I wrote this after playing my most recent character for M&B Warband. I always thought that the game was rather vivid as to why you the player are becoming an adventurer. I started thinking of possible reasons which led me to write this. R&R.

Until just the other day I was living a decent life in a fair sized house in Reyvadin a town of the Vaegirs. I was born into a family of declining nobility. We didn't own any land just a fair sized house that I lived in with my father. My mother died just a couple years after my birth.

I spent my early life as a page in the courts of Reyvadin. My first lessons were on humility as I waited on the lords and ladies of the household. I paid attention to everything going on around me and I learned from their chess games, gossip and even the poems and stories of great deeds and courtly romances that there was rough world out there full of conflict. I also learned from the games with the other children as we hit each with sticks imitating our elder's swords.

Then, as a young adult, life changed as it always does. The distinction was rather sudden, one minute I was just a page the next I was named a squire to one of the nobles at the court. Suddenly the world was changing all around me. I practiced long hours with weapons of all shapes, sizes and purposes. I learned how to deal out hard knocks and how to take them, too. I was instructed on my obligations to my lord and of the duties of those who might be my vassals. But in addition to the learning of the chivalric ideal, I learned about the less uplifting side – old warriors' stories of ruthless power, politics of betrayal and usurpation's of men who used guile as well as valor to achieve their aims.

My father had always had high hopes for me. But he never knew when to hold his tongue. He didn't mind saying what he thought the King was doing wrong. He also didn't care who he said it around. Being in the king's city he was bound to have eyes and ears everywhere. One night my father came home in a panic. He said nothing he just entered the house and bolted the door. He rummaged through a chest I hadn't seen before and told me I had to leave now. He pulled out several items; an old hunting crossbow, its quiver of bolts, a short sword and a slightly cracked shield with our coat of arms on it. He gave me the weapons and tossed me a set of leather armor that had seen better days. There was a loud banging of metal against wood at our door.

"Open up Fricio!" a rough voice called from outside.

My father ran out of the room. He returned a few moments later a couple of cloth sacs. He tossed them to me. Peering in one was full of food, the other coin.

"I said open the door before we break it down," the rough voice called again.

"Go out the window, Treda," my father said quickly. I moved towards the window and he shoved me out. We were only on the first floor. He didn't follow he just closed the shutters. I heard the smash of wood cracking and hitting the floor. I was on my feet and peering through the cracks in the shutter. The sound of several of metal boots ringing through the house could be heard even where I was.

"By the order of our King Yaroglek, the true king of Caldaria, you are found guilty of treason. You have been spreading your lies long enough. Yaroglek is our true king and rightful ruler of all of Caldaria," the man walking towards my father.

My father just lifted his hand and chuckled. The man squinted and then drew his sword.

"You are to be put to death tomorrow. Grab him men," he said as several men grabbed my father roughly and dragged him out, "search the area for the son. He will be put to death too for being in league with this dog."

I couldn't do anything else. I ran as fast as I could. Things weren't supposed to happen this way. I was running to the front of the house when I noticed there were guards everywhere. I quickly turned before they took notice and looked around. There was a ladder leaning against the wall that surrounded our property, left there when some men came to fix a leak on the roof. I climbed the ladder and jumped into the darkness. I zigzagged through the backstreets until I came to a dark alley and changed. I looked a little conspicuous wearing full leather armor and carrying weapons. I hid the crossbow, bolts and shield behind some barrels. I wore the leather armor under my cloths and hid the blade. I then put on my cloak and rented a room in an inn closer to the center of town. I had to be careful not to let anyone see my face. You never know who's watching you.

The following morning

The next morning I awoke to hearing shouts from outside my window. Looking outside the streets were packed with people. Slipping on my cloak I went outside quickly giving my key to the inn keeper. I could barely get out the door because of the sea of bodies.
"What's going on here?" I asked the neared person.

"Didn't you hear? One of the nobles was planning some sort of plot against the king. They caught him last night and he's to be executed soon." The man said only to disappear back into the crowd.

Executions weren't very common because most people learned where you could and couldn't say certain things. It took a while but I managed to get to the town square, in place of merchant stands there was a large platform. The platform had a large stone chopping block. Atop the platform was a man wearing a black hood and holding a vicious looking blade. After what felt like an eternity the Yaroglek stepped up leaving guards at the bottom and top of the steps. The huge square became quiet.

"People I come before you to show you the face of deception," the king said aloud as two men came dragging my father, "this man was once a true noble of our empire. He paid his dues and went through life without error. Then I hear that he is talking. He says I am not the true king of Caldaria. He says that I am not fit to rule and that I am destroying our great empire. This kind of insolence will not stand. Watch carefully for you are about to witness what happens to those who attempt to shake the very foundation of our empire."

I couldn't see much of my father other than that he was battered and bloody. The men forced him down onto the chopping blood. I began to push through the crowd.

"Do you have any last words Fricio?" the king asked my bloodied father.

"Yes. You will regret this day, the day you sealed your fate, the fate of your kingdom, maybe even all of Caldaria." My father said as loud as he could in his current condition.

Yaroglek Just looked at him. He motioned to the hooded man who hefted his sword with ease. I was at the front of the crowd and had my hand on the hilt of my sword. I looked at my father. He seemed to notice me and for some reason I didn't understand shook his head. My shoulders went limp. The hooded lifted his sword and in one smooth arc struck my father's head from his shoulders. Blood spurted from where his head had been moments ago. I almost cried out. The crowd was still silent. Then everyone began to disperse.

I just stood there for a while. One minute I was the son of declining nobility. The next I was an outlaw and a traitor. There was nothing left for me in Reyvadin. The last of my family was dead. But I knew one thing; I would have my revenge on King Yaroglek. But first I would need an army, which would be no easy feat to achieve. But I knew the perfect place to start; the kingdom of the Rhodoks.

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