Disclaimer: The shows and characters in this fic are owned by the people that truly made them, except for the OC's that I put in.

Salviation for Ash: Continuation.


I am to announce that with Pete the Rock's permission, I have thought of a sequel to Salviation for Ash. I couldn't think of my own fic to do with the pairing linked with the series, but after reading his fic, I have came up with a continuation and hope you all will be happy with the results to come. As I believe I maybe close to being ready for the first chapter.

Here's what I will reveal so far...

Ash and Salvia arrive in Pallet Town to plan what's to come for their journey together. But during a celebration for Ash's success for all that he has been through, he meets with someone he hadn't seen before his journey to Sinnoh had occurred. They talk about Ash taking part in new facilities that were made in Johto, in parts Ash hadn't been through. Giving Ash the chance to take Salvia on a kind of a tour adventure while going for new symbols.

Ash will be able to catch new Pokemon to his team/family AND even Salvia will have a team of her own. What they will be, will be a secret. I have one in store for Ash and two for Salvia.

Salvia's identity will be both a secret since she will be in Kanto and no one will know she is a Princess, except for Ash's Mom, Professor Oak and maybe Brock if they run into him or something. Since he trusts them with keeping it a secret. The second would be a little confusion since Dawn's face had been seen at some points and Salvia is an obvious look a like in Dawns clothes. (Unless you want me to change the attire, hadn't thought of that yet.)

Feel free to put in ideas that come to mind on who you would like on their teams or whatever ideas come to mind for the story, which some people may do as I read in some fic reviews. That way I can plan ahead for future chapters if the ideas are good enough for a plan.

Wish me luck, till then!