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I've got an angel

She doesn't wear any wings

She wears a heart that can melt my own

She wears a smile that can make me wanna sing

She gives me presents

With her presence alone

She gives me everything I could wish for

She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home

She could make angels

I've seen it with my own eyes

You gotta be careful when you've got good love

Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying

Jack Johnson, "Angel"

Chapter 29: Katherine Renee Pomaika'i Masen

Age 16

"Hey, baby."

Edward barely gave Bella a chance to breathe before he pressed his lips to hers in the doorway of her parents' home. Bella grinned against his lips. It was a quiet Saturday in November, and both Renee and Charlie were at work. Edward pulled away and saw the wide grin on Bella's face.

"Happy to see me huh?"

"Always," Bella said, as she reached down and grabbed Edward's hand. "Come in and get out of the rain."

Bella knew that things were always rough for Edward at home, whether or not his father was around. She knew that was more than likely the reason he was so eager to see her, but if she could provide him a little escape, and get to see him, it was a win-win in her book. Edward walked into the kitchen and as she closed the front door she saw him freeze in the doorway.

"What the heck is that?"

Bella rushed past him and scooped up the offending object in her arms.

"It's my sugar baby. For health class."

"I was pretty sure I was your sugar baby," Edward said with a smirk. Bella rolled her eyes.

"It's a project for health class," Bella explained. "We have to carry around this bag of sugar like it's a baby. It's supposed to be part of some like, abstinence thing or something."

"Well, clearly abstaining didn't work."

"I can always make it work," Bella said, her brows raised, before she picked up her "baby" and headed into the living room

Edward let out a huff and followed behind her.

"So how much longer do you have to carry this…baby around?" He asked, taking a seat on the couch next to her.

"Until next Wednesday," Bella answered.

"Did you have to give it a name?"

Bella shrugged. "No…I just call her Sugar."


"What? I know it's not original, but it's cute."

"I hope you're a little more original in the future."

Bella coughed and nearly dropped Sugar on the ground.

"In the…in the future?" She nearly croaked out.

Edward's eyes widened when he realized what he said. "Well, I mean, like…in like, I don't know! Ten years or something!"

"Ten years?" Bella squeaked.

"Okay, I don't know, twenty!"

Edward was clearly flustered and didn't know what else to say. Obviously, at seventeen and sixteen, he did not want them to be parents anytime soon, but if he and Bella really loved each other like he thought they did, then maybe someday in the future.

Bella shook her head and chuckled, soothed by Edward's flustered appearance and blurted out words. She was glad that the thought of a child freaked him out as much as it did her, but at the same time, it also made her a little happy to know that he saw a future for them. She smiled and handed Sugar over to Edward. He gave her a funny look before he took the bag of sugar in his arms.

"I think one day, very, very far into the future you will make, uh, a good dad."

Edward cradled the bag of sugar in his arms and shook his head chuckling. "If you say so, baby."

"I do say so. You'll see."

Age 32

"Brah, why are you being all emo? We're going home!"

Edward sighed and turned from staring out the window to look at one of his dearest friends. The two were having dinner in the restaurant of their hotel in San Diego.

"Man, Eric…I don't know. I know this was a short trip and all, but Bella was being kind of…weird before we left."

"What do you mean?"

Edward shifted in his seat. There weren't really any topics that were off-limits between him and Eric, but he wasn't quite sure how to bring up his thoughts.

"Is this like…" Eric's voice dropped down to a whisper, "Sex stuff?"

Edward grabbed his beer and chugged what remained in the bottle.


"Well…I'm all ears if you wanna share."

Edward let out a frustrated huff.

"She…I don't know, man. She wasn't into it and she wouldn't even let me touch her boobs. And I swear to God they were looking bigger."

Eric almost choked on his beer and quickly put it down. He chuckled and ran a hand through his now short hair. Being that he was older now and a father, Eric had decided to chop off his longer surfer dude hair some time ago. He shook his head and tried to get his chuckles under control.

"I'm glad you find this so amusing, asshole, but laughing is not helping."

Eric finally got his laughter under control and smirked.

"I can't help you there, buddy. I'm pretty sure the only person who is going to be able to help you out is, Bella."

Edward threw his napkin at his friend. "Thanks for nothing, ass."

"I'm sure things will be fine. Just fine."

Edward couldn't help but feel like Eric knew something he didn't. Especially when he saw the smirk on his friend's face.

Bella flitted around the house nervously, and Patches followed her every move. Edward would be home at any second, and Bella had prepared one of his favorites dinners as a surprise to welcome him home.

"It's not the only surprise you have for him," Bella muttered to herself as she set a bowl of rice down on the table. She wasn't quite sure how Edward was going to take the news.

The "plan" to start having babies had pretty much been abandoned. Edward was on the top of the professional surfing world again, and he had won the World Championship the past two years in a row. He and Eric were not only battling out for being the top in the surfing world, but they had also launched their surfing brand company, TEAM YES. The name was formed from their initials in their names. They sold clothes, boards, bags, and pretty much everything related to surfing. They had become one of the biggest names in the clothing industry. Not to mention, Edward and Eric were the faces of their company and with that came additional publicity and a wider audience. Not to mention all the traveling it entailed. They even ended up guest staring on a few television shows and appeared in a few movies. Things were still busy and their company was growing, so Bella wasn't quite sure how Edward was going to take her news.

Patches barked and the familiar sound of tires in their driveway snapped Bella out of her thoughts. She quickly rushed to get the rest of the table set for dinner. Just as she was setting down the last of the dishes for on the table, she heard the love of her life's voice as he came through the door.

"Bella? Baby, I'm home!" Edward called out.

Bella walked to the doorway and leaned against it, smiling as she watched Patches excitedly jump all over Edward and try to lick his face. Edward's laugh filled the air as Patches knocked him on his butt and licked his face everywhere.

"Okay, okay! Down, Patches!" Edward cried between laughs. He looked up and saw Bella laughing in the doorway. "A little help here, baby?"

Bella chuckled and shook her head. "Patches, come."

With one last lick, Patches finally jumped off of Edward and bounded back towards Bella, excited that all of her humans were home. Bella gave Patches a treat and just as she was going to turn to go back towards Edward, strong arms wrapped around her, and lifted her in the air, spinning her around.

Bella screamed and her stomach lurched.

"Put me down!" Bella screeched.

Alarmed by her reaction, Edward put her down immediately and watched, completely stunned, as Bella took off towards the bathroom. When he heard the sounds of her retching into the toilet, he snapped out of his daze and rushed towards the bathroom. Bella was hunched over the toilet and sniffling.

"Bella?" Edward asked tentatively. "Baby, are you okay?"

Bella sniffled and nodded, but said nothing.

"Are…are you sick?

Edward bent down as Bella continued to sniffle and hide her face from him. He joined her on the floor and pulled her to him so that Bella was nearly in his lap.

"It's okay, baby," Edward whispered. "I'm home now. Tell me what's going on."

Bella shook her head and whimpered.

"Hey, don't cry, Bella. It's okay. Just…are you sick? Do I need to call the doctor? Tell me that much please because I am getting a little freaked out here."

"I don't need the doctor," Bella finally whispered. "At least not today."

"What do you mean 'not today'?"

Since he had walked into the bathroom, Edward had been trying to get Bella to look up at him. When she finally did, she swiped at the tears that trickled down her cheeks and smiled at him.

"Let me brush my teeth and then I'll tell you everything."

Edward's eyebrows rose in question.

"I promise I'm fine," Bella said with a smile. "I'll meet you in the dining room in a little bit if you want to freshen up a bit too."


Edward walked out and left Bella to her business, heading upstairs to change and wash the smell of his flight off of his skin. Bella's moods downstairs were giving him a bit of whiplash. He didn't know what to think, and combined with her behavior from before he left on his trip, he was at a complete loss.

After changing into shorts and a shirt and splashing some water on his face, Edward felt awake and headed back downstairs. He found Bella out on the patio, dinner of his favorite foods set, and a small envelope with his name on it.

"What's all this?" Edward asked, a bit nervous and going over the calendar in his head. He didn't miss a birthday or anniversary or any kind.

Bella smiled and pointed towards the envelope on the table. "Open it."

"Okay…" Edward drew out. "You gonna tell me what this is all about? You have all of my favorite foods out, you're dressed all nice…"

Edward didn't dare mention the fact that she just threw up in the bathroom. That wasn't the least bit romantic, and he had a feeling that was the vibe that Bella was trying to go for here. Plus, he missed his wife and if she wasn't being all moody, then he wasn't going to complain.

Picking up the envelope, Edward opened it gently and caught what was inside as it slipped out. At first, his brows furrowed and he had no idea what he was supposed to be looking at in this black and white picture. It was like he was looking at static on an old TV. The words were on the tip of his tongue to ask Bella what the heck he was supposed to be looking at, until he saw the words in Bella's distinct hand writing in the lower right hand corner.

Baby Masen, 8 Weeks

All of the air seemed to rush out of Edward's lungs and he looked up at Bella, gapping like a fish.

"Be…Bella…I…is this…" Edward stuttered out.

Tears flooded Bella's eyes and all she could do was nod as she clasped her hands together under her chin.

"Oh Bella…" Edward murmured before he stumbled around the table and fell to his knees in front of Bella. She giggled as tears fell down her cheeks. Edward raised his hands and reverently placed his hands on Bella's stomach. He looked up, tears welling up in his own eyes.

"You're pregnant? We're going to have a baby?"

Bella nodded quickly. "Yes! We're going to have a baby!"

"Oh Bella…" Edward said again, placing his forehead against her stomach. He then began to repeatedly kiss her stomach ever so softly. Bella sighed and ran her fingers through Edward's hair.

They stayed like that for quite some time, until Bella couldn't take it anymore and slid down to her knees. The first thing she did was wrap her arms around Edward's neck and then kiss him soundly.

"You make me so happy, Edward," Bella whispered. "So happy."

"We're going to be parents. I can't believe it," Edward whispered back.

"You're happy right? I mean, this wasn't really planned, but…it was what we wanted right?"

"Of course I'm happy. I can barely put it into words, Bella."

"Good. I, uh…I'm a little nervous too, but I am really excited and happy," Bella said with a chuckle.

"This will all work out, Bella baby. You'll see. You're going to be a great mother and I am going to be the best father in the world to this baby."

Bella smiled softly and ran her fingers through Edward's hair. When they first started seriously talking about having children, Bella knew one of Edward's biggest concerns and fears was turning out like his father. Bella assured him that it would never happen, but Edward still had reservations about being a crappy father in any sense, and he was determined to be what he said was "the perfect father". Bella knew there would be bumps along the way, but she knew Edward would love this baby with all of his heart.

"Did you tell anyone else yet?" Edward asked curiously.

"Of course not!" Bella exclaimed. "You're the first person I wanted to tell. No one else knows yet. Well…except my doctor, but no one else."

Edward nodded, but then something occurred to him. He started laughing and Bella looked at him strangely.

"What's so funny, Edward?"

He shook his head and when his chuckles were finally under control, he looked up at Bella.

"I think Eric must know."

"What? Why would you say that?"


"Edward…" Bella nearly growled.

"Okay! I'm sorry! I might have been talking to Eric about…about our…well…"

"Our lack of a sex life because I've been so moody?" Bella asked, eyebrow raised.


"Anything else?"

"And…maybe I mentioned something about…sensitive…ummmm…"


"What?" Edward exclaimed. "It's not like I don't know that you have discussed the size of my…my…you know what with Nessie and the girls! Christ, even Esme said something to Carlisle, Bella!"

Bella's cheeks flamed instantly. "Touché, Edward. I'm sorry. I'm not…well, I'm not really upset. I think Nessie might have suspected something. Same with Esme, so I don't know that this is going to be a very big surprise."

"It was a surprise to me," Edward murmured before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Bella's forehead. "A wonderful surprise."

Bella smiled and kissed Edward quickly. "Well, now that you know what your surprise is, how about you enjoy your favorite meal that I slaved over to make for you?"

Edward laughed and stood up, bringing Bella with him.

"Did you really slave over this meal? Because it looks an awful lot like it might be from Side Street Inn…" Edward teased. Bella swatted his arm.

"Are you gonna complain, Edward?"

"Not at all, baby. I don't know how life could get any better."

9 Months Later

"I am so HUGE! I'm a freaking globe with legs!" Bella wailed from where she lay on the couch.

Edward was too scared to let Bella walk up and down the stairs in their house without him, and he didn't trust Rosalie or Alice to really be able to catch her if she stumbled. That thought verbalized earned him punches from both women. Today, Alice was keeping Bella company at home on the first floor while Edward was in a business meeting with Eric.

"Bella, you're pregnant and there's a tiny human in there! Think of how amazing that is!" Alice said merrily before plopping down on the couch next to Bella.

"Yeah, well, when is it going to be your turn huh? I bet I'm going to hate you when you're pregnant. You're going to be one of the lucky bitches who at seven months pregnant barely even has a bump," Bella said with a huff.

"Oh, Bella…you're so silly. And don't worry, you're almost there! Baby Masen will be here any day now!"

"You didn't answer my question! When is it going to be you and Jasper's turn huh?"

Alice rolled her eyes playfully. "I thought you were supposed to get forgetful when you were pregnant."

"Nice try, Alice. Now spill. I know you two have talked about it."

"Well…" Alice drew out. "I think Carmen and Eli are going to start trying soon, so Eli was telling Jasper that he thought it would be cool if we had out babies at the same time. As you know, Jasper has been bringing it up for a while now, so…I'm thinking I'll be going off my birth control in the next couple of weeks."

"Really?" Bella squealed. "Oh that's amazing! There will be so many babies running around soon!"

Alice laughed. "We're going to be overrun!"

"Help me up! We need to call Rosalie and Nessie! Maybe we can convince them to get in on this too!"

"Bella, you're crazy," Alice teased. "Come on, I'll help you up."

As Alice was helping Bella to her feet, a sharp pain pierced her back and she cried out, almost stumbling, but caught by a worried, yet a little smug, Alice.

"Bella, what is it?"

"I…I think it's…it's time," Bella panted as the pain started to subside.

"What? Was that a contraction?"

"I…well…I was sort of feeling them earlier an—"

"WHAT? Bella! You've been having contractions all this time?" Alice nearly shrieked. "Why didn't you say anything? Edward is going to kill me!"

"No…no, I mean…with the Braxton-Hicks I was having last week, I thought that's what this was too, but that last one was big!"

"Shit! Okay, where's your bag? Where's my bag and my phone? Where's your phone?" Alice shouted as she ran around trying to find everything.

Bella hobbled towards the front door.

"I have my phone! My bag is over here and your purse is in the kitchen!"

"Thanks!" Alice shouted as she grabbed her purse. "Let's go! We have to get to Queen's hospital right?"

"Yes," Bella gritted her teeth, her back still aching as she started to hobble out the door.

"Call Edward!" Alice called out as she made sure Patches had enough food and water and then locked up the house.

"I'll call him when we get in the car and get going," Bella muttered.

It was a good thing that Edward had Eric with him, because as soon as he got the phone call from Bella, he started running around and freaking out.

"Brah, calm down!" Eric shouted. "I'll drive us there! Geezus…we'll get your car later."

With Alice's driving and Eric and Edward being so close to the hospital, they arrived within minutes of each other at the hospital. Once Bella was checked in, Alice and Eric both got on the phones, letting everyone know it was time. Renee, Charlie, and even Elizabeth had flown down for the birth of their first grandchild, and all of their friends were on stand-by as well.

Bella was puffing her way through another contraction when Renee, Charlie, and Elizabeth arrived.

"Oh, baby…" Renee exclaimed, tears in her eyes. "I'm going to be a grandma!"

A growl from Bella was all Renee earned as she waited for the contraction to pass. Edward grimaced a "hello" as Bella was squeezing the crap out of his hand. Charlie wisely stayed by the door and gave everyone in the room a nod, while Elizabeth went to stand behind Edward, placing a hand on his shoulder.

In the past years, Edward and his mother had visited and were able to rebuild some resemblance of a relationship. It would never be a relationship like the one Bella had with her parents, but Elizabeth often came to visit, and she was excited about her first grandchild as well.

When Bella's contraction passed, Edward placed a kiss on her knuckles and stood, embracing his mother.

"Hi, Mom," Edward whispered.

Elizabeth pulled back and cupped Edward's cheeks. "My boy…I can't believe this day is finally here."

"I can," Edward said with a grimace as he shook out his fingers. "It's been a long nine months."

"You better not let Bella catch you complaining," Elizabeth teased. She reached up on her tip toes and kissed Edward's cheek.

"Go say hello to Charlie and Renee. I want to say hello to Bella."

Edward went to give Charlie a hug and the two chuckled as they overheard Renee talking to Bella.

"I can't believe the two of you wanted to be surprised! How am I supposed to know what to buy for my grandbaby!"

Charlie shook his head and went to his wife's side as Edward returned to Bella's.

"Now, Renee…you know that doesn't matter. As long as Baby Masen here is healthy and happy…" Charlie said with a smile.

Renee smacked Charlie in the chest playfully. "You know you're hoping for a boy, Charlie. Don't deny it."

Bella smiled at her parents before turning to look at Edward, who was grinning back at her. When they had truly sat down and discussed Bella being pregnant, they had decided that they wanted their first baby to be a surprise. They didn't want to know whether it was a boy or a girl. The nursery was beach themed and would be perfect for a little boy or little girl. Baby Masen was a surprise, and Bella and Edward wanted to keep it that way until he/she arrived.

"Well…I'm sure Edward here wouldn't mind having a little boy either," Charlie responded. "Back me up here, Edward."

Edward chuckled. "I honestly will be overjoyed with either one. I'm equally terrified of both, and equally excited too."

"You'll be an amazing father, Edward," Elizabeth chimed in. "Bella, has he not gotten that through his head yet?"

Bella adjusted herself a little and chuckled. "No…but I think he's getting there."

The parents, children, and soon-to-be grandchild, stayed in the room together for a few more hours, and through multiple contractions. Being that this was Bella's first, it was taking more time than she and Edward thought it would. In those hours, Rosalie and Emmett arrived, followed by Jasper, Nessie, and Timmy. The Cullen clan came by as well, and all were out in the waiting room entertaining the children as they waited for the arrival of Baby Masen.

When the doctor deemed that Bella was finally ready, Renee and Edward got changed to go into the delivery room with her, while Charlie and Elizabeth joined the rest of the anxious family and friends in the waiting room. Those waiting for the arrival of Baby Masen took up most of the space in the waiting room.

There were tears and definitely some swearing from Bella, but in the end, there was nothing but tears of joy, and Edward was simply in awe of his Bella. His eyes continuously danced back and forth between a smiling and crying Bella and the little pink bundle in his arms.

"She's so beautiful," Edward whispered, tears coming to his own eyes.

Renee held Bella's hands as Edward brought their bundled and screaming baby girl over.

"She's so perfect, Bella," Edward whispered as he held their little girl for her to see. "Look at her…beautiful and perfect."

Bella reached out, running a finger down their little girl's cheek. Her screaming quieted, turning into coos before she began to wail again when Bella took her finger away.

"She knows her momma," Renee said with a sniffle, reaching up to swipe the tears from her cheeks.

Edward leaned in and kissed Bella's forehead before leaning his head against hers. They both stared down at the squirming bundle in Edward's arms, tears running down their cheeks, and smiles glued on their faces.

"What are you gonna name her?" Renee whispered after some time. "We can't call her Baby Masen forever."

Edward and Bella looked at each other and smiled. Edward let Bella answer her mother though, as his eyes went back to the little girl in his arms. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

Bella smiled up at her mother. "We're going to name her after Edward's grandmother."

Age 49

"Katherine Renee Pomaika'i Masen! Get down here right now!"

"Wow…Dad used your full name. You're in trouble."

Seventeen year old Kate, as she liked to go by, knelt down in front of her seven year old brother Jared.

"Go tell Dad I'm not home okay? Please? Tell him I'm not up here," Kate pleaded with Jared. Despite being ten years apart in age, Jared was Kate's favorite brother, and the one that she was the closest with.

"Okay," Jared said with a shrug. He knew his sister was in big trouble for something that came in the mail, but she always took him out for rides in her car to the store or mall and usually ended up getting him a treat of some sort. He wanted to stay on her good side.

As Jared bounded out of Kate's room and headed downstairs to find their father, Kate let out a deep breath. She had somehow managed to avoid her parents all day, but she knew exactly what her father wanted to talk to her about. Kate listened from her doorway as she heard Jared talking to their father. She smiled as Jared explained to their dad had no reason to yell since she wasn't home. Her brothers Tyler and Oliver weren't home either, so hopefully her dad would buy Jared's excuse and she could deal with it later.

Kate threw herself face down on her bed. This is was not a conversation she was looking forward to having with her parents. If she could delay it for a little longer, she certainly would.

"You know, you can't avoid your dad forever."

"Mom!" Kate screamed, rolling off of her bed and tumbling to the floor making a bunch of noise as she did so.

"Bella!" Edward shouted. "Is she up there?"

Bella shook her head and smiled sadly as she looked at her teenage daughter in a tangled heap on the floor. She knew Edward was mad, but Bella was sure that there was a good reason for what Kate had done. If Bella knew anything about her daughter, it was that she had a good heart and head on her shoulders.

"Come on, kid. You might as well face your dad now. It'll only get worse later."

Kate's eyes watered as her mom helped her off of the floor.

"Did dad tell you what happened?" Kate asked with a sniffle.

Bella shook her head and wrapped her arm around her daughter's waist. Kate had outgrown her mother when she was thirteen years old. She now stood at 5'9", taking after Edward's side of the family.

"Let's go, Kate. It'll be fine."

A pouting Jared met them in the hallway.

"I tried Kate. Sorry. Mom is sneaky. I didn't know she was up here."

"Hey now…" Bella warned playfully. The three older siblings often tried to get Jared to do things they knew they would get in trouble for otherwise since he was the baby.

"Sorry, mom," Jared said, wrapping his arms around Bella's waist.

Bella wrapped her free arm around Jared's shoulders.

"So…how upset is your father?"

Jared's little face scrunched up. "His face was turning kind of red, and he had a piece of paper in his hands and he was talking to himself a lot."

Bella sighed and squeezed her kids to her sides. "It'll be fine."

They headed downstairs and found Edward pacing back and forth in the kitchen. A scrunched up piece of paper was on the kitchen counter and Edward was muttering to himself and running his hands through his hair.

"Can I go watch TV?" Jared whispered to his mom, not wanting to get in any more trouble with his dad.

"Sure, buddy," Bella responded. "But no more lying for your sister."

Jared nodded and quickly scampered out of the room. Bella shook her head and smiled to herself. She knew there was always going to be something that Jared was going to get in trouble for when it came to his older siblings. He was ten years younger than Kate, eight years younger than Tyler, and four years younger than Oliver. Bella couldn't focus on her youngest right now though. It was her oldest that had apparently done something to make Edward upset.

Bella kept her arm wrapped around Kate as she cleared her throat to get her husband's attention. Edward stopped pacing and looked straight at Kate.

"Explain yourself. Now."

"Edward, what happened?" Bella asked calmly. "Is it really that bad?"

All four children went to the same private school that taught grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Kate was an honor roll student and also excelled in volleyball, soccer, and track & field. She was looking at several options for college already, most of which were offering her a sports scholarship of some sort. Bella couldn't quite imagine what Kate could have done.

"Read this," Edward growled, picking up the paper from the kitchen counter and thrusting it at Bella. Bella released Kate and walked over to Edward. She took the paper from him and read over it carefully.

To the parents of Katherine Masen,

Katherine is hereby suspended from the varsity girls' soccer team for the next two weeks. She was involved in an altercation at practice with another teammate, which resulted in the other girl needing to go to the training room for a bloody nose. The—

Bella stopped reading the rest and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

"You got into a fight with one of your teammates?" Bella asked evenly and calmly.

Kate swallowed nervously. While her father didn't hesitate to show when he was upset about something, her mother was a different story. When her mom was calm, was when Kate knew it was going to be bad and that her mother was really upset.

"Yes," Kate squeaked out nervously. She watched as her father started to pace and mutter to himself again and her mother turned to face her.

"Explain. Now," Bella said straight faced, echoing what Edward had said when they first arrived downstairs.

Kate let the tears spill over and down her cheeks as she launched into the story of what happened.

"It's not fair! This stupid senior Tanya Kawasaki just kept running her stupid big mouth and was talking all about Tyler! She's been hooking up with all of these guys at school and everyone knows she's super slutty and now she's gunning for Tyler because I took her starting spot this year! And of course Tyler is clueless and thinks she's genuinely interested but she just wants him to get back at me! And at practice she kept trying and trying to goad me, and I couldn't take it anymore! She was just going on and on about how she was going to fuck him and break him in and then leave him hanging out to dry! And you know Tyler! Of course he's going to think she actually likes him! I punched her in her stupid ugly face! She can't go after my brother like that!"

Bella's eyes were wide as saucers and Edward was frozen with his mouth hanging open. Both were shocked at the language that had come out of their daughter's mouth and were trying to really process what she was saying.

"This…this is about your…brothers?" Bella finally asked.

"Yes! Tyler! Didn't you hear what I said?" Kate exclaimed, letting a bit of her Masen temper come out.

"Hey…check the attitude," Edward said before turning and running his hands through his hair and muttering. "What is it about girls named Tanya…"

Bella smacked Edward's shoulder. "Focus please."

"Ouch! Right…" Edward turned and faced his teenage daughter. "Honey, as uh, honorable as it was that you defended your brother, violence is, uh…never the answer."

Bella rolled her eyes. "She knows that, Edward! Right, Kate?"

Kate nodded quickly as her mother's glare locked on her.

"What Kate doesn't know, and what she needs to absolutely get used to, is dealing with the attention and trouble that you Masen men cause."

"Bella, wh—"

"This is a mother daughter conversation that needs to happen here. Perhaps you can go talk to your son about not letting his older siblings influence him so much," Bella suggested, arching a brow at Edward.

"Fine. But no more of this, Kate. Do you hear me?" Edward said sternly as he headed out of the kitchen.

"Yes, Daddy."

Once Edward was out of the kitchen, Bella went into the freezer and grabbed a pint of ice cream and spoons before patting the spot on the counter next to her. Kate took the spot next to her mother and grabbed a spoon as they began to dig into the ice cream.

"Kate, let me tell you what I know about Masen men. They are ridiculously good looking, charismatic, and ladies love them."

Even though she never knew Ed Masen, Senior before the darks days of Forks, she heard stories about him from both Edward and Elizabeth. He hadn't always been a bad man, and Bella was glad that Edward could at least speak about his father now to his children. One day, Bella and Edward would share with their children about what they went through with Ed Masen, Senior, but it wasn't going to be any time soon.

Kate sighed heavily. "How do you put up with it, mom? I mean, dad is like…fifty years old and women still through themselves at him."

Bella wrapped an arm around her daughter's shoulders.

"Baby girl, the other thing you will learn about Masen men, is that they are very loyal. So loyal that it is almost on the borderline of obsessive, but it is out of love. Masen men love with all of their souls. Your father and your brothers love you, and I know that you were only trying to look out for your brothers, but there are some things that you can't protect them from. They will need to grow up and be the Masen men that they are capable of being."

"So basically, I just let Tyler's looks get him into trouble?"

"Let me tell you, there will be something that will come along that will teach Tyler a lesson, whether it be this girl Tanya or something else down the line. Just love him and do your best to guide him, but please no more of this fighting and getting suspended."

"Okay, mom," Kate said quietly.

"Trust me, baby, one day, you'll be glad when your brothers grow up into men. They'll be the kind of guys you'll want in your corner."

Age 54

"Dad! You can't be serious! She's only twenty-two and she's pregnant!" Tyler shouted. "Plus he's a professional athlete! He's probably cheating on her!"

Oliver backed up his older brother. "Dad, I don't trust him! He didn't even ask for your permission to marry Kate!"

"Yeah!" Jared added.

Edward groaned and pinched his nose with his thumb and forefinger. He had a massive headache coming on, and his three sons barging into his office at home was not helping. Plus, Bella was crying in their bedroom after learning that not only was their daughter Kate coming home for Christmas, but she was bringing someone with her. She had gotten married to professional baseball player Garrett Anderson in Los Angeles and was pregnant. Pregnant. That was the only word Edward could focus on. He was not ready to be a grandpa.

"Dad! Seriously! We have to do something!" Tyler ranted on and on. He and Kate probably butted heads the most growing up, given their close ages, but he and his brothers were very protective of their older sister.

"Man…we didn't even get a chance to intimidate the guy!" Oliver complained. Somehow, Oliver had grown to be the tallest of the Masen clan and stood close to 6' 4", a full foot taller than their mother.

"I don't want to be an uncle!" Jared whined. "I'm only twelve!"

Edward couldn't take it anymore.

"Everybody out. I need to calm your mother down and I need to try and wrap my brain around this. Your sister and her…her husband are going to be here soon and I expect you all to behave."

"But dad!" All three boys yelled at the same time.

"Out!" Edward shouted. "You boys are testing my patience! Go clean up and try not to cause a ruckus until they get here."

Edward shook his head as he watched his three sons slump out of his office and he sighed. If his sons were this upset about their sister, they had no idea how upset he and Bella were about the situation.

Kate had gotten a full scholarship to attend UCLA and play volleyball. She had even managed to run track for two years as well. She received her degree in Finance that past spring, and stayed in L.A., working for a bank downtown. Bella and Edward had no idea when and where she had met Garrett Anderson, but Edward prayed that this wasn't just a one night stand kind of thing. Kate had been spontaneous growing up, but she had always been smart and had a good head on her shoulders. Edward just couldn't understand what would've possessed her to get married without her family.

He could hear Bella's sobs from the hallway and Edward took a deep breath, preparing himself to stay strong for his wife. When he opened the door to their bedroom, at first, Edward had to try his best not to laugh. Bella was curled in a ball, clutching Kate's baby blanket. He knew it was Kate's because it was the only pink one they had. Edward sighed and went to the bed, taking a seat next to Bella.

"Bella, love…talk to me."

He only saw Bella's head shake back and forth, in response.

"You don't want to talk to me?"

More head shaking followed.

Edward took a deep breath. "Fine. I'll do the talking then."

He took a moment to try and get his thoughts together. Really, as upset as he was, and as upset as Bella and their sons were, there wasn't anything anyone could really do. Kate had married Garrett, and now there was a baby on the way. All Edward really wanted to know was that this Garrett person would take care of his baby girl, and also his future grandchild, and love them with all of his heart.

"Bella, I know you're upset. I'm upset too…but Kate made this decision on her own. You know that she has a good head on her shoulders and she has a good heart. While she's been spontaneous in the past, I don't think she would've done this on a whim. She knows we love her, and I'm sure to make such a decision must have hurt her too. We just…we just need to support her decision."

Edward didn't know what else to say. It felt a little pathetic and hollow, but he didn't know what else to do. There was nothing that his children could really do to ever make him stop loving them, and there were much worse things Kate could've done other than get married and be pregnant.

"I'll…I'll speak to Garrett and have words with him, make sure he's good enough for our Kate, but Bella…please say something. I don't know what else to say here."

Edward sat there, completely at a loss. Bella's sniffles slowed and eventually she sat up, still clutching Kate's baby blanket. Edward gave her a small smile and cupped her cheeks, swiping away tears with his thumbs.

"There's my beautiful girl," Edward whispered, a smile on his lips. His smile faltered when he saw Bella's lips begin to tremble. "Bella—"

"I'm too young to be a grandma!" Bella wailed before slumping over into Edward and crying again.

Edward caught her easily, and again was a shocked and torn about how he should feel. A part of him definitely wanted to console his wife, but the other part of him wanted to burst out laughing. Was that really what Bella was so upset about? He settled for a mixture of both.

"Bella, love…is that what really has you so upset?" Edward asked with a small chuckle.

Bella sat up and smacked him in the chest.

"Don't you laugh, Edward Masen! We're not even sixty yet and we're going to be grandparents!"

Edward continued to chuckle as another thought occurred to him while he fought off Bella's hits, falling backwards on the bed and taking her with him.

"Oomph! Ouch, love!" Edward gasped and chuckled as Bella socked him right in the ribs.

"Serves you right," she muttered finally ceasing in her attack and snuggling up against him.

"You know," Edward said after a few moments. "I had a thought just now."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"You do know that your parents weren't close to being sixty either when we had Kate right?"

Edward sat up on his elbow so that he could look down at his beautiful wife.

"And do you remember how excited your mom and dad were to have a grandbaby? And here, they're going to have a great grandbaby. So…let's be supportive of Kate, and we'll be the best grandparents that any kid could ask for."

Bella sniffled again and pulled Edward down for a quick kiss.

"I never thought you would be the voice of reason when it came to all of this," Bella murmured.

Edward shrugged one shoulder. "I was irrationally mad when I found out, but once I calmed down, I realized there isn't much we can do but just support and love Kate. Hopefully one day we'll feel the same way about Garrett. Plus, we have a grandbaby coming, and you know I love having babies around."

"Yes, I'm aware...I gave birth to four of them," Bella deadpanned.

Edward pressed a quick kiss to Bella's lips. "And I love you even more for each and every one of them. I don't suppose I could convince you to—"

"Ugh! No!" Bella shouted playfully, shoving Edward aside. She stood up and placed her hands on her hips, patting them. "These are retired."

Edward grinned up at her. "It was worth a shot."

Bella shook her head. "Come on, mister. Let's go downstairs and make sure the boys haven't already terrorized their sister and brother-in-law. I think I heard a car pull up."

Edward took Bella's hand and together they made their way downstairs. Bella of course took a moment to make sure that she didn't look like she had been crying her eyes out, and Edward ran a hand through his hair a few times. They could already here the once familiar sound of their children arguing in the living room. Bella and Edward both paused in the doorway to take in the scene.

"I can't believe that you got married without Mom and Dad knowing about it!" Tyler exclaimed throwing his hands in the air.

"And you're going to have a baby!" Oliver chimed in. "You're only twenty-two!"

"Oh shut it, Oli!" Kate snapped. "You're right, I am twenty-two, but I am an adult! I have a full time job, I pay my own bills, I bought my own car!"

"Yeah…but you hurt Mom's feelings," Jared said quietly. "And…and Dad's, and Tyler's, and Oli's. And…and mine!"

Jared sniffled and swiped away angrily at the tears that fell down his cheeks. When he spoke again, he shouted and was not so quiet this time. "We're your family! Aren't we supposed to be there for these kind of things?"

The three older siblings paused, looking at their littlest brother, and finally taking notice of their parents standing in the doorway. Bella and Edward both took that as their queue and entered the living room. Jared, though he was now twelve years old, was not too old to run to his father and wrap himself around Edward's waist to hide his tears. Edward caught his son easily and ran his hand through his hair that was so similar to his own.

"Oh Jared…" Kate sniffled, taking a tentative step forward, but pausing as she looked at her parents.

"Where's Garrett?" Bella asked quietly.

"Getting stuff from the car," Kate answered.

The Masen family stood looking at each other silently for a few moments before Bella couldn't take it anymore. Tears that pooled in her eyes finally spilled over and she opened her arms wide.

"Come here, baby!"

Kate rand to her mother and threw herself into her arms, sobbing.

"I'm sorry, Mom! I didn't…we didn't mean to! I…I…"

"Shhhh…" Bella cooed. "It's okay. It'll all be okay."

Kate continued to sob as Bella squeezed her tightly. Edward shuffled over with Jared and kept one arm wrapped around his son, and wrapped the other around his wife and daughter. Edward leaned down and kissed the top of Kate's head.

"I love you, Katie," Edward whispered.

Kate turned her head to look at her father.

"Thank you, Daddy," She whispered back.

Bella lifted her head and waived over her two shocked looking sons.

"Apologize to your sister right now. You two are going to be the best uncles ever whether you like it or not."

Both Tyler and Oliver sprang to action, quickly apologizing in unison and soon joined their family in a group hug. Kate chuckled as her brothers joined the hug, and almost stumbled when Jared turned around in the huddle and wrapped his arms around her waist instead.

"I'm sorry, Katie," Jared whispered. "I'm…I am happy for you."

"I know, buddy. I know," Kate whispered back.

The Masen family continued to cling to each other tightly, crying and whispering to each other. It was that moment when Garrett Anderson stepped in through the front door with he and Kate's bags and took in the scene completely stunned. He dropped the bags in shock, hearing the sniffling and whispers.

"Ummmm…Did I miss something?"

Age 70

"The look on Garrett's face was priceless," Bella said with a chuckle. "I'm sure he thought he had just married into a family of crazy criers or something."

Kate chuckled and shook her head. "He was definitely even more nervous after that."

All of the grandchildren chuckled, especially Audrey, who couldn't imagine her father really nervous about anything.

"So what happened after that?" Audrey asked.

"Well," her mother Kate answered, "After that, your Grandpa Edward and your bonehead uncles decided that they needed to have the manly intimidation talk with your father. Basically the whole, 'you hurt her and I'll kill you' talk."

"One that I think I should be having with that boyfriend of yours," Garrett said, coming back in from the beach.

"Hey, babe," Kate said, getting up to greet her husband. "Mom was just telling everyone the story about your first meeting with Dad and my brothers."

"Oh, I remember that day well," Garrett chuckled. "I was threatened by a twelve year old."

"Hey, admit it, I was a pretty intimidating twelve year old," Jared chimed in, toweling off his wet hair.

"Don't you drip water in here!" Bella scolded. "Dry off outside please!"

"Fine," Jared grumbled and was playfully shoved out of the way by Oliver.

"I don't know about intimidating twelve year old, but I had to be a pretty scary looking sixteen year old."

Kate rolled her eyes at her brothers. "Please…once Dad had his little speech, you guys were fawning all over Garrett and talking baseball."

Oliver just shrugged and flashed the crooked grin that was so similar to his father's. Bella sighed and smiled. Even all grown up, her children were still very much the same as they were when they still lived under her roof.

Young Rachel Masen piped up then. "Can we hear more about my dad? I wanna know what he was like when he was growing up."

Bella chuckled. "Yes…I can tell you all about Tyler Charles Keali'imaluhia Masen."

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