Tifa Pov

I don't really remember much of the past. What I do remember… was the promise I had made to a fallen angel. He was just as lonely as I was. He didn't know whom to trust and where to go. He was always stuck in the reality others created for him. Even though I have never met him before, I knew instantly how he felt. And I promised him that… well; I don't really remember what I promised him. But I did remember one thing about him… his long silver hair.


"What," I asked as soon as I entered Marlene's room.

"Look what I did," she held up a little drawing of Cloud. It was very well done and the details are excellent.

I gave her a smile, "It's awesome. You should show Cloud when he gets home."

"Right," she chirped.

"Where's Denzel," I asked, looking around the room.

"He was here just a little while ago," Marlene replied, "Maybe he went to wait for Cloud."

"I hope," I said with a small sigh.


"Hm," I replied, turning my gaze on her.

"There's a thread on your shirt," she looked at me shoulder curiously.

I raised an eyebrow and then turned to look at my shoulder, "Hm, you're right." I grab the thread and look at it closely. 'That's odd, I don't remember being near the sewing machine this morning,' I thought.

"Tifa," Marlene asked.

"Yes," I looked at her.

"Is that a silver thread," she asked curiously.

I examined the thread closely, "I think so."

"We're home!"

Both Marlene and I turned to the door just in time to see Denzel entered with Cloud.

"Welcome back," Marlene and I replied. She quickly rushed to Cloud to show her drawing. I smiled a little at the scene and then turned back to the silver thread in my hand. 'Huh? This doesn't look like thread. It looks more like a strand of hair.'


"Huh," I looked up at Cloud, who was staring at me, "Yes?"

"Are you alright? You look trouble," he asked.

"I'm fine," I smiled a little, "I'll go make dinner."

I walked passed him, but before I could get very far, he took hold of my wrist and pull me back. I looked at him, "What is it?"

He frowned for a moment, and then he put his arms around me and held me close.

"Cloud," I asked quietly.

"I'm here," he said softly, "I won't go anywhere. So if something is troubling you, you can always tell me."

I smiled a little and hug him back, "I'm fine, really."

He didn't say anything, but held me against him even closer, "I love you."