Survivor Mayan Ruins Episode 9

Last time on Survivor Misty was upset at Zergling for voting out Flak leaving her to be next. On Pokemon Tribe Oak tried to persuade his tribe that Mightyena should go however after reward and her showing arrogance for being in power a few tribe members started to think about taking her out. Fallout Tribe lost reward and Misty blindsided Riddick's alliance by pulling out the idol and taking out Breen. 10 are left who will be voted out next?

Fallout Tribe Night 22

Shank: That was *beep*ing stupid you little bitch!

Misty: It was either him or me. Don't be such a sore loser.

Shank: You little!

Zergling: Whoa calm down Shank. She could have taken out any of us.

Shank: You are spared from my wrath for tonight.

Riddick: Where and when did you find it?

Misty: Under a tree by the water.

Riddick's Confession: Misty made a big move in tribal council. She played the idol and took out Breen. I am pissed that she took out my final 3 goat on the other hand I am impressed that she made a huge move.

Riddick: No matter the merge is coming up soon. I know it.

Scooter: Where did the old guy go?

Zergling: He got voted out.

Misty's Confession: Zergling gave me his idol and in return I will not expose the fact that he wanted Breen gone.

Shank: Whatever I am going to sleep.

Zergling's Confession: I needed Breen gone for two reasons. One I needed Riddick's power to weaken. Two Breen would vote for me. Riddick also revealed something surprising. He does not think anyone in his alliance are capable of pulling off a power move. I mean he said that he has to remind his alliance. I am undermining him and he does not even know it.

Pokemon Tribe Day 23

*The tribe huddles around treemail*

Lesko: Looks like a merge.

J'Skar: We have to go to a new location. Most likely to make a new shelter.

Oak's Confession: I am very glad that there is a merge. I am ready to flip and take out Mightyena. She will not go any further. Mark my words.

New Tribe Day 23

*All ten survivors get to their new camp*

J'Skar: So who went?

Misty: Breen.

Raul: He seemed weak.

Misty: Oh he was.

J'Skar's Confession: Well here we are in the new tribe. Usually we start strategizing but we need to work on shelter and fire. We have none of those and in fact we have none of our rewards from the tribal rewards with exception of the pool.

Riddick: We need to split up on the chores here. J'Skar can you Mightyena make fire? Misty and Scooter gather wood. Everyone else let's make shelter.

Riddick's Confession: I figured if I can get rid of the couple and make an alliance of 6 I can control the tribe and slowly take them out one by one.

*Riddick gathers the 6 and started building the shelter*

Riddick: Listen Lesko, Raul, and Oak. Let us join forces and take out the other four.

Oak: I am in. Who is first?

Riddick: Mightyena. She is the strongest of four despite being the smallest.

Shank: Agreed.

Lesko's Confession: Take out Mightyena? Doesn't Riddick realize that Mightyena may have others like me and Raul. Maybe this merge could be easier than we thought.

*Misty and Scooter go up to Mightyena and J'Skar*

Misty: Looks like we are in the same boat here.

Mightyena: Looks like it. Riddick is trying to convince everyone to vote with him.

Misty: I know we had our differences but maybe we can work together.

Mightyena: Okay, fine. But I know that we can have the majority.

Misty: Why?

J'Skar: We have Lesko and Raul.

Misty's Confession: Back in Pokemon Tribe me and Mightyena never got along. But this is the merge and I am willing to work with her. I rather get voted off by her than Riddick.

Misty: I might have Zergling.

Mightyena: Might?

Misty: Well he's been protecting me but he has voted against my alliance.

Mightyena: So? At worst it will be 6-4.

Mightyena's Confession: Time for me being in the minority is done. Me and Misty buried the hatchet and we are going to control the merge.

J'Skar: Who are we voting out first?

Misty: Riddick he's the leader.

Mightyena: I prefer Oak he's been trying to get people on his side and is the most manipulative.

J'Skar: Shank. He's the most irritable.

Scooter: Breen. He's too old.

Misty: Breen's gone.

Scooter: Oh.

J'Skar's Confession: We have a solid 4 and now I just need to make sure that Raul and Lesko are on our side. They both flipped once. They might do it again.

*Shank comes back with Zergling carrying a huge crate*

Shank: We have a feast guys!

Shank's Confession: Back in prison I had to eat the worst food ever. Here we barely have food. Because of that I knew that this is going to be awesome.

*The tribe gathers around to eat*

Misty: Delicious.

Raul: Yeah, agreed.

Riddick: Take a good look around. 10 will soon be 9 then 8 and so forth until we hit the final 3.

Raul's Confession: This is the calm before the storm. We maybe acting civil now but we all have some kind of grudge. Misty against Riddick and Shank. Mightyena against Oak. It's only going to get worse. I predict that it's going to be chaotic as time goes on.

Oak: I am very glad that I made it.

Mightyena: Not me.

Oak: I swear I was dead on that tribe.

Mightyena: Are you trying to get yourself booted. Don't announce that you are alone. Makes you an easy target.

Oak: Oh please you would not know strategy if it kicks you in your behind.

Mightyena: Excuse me? Who got Giovanni out?

Shank: Come on fight! I want to see claws and fists running.

Oak: You are not helping.

Oak's Confession: With the merge here it helps my game. If can join Riddick and vote out Mightyena. Winning is not important. Once she is gone I can concentrate on my game.

Raul: Zergling you've been quiet.

Zergling: I have no reason to talk.

Zergling's Confession: I am laying low right now. Everyone will be targeting others due to emotions. The calm ones however will try to jump at the opportunity. Like me. Kerrigan's strategies have been yelling at my head to make a big move but I am not listening to them. She is so going to kill me.

New Tribe Day 23

*The tribe was huddled around the fire*

Mightyena: We never actually came up with a name for the tribe.

Lesko: True. We need to give it a memorable name though.

Scooter: I know.

Mightyena's Confession: We spent so much time working yesterday that we forgot to name out new tribe. I would hate to be a member of the New Tribe.

Riddick: I have nothing.

Misty: Me either.

J'Skar: How about the Oblivion tribe.

Raul: That could work.

Riddick: I second it.

Shank: Hell lets name ourselves that.

J'Skar's Confession: Oblivion is where the Deadra Princes live. It's the worst place to be. From what I heard it's full of fire, lava, corpses, and taps. Not the place that a Khajiit should be.

Riddick: Good thing that is over with.

*The tribe splits up as Raul meets with J'Skar*

Raul: Just so you know Riddick is targeting Mightyena.

J'Skar: Well we got Misty and Scooter.

Raul: We should target Riddick then.

J'Skar: Yeah he seems too much of a physical and mental threat.

J'Skar's Confession: Contestants that are strong may not be a mental threat but someone like Riddick is both strong and smart. Worse yet Oak is with him. We need to get rid of him before he can do damage.

Raul: Luckily he made enemies.

J'Skar: According to Misty their tribe's hidden immunity idol has been used.

Raul: Good.

Raul's Confession: I know that J'Skar thinks that me and Lesko are in his alliance but we are keeping our options open. We need to figure out which alliance will get out farther.

*Oak was sitting by the fire with Zergling*

Oak: You are an interesting species.

Zergling: So?

Oak: What are you?

Zergling: A species called Zerg. My breed is a Zergling.

Oak: I see. Do you have an actual name?

Zergling: Why would I need a name?

Oak: Think about it. What if there are millions of Zergling.

Zergling: Billions actually.

Oak: So why don't you choose a name?

Zergling: Never needed one.

Oak's Confession: Zergling is probably the most quiet of the 10 here. He rarely speaks and I figured since his species are Zerglings and the name Zergling is pretty boring.

Oak: Hmm how about the name Maple?

Zergling: Not interested.

Oak: Pine?

Zergling: No.

Oak: Elm?

Zergling: Not interested in tree names.

Zergling's Confession: If I was going to choose a name for myself I prefer to have a name that can be feared. How can someone fear the name maple? Although I may be looking for an actual name. Kerrigan would not approve but she is not here.

*Misty comes over to Zergling and Oak*

Misty: Oak are we still together? Back into the alliance that we had right?

Oak: Of course.

Misty: Good. My time here has been hell.

Zergling: Luckily she found the hidden immunity idol.

Oak: Oh yes and you got rid of Breen. Interesting choice.

Misty: He would have made it far since half of the people here are strong.

Oak: True but you could have made a power move and taken out Riddick.

Misty: And he would target me in the merge. He has his sights set on someone else.

Oak's Confession: Misty is playing a survival game hoping to make it to the next day. That kind of play does not win survivor. People respect big moves and surprises. Too bad for her that I already made another alliance.

Oak: So who are you targeting Misty?

Misty: Not sure. We will see later. Maybe Raul.

Zergling: He was pretty strong.

Misty's Confession: I know Oak is trying to get me to reveal information on my alliance. I was informed on how he played the game and guess what two can play that game. Sorry Oak but you have to do better than that.

Oak: Zergling do you have any thought?

Zergling: Not really. I am just going with the majority.

Scooter: How about my thoughts?

Oak: No need.

Scooter's Confession: No one ever asks me for my opinion. I thought we could take the head of the alliance like Riddick and maybe target Shank or Raul since either can go on an immunity run. Oh well.

Zergling: Well I guess we will see after immunity.

Oak: Okay.

Zergling's Confession: In truth I have no idea who to vote for. Rididck is the leader and the biggest threat. Oak needs to go for the simple reason that he knows how to manipulate people. Raul is strong. Mightyena is strong and survived the minority. J'Skar is sneaky and Shank is louder and strong. All good reasons to vote them. I kind of think I am the swing vote no one realizes. Is like me getting Marcus, Flak, and Breen out. I am a master mind and no one realizes it. They are all focused on each other.

*Shank comes over with tree mail*

Shank: Hey! Prison bitches we got treemail and its immunity!

J'Skar: What does it say?

Shank: Blah blah blah immunity. Blah blahblah insert cheesy *beep* here. Blah blah winner gets into final 9.

Shank's Confession: *beep* yeah this is what I love. Challenges! I am hoping to win them all. It would be sweet to get to the finals and go. I do not need a *beep*ing strategy I got immunity.

Shank: Just to tell you guys. I got this challenge.

Lesko's Confession: Shank is going to have a rude awakening. He is the most annoying person on the tribe. He kind of thinks that he is the cool athletic dude but he is a bigger loser than me.

Immunity Day 24

Nighteye: Welcome to immunity. You are playing for individual immunity and today's challenge will test your knowledge of previous seasons as well as your endurance. You will all hold weight that starts out as 10% of your body weight. I will ask questions and for every time someone gets an answer correct they can add 10% to another survivor's weight however for every wrong answer you will get 10% added to you own. Last one left wins immunity. Let's start.

*Everyone starts out holding up 10% of their body weight*

Nighteye: Question 1 which two survivors sabotaged their camp to get back at Arthas?

Riddick: Jim and Illidan.

Nighteye: Correct.

Riddick: Misty.

Nighteye: Misty is now holding 20% of her body weight.

Misty: Damn it it's heavy!

Nighteye: Next question which two survivors were injured in season 2?

Riddick: Kaiden and Hunter.

Nighteye: Correct.

Riddick: Misty.

*Misty drops her weights as well as Lesko*

Nighteye: Misty is out. As well as Lesko.

Lesko: Sorry my hand slipped.

Nighteye: Only 8 left. Next question who convinces Mario to vote out an ally and promised him an idol?

Zergling: Krystal?

Nighteye: Wrong. Zergling is holding 20% if his body weight.

Mightyena: Snake.

Nighteye: Correct.

Mightyena: Oak.

Nighteye: Oak is carrying 20% of his body weight.

Oak: I am way too old for this.

Nighteye: Next question who gave up immunity and voted himself out?

Raul: Claptrap?

Nighteye: Wrong. Raul is now carrying 20% of his body weight.

Oak: Gir?

Nighteye: Correct.

Oak: Mightyena.

Mightyena: I weight like 50 pounds. So bring it on.

Nighteye: Mightyena is carrying 10% of her body weight. Next question which person was brought back in All-Stars that never appeared in Video Game Survivor?

Oak: Pas…

Mightyena: Pascel?

Nighteye: Close enough.

Mightyena: Oak!

*Oak drops his weights*

Oak: Enough of this.

Mightyena: Umm Shank I guess.

Shank: Bring it on furball!

Nighteye: Shank is carrying 20% of his body weight. Next question who stole from the opposite tribe when they were kidnapped?

Scooter: Umm Richard Hatch?

Nighteye: Wrong series.

Scooter: Dang nabbit!

*Scooter drops his weights*

Nighteye: Scooter is out.

Mightyena: Kasumi.

Nighteye: Correct!

Mightyena: Riddick!

Nighteye: Riddick is hold 20% of his body weight.

*Several questions later*

Nighteye: After 15 questions Riddick is carrying 50% of his body weight, Zergling 40%, Raul 20%, Mightyena 40%, Shank 60%, and J'Skar 30%. Next question who was ran off the road during the challenge and injured?

Mightyena: Lilith!

Nighteye: Correct!

Mightyena: Shank.

*Shank could not carry the weight and drops it*

Nighteye: Shank is out. Next question who was the only person voted out 7-0?

J'Skar: Gir.

Nighteye: Correct.

J'Skar: Riddick.

*Riddick drops out*

Nighteye: Riddick is out!

Zergling: Mightyena I will drop out if you do not target me.

Mightyena: Deal.

*Zergling drops his weight*

Nighteye: This is a surprise.

Zergling: I have yet to get a question right.

*J'Skar drop out soon afterwards*

J'Skar: Sorry. Khajiit's muscles were getting tired.

Raul: They are targeting you Mightyena just so you know.

Mightyena: If you drop I will make sure that we will not drop you.

Raul: Deal!

*Raul drops his weights*

Nighteye: Mightyena wins immunity!

Mightyena: YES!

Nighteye: Mightyena you are safe from Tribal Council tonight. However one of you are not. Head back to camp.

Oblivion Tribe Day 24

Mightyena's Confession: I won immunity and I am feeling safe for once. Once Riddick and Shank were out everyone else pretty much quit the challenge Not that it mattered everyone else is pretty much safe.

*Misty, Scooter, Lesko, Mightyena, J'Skar, and Raul gather by the shelter*

Misty: Riddick needs to go tonight.

Mightyena: Agreed.

Misty: We have 6 votes but I could get a 7th.

Lesko: Great. The more the better.

Lesko's Confession: We have 6 votes already against Riddick and we easily vote him off however he can always find the hidden immunity idol and use it to take one of us out. And knowing he would take out someone important.

J'Skar: So should we get Zergling on board with us?

Lesko: He does not seem too much of a threat. We can try.

Misty: Yeah, he did not get a question wrong during the challenge.

Misty's Confession: So far I am the only one that knows that Zergling is smarter than people think. I knew that he threw the challenge but me and him are in an alliance and we are playing both sides.

Lesko: What if Riddick has the hidden immunity idol?

Raul: Crap, I almost forgot that. Loco could have the hidden immunity idol since he is smart.

Lesko: Well we can go after Zergling, Shank, or Oak. Either can be a target.

Misty: I do not want Zergling to go yet. He may help us.

Mightyena: I rather have Oak go.

Misty: But Oak sucks at challenges. However without Shank life in camp will be better.

J'Skar: We could go for Shank and we can split the votes next vote.

Raul's Confession: Me and Lesko are still thinking of flipping and Oak is going to tell us who they are targeting now that Mightyena won immunity. Without them knowing we can change the tide of this tribe.

*Riddick's alliance meets*

Riddick: Well Mightyena won immunity. Who can we target now?

Shank: Misty bitch!

Oak: Misty is no threat. I think we can target J'Skar for being Mightyena's second.

Oak's Confession: I took out Mightyena's allies before. Magikarp, Ellis, and J'Skar. I am going to make sure she is next though.

Riddick: They are aiming for me and we have four votes.

Oak: Lesko and Raul are flipping.

Riddick: Good.

Riddick's Confession: This vote will determine which alliance is in power. Whoever gets this vote gets a free ride to the final 5. And I am looking forward to the backstabbing.

*The tribe heads out to Tribal Council*

Tribal Council #9

Nighteye: Welcome to Tribal Council. So Shank what did you name the tribe?

Shank: Oblivion tribe. Pretty much I think that it is kickass name though. It's pretty much hell in J'Skar's universe.

Nighteye: Misty what did you notice about both tribes joining?

Misty: It was a bit chaotic and a little crowded but we did work well together. We got shelter and fire quiet quickly. If us 10 faced off against the previous 10 we would beat them every time.

Nighteye: Lesko do you have any idea how this tribal council will go?

Lesko: Not really, I believe targets have change about a dozen times and I have no idea who is with who in this game.

Nighteye: Mightyena, how badly did you need immunity?

Mightyena: Very badly. If I did not win there would be a good chance that I would be going home.

Oak: You got lucky this time.

Mightyena: I kicked you ass. I got more questions right and you buckled under the weight quickly.

Oak: You weigh 50 pounds!

Mightyena: Of course. And yet am I stronger than you.

Nighteye: Riddick one hidden immunity idol was used already. Any idea about the other?

Riddick: I have it and plan on using it. I know that I am in their sights and they will not take me down.

Nighteye: Zergling, being one the strongest in the tribe do you feel that you can be a threat?

Zergling: Well I suck at trivia…

Lesko: I thought that you had every strategy made by Kerrigan in your head.

Zergling: I stopped listening to those. Kerrigan may have created me but I know that they will not help me win. And also I never seen any of the previous seasons. Only her complaining about how much Arthas and Brick were as dumbasses.

Nighteye: Well it is time to vote. Mightyena you are up first.

*Mightyena votes*


Mightyena: I prefer Oak but one less ally for him.

*Oak votes*

*Lesko votes*

*Raul votes*

*J'Skar votes*

*Riddick votes*


Riddick: Nothing person but you are a threat.

*Shank votes*

Cat bitch

Shank: Meow, meow mother*beep*er.

*Misty votes*


Misty: You need to grow up.

*Zergling votes*

*Scooter votes*

Nighteye: Time for me to read the votes. *Nighteye gets the urn* Riddick want to use that idol?

Riddick: Nope.

Nighteye: First vote…


Cat Bitch

J'Skar most likely.





Shank: What the *beep*?



Eleventh person vote out of Survivor…



Nighteye: Shank get over here.


*Shank throws his torch into Zergling and walks away*

Nighteye: Hey! That is no way to treat others!

Shank: *Beep* you!

Nighteye: *takes out a rocket launcher* You are out of this game and in the jury. Get the *beep* out of here!

*Shank walks away giving everyone the finger*

Nighteye: Well head back to camp. Too angry to say something intelligent.

Shank's Final Words: *Beep* you all! I am not saying anything more.

Next time on Survivor…Riddick confronts Zergling on flipping as J'Skar is caught peeping. While Oak's and Mighyena's fights grow more intense on the next drama filled episode of survivor.

Voted for Shank: J'Skar, Mightyena, Misty, Lesko, Raul, Zergling, Scooter

Voted for J'Skar: Shank, Riddick, Oak.

Notes on the booted: Shank was supposed to be the loud angry person of the season unfortunately he got a smaller role mainly because he would be another Brick or Arthas and he would get annoying fast. And I always planned on Breen and Shank going back to back.