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Nekoichi: *bandaging Gin's head* I'm sure they didn't mean it…

Gin: Tch! Why am I always made out to be one of the bad guys all the time, it ain't fair!

Ichigo: *ignores* Can we just get on with the next chapter all ready?

Grimmjow: Impatient aren't we? *grinning while eating the avocado*

Shirosaki: *snickering*

Ichigo: *blushes scarlet red* No!

Nekoichi/Gin/Shiro/Grimm: In denial...

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Ichigo: Whatever…*grumbles*

Grimmjow X Ichigo; Along with other one-sided pairings

Darker then the Sun: Chapter 6

His tail moved between his legs as he scowled, looking at a man that was next to the window. A cigarette in his mouth as he blew out the smoke slowly.

Shocking blue hair with matching dark eyes, a grin across his face, showing off his canines, his arms crossed over his chest, with obvious muscles under his white collard shirt and loose tie, black dress pants and shoes despite being inside. This man was gorges, yet he seemed unapproachable and quite intimidating, worse then that Gin man.

This man, this was the man that took him away from Shiro and the others, he's the whole reason he was here. ''Bastard...'' Ichigo muttered.

The man smirked, ''What was that pet?''

''I ain't your pet!'' Ichigo snapped, a shiver running through his body as a strange scent attacked his senses, it wasn't coming from the human though. He scowled in confusion as he felt weird, his amber eyes looking at the human as he came closer.

''What's wrong, feeling a little weak-kneed?'' the blunette said in a mocking tone as he blew out smoke from his mouth. Ichigo's ears flattened against his head and his tail fluffed out in irritation.

''It's catnip''

Ichigo blinked in confusion as he glared up at Grimmjow, the male grabbing his chin and lifting his face up as he blew smoke into his face, ''It's catnip, I'm burning it like incense in this room'' his eyes shifted over the four lighted sticks around the room, ''Halibel suggested I use it...'' he said as Ichigo stared at him, ''It's how she was able to take care of Mila Rose and that attitude of hers''

Ichigo wretched his face away from Grimmjow in disgust from the scent coming from the cig, the blunette looked at his expression before putting the cig out with his bare fingers and tossing it somewhere. ''That better?'' he smirked at the other but Ichigo continued to glare at him the best he could.

''Now, now, no need to be so quiet, I heard you were quite the ruckus when the girls had to tend to ya, so what about now?'' Ichigo continued to stay silent, his hands clenching tighter into fist. The blunette sighed, ''This is no fun, I guess I'll have to go get that exotic looking one...the one with the pretty white hair...and strange eyes-''

''Where's Shiro!'' Ichigo snarled, his fangs bared as he recognized the description of his companion, the one that was like a brother to him. At his outburst Grimmjow laughed deeply, grinning and showing off his canines.

''There it is...'' the blunette purred. It happened quick. Ichigo didn't see it coming, all he knew was his face was burning and he was now against the wall. His feet sliding under him as he sunk to the floor. He held his burning hot cheek, pain was tingling on his face, his eyes full of anger and shock. This was the second time he was struck across the face in one day.

''B-bastard...'' Ichigo growled in anger and frustration, but Grimmjow merely laughed at the neko's words.

''I'm the bastard?'' he asked the other with amusment in his voice, he smirked widley, then sighed in through thought. ''Kurosaki Ichigo, age 16, hair color orange, eye color amber brown, lives in a family of 3, but was abandoned at a young age by real family...'' Ichigo's eyes widened.


''I know everything about you, it's easy to figure things out, even if Kisuke tried to hide you well it wasn't enough'' he smirked then looked the other in the eye. The neko was surprise, but also scared and defensive at the moment. ''Your family left you to die so they could save your younger sisters, you were abandoned, simple and fine print. You were unwanted.'' Ichigo scowled at the other, holding his still throbbing cheek.

''And you don't think Kisuke and that damn Yoruichi still care about you, do you? You were nothing but a pet to them, you and that other feline, they could easily go to a store and buy another neko as a pet, or even an inu, or a tori...I heard ningyos have been popular as of late-''

''Don't bullshit me!'' Ichigo yowled and raised his claws, ready to attack the other if he had too, he needed to find a way out of this place to, where ever the hell he was. Despite the burning need to fight, he felt a bit too light heady, his body warmed up and slightly heavier then before. Grimmjow chuckled, moving to quickly for the neko to realize, both his wrist were snatched up by only one of Grimmjow's hands, holding them in the air and out of the way. His other hand came up tot he collar around Ichigo's neck, and tugged on it a bit.

''Hmm...it looks good on you...'' the blunette's voice was husked slightly as he grinned at the feline, who tail was twitching irritably. He stepped back and pulled the neko along into another room, that had a door connected to the office. Inside was a large plush bed with satin red sheets, Ichigo didn't get much of a chance to look around as he was tossed onto the bed. He bounced a little and hissed in displeasure as he tried to get back up, his body weakened, the room was also filled with cat nip incense, that was making a puddle out of his mind. He squirmed slightly, his legs rubbing against each other, trying to hide the fact the he had an erection at the moment.

But his attempts failed as he felt the bed dip and strong large arms pried his legs open. He whimpered as he felt one of the hands cup his crotch, his ears going back and his cheeks flushing red. ''Heh heh, seems someone's a little excited...'' Ichigo looked away, trying to hide his face from Grimmjow as he stared down at him with piercing cyan eyes.

''You were a pretty yen to buy, but I'm sure your worth it...'' Ichigo stayed silent, his eyes closed, teeth clenched and face half hidden in the pillows. Grimmjow frowned at this slightly but quickly grinned again, ''You'll have to pay off the debt you now have, but that'll take you for ever wouldn't it. You working here as my sex kitten or my maid wouldn't help pay off your debt...But if you seem to keep me pleased every day I'll let you see your friend again...''

Ichigo stiffened and turned his head slowly, looking up at the other as he continued, ''I'll bring your little Shiro friend here...and maybe one day I'll let your parents visit...maybe even your real family as well...'' Grimmjow wasn't lying, he knew he had enough power and influence to do suck things. All he had to do was wait for the little neko to agree to his offer.

''Well...what do you say...?''


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***ATTENTION, because FF has been deleting stories I decided to start uploading them on Deviant Art, as back up, my name it Nekoichi379!***