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Chapter 1: Revelations

Meidani groaned, and flicked back an errant lock of silver-blonde hair, as she opened up yet another history book that her mother was forcing her to study. It was one of many subjects that her mother insisted she learn, but Meidani could simply not see the point of it all. They lived in seclusion, not associating with anyone else, in the middle of a forest. Why learn all of this nonsense if she would never even put it to use? If they lived in a city she might understand, but out here? Her mother could not be reasoned with though, and Meidani had to spend several hours of the day studying. Her mother would test her in the evening, once she was done with work, so Meidani could not slack off; no matter how much she wanted to.

Her mother was a Cairhien, one of the lost great Houses of Westeros, and yet she was living alone with her daughter in the middle of nowhere. It was yet another one of her many mysteries. Mysteries that she refused to tell Meidani. Whenever she complained about the bored tedium of their secluded life her mother would always tell her that it was for the best, but no amount of pestering could pull more information out of her. Meidani was never allowed to leave the property, but her mother often ventured to the nearby town for supplies. It was all so unfair.

Perhaps the most annoying secret of her mother's was the identity of Meidani's father. All that her mother would say about him, was that Meidani had inherited her silver-blonde hair and violet eyes from his side of the family; but nothing more was ever divulged. She had lived alone with her mother for her whole life, and she knew nothing about her past. All of the secrets made it hard sometimes, but she knew no other life. Oh she had heard of all the great cities of Westeros, but it all seemed to busy for her. Much as she complained about the house, she loved living out in the open country. All she wanted was to be able to go out perhaps, to possess at least a hint of freedom.

Her lip curled as she read about the Targaryen dynasty of rulers. They started out so mightily, but their end showed the truth of what they had become. The dragon's blood had run thin, and Aerys Targaryen was known as the Mad King. He had lead to the destruction of his line, and the loss of the Iron Throne to Robert Baratheon, how she hated him. The original Targaryens themselves she held no quarrels with, but over the years the noble line had dwindled into insanity.

"Meidani!" the sudden call and sound of the door bursting open made her jump.

She exited her room and peered over the stair railing. "Mother? What are you doing home so early?"

"No time to explain, you have to go," her mother insisted.

"What?" Meidani rushed down the stairs, "Why?"

"I can't say," her mother replied; hastily stuffing food into a small bag, "But you have to trust me, you must go. Now. I have given you perhaps a few house lead, but you must made haste."

Meidani put out a hand and grabbed her mother's wrist, "Mother, what is going on?"

"Please, just go," her mother begged.

Meidani shook her head, "Not this time mother, I've listened to you my whole life and endured your uncountable secrets, but not this time. Tell me."

Her mother threw up her hands," Alright! But you must go, do we have an agreement?"

"Yes," Meidani agreed, "Why are you not coming?"

"Because I need to hold them off," her mother replied.

"Hold who off?" she asked.

"The Lannisters, they've found me," her mother said.

"Lannisters? Why would they be after you?" Meidani inquired.

"Because of who your father is," her mother murmured.

Meidani gasped, "My father? Who was he?"

Her mother's eyes filled with tears. "Aerys Targaryen."

Her jaw dropped open, "The Mad King? He's my father? Mother! How could you?"

"I had no choice," her mother replied bitterly, "House Cairhien was closely allied with House Targaryen, that is why we were all whipped out in the rebellion. But because of those bonds we associated with the family a lot, and what the King wants, he gets."

"You were raped?" Meidani questioned.

Her mother nodded shamefully, "It was only days before his murder, and I thought that nobody knew. I fled Kings Landing, just wanting to escape him, and was counted amongst the other dead members of my family. Even I did not know that I carried his child when I ran."

"You're saying that I share blood with that monster?" Meidani was disgusted.

"You have the Targaryen blood, but yours is of far greater standing than your fathers. You are true to that line, and mine," her mother whispered.

"If you were thought dead, when why are the Lannisters after you?" Meidani asked; not wanting to go on about her parentage.

"I don't know, rumours, spies," her mother replied, "But they are coming, and they are ruthless. Jaime killed your father, and now he rides for this house and he will kill you too."

"But mother, you cannot stay!" Meidani exclaimed, "How can you expect me to run and leave you?"

"You must," her mother insisted, "I can perhaps delay them for a short time, you must go to the coast. Find a boat to take you across the Narrow Sea, your siblings should still be alive there. Find them."

"They are no kin to me," Meidani sneered, "Why should I run to them?"

"Because then you will be safe," her mother said.

Before either of them could take the matter further, Meidani heard the sound of many hooves drumming against the earth. The blood fled from her mother's face.

"Go," she insisted.

"I cannot now, they will be coming from both sides," Meidani protested, "And I would not leave you."

"Hide then," her mother hissed, "To the compartment."

Meidani winced, thinking of the enclosed room that her mother spoke of.

"Can I not stay with you?" she asked.

"I may be able to ward them off if it is just me, but with you they would never leave," her mother replied, "Now hide."

The frantic, pleading look that her mother sent her made Meidani's mind up; and she hastened for the compartment. It was just a small hole in the wall, but the door was near impossible to see if you didn't know of its existence. Even now she had trouble locating it, but once she had she squeezed herself into the cramped space. Holding her breath as the loud sounds got closer. It wasn't long before she heard the door break open, and the loud thump of heavy feet marching into her house.

"Penelope Cairhien, it has been a long time," a male voice greeted; on the surface it sounded cheerful, but Meidani shivered in spite of herself.

"Jaime Lannister, if only it could have been longer," her mother shot back.

"You have rather a lot of nerve, speaking to me in that fashion," he noted.

"It runs in my family," she replied.

"How true, too bad that that they're all dead," he said mockingly.

"That blame lies with you," she mother hissed.

"No, it lies with them," he corrected, "They refused to swear fealty to Robert and remained loyal to the Targaryens, I merely carried out my orders."

"Like a good little dog," she sneered.

"I tire of your banter," Jaime said; a more dangerous tone creeping into his voice, "I heard rumours in that little town about you. And there were other rumours as well. They spoke of a daughter of yours, a daughter with Targaryen colouring."

"The townspeople have let their imaginations run away with them, I have no children," she replied.

"Oh? So there was no child produced that night that Aerys Targaryen ravaged you for hours?" Jaime inquired.

"No," her mother's reply was short, and Meidani could hear the barely held back anger in her voice.

"Hmm, you know what? You Cairhiens may have been courageous, but I never met a single one of you who could tell a lie," Jaime said, "So tell me Penelope, where is the bastard?"

"You'll never find her, she's fled to her siblings," her mother hissed.

Jaime made a tutting sound, "What have I said about Cairhiens and lying? No matter, there are other ways. Men, search the house."

Meidani spent the next few minutes seething with rage at the treatment her mother was taking, but did not reveal herself, knowing that it would waste her mother's efforts. The soldiers scoured the house from end to end, but they never found her hiding place.

"We found nothing ser," one informed.

"That's not good now is it?" Jaime said, "Ah well, I suppose that we shall just have to resort to more extreme methods."

"What are you talking about?" her mother asked; panic seeping into her voice for the first time.

"Burn it down," Jaime commanded.

Meidani's eyes widened in horror, oh no! She had to get out! But the horror turned to puzzlement, as her mother started roaring with laughter.

"You fool! Fire cannot hurt a dragon, and my daughter carries the pure blood of the Targaryens," she said haughtily.

"You're forgetting your own house sign," Jaime informed, "That of an oak tree, and wood burns. Tie her down."

"Even if you burn me, you won't' harm her!" her mother cried.

"Well if that's the case then we'll just have to fish her out of the ashes," Jaime noted dryly, "Now will someone get a torch and some rope."

As people hurried to do his bidding, Jaime raised his voice to a shout.

"If you don't wish to see your mother burnt alive young bastard, I suggest you come out of hiding! If you do it nice and quickly, we might spare her life."

"Don't' listen to him!" her mother cried.

Meidani's thoughts raced for several seconds. If she didn't act, then she and her mother would be burnt alive. There was really no other option. She opened up the door and crawled from her hiding place. Jaime Lannister whirled around as he heard the noises from behind him, he was a tall man probably a few years younger than her mother. And he had blonde locks coupled with intense green eyes, his face was handsome she supposed, but it possessed a cruel streak that made her cringe.

"I'm here, don't hurt her," she said; meeting his green gaze with her purple one.

"You really do take after the Targaryens," he noted; taking in her hair and eyes.

"You can do what you want with me, but leave my mother alone," she said.

Jaime's brows arched and a laugh escaped him, "That was perhaps not the best phrasing, for I will be sure to take you up on the offer."

Meidani blushed as she realised what he meant, "Leave her alone."

"I'm sorry, but you just weren't' quick enough," he said; and slit her mother's throat before she could blink.

"NO!" the scream ripped itself from her throat, "You monster! How could you!"

Jaime shrugged nonchalantly, "Like I said, you should have been quicker."

Meidani didn't' even think, she launched herself at him and delivered a punch to his face. Before she could attack again, he had grabbed both of her wrist in one hand and slammed her against the wall. Pinning them above her head, he leaved in close.

"That, was a very stupid thing to do."

"You bastard," she hissed.

"On the contrary, you are the only bastard here," he said.

Her only response to this was to spit in his face. He wiped it off angrily, cleaning his hand on the front of her dress.

"Ser, shall we dispose of her?" a soldier asked.

A cruel smirk twisted Jaime's mouth, "No, I think we might take her with us actually. She did offer after all."

"No!" Meidani cried; and began struggling against his grip.

It was to no avail, he was far stronger than she. And while still keeping her wrist imprisoned, he dragged her away from the house.

"You monster! I'll never go with you! I'd rather die!" she yelled.

"Much as I do love a fiery temper, yours is starting to annoy me," he said.

Before Meidani could snap another remark at him, something hit her hard across the head. She didn't even have time to process the attack before she slumped into unconsciousness.

"Are you sure that you want to do this ser?" one of the men asked.

"I like a challenge," Jaime replied, "And besides, with the other Targaryen brats hiding in the free cities, plotting their return no doubt, we need a nice piece of leverage against them."

"Is that all you want her for?" the other man asked.

Jaime smirked, "Not by a long shot."

Meidani's hands and feet were bound, and she was unceremoniously slung across Jaime's horse.

"One more thing; burn the house down," he commanded.

He turned around to ride off as a few soldiers remained behind to do the job. Well, that had been a rather eventful day, and he must say that he had come out better for it. Killing the last Cairhien and kidnapping the last Targaryen bastard, who was rather beautiful, was quite a good achievement he thought. And he would even let the fun carry on tonight.

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