A/M: Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Chapter 36: Epilogue

On Monday January sixteenth, Steve found himself back; back in his regular t-shirt and cargo pants, back in the sun and salty spray, and back where Five-O really belonged. He had gained weight on his visit to New Jersey. He missed Veronica Williams dreadfully already, but he was proud of what they had accomplished and they had left with a promise to see the Williams' again very soon.

They had arrived early Sunday morning after a glorious three days of family and fun in New Jersey, but Grace needed to get back to school and they had left Hawaii unprotected for long enough. It was time to be home, time to get back down to business and time to try and work off all of the Mrs. Williams cooking weight that everyone was sure they'd put on.

Steve moved around his office unpacking his new treasures and choosing places for new family photos when Danny walked in dressed in his usual blue button down shirt and slacks, but without his tie.

"Well, Jersey didn't change your sense of style." Steve laughed at his partner.

"What are you talking about; I'm happy I don't have to wear the tie anymore." Danny stated with a smirk. "Nice trophy by the way." He added as he eyed the hand made hockey tournament trophy on the corner of Steve's desk.

Steve laughed, "It really was quite the adventure. I can't wait for next year."

"Can next year please just be a vacation? No stabbing or shooting or founding of new task forces?" Danny asked with a sigh as he fell into one of the chairs before Steve's desk.

"I can't promise you anything because you are the one that started all the trouble, Dare Devil Danny. I was mild mannered Steven, the whole time."

"I was stabbed! I didn't plan on that. And you ripped a guy's poorly stitched side apart with a Swiss army knife!" Danny scolded, "So please don't call me Dare Devil."

"Okay, just Danno."


"And I told you that you should have let me come with you to the appeal. Should I get your mother on the line to back me up?" Steve asked and reached for his office phone.

"No!" Danny yelled and pounced for the phone.

"Don't worry Danny," Steve laughed and threw up his hand. "She deserves a break from all our shenanigans."

Danny rolled his eyes knowing that his mother had loved every moment of their exciting two week stay.

"Well once again we cleaned up the scum," Danny stated with a shake of his head.

"And it looks like we're heading back to work already." Steve stated as he pointed out of his office door to the Governor of Hawaii who had just arrived in the Five-O bull pen.

Danny shook his head and followed Steve back to work.

The End