Darker Then The Sun

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki is a male calico neko who's been adopted by Urahara Kisuke, after being taken in off the streets. But not long after his 16th birthday, Ichigo is catnapped and sold on the black market. The question is, who bought him?

WARNING! This will contain material not appropriate for underage readers. Rated MA for 18+

RAPE WARNING: There will be some slight non-con and dub-con, if you don't like then don't read!

*This is set in an AU of the human world *

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or the characters of Bleach and that goes for the rest of this fanfic as well...

Grimmjow X Ichigo; Along with other one-sided pairings

Darker then the Sun: Chapter 1

Ichigo's POV

What kept me alive until now?

I don't know how to answer that.

Who did I belong to before?

I don't know how to answer that.

Where will I go from here?

I don't know how to answer that...

What is my name...?

...Ichigo Kurosaki...that is my name...

I'm not special, no one wants me...I was abandoned because no one wants me, my parents left me behind, alone. I was found by humans that brought me to their environment while I was just a kitten. I don't remember much from my kittenhood, I know the humans didn't treat hybrids like equals. Only as pets, some used for experiment, and even sexual pleasure...Hybrids that disobey humans are sent to the pits...sold from their currents masters to willing buyers. Their new master then force their hybrid to fight other hybrids, usually leading to one of their deaths, bets are one or lost.

This is seen as a sport, and not even one bit a secret, or illegal...even nobles like seeing pit battles, so they may even have a chance to buy a hybrid that peaks their interest. A hybrid bought by a noble, the highest authority around, would be broken in no time.

I am a feral feline; I was taken from the 'Outside' after my folks left me to fend for myself, only caring about the well being of their two new born daughters after me. I felt useless as they cages me and left me in a dark room. My new owner was quite strange...he would brush my fiery orange hair with such care...cooing soothing words as he did. He was strange, his name was Urahara.

One day he stopped putting me in the dark room, probably trusting me enough not to think I might escape, even though I had no intention to do so. I kinda liked my new owner, I wasn't raised the way I should have, I wasn't raised like a feral hybrid, I was easily tamed and domesticated. This man was really strange though, he wore green clothes with a striped bucket shaped hat, very strange...The hat also hid his eyes under a shadow with his blond bangs.

Once in a while I would see a dark skinned women, I could tell she was a hybrid too, her golden sharp eyes always looked at me lovingly. Her hair was a silky purple color that added to her unique physique. When I grew used to her presence she started hugging me, and showering me with affection, like my mom would used to do before she and my pop left me. I liked the attention. She would give me sweets and brush my hair out when it got longer, leaving my spiky hair stop my head though, and keeping Urahara from cutting it. She then started dressing me...in female clothes. I wasn't naive, I knew I was a boy...yet for some reason it felt right. I didn't mind, one day Urahara tells me why she does what she does. ''She wanted a daughter'' I didn't mind much, being treated like a girl, but only if my new mother, Yoruichi, was the one doing it.

Yoruichi would take me out for walks to the store and park, treating me like her precious little girl, I was too oblivious at the time to notice the looks I was getting, and it made Yoruichi happy and alert at the same time.

One day, around when I was about 12 years old, Urahara brought home another hybrid, I was scared at first when I realized he looked a lot like me...but he was an albino feline, even though Urahara said his species was calico. Male calicos are hard to come by, which is why they are very rare as pets, usually around here, calicos in general are uncommon and feral, barley spotted within city walls.

His name was Shirosaki...but I called him Shiro for short, it took a whole week for me to get used to him. He had white hair, white ears and a silk white tail, his eyes were sharp, golden irises surrounded by black, and he always wore a grin that showed off his sharp canines. One day we were out in the yard sunbathing and another feline hybrid roamed into our territory, Shiro didn't like how he looked at me. And ended up clawing off several tuffs of the intruders hair. Let's just say he never came back through our yard again.

It was nice, having a family with just the four of us. But then the day I finally came of age was upon me...


''Happy birthday my beautiful daughter!'' Yoruichi cried out happily as she hugged her feminine son dearly. Ichigo smiled as he was held before he was released.

''Now that your 16 you can do anything, even go out and get a mate!''

''Mom!'' Ichigo blushed hotly as he looked away with a cute scowl. Hybrids like felines and canines, come of age at 16, which is the same for a human of 21 years old. They could do anything they wanted that was legal for their age. Well...as long master allows it.

Ichigo turned to glare at Shiro who is snickering by the stairs. The albino is 5'10'' while Ichigo only stood at 5'8'', he was more muscular unlike his feminine sibling, and currently now two years older then Ichigo, and he enjoys seeing Ichigo embarrassed expression. The alpha would continually tease the little submissive constantly, loving how Ichigo would lash some times.

''Hmph!'' Ichigo crossed his arms and quickly left the living room to the kitchen. It's just him, Yoruichi and Shiro for the day, while Urahara attended to his job responsibilities.

The weird blond never said much about his job, all Ichigo knew was that Urahara works as a scientist for the Espada Corps. He's Aizen's most trusted employee, the one who runs the large coporation.

He's supposedly all powerful and a idol to the community of Karakura. Like a saint. Although Ichigo wouldn't want to know for himself, the guy sounds creepy.

The neko's ears twitch while he's stretching up looking into a cabinet.

''What Shiro? I haven't even started dinner yet...'' Ichigo trails off as a pair of strong arms wraps around his slim waist.

''Ichigo...'' The albino purrs into Ichigo's neck, causing him to shudder in response, ''I've waited so long...'' he mumbles as he traces kisses down his neck.

''Shiro...please stop'' Ichigo says in a low almost fearful tone. The older male become aware of Ichigo uncomfortable vibes he was giving off. He sighed then reluctantly released the other, stepping back as Ichigo turns to face him shyly.


''S-sorry Ichi... I guess I shouldn't 'ush into things 'ike that'' Shirosaki looked away with a guilt beaten expression. Ichigo smiled a little.

''It's ok, just wait with Yoruichi until dinner is done, there's not much stuff left but I'm sure I can whip something up!'' Shiro chuckled as Ichigo put on a determined face.

''Yur such a housewife''

Yoruichi's ears flicked as she sat on the couch roaming through channels on the tv with remote. Not even caring for a thumping sound of canned food being thrown at a retreating albino cub of hers.

Shiro laughed, despite trying to hold it in, but was quickly silence as a can of corn hit him upside the chin. The alpha hissed in pain then quickly exited the kitchen, passing his mom in the living room.

''I'll be up stairs in my room'' he said as he rubbed his jaw, call me when you need me'' he mutters in slight pain as he hurries up the stairs.

Once dinner roles around Shirosaki is back down stairs with a growling stomach. He and Yoruichi absolutely loved Ichigo's cooking, the two could put away alot with out gaining anything.

Ichigo was busy setting the table and making plates while Shirosaki joins his awaiting mother at the table. Yoruichi how ever seems a bit disappointed that her dear Kisuke won't probably make it back before dinner.

It happened sometimes, the blonds' job would force him into working extra hours through the night. If so Ichigo would save him a plate for when he returned.

''There...'' the orangette say to himself as he finishes setting Urahara's plate as well, he kept it covered just in case the male made it back for dinner, but was late.

But that was soon not necessary, the three glanced over at the house phone as it suddenly rang.

''I'll get it'' Ichigo says first and hurries into the living room, he looks down at the phone's caller ID as it rings for a second time.

'Urahara Kisuke'

Ichigo quickly answers, ''Hello?''

''Ichigo! I'm sorry for not being home earlier like I promised'' the cheery voice of Ichigo's father came through the line and the orangette grinned to himself.

''No it's ok dad, I'll save you a plate like usual''

''That sounds nice...Ichigo...''

''Yes?'' Ichigo frowns a little as his father's voice lowers, it was underlined with something...fear...regret? The neko couldn't tell.

''Be sure to...remember to lock all the doors and windows and be in bed by 10:00, I'll be home around 12:00, alright?''

''...Yes dad'' Ichigo hesitated at first before answering, something was definitely wrong...but what?

''Alright, tell your mom and Shiro, I love them and you Ichigo. I love you too, see you when I get back''

''Bye...'' Ichigo hears the other line go dead then hangs up the phone as well.

Something is wrong...

Very wrong...


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