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I run my hand through my orange hair as I stand at the center of Dragon City waiting for my friend. We had promised to hunt together for the coveted Bijou Mold in Devil Land. 'He's late.' I silently debate going off alone or waiting for my companion and give him one hell of a hunt once he showed himself. Dusting off the imaginary specks from my black leather jacket, I glance around for any sign of my friend. I can faintly hear the shouts of vendor in the market place by the west side of the city. And from that side, I can see a familiar warwolf running my way.

I smirk as I recognize the tanned rider and the elf priest with him. "It's about damn time. I've been wanting to start early so we can hunt as much as we can with that mold of yours." I summon my own warwolf, mounting it and darting off towards the ancient stone at the south. I smirk as I hear the silent padding of my friend's own warwolf following me. Yep, we definitely will spend the rest of the day looking for that item.

I slow down my warwolf and wait for my friend to catch up. "School caught up with me but I'm here now. Let's get this over with!" he shouts with enthusiasm as we touch the stone and got teleported directly to Devil Land's entrance. Flames near the entrance give the dungeon a really ominous feeling but I push it at the back of my mind. I recall my warwolf into the small orb that I keep inside my jacket's pocket. I close my eyes and try to recall all the spells that I need for the hunt. I can feel my friend doing the same as well.

Putting our game faces on, we enter the dungeon. It's a good thing that the monsters in that particular dungeon are still far ahead so we still had time to prepare potions and heirograms just in case. I glace to my friend and receive a nod from him. I summon my wings as he summons his flight sword. I can see his companion summons her own wings from the corner of my eye. Launching myself up into the air, I quickly make my way towards towards the boss monsters that has the item we're looking for.

It doesn't take us long to arrive at the place Ether Apocclypso is located. I quickly survey the area as I look for a goodI fold my wings and drop on the ground with a soft thud. I hear another soft thus followed by a heavy one sound near me. Looking at my friend, I can see he's ready to kill Ether Apocclypso with his dual hammers. "Wait here. I'll lure him out." With a nod from him, I sneak through the crevices of the wall, walking around the boss monster so it won't detect me. As soon as I am within range, I unleash a feathery arrow towards the monster and hell broke loose.

Running back to my friend and the elf priest, I see him gripping his axe tight and charging at Ether so it wouldn't have a chance to harm me. Quickly turning around my heel, I feel my body flow with a barrier of magical energy. The elf priest he brought with him has started chanting a spell I know too well but never use. With the elf priests healing and damage reduction spell, my friend and I can worry about killing this beast as soon as possible. Grinning, I unleash arrow after arrow, dealing damage to the huge qilin-like monster.

I see my friend's body go tense. I can tell he's dealt enough damage to get a burst of chi. Twirling my weapon, I throw a defense-dropping spell to monster. I see my friend bend down, getting ready for his ultimate attack. I grin and throw in a magic defense-dropping spell as I cast Lightning Rite towards Ether, effectively dealing more damage with the debuff. I see twin dragons appear from my friend's axes. 'Oh yeah. Let's go all out.' As soon as the skill hit the monster, I unleash another spell, my most damaging spell so far. With the magic defense-drop and Lightning Rite's debuff, I grin as I dealt the most damage I've ever recorded since we've started.

Exactly as the last few jolts from my Fury of the Skies and his Wrath of Heaven, we successfully defeated Ether Apocclypso. As the boss monster's massive body slowly disappear, some items appear from the ground. Walking towards the loot, I quickly scan them. I shove piles of gold coins to a side, trying to locate the Bijou Mold's form. None. I glace at my friend and his companions. "Maybe another time. Let's get out of here. We'll try it all over again." my friend said.

'Yeah, next time for sure, Osobear.'

For my hunting partner, Osobear.