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Chapter 2: The Birth

Ash paced back and forth outside his room. The gremlins followed his every step which only irritated him more. Why wasn't he allowed inside his room to be with his wife? Especially in this momentous occasion! If only he was still the Winter prince he would've cut down anyone who stopped him from entering.

But he was no longer the ruthless prince of the Unseelie court. He is now the Consort of the Iron Queen, a loyal knight of the Iron Court. He is a changed man. No longer unfeeling and emotionless for if he was unfeeling, he would not experience the torrent of emotions coursing through him every time he hears a rustle from inside his room, he would not feel panic closing up in his chest every time he hears his wife grunt or whimper through the door.

As Ash turned, he collided with a gremlin, which he guessed was Razor. The other gremlins were behind him, agitated as well. They were also worried about their master. On a different day, he wouldn't have minded being around the gremlins for they were loyal to Meghan and they adored her, but at the moment, he was already on the edge to bother being nice to the gremlins. He drew his sword.

"Follow me again and I swear I will behead each of you and freeze your blood." he said. The gremlins buzzed, as if shouting and cursing at him and he let out a low oath as well.

"You must calm down, sire. Beheading the gremlins, no matter how annoying they are, would not help your case nor her majesty's." a soft voice said from behind him. He sighed and turned around to see a mechanical nymph. Her hair looked like they were dreads but was actually made up of soft cables parted at the middle, framing her kind face. Her bronze skin was covered by silver plates which were shaped like feathers. Her eyes glowed as she smiled.

"Silver. What is happening in there?" Ash asked. Silver was Meghan's only lady-in-waiting. Her brother was one of Machina's loyal knights and when he died, Silver and Plasmion teamed up with the rebels to dethrone the false king. She pledged her loyalty to Meghan while her brother chose to excuse himself from court and live peacefully at the borders near the Fomorian city.

"Calm down, sire. It is almost time. Her majesty just asked me to tell you not to worry, and not to kill anyone. Everything is fine." Silver said, a slight smile on her face. Ash was about to say something when they were interrupted when Meghan's screamed.

"Meghan!" Ash cried, pushing Silver aside and barging in the room. Meghan was lying on the bed with several wire nymphs around her. She saw Ash and smiled tiredly at him.

"Are you alright?" he said as he approached her. She held out her hand which he grasped tightly. Meghan looked at the wire nymph at the foot of her bed and the nymph smiled at them both, in her hands was a small faery covered with white linens.

"Congratulations your majesty, sire. The Iron Kingdom now has a princess." The nymph exclaimed. She placed the baby on Meghan's waiting arms. Meghan kissed the head of her beautiful daughter and cradled him in her chest. All of the pain she felt during her labor, the poking and the cramps were all worth her child and more.

Ash looked at the tiny fey, his daughter, and tears started to run down his eyes. His heart exploded in happiness. He could vaguely hear Silver instructing the nymphs to leave and spread the good news to the kingdom. With one glance upon them, she left the room as well, closing the doors.

Ash kissed Meghan's head. "Thank you."

"For what?" Meghan asked

"For giving me this much happiness, this much love. Thank you for making me feel alive and I-I…" Ash was so overcome by his emotions he could hardly continue what he was saying. He kissed Meghan with all his might, all the passion he could muster, putting all the love, the happiness and gratitude he has.

They eventually broke apart when the baby started to squirm. They both looked at the little bundle of joy, a brand new member of their family. Centuries ago, Ash never wanted to have a child. But now as he gazed at his baby girl, he could no longer think of a life without her, without his wife and child beside him. The happiness and contentment he felt at the moment along with the happiness he felt around Meghan almost made his heart explode. He wrapped his arms around Meghan and his daughter and kissed them both.

His acute senses heard buzzing and rustling along the corridors as the news of his daughter's birth spread through the castle. Everyone would want to congratulate them. They would have to face the Summer and Winter courts if ever they wished to see the child as well. He would have to prepare for confrontations and possible assassinations.

But for now, he doesn't care about all of those. For in his arms were now the two most important beings in his life, his wife and his daughter.

And he would cut down anyone who would try to take them away.

The news about the birth of the Iron princess spread like wildfire in all of Nevernever. The monarchs of the Seelie and the Unseelie courts both refused to see the child claiming that they had nothing to do with her. Many faeries were curious about the child; others consider her as another one of those "Iron Abominations". But there are some who dread the birth of such faery.

One of those who carries dread upon the news was a certain mysterious fey whose name has never been spoken.

She had warned them, warned him, specifically. She thought they would listen to him. They were in fact friends. Perhaps she over estimated friendship, something that she lacks along with a multitude of things.

She was born without anything besides the knowledge that the Iron Queen's child must not live. She does not have memories nor emotions, merely an empty shell with a vague mission to kill the destined fey. Now she must find a way to prevent the prophecy from being realized. That is the only thing that keeps her alive, the only thing that fuels her essence and she will see to its end.

No matter how long it might take, with or without the help of the infamous Summer court jester.

"Goodfellow, until when do you plan on staying here?" Leanansidhe, the Queen of the Exiles sighed. Standing on the platform in her music room was Robin Goodfellow, entertaining- or rather terrorizing- her favorites pets.

"My dear, sweet queen Lea, are you kicking me out too?" Puck clutched his heart, feigning hurt.

"What did you do to raise Oberon's ire again?"

"Who says I raised his ire again? Wait, what do you mean again?"

"I am not an idiot. I know you stay here merely because you wish to hide from someone. Tell me, Goodfellow, if it is not the Erlking you are hiding from then who?" Leanansidhe's eyes glowed.

"Why should I tell you, queen?" Puck asked. Although he crossed his arms on his chest and smiled, inside he was worried. If he angered the queen too much, who knows what she'll do to him?

"Because I have a very important piece of news from the Iron Realm. It concerns the half-breed queen." She said, baiting Goodfellow.

"What news?"

"Tell me why you are here and perhaps I would tell you."

"Fine." Puck sighed. Any news about Meghan was just too tempting. "I am hiding from a certain scary fey who wants me to help her in some ridiculous quest."

"Why do I feel that you are not telling me everything?" Lea narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"That is all there is to know. Now what's the news from the Iron Kingdom? About Meghan?"

"It seems that she has given birth to a daughter." Leanansidhe shrugged.

"Ah, I see." Puck hopped down from the platform, a strange expression on his face. It seems that he was about to leave, about to fulfill a promise he made to someone… he sighed inwardly but on the outside, he smiled at the exile queen. "it seems like I would have to leave your presence"

"Why? To call on your beloved Iron Queen? To see her darling daughter?" the exile queen mocked.

"Maybe. Thank you for your hospitality, great queen. 'Till we meet again!" Puck bowed. Then he opened himself to glamour then changed into a majestic raven and flew off.

"Things are about to get interesting once again. Although I find it tiring to always be involved in all of these." Someone mused from behind Leanansidhe.

"Oh? What kind of quest would they undertake now, dear Grimalkin?"

"Something that I sense would start change." Grim replied stretching his paws.

"And you know all of this because?" Leanansidhe asked, raising her sparkled eyebrows.

"Because I am a cat." And with that, he once again vanished.

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