Title - Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Author name - Soy
Author e-mail - soywon@yahoo.com
Rating - PG
Summary - The Ducks go to a hockey clinic over spring break and are forced to face off not only with other schools, but also with themselves. C/G, J/P
Disclaimer - All of the Ducks are owned by Disney. Most of the schools and players I use in this are real and are owned by themselves. Big shout out to Avon Old Farms for unknowingly lending me not only their name but also their captain, coach, and a few random others.
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Author's Note - This is my first Ducks fic. Sorry if the characters are, well, um, out of character, I really tried to write them right. Also, all mistakes found are there because I can find no one who will beta this story for me. If you are a willing Ducks beta, please let me know and you will become my very best friend.
To address the issue of why there is a hockey camp in Florida, well that goes back to my own prep school experience where during spring break, all of the sports teams were flown down to Florida for clinics. Soccer teams, lacrosse teams, basketball teams, every team went to Florida...


Charlie's POV

I flop back against the couch with a sigh of relief. The heavy heat is weighing down on my shoulders and it feels like it's taking all of my effort just to keep me sitting up straight.

"Move over, Charlie."

I feel a gentle push on my left side and open my eyes to see Connie. She looks about as tired as I feel.

"Can't do, takes too much effort..." Despite my words, I inch over a bit, leaving a space just big enough for Connie to fit into.

"Thanks," she says breathlessly as she collapses down next to me. "You know, if you had just sat on one of the sides of the couch and not in the direct center, you wouldn't have had to move."

"Coulda woulda shoulda," I tell her before shutting my eyes again.

It's so hot out. I'm not used to this. And to think I thought it would be a good idea for the Ducks to do this spring break hockey clinic in Florida...

Who holds a hockey clinic in Florida?

"Is it just me, or is the world melting?" That's the most Averman's said all afternoon. Odd.

I open my eyes again. All of the Ducks are in the room now, all of the ones who came on the trip at least. Guy is sitting in a wicker chair across the room, his eyes focused on Connie, who has taken to leaning her head against my shoulder. Averman and Goldberg, both struck down by the heat, have positioned themselves in front of the small electric fan in the corner of the room. Russ, Ken, and Julie are sharing a tray of ice cubes, some of which they waste by throwing at Portman and Fulton. Even the Bash Brothers don't look too tough in this heat. Luis is standing in the center of the room, turning his head around to look at us all. There's a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth and looks as if he's trying hard not to laugh at us all.

"Come on! What's wrong with all of you, it's not that bad!" Luis yells to anyone who might be paying attention.

"Not that bad?" I ask. "We just got off the airplane a couple hours ago and already I think I'm dying of heat stroke."

"No," Luis shakes his head. "You're all just cowards-"

"Who are you calling cowards?" Portman interrupts him, but not with his usual force. "I'll show you coward, you- you- Aw screw it, it's too hot to make threats."

"I thought Ducks could stand up to anything..." Luis says shaking his head.

Apparently he was wrong. Actually, I think I'll be just fine once I get used to this climate. It was just the shock of leaving a freezing Minnesota to come to this sweltering state. This is my first time in Florida, I have to adjust to it before I'll be able to move... Hopefully I'll make that adjustment before the clinic's opening dinner tonight. And, it has to cool down by nighttime, right?

"Shut up, Miami Boy," Averman doesn't even look away from the fan as he speaks.

Luis sighs audibly and walks over to the wicker footstool in front of Guy's chair. He sits himself down on it and turns to look out the window. I look out the window too. Right outside the window is an empty stretch of beach, and beyond that is a bluish-green ocean. Really, it's a pretty nice view. If nothing else, we have that view...

Actually, we have nice living arrangements in general. I guess traveling under the Eden Hall name earns us a little bit of respect. So what if we only go to takes this trip because Varsity turned it down? I'm fine with taking Varsity's leftovers if those leftovers include a two week fully paid vacation to Florida.

Eden Hall, in combination with the clinic I suppose, is putting the Ducks up in a beach side condo. Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen (not that many of us like to cook), and a living area, and it's all ours for two whole weeks. Sure, the bed-and-bath suite belongs to Coach Orion, and sure there's no TV and only one phone here, but I can make sacrifices... This place is still really nice, nicer than anywhere the Ducks would have been staying a year ago, when we didn't have a private school's money backing us up.

"Alright, who's ready to get to work?" Orion walks into the room wearing his traditional long pants and fleece jacket. All I can think is that he must be dying. Or immune to heat.

"Coach..." A collective whine comes from assorted Ducks around the room.

"Contrary to popular belief, we are not here to loaf. We are here to learn." Coach glances around the room, but none of us appear to have been moved by a couple motivational phrases. "Some of the best hockey teams in the country are going to be at this clinic, we should feel honored to be here-"

"Oh, we are honored," Averman begins, "Just not honored enough to move."

Orion sighs.

"Opening night dinner is in two hours. We have to walk to the dining hall so I suggest that you all be ready to leave in an hour and a half," Orion does not pause to hear the complaints which are already starting. "And remember that tonight is semi-formal dress. You are the representatives of Eden Hall, so try to look-" he turns towards Averman "-and act responsible."

"Shouldn't it be 'act responsibly'?" Connie asks from my shoulder. I thought was asleep...

Orion doesn't hear her, or pretends not to. Instead, he just marches once around the room, then looks to the door. "I'll be in my room, getting ready, if any of you need me."

We won't.

"Well, I'm going to get change..." Luis stands. "Then, maybe I can get to the dinner early and check out all the hockey chicks."

I sigh.

"Come on, everybody." I force myself to sit up. Connie seems upset as I push her upright.

"But Charlie..." Goldberg begins. He doesn't bother to finish, just leans forward, shuts off the fan and stands.

"Hey!" Averman cries, but he too is getting up off the floor. "Stupid hockey clinic... He mutters as he makes his way out of the room.

The other Ducks are doing much the same. See, I'm a leader. I can lead my team to victory, I can lead them to mutiny, and I can lead them to an opening night dinner.