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Key To His Locked Heart


March 2002, Saitama

The still cold but the already snow-free night was filled with loud sounds of screeching tires in the legendary Shomaru Pass in Saitama: the legendary Panda Trueno AE86 and the Levin AE86 of Saitama had once raced here, a very long one. Driving in this pass is no joke. Besides its age, the road is unusually narrow and the asphalt is slippery which makes this pass a challenge to drive. Not only that, the pass has a very poor vision buckled with very tricky corners. What's odd tonight is that the most controversial street racing team of this time, Project D, is using the course for their practice runs.

Shomaru Pass' summit, even though it is almost eleven o'clock in the evening is occupied by the three white vans of the said team with their team leader, Takahashi Ryosuke, standing with his arms crossed onto his chest, practically waiting for the two aces to come back.

His right hand man, Fumihiro, approached him coming from van #1.

"Ryosuke-san, I'm surprised that we did our runs here in Shomaru's Pass instead of the home courses of Keisuke-kun and Fujiwara-kun. Tell me, we're preparing for another huge race, am I right?" Fumihiro asked, curiosity suddenly filling him.

"Yes. You are right, Fumihiro-san," Ryosuke confirmed.

"What team is it this time?" he asked again, this time more eager.

Ryosuke looked at him in a small smile and answered instead, "You'll find out later after I see the lap times and their time attacks."

Fumihiro was about to protest when thinking that it will be of no use just gave up by answering, "Alright."

As if right on cue, Ryosuke and Fumihiro saw the AE86 and the FD3S driving back at the parking lot and parking their cars beside the three vans. Both drivers climbed out from the driver's seat. They then saw the two engineers walking back to the parking lot, each one holding a laptop. All four, including the other two engineers and Kenta who were staying in van #2, approached their team leader.

The two personal engineers of the two aces placed the laptops on the nearby table.

"Here are the lap times, Ryosuke-san," Matsumoto, the personal engineer of Takumi for the AE86, said to their leader.

Ryosuke followed the two engineers at the table. Everyone observed their team leader as he checked them. As soon as he was finished, he faced his teammates, fixing his gaze to the two aces.

"I take that the both of you have found your rhythms of this pass."

Both nodded.

"Alright, before we do the time attack, both of you get some rest while we change the tires and refill the tanks," Ryosuke instructed and both drivers just nodded once to that. They, then, went to van #1 which contained a mini-fridge and some snacks while others busied themselves with the cars. Ryosuke, on the other hand, seated behind the table where the laptops were placed, studying the data of both drivers.

After Keisuke helped himself with enough water, he faced his best rival and teammate who just, like him, finished helping himself with some water and sealed the bottle with its cap.

"Hey, Fujiwara-kun," he said.

Takumi faced him with his usual calm face.

"Are you, also wondering why are we doing our runs here with the team in Shomaru Pass?" Keisuke asked.

Takumi nodded. "Yeah. It is very unusual of Ryosuke-san. We usually do our practice in our home courses whenever he will be checking how much we've improved every after race."

"Why do you think we are doing it here instead of Mount Akagi and Mount Akina?"

Takumi shrugged. "Maybe…the pass of our next race is similar of Shomaru Pass'"

All of a sudden, everything made sense to Keisuke. His face allowed itself to show how impressed he is.

"You're a genius, Fujiwara!" he exclaimed.

"I am?" Takumi asked, his calm face before showed his confusion. It is then a tad too late for Keisuke to realize that he had allowed something to slip off his mouth without his brain's permission.

"No," he quickly answered. "What I meant is that you have somewhat figured what Aniki's plan for tonight which I didn't."

Seeing Takumi nodding once to that, he continued, "Aniki can be really secretive sometimes, huh?"

Before Takumi could reply to that, Keisuke answered his own question, "No, not only sometimes but always." he then sighed and muttered something under his breath that was beyond of his teammate's hearing range.

The AE86 Driver just looked at his teammate sympathetically; thinking that maybe he already had more than enough experiences of his brother's unique behavior that he is slowly losing his sanity. But the next statement of the FD3S Driver changed every single bit of his theory.

"But it's Aniki we are talking about here, so I trust his plan, whatever it may be."

Takumi could not help but give a small smile out of it. His smile dissolved as fast as it had appeared as he remembered someone that has been very close to him and the only one he had entrusted everything about him the most: his cousin. He frowned as he remembered the horrible incident that had happened which was the reason of their separation.

He pushed his train of thought aside as he and Keisuke were called because it is time for their time attacks.

After the time attack, which their team leader conducted and after he analyzed everything, they gathered again at the parking area with their team leader standing at the front, facing everyone while everyone stood there completely silent, waiting for Ryosuke's announcement,

"After analyzing Fujiwara and Keisuke's data for tonight," Ryosuke started, "plus all of their records all throughout the run of this team, I have seen that the team is ready."

"Ready for what, Aniki?" Keisuke asked casually.

"For the last huge race just like we had with the god-foot and god-hand this May before we dissolve the team," Ryosuke answered.

Everyone fell silent to that statement. The midnight air felt damp and cold, still feeling the coldness of late March, as tension suddenly filled within the group. No one can meet the eyes of their leader. Keisuke, also, felt the same way but he knows that he has to break this sudden commotion because if he doesn't, only goodness knows where this would lead. They still have less than two months before they will finally dissolve the team, and this is not yet the time for them to go all mushy-mushy.

"About time for another one!" he finally exclaimed as excitedly as he can, breaking the silence. "Tell us, Aniki, what team is it gonna be?" Keisuke asked aggressively.

"Has anyone of you heard of Code:G?" Ryosuke asked.

Everyone exchanged puzzled looks before Fumihiro had answered.

"Yes. I've already heard of them. They are quite famous. They are all girl racers from the Akita Prefecture."

Everyone exchanged surprised looks and Ryosuke was about to confirm that Fumihiro's right when Keisuke interrupted.

"Wait," he said, sounding tad on the uncomfortable side. "Aniki, don't tell me that this huge race that you're telling me is against this all-girl racing team?" he said sounding more disturb this time.

"Yes. You are right, Keisuke," Ryosuke confirmed. "Why? Do you have a problem with racing against an all-girl team?" Ryosuke asked casually.

Keisuke was taken aback of Ryosuke's sudden question, bold question. "Uh… no… Aniki, it's not that. It's just that… I…"

Ryosuke allowed his lips to form a small smile before saving his brother from his lost of words.

"I've already expected this to be your reactions, so…" he stopped as he picked up from the table a long brown envelope and took printed papers out of it. He, then, continued, "I've decided to print these out for you."

He handed the papers to a curious Fumihiro and distributed it to the rest of the members.

"Have a look at them for a while," Ryosuke suggested.

As usual, they take their team leader's suggestions as direct orders and not needed to be contradicted, they skimmed the five-paged print-out in silence for a while when something caught Keisuke's eyes, breaking the silence once again he said, "Aniki, I can remember the team now." He frowned as he looked at his brother, "Their team leader, Ishigata Akira is-"

"-very well-known and undefeatable street racer in their prefecture. If you all can still recall, she was with us for a very short time and had been a very great help with the progress of the team," Ryosuke explained instead. "It's there in the print-outs," he pointed out.

Once again, everyone suddenly felt the urge not to look directly at their leader's eyes and the print-outs interested more than anything at this very moment.

"Y-yes," Keisuke agreed amusingly. "But… Aniki… are you sure…" Keisuke said, worry written all over his face and not even minding finishing the sentence for he already knows that his brother is fully aware what he is trying to say.

"I'm sure about this. Even thought they are an all-girl team, their team, like us, is undefeated. And as you all can recall, Ishigata Akira's very intelligent and not just like any leader a team can have. They are the most worthy opponents that we have to defeat the last," Ryosuke explained further, entirely aware that this is not the answer that Keisuke is expecting from him but rather a different one, a lot different.

"Ryosuke-san," Takumi interrupted for the first time ever since the talk started. "Hakka Pass, it's very far, isn't it? I'm quite surprised that there are street racers there."

"Yes, you're right, Fujiwara-kun. It's quite odd to see street racers very far from our area but since it is the goal of our team to defeat every team there is, we will go there no matter how far it is," he explained to the youngest driver who just nodded to that and added,

"That means, we are here today because this pass is quite similar to Hakka-pass?"

Ryosuke gave out an amused smile to that, "Correct, Fujiwara-kun."

He then said to the whole team, "All of you might also be confused why we are preparing for our last race already if it is still less than two months away. This will be our toughest race before the end of Project D so I have to think over of some things and of a strategy. At the same time, we can ready ourselves as early as now."

Everyone with nothing to say just nodded to that.

"For now we will have an upcoming race next week so it is important for everyone to rest for the rest of the week. I will announce next week where will be the location and what team we are going to be against. Fumihiro, Kenta and I still have to check the pass, record it and inform the team claiming the pass. Within this week, Fujiwara-kun, Keisuke, we will be giving the tape of the pass so that you two can familiarize it. We'll see each other again next week at Mount Akagi, that's all for today."

Everyone nodded to that except for Keisuke who gave Ryosuke a very worried look.


Both white and yellow RX-7s parked at the Takahashi residence's garage. Both engines turned off and their respective drivers climbed out.

"Aniki," Keisuke called out to Ryosuke before he can get inside the huge house. The older Takahashi stopped in front of the front door and turned to face his brother.

"Can I ask you something?" Keisuke asked.

"Keisuke," Ryosuke said, sounding more firm than what he had intended. "If this is about Akira-"

"Aniki," Keisuke interrupted. "I just want to know something. I'm very curious and confused. What exactly happened between you and Akira-senpai? You didn't shared to me anything."

"Keisuke," Ryosuke said, using a warning tone.

"Please, Aniki? You've already hid your plan of our team racing them, please make this as an exception? I would face her again after a year and I think I deserve to know something so that I would know what to react when I see her. Isn't that fair enough?" Keisuke pleaded. Then, as an after-thought, he added, "You trust me just like the way I trust you, right? We've promised that we will not keep secrets from each other, Aniki."

Ryosuke took a deep breath while closing his eyes, buying himself some time to think and let it out after. "Do you really want to know?"

Keisuke nodded violently. "Yes, Aniki. The reason behind the break-up of the strongest couple I had ever known is killing me. What could possibly break a very strong relationship?"

Ryosuke turned his back to his brother and once again, facing the front door. He did this to not let his brother see the pain and bitterness slowly forming in his usually unreadable eyes.

"Let's go up to my room," Ryosuke finally gave in. "I'll tell you everything upstairs."

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