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Brilliant Luster

I sit silently by the banks of the river near Fishing Village, gazing at my surroundings here and there. Bodies of monsters I have killed are scattered around me as well as items dropped by them. Too lazy to stand up, I stretch my arms and lay back down on the grassy ground, resting my body from the previous fights. Slowly, I close my eyes, feeling the light taps of rain, the tiny droplets hitting my armor resound to my sensitive ears.

For once, I feel calm. But as my mission goes, I am not allowed to rest until I have completed it. Gathering the items on the ground and stuffing them inside my bag, I pick up my hammer and flex my body into a battle-ready stance.

"Hey there, loner. You don't have to push yourself so hard to become strong. You may not be strong physically yet but your desire and your passion are important to me and to this guild. Do not rush yourself. Give some time to enjoy life the way it is." A voice said behind me.

I quickly glance to see who dares interrupt my training but my harsh eyes quickly softened as they met amber ones. The slim figure approaches my large one with a smile as I fully recognize who it was I was talking to. "I didn't mean to rush." I say, "I just really want to be in your ranks and be able to assist you in your dungeon runs. I get pretty irritated with myself, asking for your help all the while I'm doing nothing."

"Stop it with the drama." The woman says to me, playfully hitting my arm then resting it carefully on my armor-clad shoulder, "You do help others but in a different way. Aren't you happy that you've only been accepted into the guild and yet you grew so much? I mean, look at you! The armor you're wearing is different. Your arms are more powerful because you can swing that huge hammer of yours so easily. If not for the familiarity of your face, I wouldn't have recognized you."

I smile at her and place my hand over hers. "It's not that big a deal. You just don't see me often, that's all. Besides, you've grown stronger as well. You're magical aura is so powerful I can feel in clearly in the air. Not only that but you also know a lot more things that I do. No wonder I called you 'the light of the guild' when I first met you. Your radiance just overwhelms me!"

And for that, I received a playful punch this time from her other hand. "Smooth talker. Oh, wait, not that anymore. You're more like a flirt nowadays." I laughed aloud at her statement as she giggled with me.

"I'm not that horrible, am I?" I smile softly as she shakes her head. I laugh lightly once more until she removes her hand from my shoulder. I look at her questioningly for a time.

"I must go. The others are calling me for another run in Hades Residence. Get strong soon, but don't rush it! You'll accompany me and the others when the time is right." She says and summons her bear transport.

"Take care. I'll be seeing you soon." I say and watch her ride off to the west. My gaze falls to the ground for a time. Only when I repeated our conversation did I raise my hammer and chant a spell.

'Thank you, sensei…'

For my dearly beloved sensei, Kee.

Author's Notes Time!

This will be a series of one-shots for the game called "Perfect World". Look it up in Google. I've written these one-shots a long, long time ago as tribute to my RadiaTa guildmates. I've managed to get a hold of our constantly-down forums and retrieved these. Then I proceeded to save 'em all and, with a little persuasion of someone, posted it here at FF.

So after I get posting these fics, Imma go ahead and drown in Faberry juice.