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"Ha! I knew it I knew it!" Stella cheered.

"Oh my god!" Layla and Musa responded.

"I knew something was going on..." Riven and Brandon added.

"Finally, you guys can admit your love." Nabu commented.

"I'm with Nabu here!" Timmy and Sky added.

"I'm so happy for you guys!" Tecna and Bloom cheered.

"Will you guys stop?" I asked.

"Yeah, seriously guys!" Helia said.

Helia and I were really bad at hiding our relationship, so we got caught about after a few days. Everybody was rubbing in our faces about how they knew that we both secretly liked each other. But Helia and I didn't care. Well for me, I was glad that we didn't have to hide it. I'm just happy that I finally have someone to love. Could Helia be my Romeo?

Several years later...

I stared at the reflection one last time in the three sided mirror.

My hair was pinned in an elegant up do, with my hair parted to the sides. My makeup was simple, but it still made me look flawless. And best of all, my wedding dress.

"Flora, are you ready? The ceremony is about to start!" my mother called out.

"I'm coming." I said, smiling one last time in the mirror.

Can you guess who my husband is going to be?

I exited out of the dressing room, and got into my position.

I held the assortment of pink and yellow bouquet of flowers in my hands firmly, as they started shaking from anxiousness.

The curtains rose in front of me, exposing a crowd of people sitting in rows, all facing me.

Instead of having a traditional wedding in a church, Helia and I both agreed on holding the ceremony at a rose garden, instead. I smiled, as I was extremely satisfied with how the rose garden looked.

White fences surrounded the area, which were covered in red and pink roses. The stage was decorated with a variety of bright, colorful roses. The podium, where the priest stood waiting, was draped in fresh flowers, and yellow and pink ribbons. The white, grand piano started playing, as I took in a deep breath.

My father walked me down the white carpet, covered in assortments of pink and red roses.

"Ready?" he whispered in my ear.

I nodded as we both walked in a steady pace down the white carpet.

I smiled at Helia, as I came face to face with him.

He was wearing a classic black suit, white buttoned down shirt under, and a black bow tie. I couldn't help but notice how amazing he looked.

To his right were his grooms men, Sky, Nabu, Brandon, Timmy, and Riven. They were all dressed in the same outfits as Helia, except they all had matching yellow ties. To the left were my bridesmaids, Bloom, Layla, Stella, Tecna, and Musa. They all looked beautiful in matching creamy pink, knee length dresses.

"You look beautiful." Helia whispered.

I blushed. Yes, even though I'm a grown, I still blush.

The priest began to speak.

A good fifteen minutes later, the priest finally asked Helia the question that everyone's been waiting to hear.

His beautiful green eyes, which I always loved, glistened. "I do."

I felt my heart skipping a beat.

The priest then glanced over at me, and asked me the life changing question. I looked up at Helia, who seemed so sure of this decision.

"I do." I smiled.

The whole crowd stood up, as they erupted into cheers.

"You may now kiss the bride." the priest instructed Helia.

Helia, without hesitation, leaned in, and gave me a long peck on the lips.

I couldn't believe how long it was since I first met Helia. We had a rough start, but look at us now.

We're now married.

Helia was going to be mine until the day I die. Helia can be my Romeo and I'll be his Juliet. We're the perfect two.

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