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Title: Who's Your Papi Outtake: Training

Author: Welcome2MyWorldxoxo


Warnings: Contains BDSM and mild age play

Beta: J. Wine and Nocturnal Emissions

Summary: Outtake for Who's Your Papi. Watch Papi as he trains his little girl.



The silence tugged at my skin, attempting to burrow its way beneath it as I kneeled. It hovered and wrapped around me, and I swore that I could almost taste it against my tongue.

My senses expanded, my ears strained and my nostrils flared as I tried to find the smallest hint of his presence. It took everything in me to keep my eyes glued to the floor, tracing the patterns in the wood to keep my heart rate down. My hands twitched by my sides, every muscle fighting to hold my position, even as a slight tremble worked its way down my spine.

Any anxiety I had evaporated as my ears pricked up, catching the quiet rustle of the fabric of his pants. He moved into the room, his footsteps silent and I could imagine his gait as he walked, slow and deliberate as he stalked his prey. The tension intensified as he entered the perimeter of my gaze. His pale feet were bare, the nails cut short and the skin well-cared for. Just like everything else in his life, my Papi took care to make sure everything was at its best.

His feet disappeared as he circled me. His movements were causing a slight breeze to wash over my naked skin. I was exposed and vulnerable while sitting on my knees, but somehow it also granted me freedom that only he managed to give me.

My mind sunk happily into the hazy darkness as I gave myself over to him completely.

He sighed lowly, the sound breaking the silence like a knife slicing through fabric. My soft even breaths halted as panic slid up my spine as he tutted, obviously unhappy about something. A whimper rose in my throat, but I swallowed it back as I curled my hands into fists. My nails dug into my palms.

"Your posture is sloppy and your position is wrong," he said, his tone unimpressed. "It seems that I have a lot to teach you, mia Bellezza."

We had barely begun and yet it seemed as though I had already failed. He stopped, planting his feet behind me as he hummed in indecision as though he couldn't figure out what he wanted to correct first.

I jolted slightly as I felt something cool and soft touch my spine. My skin was humming like a live wire as it categorized the new sensation. He dragged the object up and down for a moment before flicking it against my back. I muffled a hiss, not wanting to be reprimanded for the noise. He had been very clear in his instructions earlier that I was not to make a sound.

"Back straight," he snapped. I sat up taller, never lifting my head as I arched my chest forward. My spine straightened out until it was as straight as a ruler.

"Better," he murmured. His voice softened as he moved until he was in front of me. He raised one of his feet, placing it on my closed thighs. The varying temperatures of our skin caused my breathing to stutter.

"Spread them," he ordered firmly, coaxing them apart with his foot. I obeyed immediately, but unsure as to how far I should go. I stopped, but felt a flick of what I gathered to be a crop against the inside of my thigh. It landed much too close to my pussy, and I took it as a silent command to keep spreading.

Once I could not spread my thighs any further apart he seemed pleased. "Good," he murmured, dragging the tip of the crop up my stomach. He paused to flick both of my taut nipples. My whimper this time was audible as I shifted, the pleasure zigzagging its way down to my pussy.

"Silence," he reminded me harshly as the crop traveled upward to my shoulder. I barely stopped myself from flinching as he used it to move my hair, letting it drop behind me.

"Grasp your elbows with your hands," he commanded as he took a step back. His gaze seared into me as I followed his instruction.

"Would you like to know why this is the position you must greet me in, mia Bellezza?" he questioned rhetorically. "You are to greet me in this position because you are surrendering your body fully to me. Your chest is arched toward me." He tapped the crop between my heaving tits. "Your legs are spread in offering, your pussy wet and swollen just for me." He tapped the crop against my engorged clit before dragging it between my folds to gather my arousal.

He brought the crop up to my lips, the leather glistening with my juices. "Taste," he demanded. I parted my lips, letting him slide the tip between them as I cleaned it of my juices. "Good girl," he murmured, pulling it back.

"Your body is mine," he continued. "I expect it to be open and ready for me at all times. Am I clear? You may respond."

"Yes, Papi," I breathed.

"Good. Now, the next command I'm going to give you is fairly easy. When you are in this position and I give you the command "receive me", I want you to lift your head and open that pretty little mouth of yours nice and wide. Okay?"

I nodded in understanding.

"Now, demonstrate. Receive me," he instructed. I lifted my head and opened my mouth wide. He grasped me by the hair, tugging my head back further before sliding his hand down to my mouth. He slipped his thumb between my lips as the rest of his hand caressed my jaw soothingly. He pressed at the corner of my mouth, making sure it was as open as far as it could go. Then he moved his thumb to run over my gums. I could feel the saliva collecting in my mouth as he swiped over the top ones before repeating it on the bottom.

He withdrew his thumb, painting my lips with the saliva on it before retreating completely.

"If you are in this position and I do not give the command, you are not to open your mouth, even if I place my cock at them. Am I understood?"

Once again, I nodded to show him that I was listening.

"You're such a good little girl. Aren't you, Little One?" he murmured, while stroking a hand through my hair. I allowed my eyes to flutter closed as I reveled in his touch, almost purring in pride. I pushed down the feeling of disappointment when his hand retreated, reminding myself that I was to take whatever my Papi gave me when he willed it.

He tapped two fingers against my jaw twice, silently telling me to close my mouth. I obeyed as I swallowed the saliva that had built up and licked my lips. "Shall we see how well you remember?" he asked. "Inspection pose."

I scrambled up onto my feet, fighting to keep my balance with my hands grasping my elbows tightly. Remembering some of my earlier training, I made sure that my feet were shoulder width apart, and my was head bowed.

"Good," he commended. "Now, greet me."

I immediately fell back down to my knees, wincing as they hit the hardwood floors. My ass rested against the heels of my feet, and I waited with bated breath to see if I had followed his earlier instructions.

"Receive me," he ordered. I tipped my head back, making sure my mouth was open wide.

"Very good. You're a quick study, mia Bellezza," he praised, causing warmth to fill my belly. "Now, this next one is more complicated than the first two. So listen carefully.

There will be times when I give you the command "service me." This command can mean a variation of things. For instance if I was to get home and asked you to service me, it would mean you would need to relieve me of my things and put them away. If I was hard with my cock out whilst I asked you to service me, I would then expect you to either sit on or suck my cock until I came.

"There will be times when that order will be more vague, forcing you to figure out what I need. For example, if I was to be stressed and tired, sitting slumped in the living room, it would be up to you to figure out what I needed. I may drop some hints, but at times, I will test you. Do you understand what I am saying? You may answer."

I was fairly confident in my ability to assess his needs, but I reminded myself to study his habits to see what he liked on certain days. "Yes, Papi," I answered him softly.

He drifted off down the hall. His voice sounding more distant the further he went. "We'll move onto something you're a little more familiar with now," he told me. His voice was clear and firm. "Crawl for me."

I closed my mouth, unlocking my arms from their tight hold and tipped my body forward. Placing my hands against the floor, I made sure my legs were spread and my back was straight as I slowly made my way toward him.

Some might have found this humiliating, and while to a certain extent it was degrading, it only solidified my place. I was a willing slave, and my sole job was to serve his every whim.

He eyed me critically as he slowly walked backward, taking in my posture and expression as I moved toward him. He led me into the living room, where the plush carpet was a reprieve from the hardwood floor. In front of the couch sat a low stool, and I couldn't help but wonder what else he had in store for me.

"Kneel on the stool," he demanded. I cautiously climbed up onto it, unsure as to which position I was meant to be in. Nevertheless, I made sure my legs were spread wide and my back straight. He made a noise of disapproval in the back of his throat. I hesitantly brought my arms up, grasping onto my elbows in hopes that this was what he wanted.

"Good girl. Now lean forward so that you upper half is resting on the couch." I did as I was told. The leather slid against my perspiring skin. What I done so far wasn't strenuous, but my muscles strained to keep ahold of each position. With the addition of crawling, my heart was thumping quickly, and my body was warm.

My bottom half was completely exposed in this position. My swollen pussy and wet thighs were completely visible to his eyes. "There is more than one type of spanking that I can give you. Today, I will teach you them. First, there is the erotic spanking."

He punctuated his statement by bringing his hand down on my ass. I moaned low in my throat. My skin tingled where his hand had met my flesh, and it spread throughout my body, making a beeline for my pussy.

"There is the stress-relief spanking, which would be given when you on the edge of bad behavior. This spanking should be beneficial to both of us, since it will help you avoid punishment. There is also punishment spanking. I'd like to think that spanking is self-explanatory. Then there is the warm-up spanking, which is given to prepare your ass for something much harder like a paddle of flogger. Last but not least, you have submission spanking, which is also known as the "just because' spanking." I don't need a reason to give you that kind, but it will help you keep the right frame of mind. "

"Now, Little One, every time I spank you, I want you to tell me the list, in order, of the different spanks I just gave you. You have permission to speak for this next exercise."

I had barely taken in his words before his hand came down on my ass. I winced as my body jolted forward slightly. The pain was spreading through me and combining with pleasure that accompanied it. "Erotic spanking," I mumbled.

"Correct. Louder this time," he instructed, bringing his hand down on my other cheek.

"Str-stress-relieving spanking," I panted out. My mind was working a mile a minute in effort to categorize each sensation, whilst trying to remember each spanking he had just told me.

"Correct," he said, sparing me no time before his hand came down on my ass. This time he hit the curve. Each spank he was giving me was precise and calculated. The force was just enough for it to be less pleasurable and more painful, and I couldn't help but wonder which kind of spanking this one would be categorized under.

"Uh..." I wracked my brain for the answer. The heat radiated from my ass and the blood pulsed just beneath the surface making it hard to concentrate.

"The submission spanking?" I asked, rather than told him. I waited for the next spank but nothing came.

"Are you asking me or telling me?" he questioned.

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip before I let out a long breath. "Telling you," I said as confidently as I could muster.

"Well, then you're correct," he murmured. Now, that I was ready for the next spank, I made sure I wasn't tense or that my ass cheeks weren't clenched together. I had learned the hard way that tensing up only made things worse. I sunk further into my mind until I was completely wrapped in the dark haze that resided there.

He was alternating from the curve to the center of my ass. His hand never fell in the same place twice. I sucked in a sharp breath as the tips of his fingers landed dangerously close to my weeping pussy, causing a shudder of want to glide through my body. "Warm-up spanking," I told him.

"Correct," he confirmed. My cheek was pressed flush against the dark leather of the couch. However, the sweat from my body had caused it to slide against the fabric from the force of his next spank.

"Punishment spanking," I whimpered, relieved.

"Good girl. Now, it's time to see just how ready you are. Inform me as to what three things you would have to do to receive a punishment spanking," he ordered as his hands slowly massaged and kneaded my sore flesh.

I wracked my brain through all the information that I had gathered over the weeks in preparation. I swallowed tightly and forced my voice to be steady as I answered. "Disobedience, dishonesty, and disrespect."

"Very good, mia Bellezza. Now, name your colors and their meanings."

"Green means that I am fine and wish to continue. Yellow means that I wish to slow down but still want to continue, and red means that I wish to terminate the scene," I told him.

"And are there repercussions for using yellow or red during a scene?"

"No. My Papi only wants the best for me. If I use either my red or yellow colors, then he will stop and we will talk about what made me uncomfortable. If after that I wish to continue, then he will determine if we should or not."

"You earned extra points with that answer," he murmured. "Now, stand and come to me."

It was with great difficulty that I managed to stand. My hands never moved from behind my back as I rose. I moved toward him, but my eyes were glued to the floor. I stopped in front of him, hyper-aware of everything around me as he lifted my hair off my neck. He gathered it in his hands and twisted it up so that it sat on my head as he tied a hair tie around it.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked, nudging my head up by my chin as he searched my face for answers.

I knew he wasn't just simply asking if I wanted to delve deeper into this part of our relationship. He wanted to know if I was sure about embarking on this relationship at all. As impatient as his question made me, I knew that only time would rid him of his doubts and insecurities.

As far as I was concerned, our trip had solidified any doubts that attempted to slip by unnoticed. His declaration of love had opened my heart up fully to him, and I had surrendered everything.

"More than anything," I confirmed. My eyes raised to meet his so that he could see the truth of my words in my eyes.

He nodded. "Good girl, now service me," he ordered, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down his thighs. I bit my lip, holding back a whimper as his cock bobbed up and down, the bulbous head dark red and leaking.

I fell to my knees, a sense of eagerness filling me as he grasped the shaft of his cock, pumping it lightly before guiding it toward my face. My lips parted slightly as saliva collected in my mouth, ready and willing to give him what he needed.

My breathing stuttered as he threaded the fingers of his free hand through my hair, pushing it back out of my face. The tip of his cock was hot and wet as he dragged it over the contours of my lips, his gaze intense as it met mine.

It took everything within in me not to let my tongue dart out and clear the trail of pre-cum he had left behind. The need in the pit of my stomach intensified, curling and coiling to the point that a desperate whimper escaped me.

With my mind where it was, all I could concentrate on was pleasing him. Every pore and cell in my body called to service him, to bring him to completion, yet he teased me. He held all the power with me on my knees, my arms bound behind me, and I submitted willing to him.

I gasped as he slapped his cock against my cheek, feeling wetness gush from my pussy as I restrained myself from rubbing my thighs together.

"Please, Papi," I keened, past caring how needy and desperate I sounded.

"What do you want?" he goaded, a smirk playing on his lips as he regarded me.

"To service you in any way you see fit," I replied.

"And how do you propose to do that?" he challenged.

"Your little girl wished to service her Papi with her mouth."

He cocked his head to the side, almost as though he was thinking over my answer and deliberating if he should allow me to suck his cock or not.

"And what if I wish to fuck your little mouth? Would you like that?"

I nodded furiously, content to receive anything he decided to give me. "Yes, please."

"Well then, open wide and receive me, Little One," he ordered.

I did as I was told, almost groaning in satisfaction as he pressed his cock forward between my lips. He moved slowly, allowing me to feel every ridge and dip as he eased himself into my mouth. He was hot and hard in my mouth, his veins throbbing with blood.

He stopped only when my nose was nestled into the sparse hair surrounding his cock, and I struggled to relax my throat to accommodate all of him. I tried not to gag and choke around him, but failed somewhat.

"You look so beautiful gagging around my cock," he cooed as I choked. I forced myself to concentrate on breathing through my nose. I blinked back the tears that had formed and peered up at him.

He drew back slowly until only the tip rested between my lips and threaded both hands in my hair before thrusting forward. I closed my eyes, straining forward against my restraints as I hollowed my cheeks and sucked on him enthusiastically.

He was neither gentle nor soft as he guided my head up and down his length in time with his thrusts. My head was angled so that I could take him down my throat with each thrust and he took advantage of that, sparing me little mercy as he fucked my face.

"Fuck, yes," he hissed in pleasure, and I felt pride well up in me. He throbbed against my tongue, his taste musky and slightly bitter as I sucked him down deeply.

"Use your tongue," he grunted out. "I want to feel it."

I obeyed, sucking him deeply before sliding my tongue along his length on the upstroke, repeating the motion with each thrust as he cursed and praised my technique.

I gave myself over to him completely, letting him fill every one of my senses as my arousal speared higher and higher. I had never experienced gratification from selflessly pleasuring someone else, and it was all I could not to rub my thighs together for friction.

His left hand tightened in my hair, fisting it tightly as he tugged my face back harshly. His action forced me to release his cock with a pop, and I peeked up at him, afraid that I had done something wrong. His dark eyes met mine, smoldering as he watched the trail of saliva that still connected me to him.

"So beautiful," he murmured, swiping his thumb along my swollen bottom lip. I loved seeing this side of him, when he was in complete control but didn't hold any part of himself back. As much as I enjoyed when he was soft and precise, sometimes I enjoy when he let loose his darker, harsher side.

He caressed my cheek, rubbing his thumb over it before letting his hand descend down the column of my neck until he reached my tits.

I sucked in a breath between my teeth as he pinched my nipple, twisting it to the point of pain before releasing it and slapping my tit.

The pain was delicious, teasing yet persistent.

"Papi," I breathed out, letting my teeth sink into my lip as I arched into his touch. My body moved without conscious thought, my thighs tensing and shifting to rub together, but my Papi wasn't having any of it.

"No. I will please that pussy of yours. Only Me. Not you. Now, suck me hard."

He pushed me back down on his cock, keeping his hand on the back of my head as he forced me take him in again. I gagged, my throat convulsing around him.

"Relax," he moaned, still holding me down. "Relax your throat, Little One."

I listened to him, forcing my muscles to loosen as my nostrils flared. I pushed out harsh breaths through them, chanting to myself to relax and breath.

It worked after a while, and my desperation returned in full force. My body pulsed with need and my blood thrummed through my veins, heading south to my throbbing clit. He continued to play with my nipples, tugging and plucking at the sensitive buds before slapping my tits until they turned a dark shade of pink.

I was panting and squirming. So close to to the edge without him even touching my pussy. He palmed and groped my tits, manipulating my flesh in a way that sent tingles straight down to my pussy. He knew my body and he moved with calculated ease, knowing exactly what he was doing. I didn't doubt that–with his guidance–I could cum.

"Mmm, that's it," he groaned. "Such as good little girl."

I shivered at his words, the wetness between my legs coating my thighs.

I knew my Papi loved it hard, so I added teeth, scraping them along his length as I took him down my throat.

"Fuck!" he moaned loudly.

"God, Little One, you're such a good little cocksucker. You love it, don't you? You love swallowing down Papi's thick cock. I bet you're sopping wet right now. Your pussy juices leaking down your thighs and onto my carpet."

I whined and keened at his words like a wanton kitten, every part of me begging for more. The walls of my pussy clenched, grasping at the empty space where his cock should have been. I was completely intoxicated by him, he infiltrated every corner of my mind. His words, his moans, his cock, his touch, his everything only pushed me closer until I was teetering on the brink of an orgasm.

He pulsed and twitched in my mouth, his thrusts becoming uneven and erratic.

"Yes, fuck," he grunted. "That's it…swallow my cum. Swallow it all."

A few seconds later, he swelled in my mouth and yanked me down on him hard as he exploded. Spurts of the hot liquid slid down my throat, and I gagged, his cum slipping from between my lips as he milked his orgasm.

His roughness combined with the pinch of his fingers on my nipple was I needed to send me over the edge.

I shuddered, little spasms coursing through my body as I swallowed convulsively around him. My eyes rolled back into my head and my lips slackened around him, the pleasure completely taking over my senses.

I drifted, tethered only by the strong grip in my hair and the cock still poised between my lips. It took me a few minutes to come back down to earth, the scratch of his nails against my scalp making me hum around him.

The cum I hadn't managed to catch in my mouth dripped down my chin and onto my tits as I suckled his cock, seeking the comfort the familiar movement gave me. He pushed me back, hissing as his cock slipped from my mouth. I nuzzled his thigh as my eyes slipped closed, pressing myself into his leg.

"End scene," he murmured softly, his hands still running through my hair.

I let out a breath that I hadn't realized that I was holding, the feeling of accomplishment stirring in my belly. As I emerged from my mind, a small smile turned up the corners of my lips. A hand snaked down to my neck, cupping it as I slowly started to come back.

I felt as though I was wrapped in a thin veil. My mind was partly obscured as he untied me and guided me into the bedroom, moving me to lie on my stomach. I lay my head on my folded arms as he tended properly to my ass, peppering me with questions that made my heart rate escalate.

He didn't scare me. This, our relationship, no longer scared me.

I knew I was finally ready to peruse this, fully and without hesitation, and with Edward behind me, I wouldn't fail.


Papi = Daddy.

Bellezza = Beauty.

AN: Writer's block had me writing this little outtake. It takes place after the trip, but before chapter twenty. I was stupid enough to decide to add in the lemon at the last minute (a day before the last submissions were due) but it came to me and I couldn't stop my fingers from flying across the keyboard. Thanks for reading!