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Iron Prophecy

Chapter 1: The Wedding

Whether it was evening or morning, he didn't know. Since there was no such thing as evening or morning in Nevernever, only light and darkness. Light simply shines when she wants to and darkness appears when the mood suits him. This is how it has always been in Nevernever, the magical realm where faeries- from the beautiful nymphs to the horrendous wyverns- all reside. In this magical realm, even time has no power over it and the creatures who call it home.

One such creature sat on a tree branch with an apple on his hand, absent-mindedly wiping it on his shirt while he gazed in the distance. His red hair was caressed by the wind, as bright as his personality and his adventures as the infamous Robin Goodfellow, the Summer Court jester and accomplished trickster. Although the serious face and silence that he now portrays was very much uncharacteristic of him. As well as the heavy sigh that escaped his lips.

In just a few moments, two of his closest friends would be united. Married in human terms. But why would a fortuitous occasion sadden him? Well, it was because the bride was the only woman he ever loved and the groom was an old friend who became an enemy then perhaps a friend again. For the first time, he was uncertain of his emotions- he was happy that they'd finally have their happily- ever-after and saddened that he could never have his. Would he even attend the wedding? He was invited but are they truly expecting him to come? Would they be disappointed if he did not show up? Would they even realize that he wasn't there? He had so many questions, so many emotions coursing through him at once he did not realize that darkness has already encompassed the whole of wyldwood. With another sigh, he prepared to call onto his summer glamour when he sensed another presence.

"Just come out. I know you're there." He said, preparing his daggers.

"No need for violence, summer fey. I did not come to fight" a woman's voice said.

"Riiight. That's why you're silently watching me. Will you show your face or not?" Puck said sarcastically. "Why don't you show your face now so that I can decide how to carve it!"

A hooded figure came out from behind a tree. Instead of a harpy or an ugly hag that he expected to see, he saw a face of a young lady; her right eye was closed with a scar running through it. Her left eye was focused on him yet at the same time it seemed to see through him.

"Sheath your dagger, Goodfellow. I have no ill will towards you. I merely wish to speak." She said.

"Well that's a first considering that all who want to talk to me either want to kill me or torture me." he replied, amused by the woman's words.

"I merely came here to tell you something important. Something that can change Nevernever's future as well as yours. If you would only hear me out."

"I'm the last person to talk to about Nevernever safety. But sure, I'll bite. What can I do to save this Realm's future."

"You must stop the union of Ash of the Winter Court and the Iron Queen, Meghan Chase." The woman said gravely. The smirk on Puck's face disappeared and his amused expression was replaced by wariness.

"Now, why would I do that?" Puck asked seriously. The woman closed both of her eyes and sighed. "Listen well, summer fey." And she began speaking.

"From the union of the oldblood and the half-breed shall spring forth a creature never before seen in Nevernever. The creature holds a power that was never meant to be joined, to be harnessed. The day that creature walks on these woods will signal the beginning of change in all of Nevernever and in its hands shall rest the fate of this realm. The creature will bring other kinds of soulless monsters that will wreck havoc and eventually destroy all that you see." Then she opened her eyes.

Puck looked at the woman warily. Why should he trust her? She was just some random woman. No, he wouldn't listen to her. "Whatever you say. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a wedding to catch. Tell your tale to someone else. Someone who actually cares."

"Wait, Goodfellow! If you stop their union, you might get a chance have your own happiness. You can get your queen." The woman taunted. "Wouldn't you want that? To have your own happily-ever-after?"

Puck faltered a bit. Another chance to be with Meghan? Her face flashed before him, smiling. Then his fantasies once again played in his mind. Him and Meghan with their arms wrapped around each other, Meghan holding her arms out to him, the two of them together, happy. If only…

NO! He would not be an obstacle to Meghan's happiness. He hoped, wished, that he could be the one who could make her happy but sadly, her heart belongs to Ash. And he belongs to her completely. He would not be an enemy. But surely he won't be an enemy if he only wishes to save Nevernever? Meghan and Ash can forgive him if he tells him of the prophecy that the woman said.

"Decide wisely, Robin Goodfellow. Nevernever rests upon you." and with that, the woman vanished once again.

"And you will know what happens to the faeries that puts their fates in my hands." Puck muttered. He called glamour around him and changed into a huge raven and flew off hurriedly. His decision has been made. He has a wedding to attend to.

The union of Ash, former prince of the Unseelie Court and Meghan Chase, Queen of the Iron Realm was held at the heart of wildwood so that all of the fey may witness their love and their union. Both the summer and the winter courts were there, glaring and hating each other. Of course, the Iron faeries were there, happily guarding their queen and ignoring the hostility thrown towards them. Despite the objections and less than favorable atmosphere during the wedding, the bride and the groom still looked at each other with so much love and affection that they scarcely paid attention to the animosity around them.

After their vows were said and all of Nevernever were called as witnesses, Ash and Meghan were pronounced husband and wife. They proceeded to the dais where they sat as the festivities began. Meghan scanned the room, a small smile on her lips. She was finally happy with the man she loves the most by her side. She glanced at Ash and saw that despite the fact that he wasn't openly smiling at anyone, she could feel that he was happy too. Ash caught her eye and offered her a smile.

"Enjoying the festivities?" he said as he reached for her hand and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

"Very much. Are you?"Meghan asked as her heart sped up.

"Yes. Not the festivities itself but the chance to show to all that you are mine. Only mine as I belong only to you." Meghan's heart beat faster as she and Ash gazed at each other, forgetting all the others. They leaned towards each other until their lips met. Their kiss was meant only as a gentle peck but as they touched, it became a passionate kiss, slowly building up.

"Shouldn't you wait for the honeymoon to do that?" a familiar voice interrupted. Ash and Meghan broke apart. Meghan smiled at the man in front of him, her cheeks slightly red while Ash glared at the intruder.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere else? Dancing or causing trouble to someone?" Ash grumbled.

"That's precisely why I'm here. To ask Meghan to dance and to cause you trouble." Puck smirked, winking at Meghan. She giggled a little and gave her hand to Puck's outstretched hand. She kissed Ash's forehead and whispered, "It's just one dance and we might not get to see Puck in a long while."

"Yeah, ice-boy. Once you're in the Iron Realm you'd miss me too." Puck grinned.

"And I will finally know peace." Ash called as Puck and Meghan made their way to the dance floor.

"I'm glad you can make it, Puck. I really will miss you." Meghan said as they danced.

"Really? How about a kiss to prove it?" Puck joked. Meghan rolled her eyes but smiled at her best friend nonetheless.

"I wouldn't want your death to come right after my wedding. So what have you been up to?"

"Nothing much. Doing errands here, causing troubles there. The usual." Puck shrugged. Then he felt a familiar presence in the room. His eyes roamed around, looking for the hooded figure.

"Looking for someone?" Meghan asked, a slight smile on her face. "Someone catch your eye?"

"Nah. Just thought I saw someone I met earlier. Might have fallen in love with me so I thought she followed me here." Puck joked.

"Really? Is she here? I want to meet her." Meghan said, glancing around the room. "where is she?"

"Not here, princess. I don't think she followed me." Puck said whirling her around. "anyway, I need to ask you something."

"What?" Meghan asked. Puck suddenly became serious and she braced herself for whatever question he wanted to ask.

"Are you happy? I mean really happy? Like your life is complete and you wouldn't want anything else?" Puck asked gravely. Meghan stared at him, his intense eyes and said, "Yes. I am very happy."

She expected Puck to grin at her, like always. What she didn't expect though were the words that Robin Goodfellow told her.

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