He was completely broken. Ever since the engagement it has been like the entire world was falling down around him. But he put up a good front. He didn't want her to know how bad it was. He wanted her to keep enjoying her fairytale. (She knew. He may have tried to hide it behind the mask he put up, but she could always see everything in his eyes.)

The only thing he had ever wanted was for her to be happy. If she was living her dreams then he was too. (Those weren't her dreams anymore. Now her dreams were filled with him. Holding him. Being with him. Loving him. It was only once he was gone that she realized just how much her hopes and her soul revolved around him.)

He had let her go; because he thought that was what she wanted, and what she needed. He thought it was the right thing to do. (She wished he hadn't. She wished he had held on when she tried to leave him behind. She wished he never let her go.)

Whenever the occasion arose where they had no choice but to interact, he tried to remain cordial, but aloof. He thought it would make things easier for her, and these days the only thing he could take comfort in was knowing that he did all he could for her. (She hated when he was so cold and distant. It hurt her, because she knew he was suffering and she knew it was her fault. But even when he seemed completely emotionless, she knew it was just an act. Even with the slightest touch, an accidental graze or a shake of the hand, the flames still shot through her body and the butterflies came to life in his heart.)

Some people wanted him to try and move on, but he couldn't. His heart belonged to her. And even if he had a choice, it wouldn't matter. He would still choose her. (She couldn't be with him anymore. She was marrying someone else. She was having a baby with someone else. She couldn't love him, but that didn't change the fact that she always would.)

"Oh I don't love you, but I always will. I always will." – 'Poison & Wine' by The Civil Wars