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A/N: This takes place in S7 at the end when Sam finds out Dean killed his friend.

Raising Angels 101

Sam didn't leave Iowa, just the hotel he was sharing with his brother, and into a different one in another town an hour drive away, because no matter how pissed he is at his brother; Sam knew it wasn't safe for him to be fully alone.

The young hunter stared at the television not truly seeing it, his mind for once not on Hell or Lucifer, but on his brother and the fact that he lied to him, and what made it worse was that deep down; he knew and he suppose that's what he was more upset about.

He should have pushed harder, then maybe he wouldn't have had to learn it from the Leviathan wearing his brother's face.

His phone ranged, and Sam knew it was his brother, he had texted the other once he had calm down a bit, stating that he was still in Iowa, he didn't state where, deciding to let his sibling stew for a bit. He hit ignored button and went back to pretending to watch television.

He dreamed of blood, Dean, and Amy that night.


Dean scowled down at his phone as though it was the reason his brother was ignoring him, with another scowl he pocket the device and resumed eating his pie, the same pie that remained untouched since he got it, five hours ago.

"Damn it" he cursed pushing away the pie.

He was an idiot, or idjit if you asked Bobby, why was it so difficult for him to come out and say it, sure there would be yelling, looks of betrayal, and possibly punching. But at least his brother would still here, and he wouldn't be sitting here alone like a worried house-wife!

"At least he's still in the State" he thought with a tried sigh, and he suppose, considering that this was all his fault in the first place-can't blame the giant lizards no matter how much he wanted to- that was a miracle in itself.

With nothing else to do and his appetite a lost call, Dean grabbed his jacket, keys and headed to the nearest bar.


He awoke with a jerk, his eyes swirled wildly around, chest heaving. He sat up and looked around the room, expecting to see the fallen Angel, but saw nothing but an empty room. He reached for his phone and found that he missed twenty calls, and he had several new voice messages, and he knew they were all from Dean.

He debated whether or not he should listen to them, beating down the fear that was rising in him, ignoring the voice that was echoing in his head, blocking those hatful words years ago; finally, he decided it was best if he had coffee first before anything else. It took him twenty minutes to get to the small café that was down the street, and another to actually get his coffee and another to get back to his motel, by then he felt ready to listen to his brother's messages.

"Hello Sam"

Sam blinked, and stood in the doorway, his eyes wide in surprise as he stared at the Angel standing in the middle of his room, a familiar Angel.


The Angel smiled at the young Hunter, watching as the human slowly closed the door and took cautious movement toward him.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"I'm here to deliver a message from God"

Joshua tilted his head when the human shook his head before placing his coffee on the small table.

"Oh really" Sam said dryly.


"And what does God say?"

"He says that He has heard your prayers, and will deliver"

That surprised Sam, he didn't tell Dean or Bobby, he wasn't sure they would totally understand; they would try, he knew but it wouldn't make any difference.

The fact was, he still prayed.

Every night when he wasn't plagued by hallucinations, he prayed asking God for help, he prayed for Bobby, prayed to bring back Castiel; but mostly he prayed for his brother.

"I didn't think He was listening…or was even there" Sam answered, blushing for some reason when Joshua just smiled patiently.

"Yes, I can understand why you may think that, as can He" the Angel said, "as I said, He has heard your prayer, and will deliver. In return, you will do a service for Him"

Now if it was Dean, he would have told the Angel and God to piss off, but he wasn't Dean, his first mistake he would think later.

"What does He want me to do?"

Joshua's smile turned mischievous, and a flutter of wings echoed through the room, Sam turned around and met empty air.


"Look down" Joshua answered.

Sam looked down and his breath hitched, three pairs of eyes looked up at him.


"Hello Mother" the three young angels chorused.