He picked a shield and a sword. Then he charged for Hiccup without a strategy.

Hiccup gave into his inner demon just as Snotlout made an arc swing for his neck. Dark Hiccup leaned backward, evading the swing, and put his hip out to kick Snotlout with his metal leg.

Snotlout grunted sharply as the metal prosthetic actually broke a few ribs. Snotlout kneeled down and dropped his sword to clutch his bruised side. Snotlout didn't even respect Hiccup enough to acknowledge that he just made a grave mistake in throwing his weapon aside. "The only reason you're winning is because you have a handicap-" Snotlout didn't finish as Hiccup interrupted with a downward slash at Snotlout with the Archibald Axe. The axe imbedded itself into the shield and Snotlout could move as his arm was pinned. Just then, Hiccup brought the Sigrun down right between the bolt and the actual shield. Hiccup inched the legendary sword back until the whole shield fell apart from just one bolt loose.

"I've built every shield in Berk. I know all it's weaknesses…" Hiccup ripped the axe away from the shield and slammed the blunt end of the axe on Snotlout's helmet.

Snotlout flat out yelled and tried to nurse his throbbing head. He momentarily shook the dizziness away and made a grab for his sword. Right as Snotlout's hand hovered over his sword's hilt, Hiccup wedged the Sigrun into Snotlout's hand.

And also at the end of the whole story have Archibald and Val standing, observing Hiccup and Astrid from a distance as they have their wedding.

2013 Idea for the ending of "Oh My Gods" instead. Have Astrid lean on Hiccup's back as he opens a journal. The title will read: "How To Tame Your Inner Demons". He'll start writing with this: "My name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, and this is how I lived… Truly lived."

As Hiccup is writing and Astrid is snoring behind him, Val and Archibald will appear near a nearby tree behind Hiccup and Astrid.

"Hiccup and Stoick have been through so much, I just wish they could rest with me in Vahalla." Val said.

"Do you wish them an premature death?" Archibald questioned.

"No, I would hope not. It's just…" Val looked down and hugged herself.

Val will then say "When will I ever see my men again?".

Archibald puts his hand on her shoulder and will tell her "You'll see them again soon. Stoick will lead his people and train Hiccup to succeed him. Stoick will join you in watching the new generation of Berk. Hopefully, Hiccup and Astrid will have had children of their own, continuing the proud names of Haddock and Hofferson. But, most importantly, they will have lived. Truly lived. Val, you will see them again, but you must be patient and let them make you proud."

"Thank you, Archibald, for your kind words." Val stood taller and brushed her tears away. "Time to go back then, to watch them grow up. Like you said, we'll see them soon." Val said turning around to the golden gates that just reappeared from the trees bark. The gates opening, Val walked through with a proud smile.

"I'll see you soon, Angel. But not yet, not yet." Archibald concluded, before turning around to enter through the gates. 2013.

At the wedding, Hiccup has said his vows and it's Astrid's turn. But Astrid punches him. "That's for scaring me." Astrid was talking about the time Hiccup was about to slay Snotlout with her axe. But before Hiccup can protest, Astrid pulls Hiccup by his collar delivers a passionate kiss. Blah blah blah. The scene will come up to the sunset as dragons fly to the sky over the wedding. Toothless and Spike flying more closer than usual.

"Ha, ha Hel! I'm not letting this story end like that!" Stoick shouted as the scene crashed back down to the wedding where a heavily intoxicated Stoick stood, fully clothed, thank the Gods. "In the words of my of uncle…Begin! An equally drunk Gobber joined him. Some unknown forced ripped the clothes off of Hiccup and Astrid. Then they proceeded to dance along.

A lightning strike struck down in front of the wedding.

"What the Hel?"

"I don't know…"

"Thor's beard! Why is everyone naked except for Astrid because she would end the author's life before he even knew what was coming to him?"

Another bolt of lightning struck down. EquinoxKnight01 stood tall, unfazed by the dancing Neanderthals.

CGJ confronted EquinoxKnight01. "Dude, what the hell? I thought we said we wouldn't do this anymore. And why are you wearing that?" CGJ questioned looking at EquinoxKnight01's zebra costume.

"Because… I'm sexy and I know it!" EquinoxKnight01 whispered before transforming into EquinoxKnightAndShiningDay. He then teleported behind Astrid and Hiccup. Field-goaling Hiccup, Equinox started dancing with Astrid. Hiccup went through the wooden goal post. Everyone stopped dancing and shouted "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOAL!". Then continued dancing. CGJ, xv323, and Adam all gave a thumbs up. "Yea!" Then joined in the rave.

EquinoxKnightAndShiningDay: Really, guys. Thanks.

Another Idea: In one of your revisions with DarkAstrid, make Astrid question DarkAstrid with who called upon her father when she was sad. DarkAstrid will turn away from her and protect her pride by saying "Make no mistake Astrid, I did it so because I hated seeing any form of myself weak and pitiful.". But Astrid knows that DarkAstrid truly did care for her. Then Astrid will hug DarkAstrid and say "Thank you, you've always been there for me.". Dark Astrid will linger in the hug and give a short hug back. Then Dark Astrid pushed off Astrid and disappear with a smirk. "Until the next time we train, Astrid."

Actual Chapter 16 (after the revision is done, of course) you'll have to make a omake so FF doesn't have a seizure. The scene will start with Hiccup in the closet. Then Dumbledore will show up and persuade Hiccup to go out and swoop Astrid over and kiss her. Albus Dumbledore will be the bad conscience and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy will be the good conscience for Hiccup.

Hiccup will look at Sephiroth incredulously. "What qualifies you for my good conscience angel?"

Sephiroth will smirk. "I have a wing."

Hiccup will nod his head in understanding. "Solid logic. Alright, what do I do then? Go out or stay in here.?"

Dumbledore: "Go out and smash some muffin!"

Hiccup will follow Albus' advice and walk out the pantry. Sephiroth will narrow his eyes at the snickering Dumbledore and say-

Sephiroth: What's with you in sending brunette heroes to the slaughter house?"

Dumbledore will snort. "I'll stop doing it when it stops making money. Don't fix it if it ain't broken."


Astrid yelps and turns around to glare at Hiccup. "Dafuq?!"

Astrid will intensify her glare and then suddenly smirk, evilly. "You're so going to get it…"

Hiccup looked backwards and gave the pantry door a thumbs up in success.

It was from her Zanpaktou, Zangetsu. "BANKAI!" Astrid yelled. He weapon simply changed from white sword to a black one.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vaulted over the counter looked to Astrid's beast mode to Hiccup's scared expression. "RUUUUUUUUUUN!" He yelled at Hiccup before shunpo-ing to the pantry door.