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Penname: Welcome2MyWorldxoxo

Story: Papi's Little Girl (Continued One-Shot for 'Who's Your Papi?')

Pairing: Edward and Bella.

Rating: NC-17

Content Description: Fetish fic, Age Play.

Genre: AH

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. Everything done in this fic is consensual.

Summary: Every political figure has their skeletons and this Senator just likes to play Daddy. Enter the call girl, a woman who gives men exactly what they want. "I would give him what he wanted and what he didn't even know he wanted then, hook, line, sinker, he would be mine."



I groaned and rolled over onto my front, burying myself further into the comforter.


This time his voice was sterner, and I made a small whining noise of protest at being dragged from my dream.

"Up. Now," he ordered and I ignored him, sinking completely underneath the comforter.

He yanked it back harshly. "You have five seconds to get up, or you're getting a punishment," he warned. "One..."

I curled up into a ball stubbornly, clamping my hands over my ears, refusing to listen.

He wrapped his hand around my hair and yanked it back. I hissed as I uncurled my body and stared up into the angry eyes of my Papi. He raised an eyebrow, unamused by my behavior.

"Up. Now," he growled and yanked me up by my hair. I whimpered, scrambling up quickly, realizing that a punishment was sure to come.

I knelt in the middle of the bed, my baby blue tank top riding up my stomach to reveal my navel. One of the straps hung loosely down my shoulder, revealing a slight tint of areola as my hardened nipples strained through the thin fabric. I looked up at him from under my eyelashes, my teeth digging into the soft skin of my pouted bottom lip, my skin flushed pink.

His eyes wandered hungrily over my body and paused on the crotch of my white cotton panties, where I knew the wet fabric was transparent and clinging to the drenched lips of my pink, bare pussy.

"Such a naughty girl, spoiling her panties like that," he scolded and I ducked my head, hiding behind my hair, as his calloused fingers dragged down my stomach and hooked into the waistband of my panties, tugging them down to my knees. I sucked in a sharp breath, as a breeze brushed by, touching my sensitive, swollen skin.

I rubbed my thighs together, trying to gain friction and squealed as his hand came down firmly on my ass.

"Bad girls don't get to get themselves off," he informed me, placing a finger under my chin so that I was looking up at him, and I whimpered helplessly.

"Please Papi," I begged, and he simply raised his eyebrows at me and rolled up the sleeves of his crisp, white shirt.

"Why?" he asked, loosening his tie and throwing it behind him. "Explain to me why you deserve to find release when I haven't received so much as a hello since I arrived."

I looked down, feeling properly chastised. "I'm sorry, Papi. Let me make it up to you."

He cocked his head to the side. "Don't worry, you will," he assured me, "but now we need to concentrate on your punishment. Do you know why you're being punished?"

I nodded, my bottom lip jutting out into a pout. "Your little girl was disrespectful to her Papi and refused to obey him when he told her to get up."

"That's right, Bellezza, and I think fifteen spanks will remind you to be obedient and listen to me next time, don't you?" he asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

I nodded and shuffled over to him, my panties still at my knees, as I laid myself over his lap, my pert ass sticking up in the air.

"Count them for me," he ordered and brought his hand down on my ass, hard.

"One," I whimpered out as I squirmed uncomfortably in his lap. He rubbed my cheek where he had hit me, lessening the sting before picking a different area and smacking it. "Two," I whispered.

"Louder," he commanded, bringing his hand down and smacking the lips of my pussy, making his fingers slip through my folds, the stinging teasing my already sensitive flesh. I could feel him hard against my hip and it made the juices in my pussy start to accumulate.

"Three," I hissed as my hips rutted against his leg, making my swollen clit nudge against the rough fabric of his pants.

My breaths came out in fast pants, and sweat trickled down my forehead as his hand repeatedly came down on my ass. Tears stung my eyes and I bit down harshly on my lip to stop myself from crying out.

"Nine," I choked out through the lump in my throat as the tears I had been holding back fell down my face freely.

Blood pumped loudly in my ear and I sucked in a sharp breath as my skin radiated with pain as I went on counting.


Now, I was used to pain and had a good pain threshold, especially when it came to kink. I'd had nipple and clit clamps, whips and floggers, and almost anything else used on me.


I wasn't afraid of the pain and the fact that I was crying was a typical and expected reaction.

Yeah, I could take the pain, but it still hurt like a bitch. It was my body's way of releasing the extra tension that the pain created.

The angle my head was in started to make me light-headed, and my nose had started running by the time I managed to squeak out 'fifteen.'

He pulled me up as I cried, my shoulders shaking as I tried to take big gulps of air. He massaged the skin of my sore, reddened ass to lessen the burn and ran a hand through my hair. "Shhh, you're okay, Bellezza, you're okay," he cooed soothingly into my ear as I nodded and wrapped my arms and legs tightly around him.

He supported my ass, careful not to put too much pressure on it, as he stood up and brought me into the bathroom. He picked up a cool cloth, balancing my weight on his hip, and carefully cleaned up my face, getting rid of all the tears and snot on my face.

"You're such a good girl, Bellezza. You took your punishment well, and Papi is very proud of you," he praised me, and I nuzzled my face in his neck, calming down as my breathing started to even out. I inhaled his scent deeply, grounding myself with him as he moved us back into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

I looked up at him beseechingly, my eyelashes still wet from my tears. "Papi, I'm so wet," I murmured in a small voice as I lifted my knees up, placing my feet flat on the bed and spreading my legs wide so that he had a good view of my pink, glistening pussy. He lay down, leaning up on one elbow as he faced me.

"Papi will take care of you," he reassured me.

His fingers danced over my hip, teasing me lightly as he dipped them down past my pelvis and into my spread pussy folds. He leaned over my body, sucking my nipple into his mouth through my tank top. I arched into him, my nails digging into the soft material of the comforter underneath me.

He swirled a finger around my throbbing clit, collecting wetness before trailing it down to my entrance and sinking it inside of me. I gasped as my walls immediately clenched down around him and he tugged down my tank top so that the supple globes of my tits spilled out and hung low over it, the restricting fabric making them press together.

I bucked my hips up into his hand, seeking more contact. The movement caused my plump tits to bounce and sway, and my swollen nipples to tighten and pucker up further. He groaned and kneaded one of them, squeezing and massaging it as he rubbed his thumb over my clit and added another finger.

His fingers plunged into me repeatedly at a quick, steady pace, bringing me closer with each thrust.

I hissed as his lips wrapped my nipple in the hot, wet cavern of his mouth. He nibbled gently on it, making stars appear behind my closed eyelids before he engulfed as much of my supple, perky tit in his mouth as he could.

"Please, Papi," I begged pitifully, my thighs quivering and my chest heaving as my lungs tried to get a sufficient amount of oxygen in them. He added a third finger, stretching me, as he twisted and curled them to hit all the right spots. He worked my pussy like it was an instrument, his fingers knowing exactly what to do and where to press.

"Cum for me, Bellezza. I want to feel you cum around my fingers. Can you do that for me?"

I nodded tersely, my eyes scrunched shut and my teeth embedded deeply in my bottom lip as I tried to control the sounds coming out of me.

"Don't hold back, Bellezza. I want to hear every sound that exits those lips. I want to hear you moan and scream for me. I want to know how I'm affecting you, how finger fucking you makes you feel. Do it for" His voice faded into a low growl as he ended his sentence, sending vibrations through my tits, and my body automatically responded as my walls collapsed around him, gripping him tightly.

I moaned loudly and arched my hips and back off the bed as my orgasm blind sided me, hitting me with an intensity that I didn't expect. My juices dripped from me, trickling down my thighs as my body shuddered lightly, sweat forming a layer of perspiration on my skin.

"Papi!" I mewled. He brought his lips to my ear, gently guiding me through my orgasm.

"That's it. Let it all go. Shhh, just let it go," he crooned in my ear as my hips bucked furiously into his hand, which hadn't stopped its movements, only slowed down to help ease me out of my orgasm.

I whimpered a little as my body settled back down, relaxing into the sheets. I concentrated on my breathing for a few minutes, inhaling and exhaling, as my body tingled and my heart pounded against my chest.

God, could that man give a good orgasm.

"Would you like some breakfast?" he asked, completely calm and collected, like he hadn't just had his hand in my pussy and his mouth on my tits. If it weren't for the bulge trying to break free from his pants I would have thought he was completely unaffected.

"Please," I murmured, still trying to catch my breath as I sat up and stretched my muscles.

He stood up and made his way to the doorway. "Oh...and don't wear panties," he called over his shoulder, and I couldn't help but smile.

I enjoyed seeing the more playful side of him that peeked out. He usually projected an aura of seriousness when I saw him on the TV and on the cover of the latest GQ magazine. It was nice to know that I saw a part of him that not many others saw.

I think I'm going soft, I thought wryly to myself as I rolled my eyes and stood up on shaky legs.

I took out a short, pleated, skirt that reached mid-thigh and pulled my tank top back over my breasts not bothering to put a bra on. I pulled on a pair of red and white striped tube socks that reached my knees before pulling my hair back into a ponytail.

I headed into the bathroom to clean up quickly, not wanting my thighs to feel sticky all through breakfast.

I had been seeing our favorite Senator for just over four months, and we had gotten together a good handful of times. He had been put on my regular client list, and we had moved out of hotels and into his strategically placed apartments around the city that no one knew about.

Once I was sufficiently cleaned up, I padded down the hall and into the kitchen where he was cooking.

I had learnt a lot of surprising things about Edward over the time we had spent together. He told me a lot about the time he had spent in Italy, where his grandmother had taught him to cook, and his grandfather had taught him how to tend to a vineyard and find the best wines.

I slid onto a bar stool, careful not to put too much weight on my ass, next to the kitchen island facing him. I spread my legs and tangled them in the legs of the chair as I leaned back on my elbows against the island, my tits jutting out in front of me.

He looked over at me, his eyes darkening, and a chuckle escaping him as he took me in completely.

"You just love teasing me, don't you?"

I shrugged, "It's the highlight of my day...oh wait no, the orgasms are. Teasing you is pretty high up there though."

He laughed loudly as he went back to chopping tomatoes and I chewed on my lip thoughtfully, wondering what to do with myself. I couldn't cook to save my life, and the one and only time he had tried to teach me, I had nearly burnt the kitchen down after I had left a pan with oil in on the highest setting.

I hopped off the stool and searched through the cupboards until I found the plates. I went into the dining room, where there was a table with two chairs facing the view outside. It was one of those rare, sunny days, and the view was beautiful as I started setting the table.

I managed to find the cutlery and glasses before Edward came in with the omelette's. He placed them on our plates and laid the frying pan next to the salt and pepper shakers, in the middle of the table.

I pouted when he sat across from me, instead of next to me, but decided to make the best of it. He looked up from his breakfast with raised eyebrows as my foot slid along his leg, dipping under his pant leg before skimming upwards.

"Can I make it up to you now, Papi?" I asked, my eyes wide and innocent as my foot pressed down on his crotch. His hand gripped my ankle, and I wondered if he was going to push me away as he stared at me with a calculating gaze. His fingers massaged my ankle over my sock as he watched me intently before relaxing back into his chair.

"Please do," he drawled lazily, and I curled my toes and started rubbing my foot up and down his hard cock. He hummed in pleasure, his long eyelashes fluttering as his jaw reflexively clenched and loosened. I slid lower in my chair, angling my foot to brush along the underside of his cock and tickle his balls.

I couldn't keep the grin off my face as his brow furrowed, causing a dip to appear between them, and his lips part slightly. His fingers continued massaging my ankle, flexing and kneading it in a slow, encouraging rhythm. I pulled my foot back, and his eyes shot to mine, the dip between his brows deepening as he opened his mouth to protest.

I slid the rest of the way off my chair and disappeared under the table before crawling towards him. He pushed his chair back a little and looked down at me as I placed my hands on the waistband his pants, easily flicking open the button and pulling down the zipper.

"What are you doing?" he asked, even though I was sure he had a pretty good idea, especially when he lifted his hips up so that I could pull his pants and boxer briefs down.

"Papi," I purred seductively, "I want to have you for breakfast."

I wrapped my hands around his base and guided him into my mouth, sucking and licking him hungrily. He groaned loudly, his legs spreading wider as his hips arched up slightly, pressing his swollen cock deeper into my mouth.

"That's it, Bellezza," he panted, one of his hands wrapping around my ponytail and tugging me closer. "Suck Papi's cock nice and good. You want it, don't you, you dirty girl? You want Papi's cum, every drop that he gives you for breakfast."

I moaned around him, wondering how he always managed to turn me on quicker than the flick of a light switch, and nodded.

"I want to see them. I want to see those beautiful tits while you suck on my cock," he pleaded, pushing down the straps of my tank top and tugging it down so that they hung on the crease of my elbows. I looked up at him from under my eyelashes, the ripe, plump flesh of my tits heaving with each breath.

My nipples swelled up, the rose tips reaching out for him, begging for him to envelop, suck, and tease them without repentance.

I swirled my tongue around the swollen head of his cock, dipping underneath the skin and tasting the musky flavor of his pre-cum on my tongue. My teeth scraped gently along his length, going over every ridge and dip as I took as much of him as I could. I gagged slightly as he grazed against the back of my throat, and he let his head fall back in ecstasy.

I slid my hands down to his balls, massaging and tugging them just like I knew he liked before slipping my finger to the skin behind, where I knew all men were very sensitive.

He throbbed and twitched in my mouth, and I prepared to swallow all that he gave me. The hand in my hair flexed, his nails digging into my scalp, as he manoeuvred my head. He arched his hips, tilting them so that more of him slid down my throat. He pulsed and exploded in my mouth, sending thick spurts of cum down my throat.

"That's it," he hissed as I immediately started swallowing around him. "Drink up Papi's cum like a good girl."

He hummed and groaned as I obeyed him, drinking down every last drop enthusiastically. I cleaned him up with my tongue before smoothing my hands over his hips and nuzzling his thigh, placing small nips and kisses on it as he ran his hands through my hair languidly.

He eventually pulled me up into his lap and kissed me roughly, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. I groaned into his mouth, gripping his hair in my small hands as I pressed my still bare, perky tits against his chest.

His tongue plundered my mouth, dominating mine quickly and easily as I yanked open his shirt, his buttons popping off and flying everywhere. He groaned low in his throat and stood up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and in one swift movement, he swiped everything off the table, sending it all smashing to the ground.

I guess we are definitely skipping breakfast, I thought wryly, not in the least bit bothered.

He laid me on the table, ripping my tank top over my head and gripping my thighs tightly in his hands. I panted against his mouth as he tilted his head to the side, deepening the kiss even more.

He pushed my skirt up around my waist, revealing just how wet sucking his cock had made me, and ground his renewed erection against me.

I groaned, letting my head fall back against the table as he fished a condom out of his pants.

"Ever the boy scout," I murmured as he rolled it on, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He gave me another passionate kiss before pulling back, a wry smirk on his lips.

"Baby, I'm all man," he purred, placing his swollen tip at my entrance and pushing into me in one harsh thrust. My nails tried to find purchase on something but there was nothing to keep me anchored to the table except Edward's hands gripping my hips.

"Yes," I hissed as he started pumping his cock in and out of me, his hips bucking and grinding against mine.

"I love this," he grunted, the force of his thrusts making the table scrape along the floor, "I love how I fit into your tight little body. Do you like it? Do you like how it feels when I fill you and stretch you?"

I nodded breathlessly, beyond words at that point. The way he could constantly reduce me to a pile of mush was bad for my reputation. I was usually calm, confident and able to make him beg for every second he had with me. But Edward had turned the tables on me, molding and manipulating my body until I could do nothing but scream for him.

I whimpered as his thumb dragged along my drenched slit and started rubbing my clit. His thrusts sped up, pounding into me in swift, hard movements, pushing me to take more of him, to take all of him. He flung both of my legs over his shoulders, spreading me open further and changing the angle of his thrusts as my ass lifted off the table.

A strangled cry burst from me, and I arched my back off the table as I felt his hand, which had been on my clit, circling my back entrance. He had taken me there twice, each time more animalistic and raw than the last, leaving us sweaty, breathing hard and covered in lube.

His finger probed, pushing shallowly into my asshole as my pussy spasmed around him, and my thighs shook.

"Hold it," he ordered, knowing that I was close.

I whimpered pitifully, my hair plastered to my face, and bucked against him, asking for more. He thrust his finger deeper into me, starting a slow rhythm that drove me crazy.



My pussy felt bruised and raw by the force of his thrusts, and I frantically tried to distract myself from coming on the spot. One spanking had been enough for me today.

The wet sounds of our fucking seemed loud as we grunted and moaned, filling the room with the thick smell of sex. My juices dripped from me at an alarming rate, slipping down my thighs and over my ass onto the table beneath me.

"Can you hear that?" he grunted in between thrusts, "I can fucking hear how wet you are as I fuck you. You're dripping all over my cock and balls, and I expect you clean that up when I'm done with you."

A low groan escaped me at his words, and my hips bucked furiously against his as he added another finger into my ass.

"Please," I begged, "I need to...uh, I need...I need..."

"What do you need?" he asked, his cock still pounding relentlessly in me as my thighs trembled.

"I need to cum!" I practically screamed out in frustration.

"Then fucking cum!" he spat out through clenched teeth. He added a third finger to my ass as he swivelled his hips, making the head of his cock hit that imaginary spot of unending pleasure.

Tremors ran through my body, causing shivers to jolt up and down my spine, as my legs tightened around his neck. I squirmed and twisted underneath him, unable to keep still as the walls of my pussy clamped around him tightly and locked in place, refusing to loosen. My eyes clenched closed, as colors flashed behind them, and what I could only describe as a screaming wail left my lips.

"Take it," he roared. "Take all of it."

He thrust his whole length as deep inside of me as he could as his orgasm took over him and he came. His fingers dug with bruising force into the skin of my hip, and my hands raked through my hair, threading through the thick strands and gripping them to try and ground me.

My throat was hoarse as each new scream left me, the sound rivalling that of a dying monkey, and I felt sorry for any neighbors that were disturbed by it.

One orgasm turned into two as my body forced me to take more of the pleasure that was spilling over.

I can't tell you for sure how long I lay on that table, twitching and smashing around him, before I fell limp. My brain refused to do anything other than to instruct me to keep breathing as I attempted to shift my jellied body.

I blinked a few times trying to clear the haze that was surrounding me, but nothing was cooperating. I was even starting to think that he had fucked all my brain cells out of my head, leaving me almost brain dead.

I didn't even register Edward's presence until I felt him slowly retract himself from my body, his fingers uncurling from their grip on my thigh. He cursed loudly as I heard a loud thump and I assumed that his legs weren't working.

My body felt empty without him inside it, and I slowly sat up, my limbs still shaky and uncoordinated. I dragged a hand through my hair, pulling the sweaty mass away from my face.

It was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop, and the room looked like a small bomb had hit it. Chairs lay askew on the floor, shards of smashed plates and glasses littered the floor, the tablecloth was stained with what had been our breakfast, and somehow the table had managed to make it halfway across the room.

I peered over the edge of the table where he lay on the ground, naked and breathing heavily.

"You okay?" I mumbled, my mouth feeling slightly numb.

He lolled his head in my direction, and one side of his mouth tugged up into his famous smile.

"I haven't had a work out like that since college," he muttered, "I could do with a smoke."

I laughed, ignoring the fact that all I was wearing was tube socks and a skirt. "I don't think you'll get many votes if someone catches you doing that."

He made an incredulous noise. "Fuck them. I'm going to bloody smoke if I want to. This is my last term anyway. I'm going back to Italy after all this. I'm going to spend some well-deserved, time soaking up the sun and visiting my grandparents."

I pouted, saddened by the fact that our time was so limited. Obviously, I knew that our time would end at some point, but I hated losing a good client.

'Maybe it's more than that...' an annoying voice in my head spoke cautiously. I internally rolled my eyes at myself, knowing that I didn't want to go down that road, not after what had happened last time.

Two broken ribs and a restraining order was enough to destroy any Cinderella "fairytale" that threatened to bubble up. A client was a client, nothing more, nothing less.

At least, that's what I told myself.


Papi = Daddy

Bellezza = Beauty

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