Still by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Tru Calling or any of its characters.

Clear blue streams

Cannot compare

To this life I feel dwindling still

Through my fingers seeping

Slowly out, my time

Running slowly out

I wish to be near to you

To be where you are

I wouldn't ask you why

I don't need to know, because

I already know

I have known

To be near, to see your face, the conciousness that does not assail you


I did love you

You know

I wish to be away from here

These streams of red, of blood

Of sorrow and pain

She'll forget all that we were, all that she was

Could have been

Scrubbed clean and new by grief, pain

She should never have been near

Been here

To see this

This final undoing

This final unburdening

From this Calling

From this life

I love you

I love you

I want to whisper

The last words from these silent lips

That now grow cold

If I could speak

I would stopper up the sob that rises

In my throat

I would say

"Don't be afraid"

I would say

"I love you -