And yet another teaser. This came to me recently and I couldn't shake the idea, so I'm going to go ahead and see where it takes me. Hope you're up for another ride.

Cal burst through the door as soon as it started to crack open, barely looking at the tall, skinny kid that stared at him, his mouth agape.

"Hey man, you can't just-"

The shove he received had him stumbling back, tripping on his own legs and baggy pants. He fell on his ass with an audible 'oof.'

Cal moved further into the house, eyes scanning carefully. He could hear Gillian behind him. She was scared, he could feel it but it had been her decision to accompany him. He'd been in too much of a hurry to argue. Cops should be along shortly.

Moving through the house, he passed several kids in various states of drug or alcohol induced euphoria. Some glanced at him curiously while others couldn't care less. He dismissed them instantly before heading for the staircase, taking two steps at a time. At the top landing, a young man stepped out from one of the bedrooms, eyes narrowed and immediately pushed himself into Cal's face. "Who the fuck are you?" The boy had grabbed Cal by the front of the shirt.

Without batting an eye, the older man buried a fist in the kid's solar plexus. Reaching behind him, he caught Gill's hand and they both stepped over the gasping youth.

Pushing open every door, he took quick inventory, angry and agitated that he wasn't finding the person he was looking forward. At the end of the hallway, the last door was locked. Not even pausing, he threw his shoulder against it once, twice. The third time broke the flimsy latch and with a roar, he grabbed the dark haired kid that currently hovered over the prone figure on the bed. With a strength fueled by primal rage, he threw the kid into the closet where he fell in a stunned sprawl.

Stepping forward, Cal sat on the edge of the bed, both hands of either side of the girl's face.

"Hey. Can you hear me, luv?"

No response.

Gillian sat on the other side and they exchanged a long look before she leaned forward to check the girl's pulse. Closing her eyes in relief, she gave a small nod.

The girl was only dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of panties and Cal felt his rage spike all over again. He took a deep breath in an attempt to suppress it before pulling the blanket off the bed and gently wrapping it around the girl.

With ease, he picked up the slight form, almost as if she were a baby. He held her to his chest and stepped out of the bedroom, with Gillian right on his heels.

The jerk in the hallway had recovered, his bravado undiminished. "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

"Out of here. And I suggest if you know what's good for you, you'll get out of my way." Cal's tone was deadly and the kid looked uncertain for just a moment before his balls overcame his brains. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a switchblade and quickly flicked it out.

"Listen old man, you have no idea what you're dealing with." The blade glinted in the low light as Cal debated his options. He had brought one of his guns, but it was currently stuck in the waistband in the back of his jeans, carefully concealed under his jacket. Unless he dropped the girl, it was useless.

Without missing a beat, Gillian stepped forward and nailed the kid in the face with a direct stream of pepper spray. A shriek tore out of his lungs as he once again dropped to his knees, this time palming his eyes and weeping hysterically.

Cal gave Gill a quick look of gratitude before they headed down the stairs and out of the house. Only then could they hear the sirens in the background.

There was a tiny shift of movement in his arms and as Cal looked down and gave a worried smile, the eyes parted open.


"Yeah darlin', it's me. I'm here."